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Baby Loves the Shaft 7

Baby Loves the Shaft 7

Studio: Killergram
Category:  All Sex
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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stinkfist's ratings for Baby Loves the Shaft 7:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Baby Loves the Shaft 7 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Baby Loves the Shaft 7 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Baby Loves the Shaft 7 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Baby Loves the Shaft 7 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Baby Loves the Shaft 7 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Baby Loves the Shaft 7 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Baby Loves the Shaft 7 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  6/20/2008
Scene 1-Anaya Leon

The first thing i noticed about Anaya is her long dark hair is straightened out in this scene,normally her hair is in stunning ringlets but she still looks so pretty has lovely eyes and as she smiles her beautiful white teeth make her look even more sweet.She gets interviewed and asked about why she is here,in the background we hear a bang and the interviewer jokes that The Shaft has just got his dick out and it's hit the floor Anaya laughs and i have a feeling this is going to be a great scene as i have seen her before and she really puts in a great performance.Today she is paired up with The Shaft this guy is a silent assassin he has a huge black cock and is a great woodsman you do not get to see his face and no shouting in his scenes he just goes about his business clinically.

Anaya now caress her body i think she knows why she is here she is wearing a sexy little pink top and little white shorts she has a fantastic body with adorable curves,she is a slight girl but looks magnificent and as she teases the camera her ass is so pert and you just get the impression that Anaya is a top class babe who thrives on the fact she is a porn girl.As the camera zooms in on Anaya's face she looks so sweet and it is going to be great getting to watch her take on a big black cock,her tits are small but look really nice and her nipples are already hard and with that The Shaft stands in front of her his massive black tool at the ready.Anaya wastes no time in wanking him off before easing his weapon into her mouth,this is great to watch and Anaya talks dirty while we get some great pov style shots of her mouth full of The Shaft's cock,he slaps his dick of her tongue as she turns the air blue with her demands and she goes about wanking him of again.

The action soon cuts to Anaya in cowgirl and her pussy looked great stretched to the limit as she rode away,she is really getting off on this and no wonder as his cock was almost the length of her arm and as thick as her wrists.As she gets fucked hard she gets her ass spanked and you can hear her juices squelching away as The Shaft really pounds her pussy and when the camera zooms in you can see Anaya's cream on his cock.Soon she has that cock back in her mouth as she tastes her own juices next up she gets fucked side on and this looks so damn good and with her dirty talk i think i need an ice pack resting between my legs to control the excessive swelling.Anaya's pussy must be so wet as you can hear her juices slurping away i am loving this,back to cock sucking she went and the camera catches this beautifully before The Shaft really hammers her again doggie style but with the camera under Anaya looking up at the action this looks great.As Anaya rests back on a couch she has her legs spread wide and takes it missionary style as The Shaft slowly slides in and out of her wet cunt and she rubs on her clit till her body buckles as she cums really hard.

She continues to get fucked slowly and with the camera angle you can see the sheer size of his cock as it gently slides in and out of her hole.This time she gets it side on with her leg high in the air so that The Shaft can really go as deep as he wants on her,doggie style now and her ass looks great and her cheeks get pulled apart to show how tight her pussy looks stuffed with this beast inside her.The scene ends with The Shaft pulling out of her then wanking off till he cums in her mouth then he rubs his cock all over her face before she licks it clean.

What a great scene Anaya was her usual naughty self in front of the camera she is pretty has a great body and adores being fucked hard.She took on The Shaft and he gave her a good fuck this guy is the silent assassin and knows how to use that big cock of his.Fantastic scene to start the movie.

Scene 2-Angelique Cummins

Scene starts with long blond haired Angelique moving her hands down to stroke her breasts i haven't seen this girl in any Killergram titles before but a fit lady she is indeed,she wears a black corset with green trim and her tits are exposed and her nipples are solid.As the camera pans down her body she has on elbow length black fishnet gloves,black fishnet stockings with black boots on and a short skirt and she is rubbing her pussy through the material yum yum.She has a sexy look about her and with her lips coated in red lipstick i cannot wait till she meets The Shaft,as she moves in to doggie style position she teases the camera then pulls her skirt up to show of her curvy sexy bum.

Angelique stands up and lifts up her skirt to show of a shaved pussy then bends over and spreads her ass cheeks wide apart,as she lay back on a couch she began to stroke her cunt she has big pussy lips then out of the blue The Shaft stands before her his cock dangling in front of her face she just eased his cock into her mouth wrapped two hands around it and began to suck him of.She licked all along his cock before gagging on it i am not sure if Angelique has had one this big before as she seemed to be taken aback by the sheer size of it.She spends ages licking and sucking away only pausing to mouth of to the camera about the size of this monster the camera angles change to give us some great shots of Angelique in action.

Angelique is soon in cowgirl position and rides away she has a great firm bubble butt ass and moans like crazy as she is being violated.the camera zooms in and her juices can clearly be seen coating The Shafts cock,he slaps her ass hard as he continues to pump away and the side on shot makes her sturdy thighs and hot ass look great.She is still in cowgirl position but leans forward and as he blasts away you can hear her pussy make a nice sloppy sound.Next up the camera catches some great missionary style pounding the camera is under The Shaft and as it points at Angelique's pussy being done we get to see her face with each thrust this is good to watch.As he pulls out Angelique opens her mouth to be fed this huge cock tasting her own juices from it and rubbing on her pussy as she sucks away.

Back to missionary position and The Shaft goes for it and really pumps away Angelique is loving this hard fuck she is getting,some more cocksucking then she gets done doggie as she leans over the couch with the camera underneath looking up at her pussy being fucked,this is a great camera angle to watch the action as we get to see Angelique's face while she is being fucked.She still has her corset and short skirt on while she is being done and you can hear her pussy squelching away as she gets done really deep.Reverse cowgirl next and this looks great to watch then the action swings to Angelique getting ram raided side on as she gasps with pleasure.The Shaft pulls in and out of her slowly and we see her lovely gaping hole.The finale has her talking dirty to the camera asking if we want to see The Shaft come on her face as she rubs away on her pussy then The Shaft comes into view and wanks off then cums in Angelique's mouth and over her face.

Another great scene that was the first i had seen Angelique and i really liked her scene a sexy girl with curves and a love of black cock.She took a good fuck from The Shaft and he again went about his work clinically really enjoyable scene.

Scene 3-Delta White

The scene starts with Delta being interviewed the first thing i noticed is her lip piercing and stud below her mouth,she has blond hair and looks sexy and she is a petite girl five foot one to be precise and as the camera pans down her body she has several tattoos she has a slender toned figure.She has on black elbow length gloves with pink ties black and pink bra and black hold ups with pink lace ties with huge heels on,i cannot wait to see this slight girl teamed up with The Shaft on paper it looks to be a mismatch but i am sure Delta is made of stronger stuff.She giggles away as the interviewer teases her about her scene with The Shaft and as she turns around her back is covered in tattoos she also has enhanced boobs it was time to see her in action.

The Shaft stood in front of Delta and she reached out and gripped his cock and began to lick and suck on it,as she sucks away we get to see she has her tongue pierced she laughs away as she wanks on his big cock before standing up to loosen the lace ties on her knickers then peeling them of then sitting astride The Shaft cowgirl and slowly she began to ease this monster up her cunt.Her pussy really did looked stretched to the limit then she began to take control of the fucking and bounced away soon The Shaft is gripping her waist and taking charge and as he fucks her hard her pussy can be heard squelching away.As the camera looks down on Delta while she sits astride The Shaft it looks sexy to see this slight petite girl fucking away and having a great time.Next up she gets done missionary and with the camera under The Shaft and pointing at Delta's pussy we can also see her face as she gets fucked nice and hard this to looks great to watch.Next the camera is overhead looking down as The Shaft grips Delta's waist and pumps away missionary style,then he pulls out and Delta sinks to her knees and starts sucking on his cock

Next up some doggie as Delta stands up to take cock deep inside her,he pumps away and you hear all Delta's juices swishing away the camera angle soon changes to under Delta looking up at her cunt getting stuffed full of cock.Turn the volume up on your television if you like that sloppy sound Delta's pussy makes as The Shaft goes crazy on her cunt.Delta is now on her side and gets fucked nice and hard The Shaft is doing an excellent job of non stop banging reverse cowgirl is next on the menu with Delta thrashing away before it cuts to her lying on the couch getting done missionary position really hard and fast before The Shaft pulls out and reaches forward to unleash his spunk into Delta's mouth and over her face.

This was a good scene Delta at five foot one took on The Shaft and lived to tell the tale,she is a petite slim girl with piercings and tattoos she also has enhanced boobs that i was not crazy about,but her scene was really good and The Shaft..well this guy is becoming a bit of a legend.

Scene 4-Harmony Hex

Scene starts with long blond haired Harmony being interviewed she reveals that todays scene is her first ever interracial scene,that got me smiling how will she cope against the fucking machine that is The Shaft.She giggles away then stands up to show of her body she is wearing a black top and a faded out black denim skirt with black and white striped stockings and huge black boots on.She looks even smaller than Delta from the last scene,as she lifts up her skirt she has on black knickers soon The Shaft does his trademark entrance and stands before her with his cock dangling away and as she guides it into her mouth she is tasting black cock for the first time.The camera soon catches her in pov style shot as she plays with this monster cock she dirty talks to the camera before The Shaft slaps his cock of her tongue

Straight into cowgirl Harmony goes and her pussy looks like it is going to explode as it is stuffed to the hilt with black cock,as The Shaft took control you can hear Harmony's juicy pussy sloshing around as he plunges in and out of her he slaps on her ass and as i looked at her pussy full of cock i think this is the biggest dick she has ever taken.Her pussy is really stretched and The Shaft's cock is coated in her juices she soon has his cock in her mouth saying she is going to lick all her juices of his big black cock.She then lay back on the couch and spread her legs her pussy lips looked huge and puffy and were bright red The Shaft soon slipped deep inside her to pump away and her pussy really gets stretched as she demands to be fucked hard.The Shaft then lifts her up and continues fucking her before pulling out then she sinks to her knees to lick and suck on his cock.He then slaps his cock of her face and tongue.

Reverse cowgirl is next and i cannot take my eyes of Harmony's pussy lips they are indeed huge and puffed up and red from all the fucking or from the blood which rushes to the genitals when we get turned on or in this case a full pint of blood has made it's way to her engorged pussy lips.Her cunt looks really stretched but that does not stop her bouncing away and taking control,she has a little tuft of pubic hair and glancing upwards her nipples were rock hard she still had her black top on which was pulled down and kept her skirt and stockings on while she was getting done.She gets done side on and it's good to watch and she mouths of to the camera that she wants treated like a dirty whore The Shaft increased his pace and fucked her harder.This only gets Harmony demanding to be fucked harder she now lies back and her big red puffy pussy lips are pulled apart as she talks dirty to the camera before rubbing away on her clit and with that The Shaft comes into view and wanks till he shoots his cream in to Harmony's mouth and over her face

Was this really Harmony's first black cock she took to it like a duck to water she enjoyed getting done really deep and hard,her huge pussy lips got violated for us all to see.This was a good scene The Shaft again putting in another great performance

Scene 5-Victoria Brown

Scene starts with short dark haired Victoria looking really sexy she traces a finger around her mouth and caress her boobs she has large tattoos down the sides of both upper arms and her belly button is pierced she is wearing a yellow top and short yellow skirt as the camera pans down Victoria has great legs in fact she has a great figure full stop.She pulls up her skirt then pulls her black knickers deep into her pussy before pulling up her top to show of her big tits she also has a piercing on one of her nipples.She is soon sitting on the couch and spreading her legs and removing her knickers and playing with her pussy before sliding two fingers deep inside her cunt.Her pussy lips are quite big and she holds her flaps and pulls them wide apart i am looking forward to seeing her get fucked by The Shaft.

She again fingers her pussy before raising her legs high in the air then sliding a finger up her arsehole before making her way to The Shaft who stood with the goods at the ready,she went to work on his black cock rubbing it over her face then The Shaft slaps her face with it.She gags on his cock and spits on it while talking dirty.Victoria knows what she wants and that is her mouth fucked with his huge weapon this looks great to watch as she deep throats The Shaft then gets him to rub his cock all over her face and spank his cock of her face before going back to getting her mouth fucked the camera catches the sloppy action as saliva streams from Victoria's mouth,she then licks and sucks on his balls.Have we found a woman who can tame The Shaft she soon has his cock between her tits and while he fucks her tits she sucks on his cock this is quite messy but i am not complaining he really fucks her tits hard while she spits on his cock and takes it in her mouth.

Victoria again slides his huge cock over her face her eyeliner has streamed all over her face now and she sucks on his balls like it is going out of fashion,she now stands up and bends over and demands her ass gets spanked hard before The Shaft slides deep inside her and as he begins to pump away as hard as he could Victoria is yelling for it harder.As she rests her hands on the wall The Shaft is still banging away and Victoria demands her hair gets pulled really hard.The camera angle changes and it's great to watch as the camera captures the action looking up at Victoria getting done.She soon sinks to her knees to taste her own juices again rubbing his cock all over her face before deepthroating him she gives him a sloppy blowjob before a female voice can be heard encouraging her along and reaching out and pulling on her hair..was it Anjali Kara?

Victoria really takes as much of his cock as possible down her throat and this looks sexy as hell to watch,reverse cowgirl is next and The Shaft is back in charge and Victoria's wet pussy can easily be heard as she gets drilled hard,she is screaming like crazy and turning the air blue crying out for The Shaft to grab and slap her tits really hard,next it's missionary and that great camera angle again so we can watch her cunt getting it hard while we look at her facial reaction at the same time.As he pulls out she spreads her lips wide apart before he again plunges back inside her this happens a few times and looks good.The Shaft pulls out and it's her mouth she wants fucked this time before he resumes the pussy fucking and he goes like a train before pulling out and Victoria getting it back in the mouth again and more cock rubbing and slapping to the face.100 mile an hour cowgirl is next.The scene ends with The Shaft wanking of till he gives Victoria his hot spunk all over her mouth and face and she rubs his cock all over her face and dirty talks

Great intense scene and for once i think The Shaft was struggling to be in full control Victoria was electric in this scene,she swallowed all of The Shaft and demanded more from him each time a very vocal and messy scene at times with gagging etc.I loved it

Scene 6-Viola Von Vild

Scene starts with a burlesque looking Viola wearing a corset she looks fantastic she is of Swedish descent but does not have the blond haired look she has dark hair or is it a kind of plum color i cant really tell,her hair is tied back and she has a fringe she has lovely intense eyes with fluttering eyelashes and her lips are coated in bright red lipstick and she has that sexy look about her and as she smiles she looks fantastic.She gets interviewed by Anjali and Di Santo who ask her to say i love black cock in Swedish it sounds hot as hell and she goes on to say that this will be her first ever black cock,this is going to be great the silent assassin The Shaft is a lucky guy indeed.

Viola is wearing a pink and cream basque with white leather skirt and white knee high leather boots and looks stunning she has a curvy figure what a body she has and as she chats away to the camera she laughs and looks so sexy and sweet.As she sits on the couch The Shaft steps forward and his black cock is there for Viola to reach out and get her hands on she slowly kisses and licks on the end of his cock and it looks great and horny as hell to watch as her bright red lips wrap around this monster.Anjali's hand reaches out and grabs The Shaft's cock and wanks it of as she feeds it into Viola's mouth giving her vocal encouragement as she sucks away,as Viola makes eye contact with the camera this is a joy to watch the camera then changes to a overhead view of Viola sucking away before cutting to her pov style as she sucked on his balls.

You can still hear Anjali giving vocal encouragement to Viola and this just adds to the intensity of the scene for me,she stands up and the zip at the front of her skirt is way up and her white thong is on display.She soon turns around and slowly peels of her thong and we get a first look at her tight little bum and as she turns around again she has a cute landing strip and her pussy is pierced she has a couple of tattoos just above her pussy.The action soon swings to Viola being done cowgirl and another tattoo across the base of her back can be seen,she bounces away on The Shaft's cock and you can already hear her juices squelching away and this sounds magnificent.Anjali reaches out and rests her hand on Viola's bum while giving her encouragement her pussy looks great stuffed full of The Shaft's massive tool and we get great close up while Anjali seems to be getting off on watching Viola getting fucked.

A great side on view is next as Viola leans forward while still in cowgirl getting fucked,her shapely thighs and ass look beautiful she moans away while The Shaft gives her a hard fuck the close up shot shows Viola's juices all over The Shaft's cock.Anjali asks if she wants to taste her pussy juice and with that she is sucking away on his cock licking it clean then putting the end in her mouth as she wanked the rest of his length.Great pov style close up follows as she crams as much cock in her mouth as possible,doggie style is next and the action gets caught side on as Viola gasps away The Shaft really grips her waist and pummels her hard while the camera zooms in on her face to catch her reaction.Missionary next and that great camera angle that lets us enjoy her pussy getting done while we see her face,he fucks her hard and she screams away her pussy must have been wringing with all the squelching it was doing.

The Shaft stuffs every inch of his cock deep inside Viola who is simply loving the attention she is receiving,the camera now goes overhead and as Viola lies on the couch The Shaft continues to pump away missionary position like his life depended on it.She rubs on her clit and cries out with pleasure as she nears orgasm.Back to cowgirl and again you will not believe the sound her pussy is making as The Shaft probes deep inside her and as the camera zooms in his cock is again coated in her juices.The scene ends with The Shaft wanking of into Viola's mouth and over her face.

This scene was a total knockout Viola was beautiful and watching her being fucked by this huge black cock was fantastic.A great scene to end the movie another fantastic release by Killergram all the girls in this movie really put a lot into there scenes,each girl seemed more perverse than the last which made for great viewing my own personal favorites were Anaya,Victoria and Viola.A special mention must go to The Shaft he really does take these girls to another level and goes about this clinically the silent assassin indeed.Have a beer on me Shaft you deserve it.The extras in the movie are as follows a photo gallery,cumshot parade and trailers.This title would be a fantastic addition to any perverts collection.

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