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Bang It

Bang It

Studio: Acid Rain
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Bang It:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Bang It overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Bang It Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Bang It Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Bang It Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Bang It Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Bang It DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bang It A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  3/22/2005
Prologue I don't have any past experience with Acid Rain but I am familiar with Sativa Rose, Trina Michaels, Lucy Lee and Haley, so I'm optimistic about this production. Looking at the back cover, I see all kinds of debauchery going on, so let's peruse this DVD.
Lucy Lee and Haley Paige do some tease outside, overlooking a canyon. They really have hot looking bodies and give us an eyeful. Inside, they introduce themselves and tell us that they're doing each other and Sascha today. Lucky Sascha. More tease for the camera. They don't even get a chance to go at each other before Sascha runs into the scene with a raging hard-on. Somebody should inform him that patience is a virtue. The ladies drop to their knees and start to gobble. Both are adept cocksuckers and take him down to the root, licking his balls at the bottom. In fact, Lucy's one of the best oralists in the industry. Both she and Sascha seem to share an interest in Haley's curvy figure. Sascha sticks Haley in doggy and Lucy helps out, spreading her cheeks and doing P2OGM. Haley wants to eat some pussy while she's being railed, so Lucy loses her panties and feeds her hot twat to her friend. P2M for Haley and Lucy mounts the stud in RC. Haley gets fingered by the other two during the fucking. Haley sits on Sascha's face and pulls Lucy's hair. She moves back around to the front to grapple with Lucy who's being choked. There are aggressive slaps from both of them and Haley does P2OGM. Her turn to ride in CG and Lucy has her ass in Haley's face for some hot lickin'. Lucy decides it's time for anal and Haley agrees. Cut to a set of purple anal beads being introduced to Haley's rectum. Lucy pulls them out and feeds the balls to Haley. Another bead insertion leaves Haley with a tail. Lucy gets a beaded, black, anal toy in her ass and Haley gets to taste it. Another insertion and Lucy gets a taste of her digestive system but she wants real cock. Sascha jams her ass in doggy. Haley does A2OGM. Lucy takes a serious reaming with Sascha going balls deep. A2M for Lucy and he's back in her colon. Haley diddles Lucy's clit and Sascha chokes her. Haley does A2OGM. There's some spitting and Haley rims Lucy. Sascha continues to bugger Lucy and Haley keeps licking up her treat. Haley gets the flesh pipe in RCA and Lucy gets to be the helper, getting her fair share of Haley's ass juice. Haley does A2M and the girls smooch. Lucy rides Sascha's cock in anal CG. Haley's doing a masturbation DP. The ladies both suck Lucy's ass off of Sascha's cock. Haley gets spooned anally. Lucy kisses, chokes and sucks Haley's juices from the cock. After Haley does A2M, Sascha's ready to unload. Girl's on their knees, he gives each of them some spurts. Lucy kisses and licks Haley, exclaiming that Sascha banged them hard.
Sativa Rose is looking resplendent in hot pink undies. She undulates for the camera and gives us a big smile. When she's done she gives the tag line to the DVD and there's a cut to Sativa on a couch wearing a fishnet top and panties and being interviewed. She's 20 and all natural. I know that it's hard to believe that when her tits look so perfect, but I've never seen any evidence to the contrary, so I'm inclined to believe her. She's drawn Lee Stone for a partner and he's looking particularly aggressive for this. He gags her with his cock and spits in her mouth. The face fucking is messy and hard. There was a little face slap that I don't think she liked, but Sativa's down with the program the rest of the way. Lee pushes her back onto the couch and dives into her pussy. Sativa's taking charge now, telling him how to eat her. I like that about her. A side entry mish penetration and Sativa tells him to bury his big dick in her pussy. They stay too long in close-up for this, but you can see how wet Sativa has gotten. I just would have liked to see her face during this pounding. Lee picks her up for some flying and Sativa eggs him on to fuck harder. They fall back onto the couch for a CG ride. P2M trasitioning to RC. More P2M with Sativa trying to throat that big cock and wrapping her bee stung lips around the shaft. They go to doggy and Lee rails Sativa. She wants more pussy juice and then climbs back on the cock in CG. Sativa's no shrinking violet. She's spitting in Lee's face and demanding more cock. He pushes her back into mish and she demands that he sucks on her high heels. Sativa rubs one out with Lee's cock stroking her and she's totally juiced. They go flying again and drop down for more mish on the couch. Side entry with some hair pulling and tit slapping. The intensity is really showing on Sativa's face. They slap each other's face and there's more nasty spitting. Back to doggy and a profusely sweating Stone pulls Sativa down onto the floor to streak his seed across her face. Sativa licks at his cock and they're both completely winded by this workout.
The credits on the boxcover say that this is a special appearance by Audrey Hollander, but I'm not getting what they mean by that. She does her tease outside and gets interviewed on the green couch that's been central to this production. Audrey's a very cute and sexy redhead. A true crimson beauty, freckles and all. She's a vision in knee high silver boots, thigh high red fishnet stockings and a translucent pink bra with chains trimming it. Audrey gets two cocks to play with today. Marco Duato and Otto Bauer, who I think is Audrey's SO. He better be, because he calls her a dirty whore and slaps her right across the face. It doesn't faze Audrey in the least as she drops down to pay tribute to the two cocks in her face. She deep throats Otto with ease but has more difficulty with Marco's schlong. Audrey likes it rough and loves to be gagged by cock. Verbal abuse seems to be OK as well. If they're not abusing her, she does it herself. The dual cocksucking is messy and energetic. The guys take turns face fucking Audrey who looks like she's getting hotter by the second. She removes her red panties frantically and strums her clit while they're having their way with her head. Some body slaps and Audrey is promised some cock in her ass. She assumes the position, and after some hard slaps, Otto goes straight up her pooper. Audrey's still giving Marco world class head, but soon has to give that up as Marco replaces Otto and pounds her rectum relentlessly. Audrey's loving it, demanding more and harder. She gets back to sucking some cock as Otto goes to her head. Otto face fucks and jaw breaks Audrey while she's being sodomized. A2M for Marco and Otto takes up the rear. Audrey sticks four fingers up her own ass while Otto's banging away at it. She actually adds the other hand to pry open her sphincter during the pounding. She wants two cocks in her ass, but has to suck them first. Otto tortures her tits, then explores Audrey's throat with his cock. RCA on Marco and Otto's cock in her mouth. He gives her pussy it's first action for an RCDP. Marco just keeps babbling about her culo. Audrey sucks her juices from both cocks. CG on Marco and I think I heard him say that her ass was open in Spanish. Audrey sticks four fingers in there to reserve the hole for some cock. Otto collects the reservation and Audrey's happy to have a cock join her hand. More cock cleaning by Audrey and then they do a flying DP. Otto orders her to squat and suck them both. She's easily deep throating both of them now. Piledriver anal is next with Otto. Marco takes his share and Otto goes back for more. Audrey pries open her sphincter for him and then accedes to Marco. A2M and Otto's back. A2M for him and Audrey's ready for cum. Otto spews in her mouth and Marco has some for her face and tongue. Some PCH and post pop cum play before Audrey swallows down her libation to close a very rough scene.
I've reviewed Trina Michaels before, in Gangland 50, and found her to be much to my liking. Her sexuality and pleasure seemed to be genuine and if I'm not mistaken, she'll be put to the test in this video. Tease is indoors with kelly green undies and fishnet stockings. She shows a great ass and her enhanced boobies that just add to her slutiness. Cut to the interview with Trina now decked out in black lingerie and sitting on a coral colored couch. Trina's getting two cocks and she seems happy about it. She claims her first DP happened when she was 18 and in her personal life. Trina's ready and she calls in the cocks. Marco and Sascha are on her immediately. Trina explores her throat with their prongs, but she doesn't have the deep throat skills of the women previously shown. She does have enthusiasm and seems to revel in being slapped by cock. They work their cocks as deep as she can take it, getting into Trina's throat. They turn her around for some target practice on her ass, raining smacks down on it. Sascha enters her pussy in doggy and Marco puts Trina on the rotisserie. Trina mounts Marco in RC and Sascha gets some head. She still hasn't mastered multi-tasking, so Sascha has to grab her head and hold it if he wants to get sucked. Sascha spits into her mouth and smacks her tits. He has Trina slap her own tits and then Marco switches holes, driving himself deep into Trina's bowels. Sascha slaps and spits in her mouth. A2M with Marco imploring her to take it all. CG anal on Sascha. Marco continues the abuse at the other end. Slapping, choking, jamming his cock into her throat. A2M and no hands bj for Marco. He gets her ass in RCA and Sascha fills her pussy for the DP. They both go balls deep in her holes, making Trina howl. More choking and spitting. She moves over to Sascha in CG and Marco's soon in her ass for the DP. She's filled with man meat and singing it's praises. RCA on Sascha, then they show a gape, which Marco fills. A2M on Marco. Back on Sascha and Trina begs for cock in her pussy. Marco gags her with his dick first, then fills the gap. She takes all the cock they've got and Marco looks like he's trying to drive his balls up her pussy. Trina drops to the floor and gets doubly splooged, making her porn pretty. Some post pop play ends the scene.
Deja Daire is slender and tight looking. She plays with her nipples making them look like little eraser heads. Her gash is bald and Deja shows us some roast beef. A nice ass gets waved in our faces. She tells us to "Bang it!" Her interview is on an upholstered bench. She has a baby voice, does anal and is going to get Lee Stone for her scene. Deja shows her wares and Lee's on her. Somebody should feed him before his scenes because he looks like he's going to devour her. Lee gets up on the bench and feeds Deja his cock. She doesn't get much into her throat before gagging, but they try. He pushes her back onto a bed and eats Deja's pussy. Her asshole gets an early fingering and Lee pushes his cock into her gaping pussy. Choking and slapping ensue. Deja's chest is crimson, her nipples like bullets. He pulls her back into RC. Deep, hard stroking and some P2M. Lee tries to force his cock down her throat, but it just won't go. They move to doggy anal which turns to an up and over. A2M leading to RCA and more A2M. Back to RCA, Lee drives deep. Choking and a reach around for Deja's pussy. Lee squeezes the hell out of Deja's breast, totally going caveman on her. He spoons her ass and she sucks his cock clean. CG anal with some butt warming slaps. More A2M and mish anal. Deja works her pussy while Lee drives towards orgasm. He pulls out and shoots his spew on Deja's face. A little PCH to end the video.
Epilogue I'm not the biggest proponent of rough and abusive sex, but the acts here were either performer driven or, at the very least, totally consensual. There didn't appear to be any surprises here and nobody crossed any lines. The hardest scene was with Audrey Hollander. I hadn't seen her before, but her reputation preceded her, and I have no doubt that what transpired was totally in her realm. Sativa Rose, even though she doesn't do anal, has shown a propensity for very physical sex and continues that here. Lucy Lee also seems to be drawn to less romantic and more physically taxing scenes. Trina Michaels and Haley Paige have both been in strong scenes before, though I'd venture to guess that this was a step up for them on that track. The women were hot and the energy was high throughout. I thought this was a good video, but definitely not to everybody's tastes.
The Disk There is a photo gallery, trailers, a BTS, and a menu for individual sex acts from all the scenes called select a shot. Pretty good extras.
Recommendation Clearly, this isn't a title for everybody. That said, it's pretty good for what it is. The sex is hard and the performers are, for the most part, engaged. If you're into it, this makes a good rental and possible buy.

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