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Baby Loves the Shaft 10

Studio: Killergram
Category:  All Sex
Starring: , , , , , ,
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stinkfist's ratings for Baby Loves the Shaft 10:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Baby Loves the Shaft 10 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Baby Loves the Shaft 10 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Baby Loves the Shaft 10 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Baby Loves the Shaft 10 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Baby Loves the Shaft 10 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Baby Loves the Shaft 10 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Baby Loves the Shaft 10 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by stinkfist  on  2/19/2009
Scene 1-Jennifer Keelings

First of all i am really looking forward to checking out this title,the choice of girls is again fantastic and to watch them get "The Shaft" treatment will be here goes.

First up is the pretty,pretty fucking awesome Jennifer she really is lovely and as she gets interviewed she has that natural charm in front of the camera that makes you take an instant liking to her,nothing to do with the fact she reveals she has been spying on her flatmate and would love to feast on her pussy.Jennifer looks sensational and she is wearing black fishnet stockings and a little blue tartan mini kilt and i am sure it's Rangers tartan which makes me love her even more "Follow Follow" that's a Rangers song i would love to sing to Jennifer while i fucked her lol,she looks perfect and she has a curvy figure that most girls would kill for.Facially she is beautiful and with her lovely smile and perfect white teeth she looks awesome,she has dark eyeliner and eyes shadow on and big false eye lashes i cannot wait to see her feasting on The Shaft's cock.Jennifer is lying face down on a sofa and as she gets interviewed she laughs and smiles away and seems so at ease.

At last the camera pans up and down her body her tits are massive and her thighs are nice and curvy and her ass looks just ripe for a spanking followed by a good fuck,if only eh lol.Jennifer begins to caress her boobs as she tells all about her encounter with her flatmate,if her pussy is getting wet my cock is getting hard this sure beats that pussy pumping title that i did a review of..i nearly ended up getting sectioned under the mental health act after that title lol.Back to the gorgeous Jennifer and now it was time for some tease as the intro music kicked in and the sexy Miss Keelings strutted her stuff and this time she has a sexy bra on as well as her mini kilt and black fishnets she is also wearing black lace panties,when she turns around she has a peach of a bum i think i am going to phone in sick tomorrow and tell the boss i have "spent gonad syndrome" lol.

The teasing shots of Jennifer are fantastic with the camera looking up her sexy legs and capturing that round butt of hers,she faces the camera and with her hair tied up and fringe combed over to one side she looks hot as hell she then unclips her bra and begins to caress those juggernauts.She then moves over to the sofa and more teasing shots of her sexy body follow she looks ball draining material wearing that sexy outfit and with her sexy heels on i love it.She now raises one leg up and pulls her panties to the side to show of a smooth pussy and at this point i better open a window in here or i might set of the smoke detector alarm,Jennifer's nipples stood out like two drug dealers in a school playground.Miss Keelings has such a sexy slit and the way she slides a finger over it then gazes at the camera will have your cock biting your thigh.

Jennifer squats down and the camera zooms in on her pussy,her lips just look so inviting it is going to be great to watch her hole get filled by the best male talent in the UK(in my opinion).Some more teasing shots of Jennifer follow and as she goes into doggie position and pulls her panties further to the side her pussy lips look so pink and inviting.And with that the action starts and Jennifer is sucking on The Shaft's huge tool and as she gazes into the camera she looks like she is loving having this massive pole wedged down her throat,she softly talks dirty and wraps her hand around his cock then goes back to sucking and it's amazing to watch her force as much of his tool deep inside her mouth.The great thing about The Shaft is the only time you get to see him/his face is by accident in these movies he is just a terrific performer who is silent and clinically fucks these beautiful women.

Jennifer is loving her challenge of taking on The Shaft and she grips his cock with one hand and works her magic on him and as she clamps her lipstick coated lips around his engorged tool this looks amazing(Hey Kate,The Shaft POV would be a great line to bring out)Some cowgirl fucking now and Jennifer's creamy pussy get filled to the hilt and fucked rapid and you can hear all her juices squelching away mmm.The Shaft really picks up the pace and Jennifer screams out like a woman who has just been paired up with Michael Jackson at a speed dating night,The Shaft spanks her ass as he fucks away and Jennifer calls out for it harder and faster.

Watching her ass ripple about is fantastic,the day my cock shrivels up and dies will be the saddest day in stinkfist's history.I will never tire of porn not with sexy girls like Jennifer to feast my eyes on.The camera moves side on to catch the action and with Jennifer still wearing her mini kilt and fishnets she looks hot hot hot.As Jennifer roars her way to orgasm the camera zooms in on her face to capture her reaction the last time i got a girl that wet i took her out in April and we got caught in the showers,i think it's time i bought myself a pair of pussy lips ones that you can plug into the mains lol.Some doggie style action now and Jennifer's pink pussy gets it nice and hard and as The Shaft maintains a steady pace Jennifer might never want to sleep with a guy with a small cock ever again..i am doomed ya hear me doomed lol.

Hold on a minute is it The Shaft that is plugged into the mains as the guy is just a blur as he pounds Jennifer from behind and when she shouts out "Slap my arse baby" it sounds sexy as hell.You can really hear Jennifer's creamy pussy sloshing around as The Shaft continues to bang away harder than ever,Jennifer is screaming and at this point i better turn down the volume before someone phones the police lol.The Shaft has not even broke sweat,yet i am stuck to this leather swivel chair just watching this.Missionary now and a great camera angle as it looks up at Jennifer's pussy getting ram raided by this anaconda i am sure The Shaft feeds this thing raw steaks,i am getting into this scene now i might get out the poppers ha ha.Jennifer moans away as she gets pounded,i think someone is going to have to throw a fire blanket over her pussy before it ignites.

Once again you can hear all her juices squelching away and this is a turn on and with some side on fucking this looks great with Jennifer's pink pussy getting violated and again it's non stop and as she gets done her tits jiggle about like two gays at a spice girls reunion concert,what lol.Reverse cowgirl now and Jennifer's pussy lips look quite red from all that fucking either that or they are blushing lol.Jennifer rides away on the ebony wand till she has a powerful orgasm demanding that The Shaft fucks her cunt harder and harder.Some cock sucking now and this looks amazing,Jennifer's juices must have been smeared all over his cock with all that squelching that was going on.Now she rubs on her pussy using saliva that she drips onto her fingers and the finale has a side on shot of The Shaft wanking away and spunking on her face as she rubs her pussy.

Fantastic scene,beautiful Jennifer got fucked nice and hard from The Shaft and no condom in this scene,tell you what if Kaka from AC Milan is worth over 100 million what is The Shaft worth in porn circles.A male talent who has a huge cock,can fuck like crazy does not want to be the star of show is silent and relentless in his scenes,sounds to good to be true.Well it is true all right and Jennifer and her pink pussy will remember this fuck for a long time,so will i and that's when you know you have watched a great scene.

Scene 2-Jett Black

Straight into action we go and as the intro music plays Jett kneels on a sofa and she looks fucking hot as fuck,she has a beautiful mane of glossy Jet Black hair,is that why she chose that name.She has dark eye liner on and is such a pretty looking girl she is shapely and curvy,i am going to end up humping this television in a minute,it is HD ready you know(hard dick ready)lol.Jett has a black bra on and black lace panties on and her thighs just look sensational and topped of with sexy heels she looks great,she has a tattoo at the top of her thigh and has one of those dirty looks that could turn you to a quivering wreck.Today she is paired up with The Shaft and this is going to be amazing as she moves her hair out the way i let out a gasp,hole fuck those tits could feed a third world country for a year,my god i think i love this girl lol.

She has curves in all the right places and with her child bearing hips this is all set up for a truly memorable scene,there is foam coming out of my mouth.The teasing shots we get of Jett are fantastic her cleavage looks amazing i cannot wait to see her ass,it's like a mosh pit in my pants right now,frantic lol.Jesus Christ the bra has just come of i am in tit heaven they are massive and look so soft and firm and heavy,her nipples stood out like 2 pensioners at a system of a down concert.Now we get a great shot of her ass and what a sturdy pair of cheeks she has,this ass is made for spanking/facesitting/fucking,you know what im saying.Jett also has a tattoo on her back and as she turns around The Shaft is waiting with that huge cock at the ready for her

As she looks into the camera and clamps her lips around his cock she smiles away and this looks fantastic,the stage is set c'mon Shaft do the damage we are counting on you mate.She feeds this cock into her mouth and lets The Shaft gently fuck her mouth then with Jett saying she loves that big dick he puts it between those tits and fucks away while she talks dirty then into her mouth it goes and he grabs her hair and begins to fuck her mouth.With her hand wrapped around this huge cock she smiles and begins to suck him of pausing to look into the camera and saying "You love watching me suck cock" she then sucks on his balls,Is this Jett's first black cock she seems to be in heaven gorging on this monster.

With that the action swings to cowgirl and Jett impales herself on this massive cock then leans forward and as The Shaft grabs and spreads her cheeks apart her pussy looks stuffed,she looks back at the camera as the pace begins to pick up and you can hear her juices sploshing around and this sounds so fucking hot.The Shaft really begins to pound her and all the time she is looking back at the camera so it's great to see her facial reaction as each deep thrust takes her over the edge,her ass looks fantastic a nice big juicy round bum.The Shaft's cock is coated in her juices and the relentless pounding continues the camera angle changes and zooms in on Jett's face and she is loving this and her curvy body looks great grinding away on his cock.

With the fucking still going on The Shaft lifts her up and continues to bang away and this looks great as the camera captures this from the ground looking up at her ass then back to the sofa and more grinding from Jett as she looks at the camera.Now she has that big cock in her mouth to taste her juices and she keeps eye contact with the camera and says "His cock tastes so fucking good" doggie style now and he grips her child bearing hips and pounds away and Jett again stares back at the camera and talks dirty as The Shaft grabs her hair and really pummels her from behind.She demands to get fucked harder and looks into the camera as she says this and all the time her tits were flopping around.

The Shaft finds another gear and really pounds away and the camera has now changed angle and this looks great to watch Jett taking a pounding so hard and intense from another angle and again she looks towards the camera and urges to be fucked harder and faster,this is fantastic.Now it's time to see her suck on that cock and she shouts out "Jett fucking black does black dick" as she smiles for the camera,she is loving this encounter with The Shaft.Missionary now and she lies back on the sofa and he plunges deep inside her then begins to bang away,the way the camera captures this you still get to see Jett's face as she gets pounded so if you are all for facial reactions when watching a girl take a good fuck you will love this.The camera gets real close and you can hear those juices sloshing around and Jett's cries of pleasure and dirty vocal encouragement.

To see her cunt getting stuffed to the hilt with this huge black cock is amazing,he pulls out and leans forward to get his cock sucked and her pussy looks well and truly fucked.He goes back in and hammers her again as the action is caught side on with Jett looking at the camera and urging him on and this looks great.Some reverse cowgirl now and the hard fucking continues and the sexy looks into the camera follow,what a torrid fuck The Shaft gives her in this position.Onto some cock sucking with the action filmed pov style and Jett looking every inch the babe that she is,the finale has her on the sofa legs spread playing with her pussy and parting her lips begging for cum and this looks hot as hell she then says "This pussy has been stretched" The Shaft then wanks into her mouth as she urges him on till he decorates her mouth and face with his cum.

This was a great scene Jett was so sexy and had curves galore something i love in a girl,the sex was fast and frantic and Jett took a great pounding and The Shaft never let us down,he never does.

Scene 3-Keira Pharrel

I have seen Keira before in some movies but in this scene she is sporting a new look and it suits her,her black hair is tied up and her eyebrows are penciled in and with dark eye liner and her lips coated in pink lipstick she has a burlesque look to her,only my opinion though.She has on a black bustier and short skirt and elbow length black gloves and as she sips a glass of wine and chats to the interviewer she looks totally relaxed.I have just noticed that she is wearing black undies with see thru fishnet front and sexy heels,Keira is a sexy confident girl i think The Shaft better be at the top of his game today.

Keira wastes no time in parting her legs and stroking her pussy through her undies,she has a great figure and this is one girl who knows what she wants as she laughs away to the camera she reveals snippets of info regarding herself.As the intro music kicks in Keira is standing and with her sexy outfit on she looks great,one of her tits is nearly out her top already and as she turns around and lifts up her dress she has a great ass and very sexy underwear on,she is going to look great sucking and fucking The Shaft her ass is bruised and from the earlier interview she explains that she did another shoot a few days ago,hence the bruises.

She trickles some saliva onto her cleavage then squeezes her tits together then reaches forward and with that The Shaft stands before her with that big black cock at the ready,her first words to him are "You are going to kill me" and she laughs as she grabs hold of his cock with both hands,i love the elbow length gloves it makes her look more erotic.She goes straight for his balls and licks and sucks on them as she looks into the camera she then slides his cock into her mouth and begins to savour his length.Her tits have spilled out her bustier and The Shaft slaps his cock against them before Keira is soon feeding that cock back into her mouth and sucking on his balls.

She spits all over his cock then gets The Shaft to grab her throat then begins to deep throat him and wank him of before spitting on his cock again,then she holds his cock up and spits on his balls and sucks on them as she wanks him off.I told you this girl knows what she wants lol,saliva dribbles down Keira's face and chin as she goes to work on his cock before gagging on his massive tool.She again spits on his cock and then lets a mouthful of saliva drip down onto her tits before grabbing his cock and dipping it into her glass of wine,she takes a sip of wine then gets The Shaft to drip his saliva into her mouth then she swallows it.

Reverse cowgirl now and Keira's pussy can be heard sploshing about she has her undies pulled to the side as The Shaft bangs away,i hope his cocks not drunk after that glass of wine.Plenty of dirty talk from Keira as he bangs away and her undies remain on as he pounds her pussy.Keira wants it rough and urges The Shaft to choke her with both hands around her throat she then peels of her undies and her pussy looks great stuffed with his black cock.She still has the bustier and elbow length gloves on but looks sexy as hell as she bounces away on his cock.

Some cock sucking now and Keira is like a woman possessed as she plunges that black rod deep inside her mouth then as the camera angle changes she is licking and sucking on his balls,she really knows what she likes.She is rough as hell with his balls man that's got to hurt lol.She fingers her pussy as she roughly sucks his balls then it's onto missionary position and he pummels her and again the camera angle lets us see Keira's face as each thrust goes deeper.As he slips in and out her pussy she fingers her hole and spreads her lips for him and he eases back in again,this is hot as hell to watch.

Dirty talk pours out the pretty mouth of Keira and this adds to the debauchery on offer,i am enjoying the action she soon has that cock drenched in saliva as she rams it deep in her throat to taste her juices then uses his cock to slap her face with it.She then makes his balls the center of attention grabbing both his balls and squeezing like a vice then wanking him off.She then gets him to ram his fingers in her mouth till she gags and The Shaft chokes her.She tries to deep throat him and pulls out then spits on his cock,reverse cowgirl and no let up in the fucking as she gets ram raided till her pussy juices can be heard squelching away.The pace of the fucking is fast and furious with Keira demanding it harder faster and deeper,she is the one in control now and rides away at about 100 miles an hour.

The Shaft lifts her up and the fucking continues at the same break neck speed then back to the sofa and Keira demands her arse cheeks get spanked really hard and she gets choked as she gets fucked with plenty of vocal encouragement coming from her,what a nympho she is.She reaches her hand around and grabs his cock and feeds it into her pussy and moans away as The Shaft presses his hand over her mouth to stifle the noise,she gets this done a few times and her ass slapped really hard then her mouth covered with his hand and when he releases she cries out that she "Fucking loves it,and she has found a new fetish" more choking and frantic fucking follow and this is a really intense scene,

Keira likes it rough and as she spins round she grabs that cock of his and mouths of with saliva dripping down her chin before gorging on his cock,she again spits on his balls and really goes to work on them really rough.Plenty of saliva here as Keira goes cock and ball crazy and some side on fucking now and she gets choked as she gets hammered fast and furious.The finale has her fingering her pussy and sucking on her creamy fingers as she urges The Shaft to wank of,Keira holds out her hand and he cums in the palm of her gloved hand she then licks some of the cum before picking up the wine glass and dripping cum into the glass then drinking some then she puts The Shafts cock in the glass and sucks his cock then lies back slides some fingers in her pussy and pours the rest of the spunky wine over her pussy with her fingers lodged deep in her hole,that was a hot ending.

Phew this was an intense scene Keira was really into it and loved it rough and hard and The Shaft gave her it as hard as he could,plenty of sloppy blowjob action she loved to spit on his balls and suck and yank on his crown jewels.The Shaft really gave Keira the fuck that she craved and it was great to watch a really hot sexual performance from Keira,it was rough and nasty with choking,slapping and spit play but Keira was the dom one here and she really got into this scene.

Scene 4-Robyn Truelove

The scene starts of with 23 year old Robyn smiling and laughing as she sits on the toilet as she gets ready to slip on a pair of thigh high black boots with lace ties all the way up the sides,she has a pink body stocking on with no bra underneath and she is wearing pink panties and with her long blond hair and cheeky smile she looks a fun girl.She is not shy when it comes to getting interviewed and Don "Dogging" Roobles is the man asking the questions she goes on to say that she cant wait to get fucked by The Shaft and her pussy stretched,this is going to be great to watch as Robyn seems really up for this.After some more chat and several juicy secrets Robyn gets those boots on in preparation for The Shaft.

She has a great figure nice curvy thighs and as Don asks her if she has ever had a big black cock before she replies "Never" she also laughs away to the camera and says she is scared,she goes on to say she loves performing in porn loves the sex and the money and says she will be rich at the end of her career with cars holidays etc,good on you Robyn maybe you can take me for a drink sometime lol.I must confess Robyn looks like a girl Alison that i used to know so this is going to be a double wanking session for me lol.Robyn pulls her panties to the side and says "Look at my bald pussy" she then laughs as Don says her pussy is going to get demolished to which she laughs and says "I am going to have no cunt left after this"

Robyn stands up and shows of her ass and what a curvy bum she has got,Don does not waste a chance and says next time she is at the Killergram studios she can get a cock in her ass.Robyn laughs and says "No way,i can only get a medium sized butt plug up there..cock is so different" all this hot talk is getting my snake angry lol.She goes on to say her tits are going to get bigger in a couple of months so the guys can get a good cock wank as she calls it.Now the intro music kicks in and Robyn teases to the camera and looks every inch the sexy babe that she is,her ass is like a peach and with her sexy outfit on i cannot wait to see her get fucked while she wears her thigh high boots,she better leave them on.

Robyn has a tattoo above her ass but when she goes into doggie position the only thing bothering you at this point will be how to get the cum stains of your underwear after this scene,and with that she crawls on her knees towards the camera and pauses to play with her tits and slide her fingers into her panties to play with her shaved cunt and after some more tease the next clip is of her with The Shaft's huge cock in her hand as she guides it into her mouth.She wanks on his cock and it hung down like an Evangelical Preacher with a clenched fist urging on his flock,what the fuck i have lost the plot lol.She gets The Shaft to fuck her mouth and she looks horny as hell with that monster weapon sliding in and out of her.

She gets The Shaft to slap his cock of her tongue then spits some saliva on his tool and wraps her hand around his length and wanks him of into her mouth then demands to be face fucked again,i am enjoying this so far as Robyn looks like a kinky little devil.She goes on to suck his balls and talks dirty about the size of The Shafts cock before more face fucking takes place.Robyn indulges in more dirty talk as she wanks and sucks of The Shaft followed by some gagging and ball licking,the action cuts to Robyn getting fucked doggie style and i let out a cheer this is what i want to see.Robyn turns the air blue with her filthy talk as The Shaft hammers away at her pussy

She gets her ass spanked hard as The Shaft continues to pound away and with the camera angle changing to give us the view from behind this looks great as Robyn looks to the camera while she urges The Shaft to fuck her tight little pussy.As the camera zooms in her hole looks stuffed to the hilt with this cock and as he pulls out we get to see her gaping hole and she demands he spits on her pussy and continue fucking her,Robyn looks great in doggie position getting done nice and hard and with her curvy bum rippling away it is hot to watch the action unfold.She soon wants a taste of her own juices and gobbles away on his cock,some tit fucking now and more dirty talk from Robyn and cowgirl action is next and The Shaft pumps away as Robyn looks back at the camera before she decides to take control and thrashes away.

The Shaft soon takes over and grabs her cheeks and spreads them wide and we get at look at Robyn's tight asshole while she gazes into the camera and talks dirty,now it's time for Robyn to do some cock sucking and she looks like she is loving this as she wraps her lips around his huge cock and gags on it,slaps it of her mouth then goes back to feasting on it and wanking him of really hard and fast.The action swings to reverse cowgirl and Robyn looks fantastic as she impales herself on this huge cock and begins to bounce away and rub on her clit.Some hard intense side on fucking now and The Shaft chokes Robyn as he hammers away and she is getting of on this and the dirty talk flows from her mouth.

The Shaft pumps away and Robyn's face is flushed red with all the fucking,some blowjob action now and it's great to watch her in pov style action as she gets to grips with this monster cock.The next scene has Robyn lying back with her pussy lips stretched wide open and talking dirty this looks and sounds amazing she then rubs away on her pussy and continues with the eye contact to the camera and the obscenities continue until The Shaft comes into view and wanks of spits on her pussy them cums on her shaved cunt.Don asks Robyn how she is after that and as she walks bow legged towards the shower she is like John Wayne after riding a horse bareback for 3 weeks(not that kind of riding bareback lol)she laughs and says "I have been fucking shafted" and as Don follows her into the bathroom he says lets have a look at that bashed pussy then and Robyn lifts up her leg to show of her spunky pussy she says she has had a great time,she promises to be back for more of The Shaft.

Another good scene and Robyn got her first shafting and was walking bow legged at the end,she loved to gorge on his massive tool and talk dirty and it really added to the scene.So far i do not think that anything can beat Keira's scene for sheer intensity but this was enjoyable and with Robyn's sexy body and knowing it was her first black cock which was a thrill on it's own made this excellent viewing.Oh and she also mentioned that her bust size is going to increase.

Scene 5-Victoria Brown

Next up it's the sexy tattooed Victoria and as the intro music kicks in she is already playing with her huge boobs which have spilled out of her pink and black basque,she also has on a neck tie of some sort black panties and black fishnets and with her shoulder length bobbed black hair she looks attractive.As the teasing shots of Victoria continue i think that she has lost weight from the last time i seen her in a Killergram movie she still has got a great body and a peach of a bum and massive tits,she licks on her nipples and her pierced tongue flicks at them till her nipples stiffen up.

Victoria's legs are red and covered in bruises which can be seen through her fishnets she must have done other rougher scenes prior to this shoot,she slides her hand down her black panties and rubs on her pussy and begins to mouth of to the camera then pulls her knickers to the side to part her lips and play with her pussy she then finger fucks her hole.This looks great and when she starts to finger herself faster her juices can be heard squelching away,she takes of her panties and spreads her lips to let us see her pink hole she then goes on to lick her fingers clean mmm hot as hell The Shaft is going to have great fun with Victoria bring it on that's what i say.

Victoria slams four fingers deep inside her hole and fingers herself like crazy and her pussy is getting wetter and wetter and as she begins to lick on her tits and nipples she also throws in some dirty talk,the next thing The Shaft stands before Victoria with his huge weapon at the ready and she guides it into her mouth and begins to gag on it before spitting on the end of it and circling her tongue all over his shaft.He face fucks her and she makes a glugging sound in the process,she gets The Shaft to slaps his cock of her tongue and she rubs his massive cock all over her face.

Victoria gives him a sloppy blowjob and coats his cock with her saliva and holds the end of it and wanks him into her mouth till she is gagging on his cock and making that glugging sound again,there is plenty of saliva on display here and more face fucking and gagging is caught from different camera angle and Victoria is really getting of on having her mouth used with The Shaft's cock.It's getting messy with the saliva but she is loving this face fucking she is getting and after more cock sucking she rubs his cock all over her face,she urges The Shaft to fuck her tits and this looks great.

Victoria looks great getting tit fucked a real highlight so far and as she spits on his cock and talks dirty to the camera this looks fantastic.The camera goes to an overhead view of her getting tit fucked and with her massive tits strangling his black tool it looked hot as hell.If it was me i would have shot my load in seconds lol.More face fucking and Victoria makes those glugging sounds again The Shaft must be tickling her tonsils,now she lies back and plays with her pussy as The Shaft moves round and fucks her mouth while she fingers her pussy at 100 miles an hour.Victoria fingers her arse as well while she plays with her pussy and The Shaft continues to face fuck her.

Victoria goes back to sucking cock and with saliva all over the place she is loving this as she forces as much of his cock down her throat till she gags on it,she then grabs his tool and slaps and rubs it all over her face.Then as she deep throats The Shaft she pulls out and spits all over his cock he responds by spitting on Victoria and she returns more spit to his cock then gags and glugs away on his pole only stopping to wank him of and laugh and talk dirty.Tit fucking now and Victoria orders him to go as fast as he can and spits on her tits to lube them up.She looks great getting her tits pounded,The Shaft chokes her as he bangs away.

There is plenty of spitting going on here with Victoria launching spit on The Shaft's cock and her tits are coated in saliva it's all quite messy and nasty but enjoyable,sex is not meant to be clean and predictable.Victoria rubs his cock all over her face and asks if we would like to see this huge cock spunking all over her face,yes please lol.She licks on his balls while he wanks away and talks really dirty to the camera before lying back and fingering her pussy The Shaft can take no more and creams all over her mouth and face.

Great scene and although Victoria did not get fucked by The Shaft it was still really enjoyable,plenty of cock sucking,gagging,spit and saliva play,light choking and what i really loved was the tit fucking,it was awesome to see Victoria get those huge tits fucked and her mouth stretched to the limit with this huge cock.

Scene 6-Vienna Moore

The last scene and the sultry Vienna is next on The Shaft's hit list and she looks sensational she has long dyed blond hair with black roots visible,facially she looks beautiful and her eyebrows are penciled in and she has dark eye shadow on and her lips are coated in pink lipstick she is wearing a silver bikini like top and matching french knicker like bottoms and with black fishnet hold up's and with her smooth olive skin this is one hot lady indeed.She also has long painted fingernails and wears silver heels and what a body the beautiful Vienna has,curves galore and very busty and an ass to die for,i really hope The Shaft gives her a good fuck this girl is stunning.

With the intro music kicking in the tease begins and the sexy curves of Vienna look amazing and the camera captures her beauty from different angles,even her eyes are stunning and with another look at her hefty bust i was licking my lips in anticipation on seeing Vienna getting fucked nice and hard.She has an hourglass figure the next scene has her sitting down and holding onto chains that are suspended from the ceiling and she begins to rubs on her clothed pussy as she begins to talk dirty for the camera.She slaps her pussy and smiles to the camera i have a feeling this scene is going to be magnificent.The action swings to her with The Shafts huge cock slipping down the back of her throat and as she looks into the camera this looks great

As she gets her mouth fucked i think i have taken a fancy to this girl lol,it had to happen i told you every porn movie i watch there is always one girl that seems to get me going more than others.She sucks and grabs his balls and looks hot as hell as she plunges his cock deep in her mouth then gets him to slap his tool of her tongue,the action moves to Vienna in reverse cowgirl and she is thrashing about on The Shaft's massive cock her shaved pussy looks stretched out and this looks amazing and her cream has already coated his cock.Her juices are sloshing around and this is turning me on like crazy and with her dirty talk i am loving this so far.

Vienna pulls her tits out her top while she gets fucked and what a pair they are,as she continues to bounce up and down on The Shaft's cock they jiggle about all over the place.Doggie style is next and this looks great the curves of Vienna are driving me crazy The Shaft grips onto her big bum and pummels away as the beautiful Vienna talks dirty in her posh voice.She demands to get her arse spanked as The Shaft continues fucking away at a steady pace,her tits are flopping about and she stares into the camera which is capturing the action side on.The camera moves around and looks into her face as she is getting banged and with her dirty talk and pretty facial reactions as The Shaft goes deep in her it's a joy to watch

She gets fucked this way till she has a powerful orgasm he then pushes her forward on the sofa and continues banging her as hard and as fast as possible,this is great and you can hear her pussy squelching away with each deep thrust that slides deep in her.Cowgirl now and with Vienna looking back at the camera and with her long hair and cries of pleasure she is one hot chick.The Shaft's cock is glistening with her cream and with that he lifts her up in this position and with the camera looking up at Vienna's bum as she gets fucked this looks great.

Missionary style now and after some good hard fucking it's side on action and this position lets us see The Shaft really stuffing her pussy to the hilt with his massive black tool and he squeezes hard on her tits as he fucks away,the finale has Vienna lying back rubbing away on her pussy and fingering herself as she talks dirty demanding The Shaft's cream.He wanks over her and she sucks on his balls till he cums in her mouth she then lets some cum dribble onto her chin and licks on her lips.

Another great scene to wrap up the movie,this has been another fantastic offering by Killergram all scenes were condom free and with a variety of hot girls it made for great viewing.I have seen a few Baby Loves The Shaft titles and this one seemed rougher The Shaft was indulging in choking spit play etc as well as frantic fucking which is his trademark.The girls were beautiful and when you have girls who are the ones wanting The Shaft to really tear them up it makes for fantastic viewing,my only criticism i could level at the title is that the girls should wank/suck off The Shaft to completion instead of him beating his own meat to get the pop shot.

If you love seeing girls getting fucked senseless by black cock then this title is like a dream,if you are thinking of treating your partner who may have black cock fantasies she will love it and it may well lead to a frantic time in the bedroom later/if you make it to the bedroom.Buy it or rent it you will love this title,roll on number 11.

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