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Baker's Dozen 7

Baker's Dozen 7

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  All Sex , Cumshots
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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scipio's ratings for Baker's Dozen 7:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Baker's Dozen 7 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Baker's Dozen 7 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Baker's Dozen 7 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Baker's Dozen 7 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Baker's Dozen 7 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Baker's Dozen 7 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Baker's Dozen 7 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by scipio  on  3/23/2006
Baker's Dozen #7

Director: Brandon Iron.

Behind the Scenes: Brandon interviews the girls before, during and afterwards.
Photo Gallery: A bunch of hi-res action stills in autorun format.
Web Access: Web-enable this disc by putting it into your PC, visit our site, yadda yadda, you know the drill by now..
More Tease Please: As you might have guessed, in this bit the girls strip, tease, fondle themselves and masturbate one at a time for a couple of minutes. There are dildoes involved.
Photoshoot: Brandon takes stills of girls with penii in their bottoms and other orifices.
Director's Profile: A page of text about the life and times of Brandon Iron.
Bonus Scene: Details following the feature review..

A quick note on scene ratings - unlike many reviewers of different things who tend to rate "average" as 7/10. I rate average as 5/10, this makes 7/10 from me quite a bit above average, so bear this in mind. Since the "part b" parts of the scenes are just made of blowjobs and facials, the ratings don't compare directly to a standard fucking scene, but to something like RLD's Cum Glazed.

Essentially a solo scene, followed by what Tim Von Swine calls a "blowbang". Baker's Dozen 6 was pretty decent, but not quite as good as I'd hoped, but in a title like this it all comes down to how much you like the cast.

Scene 1a:
Katie Ray, Michael Stefano.
Barefoot, Anal, A2M, Facial.

Katie Ray is a young looking blonde 18 year old, who unfortunately does nothing for me. She looks like she's right off the farm or the trailer park. Brandon does he usual schtick and gets her to pose and bounce around for awhile while interviewing her. The guy starts with standing missionary, but as Katie is so small, simply lifts her up and fucks her while he's carrying her. BJ is next, reverse cowgirl, he picks her up for more RC, places her on the chair where she fingers her asshole before Michael fucks it in missionary anal, reverse anal cowgirl, revealing Katie's shaved pussy and someone's name tattooed just above and to the left. Doggie anal, A2M, anal cowgirl, and finally he pops on her face.

I just don't find Katie Ray attractive, so the scene did nothing for me. If she's your type, then it would be a decent scene as there was nothing especially bad about the action.

Scene 1b:
Katie Ray, Lisa Sparxxx, 12 guys.

The two girls are kneeling on a blanket in a cov ered outdoor area, when they're joined by the dozen of so meat puppets that give the series it's name. There's a bit of cock-choking present in the blowjobs, and after some time sucking some guy in a t-shirt gives the girls head, but eventually the guys start to come on Katie's face, which Lisa licks off. Lisa also gets a bit of collateral semen on her face as well but for the most part it's Katie getting glazed. Between them, the girls lick up and swallow all of the goop, and the scene ends.

I'll cut and paste my last comment here: I just don't find Katie Ray attractive, so the scene did nothing for me. If she's your type, then it would be a decent scene as there was nothing especially bad about the action.

Scene 2a:
Layla, Brandon Iron
Anal thumb, A2M thumb, Anal, A2P, A2M, Facial.

The scene starts with Brandon opening a Party invitation from Layla. It's for a party today at noon, at Max Hardcore's house. RSVP: I can't wait to suck your cock. I have to say, I often find Brandon's setups and interviews more fun than his scenes. Let's see what this one is like. Max answers the rood with a party hat on top of his cowboy hat. Brandon also brought a cake, in a plastic container, which kinda makes me expect that a bunch of guys are going to cum into the container, and then the whole lot will be mushed into one of the girls' faces..

Anyway, Layla is a very attractive brunette with a million dollar smile and small natural breasts on a fantastic lithe body. She has a pierced navel and a few flowers tattooed above her pubic bone. She and Brandon make small talk as she kneels on the stairs opening her buttcheeks, and pussy, and as per his standard, brandon shoves his thumb up there and then into her mouth, then thumb-fucks her ass some more. Next Brandon and Layla fuck on the stairs in POV style. We get a POV blowjob, doggy, missionary until Brandon hands off the camera to someone else. Then we see more doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, dildo up the butt, then missionary anal with A2P, then more anal. Next up Brandon moves over to Layla's head and throat fucks her from above in unedited A2M, eventually causing a kind of facial, as he comes in her mouth but fucks it all out so it drips down her face. Then she eats out Brandon's asshole and balls, then deepthroats him.

Brandon then seems to have gotten some more wood, because we cut to him again fucking Layla from behind, with two fingers up her ass, then his dick up there, as well as a toy, briefly. Next cut again to Brandon throatfucking Layla from above so another load of goop can flow out of her mouth across her forehead.

You know, to be fair there's a lot of content in this scene, and Layla is very pretty. Yet I just didn't enjoy it much. If you're a fan of Brandon's style, this is probably great stuff but I just can't connect with it beyond the amusing setups. Despite my break for comments here, the scene continues right into...

Scene 2b:
Layla, Hailey Young, 12x some guy.
Heels on, not that you can see them 90% of the time. Many, many facials.

While Layla is still on the couch pretty much with Brandon's dick in her mouth, Hailey enters the room, leading a horde of guys, and the blowjob section begins. with Hailey doing more of the gagging deepthroat that I don't enjoy. Soon the scene morphs into a double gangbang and both Layla and Hailey get screwed by the guys as well as sucking dicks. Hailey continues to choke on cock. It goes for some time. Again, a lot of people will enjoy this immensely, but to me it's just another uninteresting gangbang as Hailey does nothing for me. After a considerable amount of cocksucking, the girls link arms and suck cock, and following that, the girls put their faces together and the guys come on both of their faces with Hailey licking much of it up. That cake which I'd forgotten about by now turns up, and Hailey dunks Layla's face into it to end the scene.

I thought Hailey's appearance wasn't anything close to Layla's here. Possibly because of the contrast between Layla having makeup on and Hailey appearing not to have any, though I do like Layla more regardless. Basically, it's a gangbang scene with two girls. if you like them, you'll enjoy it. I found that since I liked one girl and not the other, it was distracting at least 50% of the time, but hey, YMMV.

Scene 2c:
Layla, Brandon Iron.

But wait! There's more! The scene's still not over. Layla's now cleaned up and post-showered, and might I say still looks very pretty without makeup. Brandon tells her that they're going to make up for the interruption earlier, and Layla sucks his dick. Soon Brandon tells her that he's going to get her to go for one last ride, and so she does, in a brief reverse cowgirl, followed by a fast cumshot into Layla's mouth, which she swallows in the usual Brandon style.

I have to say that I found the fresh-faced, post-shower look Layla had here even more attractive than earlier when she was wearing makeup. Very short scene, but I enjoyed it more than the other two Layla sections we'd already seen.

Scene 3a:
Alicia Alighatti, Michael Stefano.
Anal, A2M, "Winking", Gaping, Facial.

Alicia is the very pretty front covergirl of this title and she looks better on video than she does on the cover still. We start off in a typical Brandon tease/interview segment. Alicia has particularly predominant upper canines so she could definately have the goth/vampire look going if she chose to at some point. She goes inside, and after playing with herself briefly gets penetrated by in a missionary position, she blows him, then rides him cowgirl style. Unfortunately Alicia's idea of sex noises is to squeal "ah ah ah oh yes yes yes ah ah oh god oh" way too loud and way too fake. Stefano sticks some fingers up her butt and starts to stretch it apart while fucking her in cowgirl, and so she soon guides his dick up there for anal cowgirl which makes her squealing even louder. After a decent amount of fucking, she gets off and sucks Stefano's dick, providing this scene with it's A2M component, then climbs back onto his cock for reverse anal cowgirl and more incredibly fake fuck-acting. Her top, which she pulled down but didn't take off also becomes distracting at this point. Stefano pulls out of her butt and reinserts a few times here, but Alicia "winks" rather than gapes. Again he pulls out and again Alicia goes A2M, then he fucks her anally doggystyle with some gapes. Anal spoon is next, then we cut to the pop jerk, and Stefano drops a decent facial onto Alicia's face.

I like Alicia's look, I think I'd enjoy seeing her in another title at some point, though I think I'd have to turn the volume off. I really wished that she would shut the fuck up while watching this scene, it was just so over the top unbelievable that it brought the action down a couple of notches.

Scene 3b:
Alicia Alighatti, Large group of random guys.

Alicia's kneeling on the floor when the mob walks in and she immediately begins to suck many dicks. At one point she gets a plug up her butt, and also gets the guys to line up so that she can "pull a train". Thankfully though, Alicia can't squeal like a banshee when she's got a dick in her mouth. Her blowbang scene also lacks rough throatfucking and gagging, and soon enough she gets an extremely thick coating of semen glazing her face.

Scene 4:
Hillary Scott, about 5 penises..

Hillary is a blonde with a very pretty face, wearing her hair in pigtails. She also has large enhanced breasts. She's surrounded by guys, so I guess we're skipping the 1-on-1 scene here and cutting right to the blowbang. At this point I should be quite happy, but unfortunately I saw Hillary's style when reviewing BD#6 and she was the gagging-seal-noise queen. Unfortunately, Hillary is quickly being throatfucked and making those choking/gagging/seal noises and it's just nothing but offputting. Zooming ahead I see that Hillary lays back on a couch with her head overhanging, and the guys take turns fucking her throat from this angle. When it's time to take the load, it appears that there are considerably more than 5 sperm donors. After the nth facial, and while some other guy is jerking his load onto her face, Hillary gargles a bunch for the camera, then swallows, then wipes a bunch more into her mouth and swallows, yet guys are still jerking more onto her face.

At the beginning of the scene, Hillary is wearing blue mini-shorts, but by the end of the scene, she's not wearing them anymore and is going for it on her own clit pretty enthusiastically. The way this was presented, without emphasis made it appear to be real, that Hillary was into it, as opposed to Alicia's incessant squealing. As I've only seen her in BD titles, I'd like to see her in something else sometime. In short, Hillary is gorgeous but I'd like to see her in action without being throat-fucked and making seal noises.

Bonus Scene:
Katie Ray, Brandon Iron.
A2M thumb,

Katie is a very thin 18 year old blonde. You might remember her from such pornos as the first scene in this title. Brandon interviews her for several minutes as she strips and poses and spreads. Brandon's thumb goes up her bum and then A2M, then he pulls his dick out for a BJ, after a cut there's more thumb A2M, then more BJ and Brandon comes in Katie's mouth and she swallows. Essentially a snippet of 50 to One.

Well, this is the second title in this series that I've seen, and the third Brandon title overall. From the three that I've seen, I'm finding that there are a few regular aspects in Brandon's titles that just don't work for me, and so this will most likely be my last review of his stuff. It's not that his work is bad, just that the style of action with lots of gagging and throat-fucking just doesn't interest me sexually. The same applies to many of the girls that brandon chooses for his films. Some are unquestionably very pretty, like Layla but overall Brandon uses a lot of girls who seem to be straight off the trailer park, or others who are (IMO) right into the circus aspect of porn. If I'm not enjoying them at all despite seeing how they can appeal to others (as opposed to porn that's simply shitty) then it's neither fair to Brandon nor to myself to keep reviewing them.

I certainly can't fault Brandon for lack of content, as each of the multipart scenes just keeps going on and on and on, with the exception of Hillary's single-parter. I think if you're one who has enjoyed this series so far, or Brandon's work in general that it's a solid buy.


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