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Balls Deep 8 (Anabolic)

Balls Deep 8 (Anabolic)

Studio: Anabolic
Category:  All Sex , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Balls Deep 8 (Anabolic):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Balls Deep 8 (Anabolic) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Balls Deep 8 (Anabolic) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Balls Deep 8 (Anabolic) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Balls Deep 8 (Anabolic) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Balls Deep 8 (Anabolic) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Balls Deep 8 (Anabolic) DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Balls Deep 8 (Anabolic) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/6/2004
Here we have another edition of this popular series and it has the added attraction this time of Christie Lee doing her first interracial scene and she jumps right in taking on two black cocks! You get several other beauties to check out and Tony T. is at the helm so sit back and watch these babes take it Balls Deep!

Roxy Jezel:

We start with a fine close shot hugging this babes body and she is decked out in black latex with some red stripes and of course some black heels adorn her feet. Roxy is such a cute girl and she can definitely handle the cock. Tony gives you some great shots of this girls body as they do some prescene talking. Roxy shows off her kittie and she lets Tony get some finger dipping and he gives her ass a few love taps. Every time she calls him a pervert he is going to slap her! I really liked the close shot with her legs spread in mish and the pussy fingering was hot with Roxy cleaning those fingers off. Some light choking was done which I don't really care for. The scene picks up for me when Roxy gets to suck cock and this starts in a good POV shot and Miss Jezel really goes to town on Tony's schlong. Again some light choking is done but thankfully they go back to cock sucking quickly and we even get a second cock and watch as Roxy gags on that big black monster. Soon a third sclong is added and Roxy really gets to show off her oral talents with some more good gagging and more choking is done while the fucking is also ongoing in mish. The pace is a good one and Roxy easily handles all that manmeat in her pussy and in her mouth. Pretty soon they are in her ass in cowgirl and it's also a dp, a nice floor shot is included and we get some good shots of just her ass when no cock is in it. You also see some anal in doggie with each man getting a turn and she does some A2M. I liked the ground shot for the RCA which also saw her dp'd. Roxy does some nice vocalization as this scene features her getting fucked real good, her fans should like this one I suspect. We next see a fave position of mine and Roxy lets them nail her in piledriver anal and she does some more dick tasting straight from her ass, Tony sounds real excited here!! Roxy is right with him as far as verbal taunts, gotta love her spirit here. Roxy even lets the guys smother her face with their asses. I really didn't care for the amount of choking done in this scene, that was the only real factor than dragged this scene down for me. Otherwise it rocked with Roxy taking some good jizz deposits to end it.

Shayna Knight:

Up next we have a cute little girl that I've seen in a few scenes lately and she's done pretty good. I like her smile here and we get another little chat session with Tony as we also get to see Shayna show off her nice body. Some nice tits with good sized nipples and he is sure to give us a shot of her kittie as well with some finger action taking place. Up next we see Shayna show off her bootie spreading it nicely and Tony lets his fingers do the walking up her poop chute. Shayna then gets a cock to suck on and that is quickly followed by a second and a third with Shayna stuffing all three in her mouth at one point, nice going. I really dug the POV shots and soon the fucking gets underway in RCA and the floor shots kicked ass. Up next we see some POV assfucking from behind for Shayna along with some doggie anal. She does some good A2M sucking and her eye contact was good. Naturally there is some dp action first in cowgirl where some hot fucking takes place with more A2M for Miss Knight. Up next we get a hot POV shot as she is analized in mish with some skull fucking shot from above to a second cock. Shayna really does some great double sucking on cocks in this scene and she even tells them she wants it Balls Deep and Tony and the boys are more than happy to oblige her request. Moving on you get a fine RCDP and there is more POV ass fucking from behind which really looked good I thought so thanks Tony. You then get some nice piledriver anal and soon the jizz is flying right into her mouth! Awesome scene.

Barbara Summers:

This next scene starts with us following Barbara and the shot is looking right up to her ass which is tightly encased in a black dress. Still using a floor shot looking up we see her turn around and you can tell she has got some nice tits, can't wait to see them. Tony moves the shot up to her face and as they chat we watch the camera glide about her body and she teases us nicely with her hands roaming over her tits and Tony lets his fingers rub over her kittie. We are outside so there are some shadows but nothing to serious. Barbara does a nice sexy lick of her lips while caressing and shaking her ass. They move inside where she gets down for some hot POV cock sucking and the eye contact was real good. With those great breasts it was a natural choice to do some titty fucking and pretty soon Tony steps back and lets three fresh cocks in there and Barbara really shines taking on all this manmeat. Tony gives her some coaching but Barbara didn't need it, she was real good trading the schlongs back and forth and she does double stuff the dicks with Tony getting back in there for some loving for his cock. Sexwise you see mish to start which really showed off her tits and that is followed by cowgirl which shows off her equally hot ass. The first dp comes in cowgirl and Barbara does a nice job sucking on the free cock while the other two pound away. RCA was next along with a dp and those tits were flopping real good here!! Barbara does some A2M as well as giving our directors cock a little lovin, love her eyes looking up as she devours Tony's cock. He lets the shot move to her backside where some doggie anal is taking place and there is a nice gaped developed and captured on film. There is another hot RCDP shot which I loved as her tits are just awesome to look at, then she does a spoon anal which sees her do some double sucking to two black cocks, not sure how many guys Tony has in this scene,hehe! You also get some hard doggie anal with more gaping by Barbara before they move around to mish and the pops start flying with her swallowing a nice bit of jizz. This was easily the hottest scene so far.

Rio Mariah:

Up next is a girl I've seen in a few scenes and she also isn't shy about taking cocks up her ass. Rio is dressed all in black here and like the other scenes Tony has a little conversation with the girl before the fucking starts. Tony does a nice pull back showing off her entire outfit and he then pulls her zipper on the outfit until we see those tits released and her pussy is shown off also. He can't resist dipping his finger inside and Rio gets to lick them clean before his fingers move to her ass. Rio is soon sucking on some cocks and we get a nice POV shot of her trading off three cocks. Well we get some choking in this scene which I've already stated I don't care for but Rio seems to handle it well and thankfully the choking is brief before it's back to some more hot knob polishing. As for sex this hot babe is nailed in spoon, cowgirl with dp and she does some A2M. Moving on there is some mish shot with a good overhead shot looking down and they fuck her in the ass also. Other anal delights were shot in doggie, spoon, cowgirl-- hot ground view and there is more A2M from Rio. Tony then has Rio suck some toes while she's being ass fucked. You then get a great shot looking down as she sucks cock, licks some balls and then it's on to more bootie fucking from behind. They close the scene with a nice jizz shower to her face and Rio swallows some and does some cleanup.


Up next we have a cute British import to check out. Isabel is no stranger to ass fucking and she brings a great filthy attitude to her scenes so this should be good. She is smoking a ciggy as Tony finds her and you see her in a black outfit with some red fishnet stockings on her legs. Tony has to get up close to fondle her body, ahh the priveleges of being the director. She has some nice boobs and a nice pussy which Tony gets to diddle. Turning around Isabel shows off her meaty ass spreading it perfectly for us. Pretty soon we see her fingering her own ass fitting in four fingers with ease and cleaning them off with her mouth. Moving on we get our first dick sucking to Tony no less and it's a good POV blowjob. Watch as Isabel then does some crawling and she gets in a nice plug for the series title as she arrives at a big black cock and she goes right after it taking that monster deep and she lets the dirty talk fly as well! You then see some fucking in doggie, then it's on to her ass in spoon and she continues to do a fine job sucking whichever cock is thrusting into her mouth. Isabel also does A2M before a hot overhead view is given for the mish anal and this British tart is really good at the art of dirty talk so enjoy her verbal taunts to the fellas. Well let me say these guys do a fine job of banging this girls ass and she takes all the pounding like a champ. After some hard ass fucking you watch as Isabel's mouth is filled with spunk and she shows it off even gargling before downing the jizz.

Christie Lee:

Finally we come to our covergirls scene and I must say I'm anxious to see Christie get her bootie plugged with cock but first we check out her body and what a nice shirt she has on-- it says My Boyfriend is Out of Town-- Lucky for us!! As it says on the backcover this was Miss Lee's first time taking on three guys and also her first experience fucking a black guy and she gets more than one her first time out, nice going Christie. After we check out her tits and pussy Miss Lee is kind enough to stand up and let us oogle her nice ass! She gives that bootie several hard slaps and Tony even gets to cop a feel. Christie then gets to give him some loving and a nice POV blowjob is shot and she quickly gets her first taste of darkmeat and she takes to it naturally even doing some double stuffing when she gets two cocks and she does a solid job afterwards working all three cocks in her mouth. As for sex highlights we get a hard driving mish and Christie seems real excited at this pounding she is receiving! Tony works in some real good close shots of her pussy as it is fucked. You even see Christie picked up and fucked in cowgirl and looking back to us you see a nice smile on her face. The guys really manhandle her and Christie eats it up at one point telling us she wants more cock. Tony gives a nice running commentary as the scene unfolds and he accurately describes her as enjoying the scene, I really got that vibe from her, always nice to see a girl really getting off. Moving on you get a nice doggie position with a good underneath shot and they next do some spoon fucking leading to reverse cowgirl, then doggie shot nicely from a POV view. As the balls are slapping her pussy you hear Christie squeal in delight and Tony gets to dip his stick in there every so often. You see him pop first and the two brothers fuck her some more before unloading their seed to her face with some cleanup from Christie.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was a really well done dvd with all the girls impressing me with the best scene coming from Barbara Summers I thought. Tony captures the action well giving us some good tease openers and some great close ups during the dick sucking as well as during the sex. The only thing I didn't like was the choking and that didn't last long when they did it which I appreciated. Xtra wise the pickings are slim for a change, Anabolic had been giving some behind the scenes in the last few I bought but here you only get a cumshot recap and a photo gallery to check out. All in all I highly recommend this one and if you aren't a fan of Barbara Summers now you should be after checking out her scene, just awesome.

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