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Bang That Black Bitch White Boy 2

Bang That Black Bitch White Boy 2

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Bang That Black Bitch White Boy 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Bang That Black Bitch White Boy 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Bang That Black Bitch White Boy 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Bang That Black Bitch White Boy 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Bang That Black Bitch White Boy 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Bang That Black Bitch White Boy 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Bang That Black Bitch White Boy 2 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bang That Black Bitch White Boy 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  3/10/2008

Bang That
Black Bitch
White Boy

Prologue The first edition of this series was helmed for Red Light District by the king of the genre, Mike Stefano. Whatever shortcomings there may have been in the titling was made up for by the rousing success in production. The baton has now been passed to Diana DeVoe, who has directed a similar line for The Candy Shop. She's bigger on set-ups, and more dependent on finding the right male talent for her scenes, which was never a problem for Stefano. Be that as it may, since it's always about the chicks, we're faced with a sweet looking covergirl, Sidney Cole. We also have Miss Simone, who may be working with Stefano, as they alluded to in Feeling Black 10. Gen Tilly and Vanity Cruz are new to me, but Olivia Winters is one of my major frustrations in porn. So pretty, and willing to do most anything, but phony and lifeless most of the time. Here's hoping, as always, that this time will be different.
We're taken to a bachelorette party for Gen Tilly being filmed by Trinity Post. Her girlfriends know she has a taste for white boys, so they present her with Chippendale's finest, Mr. Pete. He comes out in nothing but a banana hammock and a tie, and Gen's got her singles out to play. Some shots get passed around to loosen everyone up and Gen is soon up on the stage, back against the stripper pole with Pete's cloaked package waving in her face. They go back for a private and Gen's got her mouth full of cock, wearing nothing but her white wedding veil and a sash. Pete puts her on her back and works Gen's g-spot until her pubes are soaked. She rolls on her side for spoon anal and Pete's grinding away, giving her lots of love. He pounds away, Gen's body stretching out from the effort, then she folds her legs to her chest for more depth. They move to doggy and the up and over anal. Gen asks him to put it in her pussy and Pete complies. Gen does some nice fucking back, laying that big ass down on his cock, then taking a pussy smackdown, still in doggy and up and over. Pete has Gen lay on her side and he's back to rockin' that ass, which looks extraordinary in that position. They switch to RCA, Pete playing in Gen's meaty pussy and finding a rubbery nipple to suckle. More spoon anal for a whimpering Gen and Pete signals her reprieve by asking her if she wants his cum. He spanks over her head while she sucks his balls and asks for a facial. He sprays her eyes closed and Diana calls her nasty and tells Gen the whole thing is on videotape.
A littls surprising that they went to the anal so quick with so little build up. Not enough proactive sex on Gen's part to suit me.
Mark Wood walks out to his garden wearing overalls, carrying a hoe and water pitcher for his flowers. He does some weeding, which I'm sure whoever owns the house will appreciate, and manicures the lawn with scissors. He breaks his favorite hoe, and while he's sitting and whining, a flyer hits him on the head advertising Hoes Fo' Less, promising hoes delivered to the door in 30 minutes. Anybody see where this is going? The call is made and a top shelf hoe is promised. Within a half hour, a lot of hoe knocks on his door. Vanity Cruz looks like she doesn't miss many meals, but she manages to project a strong, sexy image. Not exactly what Mark was expecting, and dressed in a nightie, she walks in and takes over the place, pushing him down on the couch to inspect his goods. His dick sure looks prepared when Vanity grabs it and stuffs it in her mouth. Nice no hands skills from Vanity, who knows how to worship a cock. She strips and sits on Mark in CG. Her pussy's foaming and Vanity's driving her big body down on that skinny white boy. A little spanking and Vanity's fucking even harder. P2M, and a move to RC. Vanity's fingers are flying over her pussy while she squirms all over the dick, then takes a hot reach around that has Vanity knowing the cock will have extra taste on the P2M she requests. Mark has her on all fours for some doggy, spanking getting that ass in motion. Up and over pounding. It can't get too hard for Vanity. She was definitely made for this type of action. No holding back. Mark's been taking tastes of her ass since she bent over, and now he's just tossing salad for a turned on Vanity. More doggy and spanking. Vanity's face and body are covered with a lovely sheen of perspiration. P2M, no hands bj and facefuck. Face down and ass up, Vanity's ready for her anal. Mark eases right in and bangs her with short, quick strokes. Jabbing away and beating that ass like a mule, then A2M. Mish anal, Vanity asking for it deep. Mark digs her out, the conversation between the two getting hot and funny. A2M again, and a side entry scissor anal. Quickly to mish anal, where they jointly decide there's going to be an anal creampie. Back to doggy for Mark to work her crapper, then let off.
Really good action that makes a more natural progression to the anal. Vanity comes off as sexy and confident. Her cushiony body and great attitude make for a good fuck.
Mr. Pete sitting at his laptop wearing dorky glasses, playing a total nerd doing some tutoring. His student is Sidney Cole, who pops out of the bathroom wearing sexy lingerie. She's more interested in cookies than equations, first feeding Pete some, then jumping his bones. He's torn between finishing his job and heeding nature's call, but nature always wins out. Sidney's a very pretty girl, tight and toned, and Pete is quick to flip her on her back to eat and explore her snug little pussy. He's not even sure he's going to fit. She gets on all fours and Pete sticks his nose up her ass and spanks the firm cheeks. He runs his dick through her ass cheeks, warming Sidney up for the doggy penetration. Pete lodges the head in her fuckhole and Sidney moves her ass on it to bury the bone. Pete decides he better get out of his clothes, and when he does, he comes back with a vengeance, ramming away and fingering her even tighter looking asshole. They roll into a side saddle RC and Sidney pops her cookies a little, surprising Pete. Another little roll and they're spooning. They change to CG and Sidney uses Pete like a hobby horse, cumming in hot spasms as she fucks the cock every which way. A roll into sideways mish, then some g-spot manipulation. Pete's going for the bunghole and warms her pussy up first with a few pumps before insinuating his dick into her darkest place. The little hosebeast asks for long strokes in the spoon anal, just defying the laws of physics by taking a dick in there at all. The little spinner gets into RCA without dislodging Pete's cock. She slides and stirs, then Pete pumps it. Sidney gets a dreamy look on her face while encouraging Pete to "Take it from me". First bj action of the scene is a deep throat A2M. Pete lifts her onto a table and fucks Sidney's ass in mish. She puts on his glasses and tells him that's where he should cum. He goes at her ass like a steam engine, sucking toes to boot, then orders Sidney to the floor so he can jerk a load onto her face.
Isn't it great when a girl is as down as she is pretty? Sidney looked so tight, I have to give Pete major props for withstanding her RCA ride. If it felt anywhere near as good as it looked, he must have been running dead babies through his mind to keep from cumming. Great scene.
Olivia Winters is sitting by a pool and talking to her boyfriend, who's supposed to be there for a swimming lesson they're both taking before going on a cruise. Girlfriend is looking healthier than I've ever seen her. Beautiful and delicious, with her boobs filled out nicely by some extra weight she appears to have put on. Her thighs and ass are looking juicy too. John Strong is the instructor, and he talks Olivia into continuing with the lesson with or without her man. She craves some one on one attention, but not about swimming. They take it indoors and Olivia is quickly eating the other white meat. Straight to the "A" in spoon. A2M, then CG anal. Strong tries to coax her into a deeper penetration but things are at their best when Olivia's getting after it the way she likes. Her ass cheeks frame his cock to perfection, especially when she's wiggling and jiggling. A little spanking and she's backing up on him, maybe popping that second seal as she lets him know he's in. A2M, no hands bj, then RCA. Some reach around pussy play shows Olivia's vermillion smile. More A2M leading to some pussy action in CG. Olivia takes the lead for a bit, looking hotter than I've ever seen her, twitching on that hard dick. P2M, then doggy, stabbing that cunt with short, quick strokes. Olivia wants the cum on her ass and Strong covers the canvas with his load. Olivia confirms another appointment for the next week.
Olivia's getting closer to what I want to see from her. She's still too much of an actress, but worked her tail a little here. And what a nice tail it is. The chemistry was so so, with Strong and Olivia talking at each other, rather than to each other, most of the time. Too bad she didn't draw Stefano for this scene.
Rico Strong is talking up Miss Simone, but she's convinced he's nothing but trouble. He goes from offering her some new extensions and bling to taking Simone to KFC. Simone's baby daddy pops out of an SUV and shoots Rico. Wow, this is turning into Menace To Society. Mike Stefano pulls up in his car and tells Simone to drop the loser in the street and come with him. She takes Rico's jewelry and splits. Cut to Simone jacking Stefano and sucking his nipple, both naked on a brown couch. Classic RLD. After a little hot kissing, he pushes her back and licks the jam pot. Mike teases the head of his dick through her juicy slit before burying the bone in mish. It doesn't take long before Simone really comes alive, raising up and fucking back. The sweet nothings that Stefano's known for seem to have Simone in the palm of his hand. They roll into CG, her tight twat gripping his stiff cock. Love her sensual hip action when she's doing the driving. With his cock buried to the balls and his hands squeezing her firm ass, Simone seems to be reaching a peak, then getting even higher when Mike slam fucks her in an aerial maneuver. She's down for anal with him, but first he digs out her pussy in mish, slow and deep. The transition into the dookie is smooth as silk, and even Simone has to admit that the dick looks good in her ass. A roll into CG anal, then she gets picked up and laid on her back for mish remaining impaled. Her pink pussy is gaping and wet, the sodomy turning her on more than anyone could expect. Stefano licks out the honey hole and massages the phat lips. Simone presents her ass in doggy and Mike licks it before he dicks it. She gives him full authority to take anything he wants and Stefano has her lay prone for the anal tunnelling. While he's stirring her up, Simone tells him she wants his cum in her mouth. Cut to Simone in the receiving positon, awaiting Stefano's liquid tribute. Great glue gun blast for an open mouth facial. Simone gets nasty with the jizz as the scene fades.
Very hot scene with tons of chemistry. Miss Simone was pretty much an anal newbie, but she really got into it.
Epilogue The torch has been ably passed, as Diana DeVoe lenses an excellent followup to Stefano's near classic original. It starts a little slow with Gen Tilly, but picks up steam quickly. Biggest surprise for me was that there was anal in every scene, Vanity Cruz showing the way for big girls, and Olivia Winters coming out of her shell a little. Hottest scene belongs to Sidney Cole (Kohl?), as she and Mr. Pete rock the house, but Miss Simone and Stefano come in a close second. DeVoe used her trademark setups, which I think owe more than a little debt to Trinity Post, her assistant. They were pretty funny, and even got elaborate in the final scene, employing Rico Strong and John E. Depth in a non sex cameo. Good job by all.
The Disk A cumshot recap, photo gallery and BTS that portrays a happy and loose set.
Recommendation This video gets my seal of approval. Aficionados of the genre will want to pick this up.

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