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Bar, The

Bar, The

Studio: U.S. Male
Category:  Gay
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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wizzerbud's ratings for Bar, The:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Bar, The overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Bar, The Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Bar, The Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Bar, The Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Bar, The Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Bar, The DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bar, The A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  4/12/2006
The Bar is a video filmed in Europe that could have just as easily been themed with a title relating to thick huge dicks as this 105 minute video is loaded with thick huge uncut cocks. Throw in some models with faces and bodies that could have them on magazine covers and you end up with one hot cast. Itís hard to say that the sex measures up to the looks but it comes really close several times during the five scenes.

It opens with Ray Randolf jacking off on a table inside a bar with five guys sitting around watching. Ray is a hottie with a smooth athletic build. Cavin Cage and Julian Vincenzo are rubbing themselves until they decide to rub on Ray. They get him up off the table and rub and lick on his body. Cavin and Julian pull out their hard ons and the three continue with kissing and mutual sucking. Shirts come off and Ray starts sucking Julian. Julian is a big muscular stud whereas Cavin has a smaller and more ripped muscular frame. Ray goes back and forth sucking the other two. They are both feeding him their dicks at the same time while also rubbing on each otherís muscled bodies. The scene changes and Ray is on his back taking Cavinís cock up his ass while Julian feeds him his dick. Julian wins the huge dick award in this threesome. Julian keeps his hands busy during the scene rubbing on Ray and stroking Rayís dick. Ray also rims Julianís ass and gives his balls a tongue bath while Julian straddles his face and Cavin continues fucking. When its time for Julian to fuck, Ray climbs on to ride it. They also do some doggy style fucking while Ray sucks Cavin. The intensity dies down a little here. This has been a very aggressive fuck scene so I am sure that after a while it takes it toll on the performers. They get ready to shoot and Cavin goes first and then Julian delivers a big blast of cum, followed by Rayís unimpressive shot.

In the second scene, Ted Colunga, the muscled stud featured on the box cover is sitting at the bar drinking. The bartender is Stefan, an equally hot muscled guy. The bar is empty except for these two and in no time Stefan comes around from behind the bar and joins Ted for some making out. They kiss along with groping and rubbing each other. Stefanís shirt comes off first and Ted licks on his muscular hairy pecs. All of sudden Ted is shirtless (pitiful editing here). Ted also possesses a hairy muscular chest. Stefan is down on Tedís dick sucking on it. Tedís cock is very thick but Stefan manages to get some of it in his mouth. Ted gets Stefanís pants down to suck on his long piece of meat.
These two are a hot pair as their muscular bodies and handsome faces are incredible. We donít see any deep throat sucking from either of these guys. Tedís blowjob on Stefan is lackluster. The scene moves with Stefan fucking Ted doggy style. This surprised me, as Ted was the one with the huge thick slab of cock meat. They also do some sidesaddle fucking and some reverse cowboy riding. I am sensing gay for pay here because I cannot imagine two guys this hot not really showing any interest in each other. They are just going through the motions. The finish fucking and with Stefan standing beside a seated Ted they both deliver mediocre cumshots.

In the third scene, Claudio Antonelli is playing a video game while Antonio Carrigan is sitting there watching. Claudio stops playing and the two begin kissing and rubbing on each other. Off comes Antonioís shirt to reveal a lanky body with tattoos down both arms. Claudioís shirt comes off to show a tight muscle body with some ink of his own. Claudio bites and licks Antonioís nipples before heading south to suck on Antonioís already hard dick. He keeps his hand gripped around the base of Antonioís cock while he sucks and strokes it. They move over to the couch where Antonio starts sucking Claudio. They do some doggy style fucking with Claudio doing bottom duties. They add in some reverse cowboy fucking as well as missionary style and some sidesaddle. The fucking is unimpressive as they are almost motionless throughout it. Couches can make bad props for scenes as they donít allow for many camera angles and they allow for minimal movement. They finish with a great cumshot finale with Claudio sitting back on the couch blasting his out and Antonio giving a big blast of cum as well.

Julian Vincenzo is back for the fourth scene and is joined by Rod Stevens as the two enter the bar. Fredy Costa is behind the bar playing the bartender. Julian and Rod are laying on the couch used in the previous scene. Rod starts feeling up Julian and Julian returns by lifting up Rodís shirt to lick on Rodís muscular pecs and ripped abs. They do some more kissing all the while Fredy is watching and rubbing his crotch. Julian pulls out Rodís thick hard dick to start sucking it. Rod is a short muscle guy but packing a big piece of meat. They both get naked and Fredy now has his own big thick dick out stroking it. Rod is sucking Julian when Fredy walks over with dick out and feeds it to Rod. Fredy takes off his shirt to show he also has a tight muscular physique. He has the whole GQ look with the body and face. Fredy sucks Julian along with Rod. The camera gives us several panned out shots to show us three perfect bodies with three handsome faces and three huge dicks. Julian fucks Rod doggy style while Rod sucks Fredy. Rod rides Julianís dick while Fredy sucks Rod. Fredy fucks Rod doggy style while Julian feeds Rod his dick. They are pretty much following the sexual dialogue done in the first scene. Julian brings his creative skills in showing his attention to the other two. Fredy and Rod do some sidesaddle fucking while Rod sucks Julian. The intensity of these three continued hard throughout the scene. When they finish fucking, Julian shoots a nice load first with Fredy next with a thick gusher. Rodís chest is covered with cum by the time he spits out a good one.

For the final scene, Claudio Antonelli is sitting with Lucio Maverick drinking at a table. Lucio is another one of those GQ muscle studs with a handsome face. This video has no shortage of hot looking men. They start kissing and soon Claudio is pulling down Lucioís pants to take out his cock to suck on. Lucio takes off his shirt to show another smooth muscular physique. He also owns another one of the huge dicks. Claudio sucks for a bit and then Lucio gets Claudioís clothes off and sucks on him. He grips the dick with his hand while he sucks mostly the head and part of the shaft (gay for pay here?). Claudio never gets hard from this blowjob and the scene changes with Lucio fucking Claudio doggy style. Claudio was not so intense as a bottom earlier and he seems the same here. Lucioís hot body is so sexy watching him pump away at Claudioís hole. They do some missionary style fucking and some reverse cowboy fucking. Claudio didnít show Lucioís physique much attention but the camera apparently loves it as it sort of worships Lucioís torso. There isnít really a lot of interaction, but that doesnít interfere with Lucioís pounding of Claudioís ass. Claudio definitely wins the best abs of this video and it shows well in this scene. He is on his knees sucking Lucio when Lucio shoots a hell of a cum shot onto Claudioís shoulder. Claudio finishes with a good cumshot himself.

Extras in this video are a Photo Gallery; Website info; fetish menu that allows viewers to hone in on the anal, blowjob, cumshot, kissing, rimming, and sandwich scenes; Behind the Scenes; and trailers from numerous videos from the US Male library.

While the video had its points where the sex factor dropped, the cast is one of the hottest casts I have ever seen in a video. Its not often you find one with as hot looking, well built men with big thick dicks as this one has. There is no music in the background so you can hear all the noises the guys make. They donít speak in English; however, there is very little talking, so itís hardly noticed until one scene. When you have physiques like this it would be nice to see a little more attention from the guys toward the muscles. Julian Vincenzo did a great job of this, but the others did not. I am sensing some gay for pay in here and a hot body does not make a hot scene by itself. The performers have to interact with each other to bring that off and it didnít always happen. Despite all of that, this video is still one I recommend for your library instead of a one-time rental. You will want to see a few of these scenes several times.

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