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Netguy Bad Influence (Treasure Island Media) 4.5 starsBad Influence (Treasure Island Media) 4.5 starsBad Influence (Treasure Island Media) 4.5 stars
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Bad Influence (Treasure Island Media)

Bad Influence (Treasure Island Media)

Studio: Treasure Island Media
Category:  Gay
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Bad Influence (Treasure Island Media):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Bad Influence (Treasure Island Media) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Bad Influence (Treasure Island Media) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Bad Influence (Treasure Island Media) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Bad Influence (Treasure Island Media) Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Bad Influence (Treasure Island Media) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Bad Influence (Treasure Island Media) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bad Influence (Treasure Island Media) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  11/24/2008
It’s Treasure Island London style as the studio has engaged Liam Cole to gather a passel of English lads and dads to boff bareback and gulp down cum. The result is perhaps the best film to come from this studio.

It opens with two great–looking young studs: Carl Jacobs and Eddie Black. When we first meet them they are locked in a standing kiss. Carl drops down to give head to Eddie’s swollen member; then flops down on his stomach on the bed giving Eddie instant access to his ass. Eddie dives in face first and then insinuates his cock into the spit-lubed orifice. Carl next impales himself on Eddie’s cock and rides. He then takes Eddie’s cock up his ass in the missionary position, and Eddie really pounds it to him. (Maybe Eddie’s occupation is operating a jackhammer.) Eddie pulls out to cum and then reenters, driving his cummy cock back into the well-used hole. When Eddie withdraws this time, Carl sticks fingers in his dripping hole and transfers them to his mouth before Eddie dives back in to eat out the rest.
There is a bit of post-coital conversation in the hotel room as Eddie showers.

In the second offering two slender hirsute daddies get it on with eighteen-year-old Tommy Haines, a cute kid with a shaved head. When we join them, Cristian Torrent’s cock is already in Tommy’s ass and Felix’s randy dick is before his face. Tommy swallows down the dick before him as Cristian keeps on fucking. Tommy then sits down on Felix’s ready cock and swallows down Cristian’s. The fuck continues doggy style before Cristian resumes the fucking, cums, and reinserts his spent cock. Felix gets sloppy seconds, jacking a load from his cock before sending it up Tommy’s ass. Once again Cristian drives his cock up Tommy, packing both loads of cum deep within the kid’s bowels. Tommy sucks Cristian’s cock clean.
Felix is then seen showering with Tommy.

Eddie returns in the third scene to fuck hunky Adam King, a hot mature guy with a hairy chest and beginning beard. Adam sucks Eddie but briefly as Eddie is hot to fuck. He gives Adam’s hole only a perfunctory lick. He fucks the willing stud in the missionary position, sidesaddle, and in the doggy position. They kiss often during the fuck. Eddie cums and seeds Adam’s hole prior to Adam firing off a tremendous load.

It’s only fellatio next as Ralph, a cute young guy with long scraggly hair, sucks off a plump dick belonging to Peter, an older guy with a hairy chest. After demonstrating his oral skill on Peter’s peter, Ralph gets on his stomach on the sofa. Peter licks Ralph’s ass, driving him wild. Instead of getting fucked though, Ralph lies down on the floor where Peter stands over him and unloads into a waiting mouth. Ralph gulps down Peter’s double load of cum.
Later in the shower Ralph invites Peter to give him another load. Ralph sucks the revitalized organ and is rewarding with another mouthful of Peter’s spending.
"Oh, that's lush!" Ralph exclaims, licking his chops.
Peter then jacks off Ralph, catching Ralph’s thick cream in his other hand and feeding that to this seemingly insatiable youth.

Handsome Carl Jacobs is back for scene five. This time he is paired with Mark O'Neal an older man with shaved pubes that emphasizes his rather sizable cock. Carl sucks the cock only briefly. So anxious is he to get fucked, Carl doesn’t even remove his jockstrap. Mark cums and seeds the randy young man.

Freddy Horror. Freddy is an attractive sexy young stud with a lightly haired chest and a slight accent. He discusses his German and Swedish ancestry while nude and playing with his dick. As he does so we frequently cut away to see Freddy getting fucked, sucking cock, etc. Was this a way of remedying a scene that didn’t quite work or was director Cole getting arty on us?

A London bareback party follows with young Tommy Haines being the centerpiece (pun intended). The fuckers are Bandit, Brent South, Jason Stormme, Terry, and Arthur Ambro. Tommy pigs out on some of their dicks and then Brent fucks him. Terry is the next to do so.
Tommy now disappears from the scene and Adam King takes his place. Terry fucks Adam with cum from fucking Tommy still on his dick. Adam is also fed a load of cum from one of the gang. Jason now takes over, sliding his long dick into Adam. They kiss. Jason pulls out to cum and then plows back in, driving the cum deep. They kiss again and Adam gives an oral cleansing to Jason’s dick.
Adam now proceeds to sit on a cock belonging to Ander Sanchez, Once again cums fills his ass.

In the final scene Eddie Black returns for a third time. He is paired this time with Brent South from the preceding scene for a flip-flop. While Eddie gets an unexpected call on his cell phone, Brent sucks his cock. The call over, Eddie tosses the phone aside and goes down on Brent, deep-throating him. We see that Eddie’s foreskin is pierced. Brent rims Eddie and slips in his dick. Eddie remains hard, his pierced dick lying stiff across his belly. Brent then fucks him doggy style.
They now swap with Brent on his hands and knees. Eddie pounds his hole. Brent screams that he has to cum. He does so. Eddie keeps on fucking, cums, and seeds his flip-flopping fuck buddy.
In the afterglow, Brent shows off his piercing and plays with a long string of pre-cum. (Obviously there will be more fun for the guy who called him on his cell.) Eddie dresses and leaves.
The camera pans the now deserted hotel room and the film ends.

But wait! There’s more! We have two bonus scenes.

The first is an extended hypnotism scene. Supposedly young Tommy was hypnotized in order to make this shy kid relax about having sex on camera. I doubt this is true. However the film certainly hypnotized me!

The second bonus scene features Cristian Torrent, Brent South, and Aaron. Aaron, whom we have not seen before, is a man after my own hard as he has shaved his crotch. He is discovered sucking the others’ cocks simultaneously. Brent is the first to fuck Cristian as Aaron jacks Cristian’s cock.
After that Cristian sits down on both their cocks and gets double-fucked. Aaron’s prick pops out momentarily but he squeezes it right back in. It concludes with Brent seeding Cristian and Aaron following suit.
The cumshots are repeated in the bonus section.
Trailer of other films follow.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It kept me on the up and up throughout. If you’ve determined not to shoot your load for a while, this film would definitely be a bad influence.

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