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Baker's Dozen 6

Baker's Dozen 6

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Cumshots
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Wyden Long's ratings for Baker's Dozen 6:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Baker's Dozen 6 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Baker's Dozen 6 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Baker's Dozen 6 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Baker's Dozen 6 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Baker's Dozen 6 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Baker's Dozen 6 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Baker's Dozen 6 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Wyden Long  on  12/6/2009

Scene 1a - Courtney Cummz & Brandon Iron:

The first scene of this flick opens with the boxcover girl, Courtney Cummz, in a short hot pink plaid skirt, black thong and an extremely skimpy black leather halter top. As Courtney is showing off her fantastic body in a stairway she is being interviewed by the director Brandon Iron.

After the short interview Courtney slowly walks up the stairs teasing the camera with her lovely ass swaying back and forth. When Courtney gets upstairs she discovers that the guy she is supposed to do the scene with, Manuel, is in the middle of a b/b/g scene with John Strong and a girl who's face we can't see as her face is buried in Manuel's lap while she is getting Spitfired.

Courtney's scene is "runied" as she walks outside with Brandon she convinces him to fuck her. Courtney strips and starts giving Brandon a Blowjob for the ages as I have come to believe that Courtney gives the best Blowjobs in the jizz biz today. Soon the action cuts to Brandon penetrating Courtney's ass with his thumb right before he starts fucking her pussy Doggie style.

After the Doggie they go into cowgirl then into missionary for a short period of time for both before Brandon flips Courtney over and puts 3 fingers in her butt. After this Courtney sits up in a chair and starts getting fucked in the ass Missionary style. From there Courtney goes A2M right into Reverse Cowgirl Anal back to A2M and then takes Brandon's load into her mouth and on the chin before swallowing.

With pierced nipples, a tramp stamp and a body to die for, Courtney Cummz is truly my dream girl! My rating for this scene maybe biased because Courtney is my favorite Porn Star of all time but I think her energy and intensity is fantastic even though scene lacked dirty talk. Despite this I give this scene a 8/10.

Scene 2a - Courtney Cummz, Hillary Scott, 12 guys:

We now find Courtney completely naked kneeling down outside on a open patio and informs us she is now ready for the "Dozen" as 12 guys surround her. Courtney spends a good while sucking off these guys as she alternates between all of them and spits on their cocks in an effort to lube them up before deepthroating a majority of them.

In comes a pre-boob job Hillary Scott who assists Courtney as she begins gagging on any dick she can get her hands on. After a little while of both of the girls being surrounded by the cocks the guy line up parallel to each other is each of the girls take their time going down each of their lines and blowing the cocks in front of them.

Following this lineup the camera takes to POV style as each cock gets blown by both of these very pretty girls at the same time. After this the guys begin dropping their LOADS on Courtney's beautiful face. I began losing count how many guys consecutively blew their loads on Courtney's face before it was absolutely covered in jizz.

Hillary helps Courtney out by eating all of the cum off of Courtney's face before greedily swallowing it for herself. After this Courtney receives more loads on her face as it gets covered once again only to receive the same earlier treatment from Hillary.

This was a great scene, Courtney as always knows how to passionately suck cock as she incorporates suck and playing with the nut sack which is an aspect that can go over looked a lot of times by some girls.

Hillary is attractive in this scene but it's her sluttiness is what really sells her in this scene. I believe Hillary's boob job is one of the best in the biz but I believe it's her recent little bit of weight gain which has made her look healthy and her switch to brown hair that has made her hotter then ever and revitalized her career.

Disregarding my opinion on Hillary's recent new look and staying true to the scene I would have to rate this scene a 9/10 because I would have liked to have seen these girls get fucked by all the guys too to go along with the great blowbang action.

Scene 2a- Jasmine Tame & Michael Stefano:

This scene features the pretty Blonde hair, Green eyed Jasmine Tame in a tiny blue thong bikini. Jasmine has a dark tan, thicker body type and large surgically enhanced breasts. After a short interview with Brandon, Michael Stefano walks in and receives a pretty good blowjob.

From here on out though Jasmine's entire scene changes for me as she takes off her bikini top and reveals what would be even more lovelier breasts if not for the unfortunate deep dark visible scarring underneath her heavy heaving breasts.

Jasmine then receives some quick cowgirl and standing cowgirl before going into missionary. From her Michael goes down on Jasmine for a little bit before going into missionary again. After a little more cunnlinigus, analingus and ass play the scene moves into Reverse Anal Cowgirl before going into anal spooning in which both postions show off her awful scarring.

After the spooning Jasmine goes into a A2M blowjob before going into anal doogie and back into an A2M blowjob where she finds her reward of Michael's load all over her face.

I'd like to give Jasmine's scene a little bit of a higher grade because of her look and periods of enthusiasm but her lack of dirty talk and the fact that I can't get over her awful scarring usually makes me skip over her scene entirely whenever I rewatch this DVD so I'm going to have to give this scene 5/10.

Scene 2b - Jasmine Tame & 12 guys:

Nothing too out of the ordinary when it comes to this blowbang. Jasmine deepthroats a lot of dicks without getting throatfucked or doing any gagging. Jasmine, to her credit, does take her facials really well as she takes her hand moves around the cum to cover her face in between loads. In the end she comes out with a throughly glazed face.

Nothing really to write home about here on this scene. I must say Jasmine does look hotter though with all of those loads covering her face but it still doesn't take away from the lack of action, dirty talk or those awful scars. I give this scene a 6/10.

Scene 3a - Hailey Young & Brandon Iron

The scene opens up with the strikingly beautiful and tiny Hailey Young showing her boobs before being introduced to Manuel. Hailey pretends she doesn't like Manuel which leads to Brandon pulling Manuel aside who suggests Brandon fucks her. When Brandon comes back Hailey has the same solution....sounds familiar.

The sex begins with a blowjob that really isn't the greatest. I know Brandon is a well endowed guy but I thought Hailey could have gotten more of his meat down her throat and without trying to make gagging sounds as if it was going down that far. Despite this I still Hailey very sexy as she does not have an ounce of fat on her body on a very sexy and trim frame.

After a bit of fingering and some 69 Hailey begins to ride Brandon Reverse Cowgirl which shows off her awesome body. This is followed by some side missionary and another blowjob then into Cowgirl before Brandon picks Hailey up and fucks her in a standing cowgirl.

After watching Hailey get fucked in this hot standing cowgirl Brandon sits her down with her legs over his shoulders and begins fucking Hailey in a curled missionary. From here Brandon fucks Hailey in a side missionary again before he sits Hailey on a stool and fucks her in what I think is the hottest position of the scene.

From here Brandon pulls out as Hailey is quick to service him with a blowjob which ultimately results with Brandon blowing his load on Hailey's face.

I find Hailey to be incredibly sexy despite her less then thrilling blowjobs. At the time this flick was made Hailey didn't do anal which I found to be disappointing. Despite this I still found this scene to be very hot, in fact I usually blow my load when Hailey is getting fucked from behind on the stool. I give this scene a 8/10.

Scene 3b- Hailey & what seems like definitely more then 12 guys: After Brandon pops in Hailey's face the guys come in and surround Hailey with their rock hard cocks. Hailey seems as if she has gotten better with her blowjobs (maybe Brandon was too big for her?) as we see her really deepthroat some guys long skinny cock very well.

After what seems like a good 5 to 10 minutes of blowbang action Hailey states that she wants to be fucked. Hailey then starts getting fucked from behind in a train assembly line for about 10 seconds each guy. After a few minutes of this Hailey starts riding a guy Cowgirl style while blowing 2 dicks at a time.

Following this Hailey proclaims it's time for these guys to blow their loads all over her face. Hailey is a lucky girl as she gets what seems like more guys then any girl in the dvd. Even though Courtney get the best quality loads, Hailey didn't come away with the consolation prize as she gets a thin coating covering her face and a VERY HOT pooling of cum in the hollow crevice of her collarbone.

I was throughly pleased with this darkhorse of a scene and it actually made the purchase even more worthwhile. When I originally purchased this DVD I bought it solely for Courtney Cummz because at the time she was becoming one of my favorites. I knew of Hailey before through seeing her on the internet but this scene made her a star in my eyes.

This scene I feel is by far the best scene on the entire DVD. It has everything you would want, gangbang like fucking, a blowbang and a great facial for an absolutely beautiful girl. I give it a 10/10!

Scene 4 - Courtney Cummz & 5 guys:

Oh man! What a Bonus and More Bang for your Fuck! I must give Brandon a Big Thank You for giving Courtney another scene! The scene features Courtney surrounded by 5 dicks as they blowbang her while she gives beyond quality blowjobs. Courtney ounce again pays attention to these guys' balls and includes deepthroating/gagging on their dicks while all of them surround her and slap her face with their cocks simultaneously.

After a while of this hot action Courtney gets Spitfired by all of the guys for about 5 minutes. From here they go back into the same type of blowbang action as described just before hand. It's not long before all of these guys cum all over Courtney's face.

Despite their being less cocks and cum this is a great scene as we see Courtney get Spitfired by all of the guys and we get to hear Courtney talk really dirty which really made this scene for me because it is one of the things she is best known for. I give this scene a 8/10.

And we come to the end credits.....Wait No!

Scene 5 - Hailey Young, Hillary Scott, Riley Shy (credited as Bambi) & lots of guys!:

Hailey stops the end credits as she states she needs more cocks. I love this girl! In walks her friends Hillary Scott and Riley Shy with a whole slew of guys and a giant blowbang commences! It seems like Riley & Hillary do most of the work as Hailey tries to get her hands on some dick but looks like a runt pup trying to join the rest of the liter.

Despite this I must say Riley looks amazing especially when she is blowing a cock she just looks so sexy. After a while of this blowbang action each of the girls get up and bend over and spread their cheeks giving us a FANTASTIC view. Following this it leads to a few more blowjobs and then time for the pop shots.

I would have like to have seen all of the girls getting an equal amount of pop shots all of over their faces but instead Hailey is the bread winner as she drowns in cum while Hillary and Riley clean her up.

This was a great scene to cap off a great DVD! I would have like to seen some fucking in this scene but I guess beggars can't be choosers. I give this scene a 8/10.


Behind the Scenes: The usual type of BTS interviews their conducted before, during after the sex scenes.

Photo Gallery: Great Hi-Res images especially if you have a ridiculous 50 inch plasma but if your like me you'd rather watch a film because you can always look at pictures on the internet.

Aural Fixations: Courtney talks very dirty throughout this entire extra feature and then bends over and spreads her ass apart showcasing her beautiful pussy and anus. I love it!

More Tease Please!: If your like me and love a good tease set up then you won't be disappointed with this extra especially if you love watching girls masturbate (like I do!) which follows the teasing.

Baker's Dozen 7 Preview: A promotional trailer for Baker's Dozen 7 (which I'll also review sometime hopefully in the near future).

Hailey's Mantra: A GREAT extra sex scene that features Hailey getting throatfucked before having holding her own eyes open as the guys cum in her eyes as she repeats "white rain, raw pain, eyes burning."

Director's Profile: A summary of Brandon Iron's career.

I give the extras a 7/10. The More Tease Please, Aural Fixations & Hailey's Mantra were awesome but I felt the BTS left something to be desired.

DVD Overall: Without a doubt I feel that Baker's Dozen 6 is the best out of the Brandon Iron Series. The girls are beautiful and the cheesy gimmicks that Brandon Iron is kind of known for isn't too prevalent. I would give this DVD a perfect 10/10 but I felt that Jasmine Tame's lackluster scene is so ordinary that I almost always skip over it so I have to give Baker's Dozen 6 a 8.5/10!

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