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Balls Deep 7 (Anabolic)

Balls Deep 7 (Anabolic)

Studio: Anabolic
Category:  Gonzo , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Balls Deep 7 (Anabolic):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Balls Deep 7 (Anabolic) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Balls Deep 7 (Anabolic) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Balls Deep 7 (Anabolic) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Balls Deep 7 (Anabolic) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Balls Deep 7 (Anabolic) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Balls Deep 7 (Anabolic) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Balls Deep 7 (Anabolic) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  3/17/2004
Balls Deep 7

Are there any more Lex originals in the Anabolic pipeline or is this the last of it?

Jessica Darlin and Melody. Scene 1 starts with Melody warming herself up with her fingers and a silver vibe. Jessica soon joins her with her own vibe. Nice contrast in women. Dusky Melody and blonde Jessica. Both sport killer bodies. Melody goes for some lez lickin' and Steve Holmes is just sitting behind them langorously stroking his big dick. He brings it over to the girls and they team up on the blow-job. The ladies show each other some affection and Steve insinuates his meat into the action again. He gets behind Melody to tongue her pussy and ass while she licks Jessica's tits. Now he buries the bone into Melody doggy style while Jessica inquires about the tightness. Melody is lapping Jessica's pussy nicely whilst being fucked. The more she gets stroked, the more intense the cunt lapping gets. Next up is Jessica getting it doggy as Melody laps Steve's balls and ass. Jessica rides the bologna pony in cowgirl and Melody licks her ass between love taps by Steve. Some P2OGM by Melody. Jessica wants to know if Steve likes them. Ya think? Melody gets on RC. Watch those knockers go. Jessica licks her clit and then spanks it. Jessica does P2OGM and a little bit of ball sucking. Steve eats Jessica out and thumbs her ass, giving her and Melody a taste, Some missionary fucking while Melody licks tit. Steve teases Jessica with his dick. Now some tit fucking for Melody. Steve suggest a deep throat contest for the girls. He's way too big for either one of them, but Jessica gets about 2/3 and holds for a gag. Time for Jessica's anal. She starts in RCA. Melody really seems to love her tits. She has a lot of company on that topic. Now some A2M for Melody. She puts it back in the wrong hole and Jessica has to do it herself. This looks very good. Melody just keeps helping along. Next position is spoon anal for Jessica. Steve gives her a nice reach around to go along with it and feeds her a taste of her pussy juice. Melody is just riveted to her tits. Nice intensity in this position and a little bit of making out between the girls, which appears to turn Steve on some more. More A2M. Steve requests some rimming and Melody tosses his salad with relish. Jessica gets turned on by that. The girls start to trade off on Steve's dick to suck the cum out of him. Jessica strokes him off onto their faces. Nice post cum play to end a very hot scene.

Kitten. Scene 2 brings us Kitten. Black, buxom (enhanced, but not grotesquely) and attractive. She's doing a scene with Mark Davis (who I believe she has a relationship with) and Steve Holmes. Kitten is also very representative of the women that Lex favors. No waif here, she's built for big dick pounding, and that's what's on the menu. Starting out on a living room couch out by the pool, she plays with a thick ridged silver vibe, warming up that hot coochie. Her two cocks appear fortwith and she goes right to work sucking on them. This woman has skills, deepthroating both guys repeatedly. Steve even does some stroking in her throat. Everybody is impressed. This would be so much better under controlled lighting. She just continues to put on an oral show and raising the heat. She sits down on Mark's dick and works on Steve's stiffy. Her pussy is getting pounded and tears are streaming from her eyes from the throating. Switch now to Steve's dick in RC and Mark in her throat. Nice rythm between the head bob and her riding of Steve. This is turning into a great sportfuck and Kitten looks to be having a great time. She gets on the rotisserie with Mark shafting her from behind. Steve wants her to lick his balls when her lips get down to his pubes, Steve moves into spoon vag and Mark gets blown again. Now she asks for a dick in her ass. Mark is willing to accommodate. Steve gets more deep throat. RCA for Steve. That's a lot of meat and he really is just about balls deep. The camera lens is getting wet, too. She lays herself out for a DP as Mark enters her pussy and really makes her happy. I believe she cums in this position. Turn it around to CGDP, making Kitten feel fulfilled. How else could this end, but with a double facial. A little more deep throating to make the cum run. She says she wants their kids all over her face, but most of it went in her mouth. A great scene.

Olivia O'Lovely. More cushion for the pushin' continues in scene 3 with Olivia O'Lovely. Out by that pool again, but with a red loveseat. She fingers herself for the tease and gives us some nice looks at her ass. John Strong is her partner and she gives it some oral luvin'. Another woman who can deepthroat. After she has his full attention she climbs on in CG and loses her bustier. Strong pretty much gets balls deep right away as Olivia just engulfs him. She rides him nice and hard, like a mechanical bull. They alternate between hard stroking and grinding. Next position is spoon. Olivia gives herself a helping hand. She's wide open in this position and is playing more to the camera than her partner. He's working hard, but she might need more than he's got to really light up. They move into the anal portion from the same spoon position. RCA is next, and Strong is just pounding into her. Now doggy anal. This slows down to a more sensual pace and she really looks to be enjoying this. Up and over for a variation and some A2M. He strokes off onto her tongue for a decent, but not large pop. An OK scene, but no fires got lit.

Melanie Jagger. Melanie Jagger graces the screen for scene 4 and her lover for the next half hour or so will be none other than Lex himself. She came to get fucked and she has a black dildo with a tail on it in her hands. She's wearing a nice leather strap and chain fetish outfit, as if she wasn't sexy enough. She finds an enormous black dildo and starts to insert it. Not much of that is making it into her pussy, so she tries her ass. I think it just needs some human locomotion. Lex shows up to provide a flesh pacifier to help things along. She discards the dildo and her panties and Lex enters her in doggy. Some P2M and more doggy. Position change to CG and Lex is getting deeper and stroking harder. He's still a couple of inches short of balls deep. Lex picks her up and continues to pound. No mean feat with Melanie. She's just juicing all over his dick. He puts her on the floor for missionary and continues to long stroke her. She's showing a nice puffy vag by now. He's working her good and has to pull out before he ends the scene prematurely. They come back with Melanie riding in RC. Lex picks her up again. When they come back down he buries himself as deep as I think he's gonna get, but not quite to the balls. Back in RC and Melanie wants to know if wants to fuck her ass yet. He still has some vag work left in him, though. Melanie is fucking so hard she shakes her straps loose. The anal starts slow in doggy. She's howling and he's pushing for more. A little A2M and back to doggy. Man her ass looks good. Next position is mish anal with her draped over the back of the loveseat. More A2M and then she climbs on for RCA. The favorite position for raincoaters. Lex puts her on some cushions on the floor and teases her with his cock before another mish insertion. This is the position he launches the cumshot from. A little too long range to be effective. Not much reached her face and body. Still, a rousing scene.

Nyomi and Trinity. Nyomi starts out scene 5 by working Trinity over with a silver vibe and her tongue. Another nice contrast in women, dusky Nyomi and fair Trinity. The meat in the sandwich is John Strong and they soon start to double suck him. Mostly shallow sucking and ball licking here. Trinity gets the first ride in RC as Nyomi strums her clit and licks her nipples. They're balls deep right away and her pussy is turning crimson. Nyomi unveils her beautiful body with those stiff nipples and climbs on for some CG. Strong is slamming her and Trinity is smacking her ass with some P2M. Nyomi vibes her while she's riding Strong. Trinity takes over her own vibing while Nyomi continues her ride. Her ass has really gotten nice since I first saw her. Trinity now gets it in spoon and Nyomi lends a hand. She's like the captain on the field. She lowers her pussy over Trinity's face. Trinity doesn't seem to be able to multitask. Nyomi hops back on for some RC and Trinity plays with her body. Trinity does some ball licking from this position and a little bit of P2M. CG for Trinity and Strong is slamming and spanking. More P2M for Nyomi. She watches and masturbates. Strong pulls her over for a taste of that hot cooch and Trinity sticks her face in, too. Strong is just mauling her ass and slamming his dick hard. Trinity looks like she's riding to orgasm. She hops off and they double suck him again. Now he stacks Trinity on top of Nyomi doggystyle and starts by plumbing Nyomi's depth before switching to Trinity. Back and forth they go. From here they go back to sucking for the cumshot, trading back and forth again until he unloads a fairly light ejaculation. A good scene, but nothing special.

Monique. The final scene promises to be a barn burner. Monique is decked out in a crotchless, black fishnet bodysuit with a black vinyl bustier and silver boots. She walks right over to the huge black dildo that's been showing up throughout the video and sits right down on it. She's ready. She sucks it a bit, too. Her meat is supplied by Manuel Ferrara and John Strong as she goes right to work impaling her throat on them. She can deepthroat Strong, but Manuel is just too big. She sits on Strong in CG while still trying to bottom Manuel out in her throat. She is a wild ride and soon switches to Manuel's pole. Same procedure, but Manuel can really hit her spots, He's smacking her ass and pounding her pussy. She changes to RC for more vaginal abuse. Switch to Strong in spoon. He pounds her for all he's worth and she's calling for more. Cut away to an RC ride of Manuel and Strong makes it a DPP. She's screaming like a wild banshee. Back to just Manuel as he works her G-spot with his hand. Monique does a little ball licking on Manuel and Strong enters her doggy. Manuel gets her doggy as she sucks Strong off. Back on Strong for CG. Another DPP after an edit. More head for Manuel as she's wearing out Strong's dick. More throat gagging. The camera lens is getting very wet as Strong is pounding the juices right out of her. She sucks her juices off Strong and notices the wet lens. She's very pleased. Now switching back and forth in spoon. Always with a dick in her mouth. Manuel in doggy and always something to suck on. Remarkably, she's still fully clothed. Monique gets into position for the cumshots and tells them to blast her. After Strong unloads she asks Manuel to make her pretty, a signature line of hers. A true ball drainer of a scene.

In Summary This volume of Balls Deep has some strong performances and some generic ones. Technically, Lex had a ways to go before he can be mentioned in the same breath with the better directors. There are problems with the lighting in a couple of scenes and he employs a zooming effect that's clumsy and amateurish. From a performance standpoint, he got a nice scene from Jessica Darlin. This might have been one of her first scenes after re-entering the porn arena. It wasn't over the top with a lot of sound effects, but there was a good intensity to it, and I believe she really got turned on by Steve Holmes' depravity. Kitten was great in a very high energy threesome. I know Lex takes a lot of heat for hiring women like her, but performances like this make him look like a genius. By contrast, there was no chemistry in Olivia's matchup. Everybody is working hard and doing all the right things, but it just doesn't click. Lex and Melanie had a rousing romp, but it also points out one of the biggest weaknesses of this film. Not enough Lex. He may see his future in porn as a producer/director, but for now, he should realise that Lex, the performer, is his biggest asset. Using John Strong as his surrogate is not going to result in great porn. Having said that, Strong did put in good yoemanlike work in the last two scenes. He banged the hell out of Trinity, but Nyomi was little more than window dressing and he managed to live through Monique's physical demands. Speaking of Monique, I can't believe that her clothes never came off through her whole performance, and somehow she didn't get her ass breached. Still a very high energy fuckfest. All in all this DVD is a good watch. Not spectacular, but solid.


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