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Back 2 Black Retribution

Back 2 Black Retribution

Studio: Mayhem
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for Back 2 Black Retribution:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Back 2 Black Retribution overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Back 2 Black Retribution Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Back 2 Black Retribution Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Back 2 Black Retribution Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Back 2 Black Retribution Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Back 2 Black Retribution DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Back 2 Black Retribution A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  6/8/2005
Back 2 Black Retribution

Directed by: Aurora Snow


Initial Thoughts: Until the last couple of months, It had been a while since I had checked up on Aurora Snow, I really liked her in her Jules Jordan days and her complete anal madness scenes for a lot of Gonzo studios, and then she went contract and kind of faded away from the big release scene, and I just kind of lost track of her, but I recently picked up a couple of her discs including this one, which she performed in, directed, and produced by the way, and she definately still has some of that style and attitude that got her to the top of the heap. This disc is one of those genres that I'm really starting to like, and it's all sex porn, with some setup and role playing themes, they keep it incredibly short and simple in this movie, but it's enough to get the fantasy and entertainment bug going. There is a top notch cast for this one, and thier all pretty much up for the challenge, some of the skits are really hokey, like Missy Monroe proping a chair against a door to keep her boyfriend locked in the bathroom while she handles Brian Pumper, but the chair doesn't even go halfway up to the door handle, and thier in a hotel but yet there is lightning flashing in what should be the hallway where Brian enters completely dry, to deliver towels, there are several of these type of really bad oversights, and they may even be intentional, but thier quite amuzing. Aurora is the host and she also has scene, but she introduces each scene with a little sexy report about what is about to go down. The disc is very nicely done with good extras, and overall it's a good interracial disc in a way overcrowded genre.

Technical Considerations: I really am not sure if it was intentional or not, but the whole movie feels cheap, like one of those super low budget B movies, some of the effects are chincy and off the mark, but despite all that there really is nothing wrong with the technical aspects, the picture quality is good, sound is a bit off from time to time. Camera work is proficient, and lighting is alright but often out of balance and just not even. Menu's are nice and well layed out.

Condom Usage: None

Disc Duration: 170 minutes

Feature: 133 minutes

Extras: 37


Scene Breakdown


Scene 1: Missy Monroe and Brian Pumper

Duration: 18:42 mins

Position Chronology: She blows him on her knees, attempted deepthroat, missionary vag, she squirts, she masturbates and squirts again, PTM, reverse cowgirl anal, doggy anal, anal gape, ATM, BJ facial, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: On a dark and stormy night, in a crappy motel room somewhere just north of hell, Missy Monroe is stuck waiting to be fucked by some dope who likes to spend time in a bathroom. This a pretty funny skit, Missy in a very hot little top and denim bottoms, sits and talks with her boyfriend or something who is in the bathroom getting ready to fuck her, and he sounds like a real dork, she is less than thrilled, but out of nowhere a knock on the door, it is Brian Pumper there to deliver towels, Missy knows he must have the wrong room, but she wants black cock, and barracades her boyfriend in the bathroom and goes on her way to survicing Brian, right then and there. A good scene here, Missy always puts on a good show, and she even squirts a couple times for us. Great BJ, and some solid anal workout, the scene rolls by a little quickly, but there is some decent chemistry and a lot of energy in the air, there is lightnigh flashing in the background, and it creates kind of a cool effect on some of the sex shots. An alright facial gives Missy something to snack on, and we leave her debating whether to let out rummy from the bathroom or not.


Scene 2: Jayna Oso and Julian St. Jox, Byron Long

Duration: 30:11 mins

Position Chronology: Intro, they guys go on each side of her and rub her pussy and nipples, she blows them together, and while she get's eaten out by Julian, face fucking, doggy vag/BJ, reverse cowgirl vag/BJ, reverse cowgirl anal, reverse cowgirl double penetration, cowgirl double penetration, doggy anal/BJ, hair pulling, face fucking, doggy anal with each guy, both guys cum in her mouth and on her face, cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: Another quick narrative from Aurora to open this one up, and we hear the tail end of a conversation between Jayna and her Boyfriend, and she says how much she misses him, and how she is gonna be a good girl and not even go out while he is gone, and all that crap, and the second she gets off the phone, she says "now what I really want, is some big black cock" and we see that she has two of them available to her, one on each side of the couch. Another hot scene, this one takes a little more time and unfolds with a little better time table, and Jayna and her perfect little bod are in top form, she really gets into getting pounded by these guys, and has a great appetite for cock, she has a evil grin on her face for some of the scene, and there is pretty reasonable chemistry between the three, and a nice unspoken communication, the scene unfolds smoothly and they keep up the heat without much of a letup. Jayna gets two decent wads to chug down and licks herself clean and has a satisfied look on her face.


Scene 3: Aurora Snow and Devlin Weed

Duration: 25:24 mins

Position Chronology: Setup, she blows him, deepthroat, face fucking, kissing, cowgirl vag, PTM, doggy vag, reverse cowgirl vag, PTM, he eats her, missionary vag, he cums on her tongue and face, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: Little Aurora is up next, and she comes out to her husband who is watching a basketball game or something, and they chat and she says she has a suprise for him, and blindfolds him and ties him to a chair, only to bring out Devlin and start vigorously sucking his cock, Hubby is one pissed off bastard, especially when the blindfold get's removed, he goes ballistic, threatening to kill them both when he gets untied, but Aurora pays him no mind, and just wraps her pretty lips around a fat black cock a little tighter, great BJ from Ms Snow, and they scene and keeping the script going for a while was really hot, finally hub passes out or falls asleep, and Aurora and her new man can get into some uninterrupted screwing. No anal in an Aurora Snow scene is almost unfathomable, but it happens here, but it's still a very hot scene, she really wriggles around cutely and her enthusiasm is always amazing to me, and she makes the cutest noises. Pretty good chemistry and a nice facial to cap things off.


Scene 4: Trina Michaels and Mr Marcus

Duration: 25:47 mins

Position Chronology: Setup, she blows him, face fucking, kissing, sixty nine, missionary vag, he chokes her, kissing, PTM, cowgirl vag, doggy anal, ATM, missionary anal, sidways anal, spoon anal, ATM, BJ, facial, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: Trina is on the phone outraged after finding a condom that her boyfriend obviously planned to use with another girl, she is so pissed off in fact, she needs revenge, and as Aurora says in the narrative, "what better way to get back at your little dicked man, than to fuck a big black cock?" or something along those lines. Luckily for her and our viewing pleasure, Mr. Marcus happens to be nearby, and Trina doesn't waste time getting down to sucking off the black from his cock, Trina looking as hot as ever really puts some energy into her cock sucking, and the scene kind of takes off from there after the hot start, the chemistry is good, and there is plenty of kissing and some aggression with choking and some hair pulling, very hot stuff, the doggy anal was my fav here. The facial was a bit of a downer, but Trina still put in some hot cleanup.


Scene 5: Kelly Fuck N' Wells and Bishop with Aurora Snow

Duration: 31:21 mins

Position Chronology: Setup chat, she dresses in a sexy outfit, she blows him, sixty nine, face fucking, missionary vag, kissing, sideways vag, dildos in her ass and pussy, ATM with the toy, he fingers her holes, Aurora joins to help with the toys, Kelly fingers her ass, lots of toy play, anal gapes from the toys, she blows him, he cums on her face, BJ cleanup, Kelly and Aurora kiss.

Scene Thoughts: I think Kelly is one of the most under buzzed performers in the biz, she has one hell of a hot little petite body, and man can she throw down when it comes to screwing on camera. Another non sex white boy is her boyfriend, and she treats him like toilet paper, and really pulls off the "I hate you, but I want your money" bit quite well, she has the poor bastard crawling all over her and handing her his credit card before long to go out with the girls, but when she leaves, he catches her hooking up with her new dark skinned friend, and pulls off a perfect Culkinism from Home Alone in shock. Kelly and her new bud get to a motel and get into it quickly, she sucks him up good, and they have some hot and passionate sex before they change things up with Aurora joining them for some serious toy action which Kelly is just as enthusiastic for, sucking toys like mad out of her pretty pussy and ass, and they cap things off with a major load of man juice across that sweet mug of hers. A really hot scene, good chemistry between the three and a nice bit of variety.


Extra Stuff

Biographies: A page of questions each star in the film both female and male answered in text.

Interviews: A one on one interview with each of the 5 female stars of the disc, each around 4 minutes, give or take, but some worthy stuff to watch on each girl. about 17 minutes total.

Behind the Scenes: Aurora chatting wildly in the makeup chair, some brief teaser interviews with several of the girls, missiy in wardrobe and warming up for her scene, out on the town with Kelly, 10:00 mins.

Photo Gallery: 26 hardcore pics, 25 softcore posing pics, and 20 Behind the scenes pics, all full or double half screen size, and some very nice shots. 3 seperate galleries.

Trailers: "Fuck Doll Sandwich", "Assploitations 4", "Anal Delinquents 2", "POV Squirt Alert", "Dementia 2".

Other Extras: Cumshot recap, phone sex adds, and Website links.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

It's always a major pet peeve of mine in a porn disc, when they have to put the time of the disc on there, advertising it as running so long, in this case, 2hrs and 20 minutes, now it's all fine and good if you deliver on that, but here the feature runtime is only 2hrs and 13 minutes with all the credits and post feature running time. I'll let it slide since it was close enough to not be a big deal, but if you are not going to deliver or exceed your box cover promise, or your counting extras for runtime, then leave it off the box, just let the disc stand on it's own, which in this case, it is more than capable of doing. I think Aurora did herself some pretty good justice as a director, her style and the technicals need some polishing, and maybe a little more originality in her style would help some, but it's a respectable effort. As far as Interracial titles go, it's not bad at all, a decent mix of action, a fair amount of anal and some high energy sex, a few slowdowns but not bad, and it packs enough bang for the buck value to be worth a purchase if it sounds like your thing, but it's an exceptional rental for most. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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