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Banished From Heaven

Banished From Heaven

Studio: Arena
Category:  Gay
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sydguy's ratings for Banished From Heaven:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Banished From Heaven overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Banished From Heaven Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Banished From Heaven Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Banished From Heaven Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Banished From Heaven Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Banished From Heaven DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Banished From Heaven A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by sydguy  on  3/29/2007
The cover of the Brazilian film “Banished from Heaven” proclaims: “Some sins are unforgivable … but well worth the punishment”. Anyone expecting an S&M film or some kind of religious theme will be disappointed – the sex is vanilla, the plot is flimsy and the minimal dialogue is in Portuguese (without the humorously-translated sub-titles you get in Eastern European films). So don’t try and understand it, just sit back and relax.

South American Pictures don’t provide photos with the cast list, so it’s difficult to work out who’s who, except for the sultry cover-man, Alan Dias, and “Victor” (who has appeared as Victor Cowboy in a few Kristen Bjorn films). I’ll use letters for the actors. In the first scene, Guys A and B, who appear to be friends, are in a bedroom. Guy A sucks and is fucked by B. In scene 2, a janitor (C) is cleaning up in an empty nightclub while three barely-dressed guys (Victor and Guys D and E) dance. C sucks Victor while D sucks E. Victor fucks C while E fucks D, then leaves. Victor then alternately fucks C and D while they suck each other. Finally D briefly fucks C.

Guy E apparently headed home to boyfriend F, so in scene 3 they suck, then fuck, each other. In the last scene, Alan finally appears in what seems to be a dream sequence, where he and Guy G suck each other then Alan fucks him.

What I liked

The guys are generally good-looking with dark hair and impressive, uncut dicks. They have slim, athletic bodies, but are a bit older than the average twink. Victor is the odd man out – his beefy, muscular body makes him look like a giant compared to the semi-twinks in scene 2. Surprisingly for a Brazilian film, only one guy is darker-skinned.

The fucking is energetic and varied and well filmed throughout – instead of the usual one or two positions, each fuck takes place in up to 8 different positions and is filmed from different angles. The tops use different speeds and rhythms, rather than the mechanical in-and-out which is so boringly common. We get to see most of the insertion shots. Scene 3 is a flip-flop fuck, which is always a bonus.

The sucking is good, and the foreplay in the last scene (kissing, licking and sucking) is particularly sensual. There is no music to distract from the action.

What I disliked

It’s a cardinal rule of good porn that in any fuck scene the bottom stays hard throughout and, ideally, cums while being fucked: see most of the films from the industry’s better studios. Then you can be sure he has had a good time, and is not just providing a convenient hole for the top to put his dick in and get his rocks off.

In this respect, each of the four scenes falls dismally short. The bottoms are far from ‘passive’ – bumping and grinding energetically during the fucking. And they sigh and moan a lot, though I suspect most of it was faked. The best evidence that they are just going through the motions is their dicks. The camera angles mean that we only see the bottom’s dick about half the time. When we do, the bottom often has his groin covered with his hand, and otherwise his dick is soft or no more than semi-hard. Guy C’s small dick remains flaccid and buried in his forest of unshaved public hair throughout. The same is true of the other bottoms, so it’s quite a surprise to see their swollen dicks just before their cum shots. Only Guy A manages to get it up while being fucked missionary (and looks great with his hard dick against his six-pack abs).

What makes it worse is that guys A or C don’t even cum - during or after the fucking. At least Guy C gets sucked by guy D (but not by Victor), whereas Guy A gets no action from Guy B and doesn’t even get his rocks off at the end. This lack of reciprocity reinforces the impression that the bottom is there simply to provide oral and anal service to the top, and not to be an equal partner in enjoying the sex.

It is also disappointing that the talented and versatile Victor, who has sucked and bottomed in his other films, doesn’t get to display either skill here.

DVD Quality

The video quality is generally very clear throughout. The lighting is effective and unobtrusive. The sound is good. However, the sample copy I received had lots of pixelation, which happened up to once a minute in certain parts.

The extras are skimpy – just four chapter selections and an adequate photo gallery.

Overall Thoughts

It’s a shame that having assembled a cast of handsome, energetic guys and a good cameraman, the director didn’t manage to coax hard-ons from his bottoms during the varied fucking scenes. That is the only real problem with the film, but I’m afraid it’s a big problem in my books.

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