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morbidthoughts Baker's Dozen 9 4 starsBaker's Dozen 9 4 starsBaker's Dozen 9 4 stars
dandaman Baker's Dozen 9 4.5 starsBaker's Dozen 9 4.5 starsBaker's Dozen 9 4.5 stars
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Baker's Dozen 9

Baker's Dozen 9

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  All Sex , Cumshots
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Starring: , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Baker's Dozen 9:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Baker's Dozen 9 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Baker's Dozen 9 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Baker's Dozen 9 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Baker's Dozen 9 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Baker's Dozen 9 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Baker's Dozen 9 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Baker's Dozen 9 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/23/2006
Welcome fans to another edition of this popular Brandon Iron series where we mix a little sex with a lot of cock sucking! You've got four very hot girls to watch this time out, a couple of the scenes are older ones I believe, Karina and Brianna then you add in newbie Aubrey Adams along with the Welsh porn hottie Isabel Ice and I think we've got a recipe for a great dvd. Brandon puts a lot into these movies and it shows but it really helps when the girls are inclined for this type of action and these four girls have proven they are, Aubrey is the newest of the bunch but she's already done pretty good in her short time. Let's hit some highlights.

Karina Kay:

Well it was a couple years now that she exploded on the scene then this past year it's been less and less but there's no mistaking the appeal of Karina who's body is sinful it's so hot, great tits, ass, and pretty face make for a fabulous package. The scene starts with Brandon showing up and finding a naked Karina sitting on a hog-- aka motorcycle and Brandon is impressed with the ride, me I'm more psyched on seeing those tits. Karina knows all about the baker's dozen and she seems real excited on doing this. Heading inside we soon have Karina slowly licking on Manuel's schlong and the slow style got my motor humming, then Brandon adds in some stellar shots of her ass and while I'm a bigger fan of boobs I can't deny and I embrace the beauty that is Karina's booty. The scene for now is just Manuel and Karina and they add in some sex including doggie, spoon, mish- loved how her legs were pulled back behind her head giving Manuel a great target zone to pound. The reverse cowgirl position was great but she wasn't fucking Manuel instead grinding her pussy over his face which looked pretty hot, then we get a frantic cowgirl shot, then they get a little reverse fucking in leading to Manuel poppin in her mouth as she holds it open. Well that served as a great warmup and now it's on to the circle cock bang! Karina heads outdoors where she finds the guys wandering around her spacious backyard and we're soon watching some engaging knob polishing by Miss Kay. I totally dig this girls body and seeing those tits so much as she's also sucking cock was a great site. The guys do their best and really glaze this young womans face, Krispy Kreme would be proud of how much jizz coats her face when they are done shooting. Karina gets a taste of cum here for sure and we are off to a great start.

Isabel Ice Iron:

I put the Iron on her name as she's playing his wife in this scene, hehe! The couple is in for some therapy, the relationship isn't on course so we all know what is needed to right this ship and they start out with some sex just the two of them. Isabel is fabulous at cock sucking and we're treated to some fine shots as she services his rod. As for sex it's right to her Welsh ass as Brandon nails her doggiestyle, mish and then it's some intense skull fucking A2M as Isabel tilts her head back off the couch. This little session of aggressive fucking yields a good load for Mrs. Iron to swallow and you see the makeup is smudged a little but they aren't done yet as Doctor Steve Holmes thinks they need a bit more help and this involves several assistants, lol. Isabel starts out, though, with Doc Holmes, sucking him off and eating his ass and they too engage in some fornification going strictly with anal sex in cowgirl, mish, reverse and finally spoon leading to Steve spraying his load down upon her mouth/ face. I think this relationship is almost repaired but they need one last bit of help and Brandon calls in the guys and this dirty bird gets right to it. The accent is a huge turn on, the dirty talk is spot on and there's no denying she's got the right attitude for the job. You want a person who loves what they do you'd be hard pressed to find a young lady more into sucking and fucking than Isabel Ice. The guys all give her as much cock as she could want. They do the cock line up and she works her way down it, then the guys all lie down on their backs and she works her way down the line again polishing knobs and also getting some satisfaction for her pussy which I'm sure was very wet. The loads are soon flying and that pretty face is soon plastered. A second really well done scene. The happy couple comes back on after all this to thank their doctors for all the help!!

Aubrey Adams:

Up next is a cute fall of fire named Aubrey Adams. I'm really becoming a fan of hers. Such a bubbly young girl who seems into what she's doing. I've seen a few scenes now and she always has a fun time whether it's one on one or if there's more people involved be if male or female. It doesn't hurt that she's got a Grade A choice booty and I'm sure there are lot of you that will dig her petite titties too. Like the scenes before there's some one on one time to get the party started and Aubrey does some fabulous POV sucking, those eyes are so wide and expressive as they stare up and what must Brandon be thinking as this sexy 19yr. old is engulfing his dick, one can only imagine. Brandon soon leaves a bit of himself on Aubrey's cute face but we're only getting started my friends and I mean only getting started. The guys soon come in and surround Aubrey who calls them to bring in dinner! The energy from Aubrey here was real good and she works her way neatly around the schlongs before her. This session of dick sucking may seem short as the guys soon glaze her face but wait porn fans we are not done. This time then comes for dessert and a second batch of swordsmen come in and like she just did Aubrey expertly moves around enveloping the cocks with her mouth. The DNA is once again flowing all over Aubrey's face but wait fans we still aren't done. Aubrey all cleaned up and it's time to go Brandon says but Aubrey isn't satisifed and wants MORE. So we get one last go around as there are still guys there who haven't had their dicks sucked or maybe the first group has recharged their batteries, lol. Regardless this young lady has sucked a lot of cock here and looked real good doing it so who's the winner really, Aubrey of course and US! The guys shoot several ropes of jizz over this face one last time. Aubrey is a fun young talent who I hope sticks around for awhile, I think it's great to have this type of enthusiasm for what you do.

Brianna Love:

I'm not sure when this scene was shot but I'm thinking it's at least a year old and about this time last year Brianna was blazing up a storm doing some seriously hot anal scenes and taking some good pops to her cute face. As I'm watching the World Series of Poker on ESPN now it's cool that we get some card playing before we get to the sex. It would be hard to cocentrate on your cards though if across from you this pretty young thing was staring back at you. Even Phil Helmuth would be intimidated I think!! Of course this would give everyone a great chance to work on their POKER face!! Ok bad jokes aside Brianna is really a sexy girl and once the hand is over we get her slowly engulfing Brandon's cock, very nice side view for the bj here. You get some sex with this young lady starting in doggie where she's opened up neatly to the camera but then it's a huge improvement in the booty shots when they get into cowgirl and I mean this girl's got an ass, wow! Even though she doesn't have big tits I still enjoyed the reverse they shot as the floor shot is something I like in this position and it looked good here I thought. Not quite done yet, they get in some butt fucking in mish and also in doggie. Brandon in keeping with the theme of the series drains his cockjuice on her face and then Brianna scoops it into her mouth swallowing it down with a smile. As you might guess we aren't done and they go back to the card playing for the next bit of the scene and now we've got a gallery of fans who appreciate this young lady's talented card skills! The game progresses with the guys losing their shirts but in the end they gain a pretty good reward and no it's not a World Series Bracelet, nope it's Brianna on her knees working those hard dicks into her mouth doing her own special brand of No Limit Hold 'Em!! The guys then ante up after a long session of dick sucking and we get one more face covered in cum. So ends the 2006 World Series of Cum Dousing and I'd say there's a four way tie among this fine cast as to who won.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Ok this was a real easy review to write. The girls were hot, the dicks were hard, we get some sex mixed in, and finally those pretty young faces were drenched in spunk and I mean drenched. Karina was a delight here mainly because I haven't seen a lot of her over the past year and we're reminded here again why she had such a good following and still does. Aubrey I thought was a real delight in this taking on not one, not two, but three groups of guys who all did a good job coating her face. I would actually like this style more rather than getting a large group of men around the girl with some of them just standing there wanking off. Isabel was her usual dirty self in this so no complaints there and Brianna reminded me like Karina did why I enjoyed watching her so much last year. The extras for a Brandon Iron dvd are usually jam packed and this dvd was no exception with the two big highlights being bonus blowjobs with Karina Kay and Aubrey Adams so be sure and watch those hotties suck more dick. Brandon offers up some previews of a couple websites he's putting out and you get some behind the scenes along with a little more tease. This is so worth picking up if you like girls sucking a lot of cocks and getting jizzercized to the max which these young ladies certainly are. Not sure who is in #10 but those girls have some ways to go to match the effort these four put in here, well done ladies.

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