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Baby Loves the Shaft 8

Studio: Killergram
Category:  All Sex
Starring: , , , , ,
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stinkfist's ratings for Baby Loves the Shaft 8:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Baby Loves the Shaft 8 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Baby Loves the Shaft 8 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Baby Loves the Shaft 8 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Baby Loves the Shaft 8 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Baby Loves the Shaft 8 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Baby Loves the Shaft 8 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Baby Loves the Shaft 8 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by stinkfist  on  7/11/2008
Scene 1-Delta White

Tattooed and pierced Delta is first up to take on the silent assassin The Shaft,she is a pretty blond with a very slight build and has enhanced boobs but for such a tiny girl she has a huge sexual appetite.She teases to the camera and is wearing pink knickers and matching bra and knee high pink stockings it is going to be great getting to see her take on The Shaft.And with that the man himself has appeared and his huge black cock is at the ready for Delta to feast on and she wastes no time in slowly taking his length deep in her mouth and wanking him of as she sucks away on his massive tool.

Delta looks great as she laughs and smiles for the camera as she licks all the way up and down his cock,the camera angles continually change so we get great views of Delta.The thing i like about The Shaft as a performer is that he is silent no macho bravado as beautiful girls give up there body to him no cheesy talk just a total professional who does his job remarkably well.As Delta slipped of her panties she smiles to the camera then straight into reverse cowgirl she goes and her shaved pussy looked amazing stuffed full of black cock.She picks up her pace as she bounces up and down on his cock and gasps out in delight and you can hear all her juices squelching away.

It looks like The Shaft has hit the right spot already and the fucking has only started the camera zooms in as her cunt gets violated,Delta wants to taste her juices from his cock and soon does just that as she wanks The Shaft of then wraps her lips round his enormous cock and happily sucks away,cowgirl is next and her pussy looked stretched to the limit as she impaled herself on his cock then leaned forward as The Shaft gripped her waist and began to thrust deep inside her.The Shaft then stands up and lifts Delta with him and still deep inside her continues to fuck her as he stands the camera catches this looking up at Delta as her cries of pleasure get louder and louder.

As he fucks away he must be getting tired as his cock slipped out her pussy and Delta reaches for it and wanks him of then laughs before forcing it back inside her pussy.Missionary style is next and as the camera is looking up from under Delta we get to see her pussy get done hard as we watch her facial reaction this is a great camera angle.She is soon laughing again and having another suck on his cock before some side on action follows and The Shaft goes as deep as he wants to and really picks up the pace and hammers Delta's cunt.Her pussy sounds really sloppy as The Shaft continues with the relentless fucking,reverse cowgirl is next The Shaft soon has her doggie style and you will love the sound of her squelching pussy as The Shaft gives her a good fuck she will never forget.As the camera pans back we get a great side on view of Delta with her back arched taking it deep from The Shaft

Delta soon goes on her knees to take that huge cock back in her mouth then as she stands up she gets it doggie style as the camera looks up at her pussy getting done and again i love watching her facial reaction as each thrust from The Shaft takes her to a new level of pleasure.Her pussy is soaking wet and it sounds horny as hell as he fucks her hard and fast and she is soon taking that cock in her mouth to lick her juices from it.More intense fucking follows missionary style as the camera catches Delta side on taking all of The Shaft deep inside her before his breathing becomes erratic and he pulls out and shoots a torrent of cum over Delta's face and mouth,she giggles and licks the head of his cock clean before laughing again and shouting out "yummy"

Great scene to start this movie of and it was White versus Black,Delta the small petite blond took a great fuck from The Shaft this guy is a legend the silent assassin indeed,i hope when he goes home he got himself a few beers and cooked two steaks one for him and the other for that huge cock of his.Delta for some reason kept her pink bra on for the whole scene but still a fantastic scene and no condom in this scene.

Scene 2-Jamie Brooks

Next up we have Jamie and she looks beautiful she has a toned slim figure and has a posh look about her she is definetley one of those girls if you seen in town you would secretly wish she did nasty porn as you checked her out,so this is going to be amazing to see her get the special treatment from The Shaft.Jamie has shoulder length dyed blond hair and has on black and white striped bra and panties and black fishnet stockings and black knee length boots finish of her sexy look,she has a small tattoo next to her belly button she teases the camera squeezing on her boobs and rubbing on her pussy as the camera pans up and down her she has a lovely figure.

More teasing shots of Jamie and her boobs look huge and as she turns around her ass is fabulous and her skin is flawless,she gropes her boobs and then grabs her ass and this has got my imagination running riot then before i could even wipe the saliva from my mouth Jamie has The Shaft's huge cock in her hand and wanked him of before wrapping those pretty lips around his length as she began to suck him off.She gives him a nice sloppy blowjob and to see this posh looking babe with her mouth stretched with black cock was such a turn on.If i thought she was quiet i was to be proved wrong as Jamie set about his cock and lost the quiet sweet girl tag that i so wrongly labeled her.

She spits on his cock and wanks him of and really gags on his meat and all the time i kept thinking this girl is fantastic this is really great to watch,she talks dirty and spits on his cock again and The Shaft must be loving this as he gets ordered to finger her pussy and slap her arse.She forces his cock as far down her throat as possible till she gags then wanks it into her mouth as she made a glugging sound(is that even a word) lol.The camera catches all this hot bj action as again she makes some funny noises as she plunges his cock in and out of her mouth at 100 miles an hour.I can honestly say i would have blown my load long ago if Jamie was giving me a bj like that.

More glugging sounds as Jamie really feeds that cock into her and saliva escapes from the corner of her mouth,i think her pussy might burst into flames she is getting that turned on she gives really messy blowjobs and again spits on his cock and wanks him as saliva coats his huge weapon.She is soon taking of her panties and going reverse cowgirl on The Shaft and turns the air blue with filthy talk as she impaled herself on that huge dick,she really thrashes about and it looks fantastic and more vocal outbursts from Jamie continue as The Shaft hammers away.The camera zooms in to let us see Jamie's pussy stuffed full cock and she begs to get fucked harder.

Jamie really screams away as The Shaft pounds her and it is a beautiful site she asks for it as hard as he can give her it and The Shaft does not disappoint as he steps up another gear,she spits down on his cock then wants to taste her pussy juice and gobbles away on his black sword before the action swings to cowgirl and she grinds away on his tool while talking dirty,her ass looks lovely as she begins to slowly deeply impale herself on his cock taking his length in her pussy bit by bit.The Shaft lifts her up and continues to fuck her as the camera catches the angle looking up at her and i have got to say it looks great.

Missionary is next and Jamie looks sexy as she lies there rubbing on her pussy and talking dirty as The Shaft pounds her cunt her tits juggle away but she still has her bra on,as the camera zooms in on Jamie's pussy it is a great site to see her take all of The Shaft and she rubs away on her clit as her screams get louder.She cannot believe how deep she is being penetrated and gasps out as her face reddens The Shaft lightly chokes her as he continues to pump away and Jamie is loving this she begs for a taste of his cock and soon is glugging away on it.This is hot as hell to watch The Shaft is a relentless fucking machine i have not even heard him vocally he just pounds these girls fast and furious and is the silent assassin.

Back to fucking her he goes and her pussy juices coat his cock as he bangs away she asks to get fucked from behind and with the camera looking up we get to see her pussy and look at her facial reaction as she gets fucked really hard this is a great camera angle and The Shaft really pounds away as she begs for it harder and harder till a huge orgasm rips through her body.More noisy blowjob action follows before Jamie gets fucked side on and she looks sexy as hell with her leg in the air getting her cunt violated,he slides his cock all the way inside Jamie then returns to some really fast fucking then slows down again as the camera zooms in on Jamie's pussy,the finale has Jamie talking dirty wanking of The Shaft till SHE makes him cum and what a load he decorated her face with Jamie looked great with her face covered in spunk.

Wow what a great scene Jamie was beautiful and really got into her performance with The Shaft she looks so shy and quiet yet when she got that cock in her mouth she was anything but quiet,she is a bj queen and the sloppy oral was fantastic to watch and she was a very vocal girl,The Shaft was great again and i cannot praise this guy's performances enough this scene will have you reaching for the kleenex quicker than a hay fever sufferer.

Scene 3-Jane Berry

The next girl to get her black cock fix was Jane and what a sexy looking girl she is with long dark hair and wearing black bra and panties with black stockings on she also wears black elbow length fishnet gloves and she looks great,she has a beautiful figure with lovely curves and wastes no time in teasing the camera as she squeezes her boobs then rubs on her pussy.I think this scene is going to be great The Shaft might have his work cut out as Jane has that look about her that is pure lust,she turns around and slaps her curvy apple bottom and the camera catches all this hot tease from different angles and as she slides of her black panties she has a beautiful pussy,she has a very small landing strip she then sits on the couch then slowly begins to play with her pussy.

Jane fingers her pussy and you can already hear her juices squelching away she then reaches for The Shaft's cock as it comes into view and slowly wraps her lips around it she licks all the way along his length then goes to work on it till she is gagging.The Shaft fucks her mouth and you can hear her glugging away and to see her get nasty with this cock is great to watch she talks dirty and gags on his cock some more before wanking it of into her mouth as she sucks the end of it.Where do Killergram get these girls from,Jane spits on his cock and gives him a sloppy blowjob and saliva runs all over her chin as the camera goes in for a close up.More mouth fucking and spit play on his cock continues before Jane takes of her bra to show of her tits and they look great.

She gives The Shaft a tit wank and to say it looks hot is an understatement,she soon has that cock back in her mouth as she gags on it and The Shaft takes all this cock abuse in his stride what a guy.Jane stands up and leans against the wall and faced with her amazing peach of an ass The Shaft starts rubbing his cock along her bum crack before the action swings to Jane in cowgirl and as she starts to thrash around her ass looks so big and curvy and you can hear her pussy juices squelching away as The Shaft grips her waist and begins to take control.The camera angle changes to a side on view and it looks great to see the curvy Jane take a pounding,The Shaft then lifts her up and continues to fuck her really hard and fast and with the camera looking up at the action this is superb.

He really pounds away as Jane moans and her pussy seems to be getting wetter as loud squelching can quite easily be heard,back to cowgirl and more violation for Jane's pussy but she was not complaining she was demanding more.She soon has The Shaft's cock back in her mouth and the camera zooms in to capture her mouth stuffed full of this massive cock she talks dirty then gags on his cock Jane looks sexy as hell and i am loving this scene,she spits on his cock then gets her hair pulled and her ass spanked as she gobbles away on his monster cock.Reverse cowgirl is next and as she impaled herself on that cock she looked amazing.

As she bounces away she talks dirty and her pussy looked red from all the fucking and her juices are squelching way,The Shaft shows no mercy as he grips her tits and goes at her even harder just when you thought he could not go any faster he does and Jane gasps with pleasure and rubs on her clit.Doggie style is next and my favorite camera angle again with the camera looking up at Jane as she gets hammered and to see her facial reaction as each thrust of The Shaft takes him in that little bit deeper is fantastic.As the camera changes to side on angle she continues to get done,it looks great to watch Jane get taken to another level sexually by The Shaft.

He spanks her ass as he pummels her pussy before the action cuts to Jane getting it side on and the camera zooms in to let us enjoy this babes pussy filled with black cock.She talks dirty and The Shaft slaps her ass then picks up the pace till Jane is moaning like crazy,he rubs away on her clit as he bangs her as Jane nears orgasm the fucking from The Shaft does not cease and he again finds the strength to increase his pace and as they have now went into missionary position The Shafts grabs Jane's throat and gently chokes her as she begs for it harder and deeper.The finale sees The Shaft pumping away furiously as Jane rubs on her clit and he then pulls out and cums in her mouth and over her face.

This was a great scene Jane was hot as hell a dark haired nympho with a beautiful curvy figure,she loved to give sloppy blowjobs and gagged on The Shaft's monster cock for fun.The sex was really good in this scene and no condoms,one thing i must ask is will we see The Shaft again in a title as i think Jane will want him to herself after that performance the guy is a legend.

Scene 4-Leigh Logan

Next to satisfy her black craving is Leigh,she is 19 years old and looks nice and pretty and has sparkling blue eyes she has a nice body and long blond hair with ginger and reddish streaks down the side.She has big full lips that will look great clamped around The Shafts massive tool,she gets interviewed and comes across as being shy but with that horny streak pumping through her veins it will be fun to see her take on The Shaft.The interview continues and we learn some secrets about Leigh and she happily chats away and laughs,as she stands up she is wearing a revealing outfit a skirt that is all cut along the bottom and she has on a short top with a hint of black bra showing she also wears black fishnets and as she bends over and teases the camera she looks sexy.

As she sinks to her knees in front of the camera she pulls down her a skirt a little bit and reveals a small tattoo,she also has her belly button pierced and as she smiles and licks her lips we see that her tongue is also pierced.The camera zooms in on her and her sparkling blue eyes flash back at us before the camera pans out and over walks The Shaft she takes one look at his massive tool and opens her mouth and her hand reaches for it then she begins to feed it into her mouth.She slowly licks all the way along his cock and comments about the size of it she wanks him off and talks dirty to the camera and i think this is going to be great.The camera angle changes to catch Leigh feasting on The Shaft's cock,she continues to give us a commentary as she wanks then sucks of The Shaft.

Leigh spends ages tracing her tongue along his cock and talks her way through her performance she soon stands up and pulls of her panties and goes cowgirl on The Shaft,she keeps her short skirt and top on she still talks dirty and slowly begins to ride away on his cock.She has a curvy butt and as The Shaft picks up his pace she talks dirty with some good old fashioned British words "Bet you would love to fuck my twat"she shouts out.Oh god bless her lol,she is soon getting her ass spanked and loves it The Shaft then slowly slides his cock in and out of her slit as the camera zooms in on the action.The Shaft resumes a steady pace and in the process we can hear her pussy squelching away next thing The Shaft has lifted her up and continues to fuck her,she shouts into the camera that she hoped "We had a good fucking view"

I know i did then again i was so close to the television i was on the verge of an epileptic fit,Leigh's breathing gets more intense as The Shaft drills deeper into her hole she reaches down and slides her hands over his cock then shows her wet fingers to the camera.She tells the camera she wants to taste her pussy juice and with that goes onto her knees and licks his cock clean commenting on how warm it is.Reverse cowgirl is next for Leigh and she slips that black beauty up her paradise valley and rubs on her clit and talks dirty while The Shaft starts to deliver his magic.Her pussy looked stuffed to the limit as the camera zoomed in on the action and we get to see her from several angles and it looks great.

Leigh gets it side on now and rubs away on her clit as she is getting banged and continues to talk dirty,The Shaft picks up the pace and the slapping noise was really loud her pussy must have been wetter than a weekend in London.She soon pulls of her bra and plays with her tits, then as she gets banged The Shaft pulls out and the camera zooms in to show of Leigh's gaping hole she laughs and slides a finger over it.She goes on her knees and in pov style sucks of The Shaft and kisses his cock and licks all the way along it and it looks great to watch.Doggie style is next and with a side on view Leigh gives a naughty look to the camera before The Shaft slips deep inside her,

She says "Are you going to watch me get pounded" and looks at the camera all the time as The Shaft begins to do just that.As the camera pans in on her pussy she again talks dirty her pussy is squelching away and the camera catches her facial reaction as she gasps with pleasure which i enjoyed then she says"You love watching my face while i get pounded" i have never felt so guilty in all my life lol.Standing doggie now and Leigh takes a good fuck from the main man with Leigh on the verge of orgasm The Shaft really drilled her cunt 100 miles an hour and the slopping sound was hot as hell.Next my favorite as the camera is under Leigh looking up at her as she gets it deep in her cunt and i love checking out her face as she gets banged by this big black cock.

If you love the sound of a juicy pussy then turn up the volume as this was loud,the camera zooms into Leigh's face and she says "I have just come all over his cock and now i want spunk all over my face will i get down on my knees for you now" Fuck yes please do lol.And with that Leigh wrapped her lips around that monster cock and looked so pretty as she began to lick and suck away then she begins to talk dirty as she wanks The Shaft of and really gives him some serious wrist action before he can hold back no longer and she moves his cock to her mouth and clamps her lips on it and he moans out as he floods her mouth with hot spunk.

Another good scene i enjoyed watching Leigh she had a good body and loved to talk dirty and talked us through her blowjob escapades.She took a good fuck from The Shaft but i could not help thinking that he was holding back just a little,maybe he did not want to drill too deep into Leigh in case he ended up on a manslaughter charge.The Shaft is silent and deadly,im puffed out just watching him what a guy.

Scene 5-Simone Banks

Next up Simone Banks and she looks smokin hot she is a slim babe with long dark hair and just oozes class she has such a pretty face and it will be awesome to see her in action with The Shaft,Simone wears a long red dress with white belt on and as she struts her stuff for the camera she turns around and pulls up that dress to show of her small pert bottom.As she turns around again the camera zooms into her face and she has that look that will have steam coming out your cock she has lovely intense eyes and her lips are coated in red lipstick,as the camera pans down her body her tight little pussy is on show and what a hidden treasure this was shaved and looking tighter than a alter boys underpants at a priests convention.

She rubs on that pussy and i just know i am going to phone in sick tomorrow with John Wayne syndrome,yeah the dreaded bandy leg affliction after too much wanking lol.Simone crawls on her knees and looks into the camera and gives it killer eye contact then she walks around teasing the camera and the angle was great as it looked from Simone's feet right up to her face and she fluttered her eye lashes as she looked into the camera before the next scene showed her with The Shafts cock about to enter her mouth.She slowly went to work on his monster cock and it looked great and then she started to talk dirty which almost set my pants on fire,she gets quizzed about her sex life thank god it was not me that was getting quizzed my cock is like a deserted loner these days and he only has an arsehole for company lol.

Simone looks great and as she talks dirty she does so in a very soft spoken voice and this is great and a turn on,she clamps her lips around the end of his cock and really sucks away till The Shaft moans out.Some great pov style blowjob action follows and Simone is loving having this enormous black cock tickling her tonsils she spits on his cock and wanks him of then sits back on the couch and rubs on her pussy and tells us what she wants The Shaft to do to her.She tells us that she likes to take it from behind and that it is her favorite position and with that swings round and The Shaft is over there in seconds sliding his cock deep inside her.

The camera catches the action side on then sweeping angles up and down her body as The Shaft slowly begins to stretch her cunt and i have just noticed The Shaft is wearing a condom which is no big deal to me as i am happy getting to see this beautiful girl take a black cock deep inside her for our viewing pleasure.As she gets rattled deep and hard Simone smiles to the camera and it's fair to say this girl is in cock heaven and a quick look down at my own cock revealed that i have been condemned to a life of hell,i think god was on a late lunch when he was handing out penis sizes the day i was

It is great to hear Simone cry out with joy as her pussy gets The Shafts full length slammed into her with the camera checking out her facial reaction it looks hot as hell Simone is one fine babe indeed, cowgirl is next for the sexy Simone and she begins to bounce up and down on The Shafts cock and the camera catches her hole stuffed and stretched to the limit.She really bounces up and down on his cock and you can hear her pussy juices sloshing around The Shaft lifts up Simone and with his cock still deep inside her walks her over to the couch and turns then rests her against the couch so she is in missionary position then continues to fuck away like it was his last ever shot of a pussy.The camera catches this action looking up at Simone and as her cunt is getting violated we can see her face as each thrust fills her deeper and deeper.

The sound her pussy makes is great,really sloppy and sexy to listen to so reach for the volume and just like in Spinal Tap crank it up to 11.The Shafts condom is saturated with her pussy cream and as the camera zooms in it is a sight to bring a smile to any perverts face and a tear to his eye yes that eye down below lol.As the camera is still zoomed in and really close to Simone's pussy The Shaft pulls in and out real slow and her gaping fucked hole looks beautiful.As she gets pounded frantically by the main man the camera angle goes side on and Simone cries out as she nears orgasm,to watch her shaved pussy take this battering is the stuff that dreams are made of.Side on action is next and the relentless fucking continues with Simone smiling away as she is getting done,back to missionary and the pussy pounding continued before some doggie style banging from the master blaster.The finale has Simone sucking on the condom free cock of The Shaft then he fucks her mouth and as Simone talks to the camera saying she "Got shafted today" The Shaft who was wanking away cums in her mouth and over her face,she takes that spunky cock back in her mouth to lick of the remaining sperm.

Great scene Simone was a babe i really enjoyed her performance and she took a good fuck from The Shaft,he wore a condom for the scene but do not let that put you of as it was still a fantastic hot performance from both of them,where did he get that condom anyway maybe he had to get a parachute made into a condom for that huge cock of his lol.I will be seeking out more of Simone's other titles a hot babe indeed.

Scene 5-Tina Marie

The final scene and could Tina be the one to finally tame The Shaft she looks sexy as hell,her dark hair is swept back and she has that intense look about her that will send shock waves to your penis.She is really pretty and her lips are coated in red lipstick she is tattooed and wears a sexy traditional Indian sari at least i think it is and as she gives the camera a sultry look she lifts up her dress and i am not sari at what i have just seen.Her pussy is shaved and she looks like she will take The Shaft all the way if her looks and body are anything to go by.This is going to be great to watch i cannot wait to see her wrap those blood red lips around the The Shaft's massive black tool then watch her take it as deep as possible in that shaven haven.Tina also wears black fishnets and a better look at her pussy reveals a cute little landing strip.

As the camera catches Tina in sexy poses it zooms into her face and she has that big black cock look in her eyes lol you know what im talking about,Tina starts to rub on her pussy and her slit looks so inviting and with the camera looking up at the action from between her legs you might have to put a muzzle on your cock if you want to see out this scene.Tina's pierced tits are soon out her top and they are small but nice looking and as she arches her back as she goes into doggie position she looks great.At this stage my cock was twitching about like a newbie at his first pop concert,now we get our first good look at Tina's ass as the camera pans round to check out her butt and what a curvy tight peach of a rump she has.It is one of those asses that is just made for having a playful bite out of,next thing The Shaft's huge cock comes into view and Tina slowly opens her mouth and wraps one hand around it and feeds it into her mouth.

The camera catches her pov style as she sucks on this monster cock and she looks hotter than a pair of satans underpants,the way Tina's hair and eyeliner is done etc she bears a resemblance to Belladonna that is only my opinion and as the camera pans to a side on view Tina plays with her pussy as she slowly gives The Shaft's cock a workout.She lets The Shaft gently fuck her mouth as her breathing gets harder it is clear that she is loving her black cock fix,she starts to talk dirty and that is the cue for me to shed some clothes well it is hot in here honest lol.Her nipples stood out like two lesbians circling around the cucumber section at the fruit and veg shop Tina is really moaning loudly as she sucks of The Shaft and when the camera swings around we see that he is fingering her pussy.

They do not call him the silent assassin for nothing and as he spread her legs we see her lovely gaping hole and it is going to be a treat to see his cock violating her sanctum sanctorum.She says that it feels so good having her pussy fingered then moans away the last time i made a girl moan like that i wore white socks with black trousers on a first date,hey im not that sad it was a joke.Tina continues to gasp away before the action cuts to her going cowgirl and as she impales herself on this black rod of steel her bubble butt ass looked amazing,and a special mention must go to her incredible back tattoo which also stretches down both arms,that must have hurt.She began to bounce up and down and her cunt looked stretched with this black dong deep inside her and as she gasped away it was a wonderful sight and sound.

Tina talks dirty as she gets fucked harder and you can hear her pussy juices squelching away she soon asks to taste her pussy juice and has that cock licked clean and in her mouth and with the pov action it looks great.She gets her mouth fucked and i think that someone from the social services is going to pay me a visit tonight as my right hand is a danger to my penis,please don't take my cock away from me i am a good father to him trust me.ha ha.Reverse cowgirl is next and Tina feeds that whopper into her cunt and as the fucking continues The Shaft rubs on her clit as he bangs her till she orgasms,side on action follows and as the camera catches this action it looks so hot to watch Tina's facial reaction as the master blaster probes further into her cunt than any guy has ever gone before.

The sound of Tina's sloppy pussy can be heard and as i turned the volume right up i have to beware as the nosey neighbor downstairs can sniff out a shag a mile away,he is a true ear to the glass character he is not getting sloppy seconds from this movie if he wants a wank he can buy the movie like everyone else.More reverse cowgirl and where does The Shaft get the stamina from as he increased his fucking,Tina wants to taste her juices again and wraps those lips around his cock and moans away as The Shaft fingers her pussy.Now it was standing doggie and my favorite camera angle that has the camera looking up so that you can see Tina's pussy getting violated and watch her facial reaction at the same time as each deep thrust is delivered,fantastic and horny as hell to watch.As Tina gets ram raided another intense orgasm rips through her body.

She is clearly loving this and again wants to taste her juices and as his big black cock dangles in front of her face to see her stuff it in her mouth is a beautiful site,Tina puts her hands to her sides and The Shaft fucks her mouth some doggie style is next and the action is caught side on which makes Tina's curves look sexy as hell,the fucking is hard fast and relentless and as The Shaft pulls out the camera zooms in to show us Tina's well fucked gaping hole.Missionary style is next and the camera captures this side on and The Shaft hammers away at her pussy as Tina shrieks in delight before he pulls out and cums in her mouth she then forces the cum out till it runs down her chin.

Fantastic scene to wrap up the movie,Tina was a little babe and made sure she got her black cock fix the sex was hard fast intense and nasty,wish i could say the same about my own sex life lol.Tina had a great body and to watch her take on The Shaft was just amazing,the man himself is silent and deadly the stealth shagger the silent assassin call him what you want but he fucks these girls with a passion and delivers a great scene time and time again.6 hot babes and i cannot pick fault with this title Killergram must owe me a guide dog by now ha ha,Simone's scene was condom only but do not let that bother you as this title should be going on your wish list it is that good.This would make a fantastic addition to any perverts collection.

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