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Babysitter Diaries 4

Babysitter Diaries 4

Studio: Reality Junkies
Category:  Barely Legal , Reality Porn
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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Rosco Fuji's ratings for Babysitter Diaries 4:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Babysitter Diaries 4 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Babysitter Diaries 4 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Babysitter Diaries 4 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Babysitter Diaries 4 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Babysitter Diaries 4 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Babysitter Diaries 4 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Babysitter Diaries 4 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Rosco Fuji  on  5/7/2011
There are certain themes used as a setup in porn that never go out of style; Stewardesses, Sorority Girls, Cheerleaders, and of course, Babysitters. Reality Junkies’ Babysitter Diaries 4 runs 2 hours over 5 scenes and continues providing the high quality product that is Reality Junkies forte. One thing I’m noticing about Reality Junkies releases is that they’re really good. Their releases are definitely couples orientated and not overly sleazy. They consistently offer up very attractive women and the overall focus is on the women, and we have excellent body shots with as little of the guy in the picture as possible. They’re also very well shot with great lighting and a steady hand on the camera. The setups to the scenes that are offered are also very amusing.

Scene set up prediction is this: One of the babysitters will find some porn and start fingering herself only to be caught by both or part of the couple she’s sitting for.

Onto the girls:

Nicole Ray: Cute brunette with about 125 credits to her belt. While taking a nap, Nicole opens a package recently delivered. She debates whether to open it and quickly becomes nosey. She opens it and low and behold finds porn, just like I predicted. She finds out the guy she’s sitting for stars in porn and immediately pops it in the player. She starts watching and quickly gets caught. Almost immediately she’s on her knees as part of an arrangement to keep quiet. Nice hand and mouth action on the cock before we move into 69 on the couch. Doggy kicks it off as Nicole bounces her pussy back and forth onto his cock before he takes over and starts giving it to her. Nice steady camera work with the right amount of close-ups and body display. Cowgirl and spoon closes it out before the guy strokes it off onto her bald pussy. Nicole gives real kisses to the guy to close it out more or less indicating that she had a good time. Nice opening.

Victoria White: Cute blonde that’s been around for several years starring in about 65 titles or so. Take out the lez only releases and we’re down to about 45. Vic gets a call for Allie about a party that night and they’re soon discussing hot boys and they’re going to be the hottest bitches there. She remembers that she has to babysit and tries to figure out a solution. She shows up early for the job and asks if she can have 5 guys over to watch porn. The guy recommends certain channels for her to watch. Small talk for a minute or two then Victoria tells of an anatomy project and pulls the guy’s pants down to give him head. He returns the favor licking and fingering her shaved pussy. Mish on the couch, then RCG followed by doggy. He strokes it off onto her face and tongue. Victoria provides us with some finger licking good slurps as some baby batter runs down her chin. RayVeness then walks in and catches them but seems to sympathize with her about the party versus getting pissed at hubby for nailing the sitter.

Brynn Tyler: Brynn’s another cute blond with just shy of 100 credits to the resume. She’s going to be sitting for her professor and wife all weekend. The wife takes off for a bit leaving the two along. He’s busy grading papers while she’s posing on the couch, clearly distracting him from the grading. Brynn goes a great job teasing him from the couch. She beckons him over and he’s soon grading the student body, and a nice one it is. She wonders if he has a big cock and is soon two handing it while providing lip service. She says, “Your cock is so hard, just like your class!” Some nice dirty talk by Brynn also. Pussy eating and mish on the couch before moving into RCG then doggy. The scene closes out with Brynn saying “Bust your big load all over these titties please professor!” The professor then strokes off a rather large shot of gonad gravy onto Brynn’s ample right breast. Still stroking his cock, Brynn asks “Does this mean I’m going to get an A on my paper?” He then pulls the switcheroo and tells her he graded her paper the day before and she already had an A. If she didn’t already have a little cum on her face, I’d say she had egg on her face with that revelation.

Jennifer White: By far the hottest and sluttiest girl of the batch. Almost immediately after the couple leaves, Jennifer is webcamming for her boyfriend in the military. Almost if on cue, the guy comes back having forgot his wallet and catches Jennifer naked on the bed fingering herself for her boyfriend. To get over her embarrassment on getting caught, Jennifer deep throats the guy’s cock. She gets into doggy as the guy licks her pussy from behind. Throw in a little salad tossing while he double fingers her. He moves into doggying her while thumb massaging her ass. Pussy fucking clearly moves out of the way as she lowers herself anally down onto his cock in RCG. Judging by the way she slides onto the cock and also the looks on her face, Jennifer clearly likes anal. Spoon anal is next, all the while Jennifer rubs her pussy and pulls the guy close to kiss him. Jennifer tells him to cum all over her face and mouth. Most of the hand babies fly right by her face, but a portion ends up in her mouth which she lets run out the side of her mouth. A little A2M PCH.

Allie Haze: Allie’s also got about 75 credits to her resume. She shows up and gets a reprimand about respect from the woman she’s sitting for. The phone rings and turns out it’s the woman’s date. Allie decides to play a little switcheroo on the woman for being a bitch by telling her date to pick up her instead of meeting at the restaurant. Allie then calls the woman and tells her the date will be late. She dresses up in the woman’s fuck me clothes. Allie’s charade works just fine because the guy is soon a seat cushion for Allie’s pussy. Allie’s also the only one in this release with and sort of pubes sporting a nice wide landing strip. She’s also got a tat on her right hip bone. She soon two hands the guy’s cock, alternating sucking his cock and balls. CG is up next then mish. We have some head with Allie’s head hanging off the side of the ottoman before moving into doggy. We close with the guy stroking it off onto and between her ass cheeks. Just as the finish, the woman walks back in complaining about how she was stood up. Allie grins slyly, the woman walks off, and the blind date has a WTF look on his face.

Extras include: Web Site Info, Cumshots, Slide Show, and Behind the Scenes (22 minutes of interviews with the ladies).

Pluses: Excellent camera work that focuses on the girls. The girls all have nice bodies. 4 out of the 5 pussies are shaved clean. Only 1 tat amongst all the girls. While the girls all have credits to the resume, they aren’t the same old shot out girls that we sometimes see in porn. Jennifer is the hottest and sluttiest of the bunch.

Minuses: None here this time around. See Tech Notes below.

Tech Notes: The scene jump to menu misreads on the Jennifer, Allie, and Brynn scenes. Jennifer’s name jumps to Brynn’s scene, etc.

Sleaziness Factor (1-10): 3 not from Reality Junkies, but the sight of Jennifer lowering her down into RCGA amps it up a bit.

Is it worth it? Overall, Reality Junkies puts out great non offensive porn that’s couples friendly and gets the job done, so yes it’s worth it.

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