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Bangin' White Hos 2

Bangin' White Hos 2

Studio: XCartel
Category:  Gangbang , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Bangin' White Hos 2:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Bangin' White Hos 2 overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Bangin' White Hos 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Bangin' White Hos 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Bangin' White Hos 2 Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Bangin' White Hos 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Bangin' White Hos 2 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bangin' White Hos 2 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  8/25/2006

Bangin' White Ho's 2

Prologue This release from Xcartel appears to be the Climax 9 Black Attack Gangbang series with a new name. Looks like the same roster of mopes and wannabees swarming covergirl Haley Scott on the cover. No mystery as to what this is all about. Mini interracial gangbanging. Joining Haley is Charlotte Stokely and Erin Moore. Three of the palest white women on the planet, who should provide spectacular contrast with their male partners. The only question in my mind is: Will it get nasty? Will these women get fucked with enthusiasm and force?
Haley Scott is up first and she's seated on a couch surrounded by the four men who will attempt to send her into sexual nirvana. They introduce themselves. Miles Malone, the motor mouth of the crew. King Wowie (I think. He didn't really say his name. Just ran off a bunch of descriptions. Dick James and Jean Claude Batiste. A motley crew, if I've ever seen one. Haley, for her part, is kind of skeptical about the talent, but she looks great in a red satin corset and panties to match. She shows off her ripe and ready body and the pawing begins, starting with divesting herself of the top and Miles along with Jean Claude feel and kiss her goodies. Jean wields a riding crop to tease her naughty bits with and Haley gets totally naked to start the bj round as the dicks appear in her face. She deep throats Miles to get things off on the right foot and set the tone. Dick James provides more of a challenge with his huge member and Wowie gives Haley a short skull fuck as she lays her head back for him. Jean Claude face fucks her, then she just works the circle of dick and shows off her throat capacity, providing some nasty slobber. Jean Claude gets first pussy in doggy, then Miles, as Haley does the rotisserie. Dick James explores her pussy while Haley trades Jean and Miles in her mouth. She maintains a steady banter about loving black cock and being a dirty, nasty whore. Are they mutually exclusive? Miles takes another turn in doggy, spanking Haley's ass and bringing her very close to orgasm. Cut to Jean pounding Haley in mish with James trying to revive his dick in her mouth. Fifteen minutes in and Wowie hasn't produced any hard wood yet. He seems to be MIA. Haley has a nice orgasm here, then James takes a turn in mish and Wowie gets some head. He's still a no go, so Miles feeds her face from up top. Wowie finally gets some pussy and Haley gets in his face, challenging him to fuck her good. Cut to Miles and Jean again, Malone railing her in mish while she sucks Batiste's balls. A very short bit of sensual kink as Jean rubs her tits with his foot while Haley gives him a hand job. Cut to Haley sitting on Jean in CG, James bringing his dick to her face. Miles spanks her and Wowie spanks himself. Cut to CG on Miles, Haley burying the cock and grinding herself to another nut. Another cut to James doing her doggy and Wowie in Haley's mouth. He's still not producing wood and actually has the audacity to tell her to choke on it. Miles takes his place while James does some decent work exploring the deeper places in her pussy. Jean takes his place and the pace picks up, along with the intensity. A flacid James takes Miles' place, and a quick cut to Jean spanking over Haley's face. He rains into her mouth and Haley makes sure she sucks it all out. The next pop is wanked between her cheeks by Miles, then James decorates her mouth. Haley shows and swallows. Wowie has left the building.
Hard to consider this a gangbang when Haley is only doing 2 1/2 guys, essentially. Lots of potential with a do everything girl, but hardly ever realized. Too many cuts for painfully obvious reasons. I did like seeing her get off. Wish there had been more.
Pretty blonde, Erin Moore is set for the second scene and ringleader Miles Malone has new running partners for her, Slim Dawg, Julius Ceazher and Broc Adams. Hopefully, they've all taken their Wheaties and are ready to rock. Malone introduces himself as an "ass gangsta" and Erin gets a worried look on her face. She shows off the goodies and the guys start to paw her like the sexual prey she is. Her body is natural and sweet. Slim, with nicely shaped tits and a full, round ass. Erin is ordered to her knees and the gang presents themselves. She does the circle suck starting with Julius' thick one. She moves to Dawg's skinny dick, then Broc and Miles, who double team her face. There isn't much energy here on anyone's part. She goes back through the line for more focused one on one sucks, then gets surrounded again for another circle suck. Erin claims she hasn't had sex in two months before mounting Broc in CG. She puts her head in Julius' lap and Miles pulls her ass down on the cock fucking her. Some nice cream streaking the shaft as Erin gets into it. Miles gets some head as he stands over Broc, then Julius becomes the anchor as he gets underneath Erin for RC. She seems to have been attracted to his big fatty right from the outset and picks up the pace for a few fleeting moments before two cocks are stuck in her face. Erin's starting to perspire and Julius rails her from underneath, then rolls her into spoon. Dawg reams her throat. Miles fucks her in mish while Broc and Julius get head. Dawg pulls her ass onto the arm of the couch and uses his long, slim dick to probe the back of Erin's pussy. That has her panting and moaning like it "hurt so good". There's a cut, and I think the director, Bobby Manila, gets his dick wet, as there's a stranger fucking her in mish while she uses a couple of other cocks as pacifiers. I think he's trying to demonstrate how hard he wants Erin fucked because he's pounding her. Demonstration over, there's a cut to Broc digging the pussy out in mish and the other guys poking Erin's throat. Miles takes the pussy next, and Julius toys with it before taking his place on the train. He tears it up and Erin cums, rubbing two dicks on her face during the afterglow. Cut to Erin sitting on Dawg in CG. She's prompted into some racial epithets, then gets picked up for some very short aerial fucking. A couple of quick cuts and Erin is getting fucked doggy by the stranger as she sucks Dawg. Another cut and Julius is dogging her slow and deep. He fucks her till he's almost ready to pop and spanks his load into Erin's ass crack. Dawg follows, his dick picking up his friend's jizz as he strokes away. Cut to mish with Broc and Dawg cums in her mouth while she's distracted. Broc does an interminable spank over Erin's face while she massages his nuts. She makes him cum on her cheek, keeping it away from her mouth. Cut to Miles jerking off onto her ass.
While this team was far more functional than the first, Erin seems to be too fragile for an all out gang fuck. She had a couple of nice moments but there was too much cutting and the whole thing was too laid back. This was a swinger's club gangbang as opposed to a porn one.
Charlotte Stokely, so pale she's transparent, is surrounded by multiple shades of brown in the guise of Slim Dawg, Julius Ceazher, Broc Adams and Miles Malone. She shows the guys her bodacious booty and they play with it a bit. Her hot pink fishnet top gets pulled up and Charlotte's smallish, but round tits get some appreciation. She gets to her knees and starts to suck dick, starting with Broc, Julius chomping at the bit for his and poking at her face till he gets his turn. Miles, then Dawg, get their taste of her sugar lips. Charlotte makes her way through the cocks a second time, then starts taking them in a circle suck. As the blowbang breaks up, she's divested of her black leather bra and panties, leaving her fisnet top and leggings to start the fucking, CG with Dawg. Her big white ass is quite the sight as Charlotte sqeezes the dark cock into her hot pussy. He calls for reinforcements but has her suck the juice off his dick before leaving for Miles in RC. Julius and Miles continue to feed her their chocolate bars. Ms. Stokely appears to be enjoying all the attention and she's grinding the dick deep into her love tunnel. Charlotte's body looks to be on fire and pawing her tits isn't enough. She wants her nipples pinched. Miles gets out from under her before he has an accident and he passes her off to Brock in CG. Charlotte seems possessed as she lays that pussy down on the cock and sucks the dicks in her face hungrily. The other two guys spank her butt a bright red and add to the intensity. Cut to Charlotte with Julius embedded in her pussy and the other guys relieving her of her shoes and top. Another quick cut to mish. She's spread wide for the fat cock and suckling Miles. Her pussy's looking good with sticky streamers being pulled out. Broc gets some head as Julius works her pussy hard. Dawg takes over for his sweaty and exhausted friend, taking Charlotte in spoon. It isn't long before his breathing is ragged and he taps out to Miles. There's always a steady and fresh supply of meat for her mouth. Miles rocks her in mish and pounds as hard as he can when he thinks she's ready to cum. Charlotte isn't ready to give it up, so Broc takes over. He and Dawg work from either end and have Charlotte begging to cum. Cut to doggy with Miles, Broc in her mouth. She's starting to look a little disoriented as Julius takes over the pussy, but he works her slow and deep for a changeup. Cut to Charlotte getting railed in doggy again, Dawg pulling out and popping into her ass crack. Broc follows and paints her tailbone. Her ass still waving in the air, Julius whacks off between the cheeks. Miles follows suit and Charlotte says goodbye.
Charlotte wore these guys out and provided the best fucking of the video. The ending was perplexing with nary a facial. Not even a closed mouth one. Even some tit cum would have been welcome. At least everyone was into this scene.
Epilogue Just as in the Black Attack Gangbang tradition, this is pretty weak fare for group gropings. In the first scene with Haley, the male talent fell way down, not even coming close to matching her energy or capacity for perversion. Erin was the weak link in her scene. She just didn't seem to be into this action at all, and resisted the harder pounding. Charlotte saved this from being totally trash. She may not deep throat or swallow cum, but she invited a good old fashion railing and got it. The lack of anal would not be a huge issue for me if the fucking had been more frenzied. Ass fucking can slow things down and disrupt the flow of a scene. Since there wasn't much flow here to begin with, I think there should have been some sodomy at least in Haley's scene. Is it about the money?
The Disk A BTS that's mostly sex outtakes, photo gallery and hot shots (the cumshots).
Recommendation If you're only looking for great contrast in skin colors, this is your DVD. Looking for great action and wild fucking? Not here.

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