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Barbara Broadcast (VCA)

Barbara Broadcast (VCA)

Studio: VCA
Category:  Classic , Couples , Feature film
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dumblonde's ratings for Barbara Broadcast (VCA):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Barbara Broadcast (VCA) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Barbara Broadcast (VCA) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Barbara Broadcast (VCA) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Barbara Broadcast (VCA) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Barbara Broadcast (VCA) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Barbara Broadcast (VCA) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Barbara Broadcast (VCA) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by dumblonde  on  1/7/2002

Director: Henry Paris
Writer: Jake Barnes
Videographer: Chico Carter
Running length: 1 hr. 15 min.
D.O.P. 1977

Female cast:
Annette Haven, C.J. Laing, Sharon Mitchell, Jennifer, Suzanne McBain, Constance Money, Shirley Peters

Male cast
Alan Marlow, Wade Nichols, Jamie Gillis, Bobby Astyr, Michael Gaunt

For a 25 year old film, it was surprisingly good. Noticable artifacts and pixelation got worse toward the end, but not bad enough to be distracting. The porn music was laid on with a heavy hand, but I was surprised to hear actual singing in one pleasant tune.

Commentary by Gloria Leonard and Jamie Gillis, Photo gallery, box cover artwork, and an interesting Hall of Fame commentary by Jim Holliday who gives us a rundown on some of the great performers.

Condoms: None

The Movie:
I decided to start checking out some of 'The Classics' in porn to see how they compare. I didn't realize when renting this one just how old it was, but I can't say I was disappointed, really. Although for the most part it didn't get my blood boiling, it was at least interesting, and managed to really surprise me at one point. I gave it high marks allowing for the age of it - it probably was excellent for its day, and some of the sex scenes were quite warm, and will please people who are tired of the same old thing. The women here are very attractive in a natural way, with no tattoos, fake tits or piercings as far as I could tell. This is because for the most part, everyone keeps some clothing on, which also elevated it in my view. I think it adds rather than takes away.

Starting off with a busy street scene, it was obvious this was shot on film, even I can tell that much. Annette Haven plays Barbara Broadcast, who is some type of ex- hooker/celebrity, and she enters a restaurant, where she is joined by C.J. Laing, who is there to interview her.
This restaurant is bustling with business, and it's easy to see why. Sex is on the menu, the service is second to none, and you can order your waiter to masturbate, if that's what you're in the mood for.
After a short time I started losing interest, despite the obvious high production values, however. Parts of it were mildly humorous, such as every time a waitress drops a tray, the head waiter drops his pants - it appears to be some kind of deal worked out that she must blow him. It's not explained what happens should a waiter drop a tray.

There's very little plot, no heat and silly dialogue, parts of which left me scratching my head. For instance, one chick approaches Barbara, looking for her waiter, and says "In a caucasion restaurant, you have to keep track of your waiter, they all look alike." I was just offended that the line was so unfunny, not because of any racial stereotyping. Another bad line was delivered by a black girlfriend of Barbara's, who is approached by some guy wanting sex on the buffet table. She asks him, "Are you circumsized?" "Yes, why?" he counters, to which she replies "Oh, I didn't want you to think I wasn't interested in you as a person." Okaaaaay.
This leaves little but bad porn music and not much better blow jobs, making me think that things haven't changed much in 25 years. They obviously spent some money making this movie, it's just too bad it didn't have a decent plot to hold interest or lead into the sex.

Annette leaves to go get plowed by some guy in an office, I'm not sure who this is. In fact, I've never seen or heard of any of these people before, except for Sharon Mitchell, but she has only a small part. While Annette's getting fucked on a desk, we cut back to the restaurant. C.J. has wandered into the kitchen, and is zeroing in on a handsome cook/dishwasher, played by Wade Nichols. I learn later that he went on to star in some soap opera, I forget which one. He was handsome, but something about him seemed dangerous, like he had 'parole violator' written all over him. This obviously appealed to C.J.

They lock eyes, and she slowly raises her skirt, showing him that she has no panties on. She then walks to and stands over a large aluminum bowl, with her legs spread, smiling at him. WTF? Is she gonna do what I think? He towels off his profusely sweating neck and forehead, and tries to pop his eyes back in his head as she squats over the bowl and pisses into it, laughingly watching his reaction. This certainly has taken a kinky turn! Up until now, it had been pretty tame, silly even.
Well, of course they end up having sex right then and there. They even did it anally, with people milling all around, and they had a good fuck on the countertop. Not the most sanitary conditions for food preparation, but considering what most customers ate at this place, I don't think they got any complaints.

Back to Annette, who's fuck buddy just pulled his pants down and pulled up her skirt to do the deed. She's wearing old fashioned stockings, not pantyhose, so of course keeps them on, too. When he comes, he pulls out and squirts on her tummy and pussy, then sticks it back in for more. Hot! This movie is picking up steam.

Next scene takes place in a nightclub, again packed with people. It's kinda strange seeing a porn movie that has so many extras in it, but it makes it more believable. Annette and C.J. are there getting lesbo, but at least they look like they're really enjoying it, not just for the camera. After awhile, they include Jaime Gillis for a three-way suckfest on the stairs, which segueys into the final scene. We have Jaime in a room with Constance Money, who is chained up and nipple- clamped, which for me is turn-off. I guess my nipples are just too sensitive, they hurt to even see that. It's a short scene however, that really shows no sex or violence, and those with that particular fetish will probably enjoy it, if they can get past the theme to that old tv show Judge Wapner's People's Court bizarrely playing. Remember it? It took me awhile to place it, but the bongo riffs, then the bass notes as plaintiffs and defendants came through those swinging doors was the music of choice for an S & M scene in a porn flick. I half expected Doug Llewelyn to bushwhack Jaime Gillis with some post- coital questioning.
"Here comes the defendant now! Can you tell me Mr. Gillis, WTF were you thinking, cutting the plaintiff's panties off with a pair of scissors like that?"

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