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Bang Bus 13

Bang Bus 13

Studio: Bang Bros.
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , ,
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mission's ratings for Bang Bus 13:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Bang Bus 13 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Bang Bus 13 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Bang Bus 13 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Bang Bus 13 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Bang Bus 13 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Bang Bus 13 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bang Bus 13 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by mission  on  1/31/2008
Bang Bus 13
Nina, Danika, Lia Lopez, Carrisa
Bang Bros 2006

Girls lured into sex in mini van with offers of cash or free rides.

Video/Audio: Ok. I can see the video ok and hear the sound ok. The video for Lia Lopez during sex seems a little wash out.

Menus: Animated

6 trailers - Monsters of Cock 9, Milf Lessons 8, Big Mouthfuls 10, Tug Jobs 9, Boobsquad 11, Ass Parade 1.
Outtakes - New Crew Member, Danika, Happy Ramon, Startle Clarissa
Stills - Nina, Danika, Lia Lopez, Carrisa

Scene 1 Danika

Who: Next door girl, amateur looking. Large tits (wow), somewhat BBW.

Pickup: yes, outside funeral parlour

Strip: yes, man pulled her blouse down exposing her large tits. She turned over later and showed her ass. Don't think I saw a panty or she did not wear a panty. Never saw the pussy.

Foreplay: Blowjob

Sex: Various positions. Cowgirl (man sitting on seat) - Extremely long boring cowgirl scene - how exicited can I get just seeing the girl's back. Followed by another boring doggie scene. The spooning scene is better but a short one. I see her shaved pussy being penetrated and large tits. Next come another cowgirl with man lying on the floor. This is a good one but again it's a short one. I see her pussy sliding up and down and large tits bouncing. She keeps looking at her own pussy and her head block the view. The cameraman is quick to correct that one, not once but twice, he asked her to pick her head up. She really should sit up straight instead of leaning forward - the view from sitting up straight is better. The missionary act is short and boring, I see nothing at all. He then pops in her mouth. She swallowed the cum.

Closing: She was dumped in some neighborhood

Scene 2 Carrisa

Who: hispanic girl, average looking

Pickup: yes, outside some building, by the street

Strip: yes, she pulls her blouse over her head. Man later pulls panty off. I can see the pussy (no close up)

Foreplay: Pussy eating, blowjob

Sex: Various positions. Don't see much with the cowgirl and doggie position. I can see her tits and pussy in the reverse cowgirl position. The missionary is excellent. Actually, this is an enhanced version of missionary (both man and girl on the floor). You see her full body and the penis sliding in and out for some time. The second missionary (girl on lying on car seat) is boring - don't see anything. Cum on mouth. She spits out.

Closing: She asked to be let out as she realized she was conned into fucking some stranger

Scene 3 Nina

Who: Amateur looking, large tits (wow) woman

Pickup: yes, outside the bank, in the parkade

Strip: yes, she unbuttons her blouse and you can see her large tits bulging out of her black bra. She then pulls her tits out of her bra. That is an amazing sight. The man later pulls her pants down but I didn't get to see her pussy.

Foreplay: Blowjob, tit fucking

Sex: Various positions. I see her full body, large tits and shaven pussy during the reverse cowgirl but she did not let her tits bounce. Next, the cowgirl scene is boring. This is followed by another reverse cowgirl. There is some potential in this scene (in seeing tits bounced and pussy pounded) but it was a short one and I don't really see anything worth mentioning. Next, doggie is boring. The missionary come next, the first half is boring as I see only the man's ass. In the second half, the camera pans over to show the girl. This is nice sight as you see those large tits move up and down a little. The big problem here is you don't get to see the pussy. The man should not obstruct the view with the legs. Finally, the man brings the leg down, wow!, I see the full body, large tits and pussy being pounded. This magical moment is a little short though. Then comes, the spooning which is poorly executed as I don't get to see the pussy. Cum on face.

Closing: She steps out for a cigarette break and they drove off leaving her in the middle of nowhere.

Scene 4 Lia Lopez

Who: Average hispanic girl

Pickup: yes, in the street of some neighborhood

Strip: yes, This is a fun scene. She was delaying in showing her tits and the man just quickly pulled her top down exposing her tits. She was caught off guard and had her top up again. The camera man then gestured her to come over and pull down her blouse. You get to see a very nice "down blouse" (wow).

Foreplay: Blowjob

Sex: Various positions. Like the rest, the doggie and cowgirl are boring as I don't see anything. I see her tits and pussy during reverse cowgirl and missionary. I see the penis sliding in and out during the missionary. Cums on face.

Closing: Drops her off some neighborhood and hands her some cash. She counted the cash and realized they short changed her. They sped off.

What I Like:

Girls with large natural tits: I buy this DVD mainly for Nina and Danika. Those large natural tits of Nina and Danika drive me nuts. Danika being a chubby girl is fun to watch. Maybe Bang Bros should start a chubby series.

Amateur girls: Bang Bus is one series I can get to see amateur loking girls and not the familiar porn star face.

No blacks: I'm not a black fan and this volume does not feature a black. I wish they put better looking girls than Lia Lopez and Carrisa.

Who's who in box cover: There are pictures of the 4 girls on the back cover but they should use a portrait of the girl instead of a "picture" as I had trouble identifying the girl.With a portrait, I know who the girls are and I don't need to go to the bang bus web site to identify the girls.

What I Don't Like:

Too few scenes: Only 4 girls in this volume. 6 girls in a volume is common, if Bang Bros cannot feature 6 girls, give us at least 5.

Stripping scene: They should show the girl strip fully nude where I can see the tits and pussy. A close up of the pussy would be awesome.

Boring back view: I find cowgirl and doggie position boring as I don't get to see the tits and pussy. I see the girl's back which is not too exciting.

Short fun parts: When they finally show the missionary and reverse cowgirl where I can get to see the tits and pussy, it was too short. They make me look at a girl's back for most of the sex part and when it comes to the goodies, they showed little of the goodies.

Bad missionary shot: The missionary position can provides some very good views of tits and pussy but this was poorly done as in Danika's scene. I don't get to see tits and pussy during the missionary. In Nina's scene, this is really a waste as those large tits of Nina makes a great missionary scene. Instead, they didn't show her tits in the first half and in the second half they obstruct the view with some leg.

Bad spooning shot: I never got a good look at Nina's pussy during the spooning act.

Lack of insertion shots: There are no insertion shots in the movie.

Verdict: Not unless you want to see Nina and Danika badly, I would say pass this one. But I didn't regret buying this one as I did enjoyed those large tits of Nina and Danika although the sex part for Nina and Danika can be a little disappointing for the reasons mentioned above.

A substantial amount of time is spent on talking in the bus before the fun starts. This could be as long as 20 minutes. The Bang Bus series do have realism feel and they feature amateur faces normally.

I wish they would put better looking girls in their DVDs. Of the 18 volumes, there are quite a number of blacks or hispanics featured and other "ugly" looking girls. The lastest volume, they featured a woman with fake tits (Brittny). They should have put a better looking woman like Alanis (big titted latino) or Marie (large natural tits milf). Not all hispanics are ulgy; Kavelle, Sindy, Luna and Eva are some good looking hispanics. They should put innocent, good looking white amateurs like Ellia, Veronica Lynn, Bianca, Emily, Ann, Geri, Alishia, Natalie, Alicia Leon etc. I will be the first to snap up the DVDs with these girls in it.

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