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Babes Illustrated 4

Babes Illustrated 4

Studio: Metro
Category:  All Girl , All Sex
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Babes Illustrated 4:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Babes Illustrated 4 overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks Babes Illustrated 4 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Babes Illustrated 4 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Babes Illustrated 4 Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Babes Illustrated 4 Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Babes Illustrated 4 DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Babes Illustrated 4 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  12/26/2000

Production Date: 3 / 24 / 1995

Director: Harold Lime

Cast: Rebecca Wilde, Felicia, April, Sindee Coxx, Laura Palmer, Shonna Lynn, Whitney Wonders, and Sandi Beach

Initial Expectations: Fairly high. I’ve had some pretty good luck with Metro, and there’s some good talent in the cast. With an all wrestling premise, this should be a lot of fun.

Initial Reaction: In a word, disappointment. Adding three words, not much fun.

Audio /Video Quality: It’s okay, but nothing stands out at all one way or another. The audio is well balanced between the music and the action.

Music: Typical porn music.

Review: I will admit right away that I’m not sure on some of the girls in Babes Illustrated 4 . I’m pretty sure on most of them, but some of them I had to take a little bit of a guess on. I also have to admit that I had some pretty high expectations for Babes Illustrated 4 . It’s a fun premise, and with Rebecca Wilde, Felicia, and April there should be some great sex. Although I think Rebecca is horribly disfigured, she always seems to put a great deal of enthusiasm in her scenes, so I can’t hold her massacring her body too much. The only person in the cast who scared me was Sandi Beach, who I’ve avoided ever since watching Naked Desert. If this would have been a single movie, rather than the fourth in a series (which makes me think that there must be something good happening here) I might have skipped it because of Sandi. Of course, this is also an all girl wrestling special. The cover claims oil wrestling, cat fights, hand to hand combat and a grueling session in the tanning salon. It sounds like it should be a lot of fun. Unfortunately it isn’t. I wouldn’t even call it an all girl wrestling special.

Babes Illustrated 4 does revolve around wrestling, but mostly ignores the fun that could be had with it. The opening credits feature a reporter and a camera girl filming everybody in the cast, with the exception of Felicia, wrestling. The girls are trying out for the Battling Babes Wrestling Team of which Rebecca is in charge of training. It’s not as easy as regular wrestling as the Battling Babes is part wrestling and part sex. Rebecca introduces the reporter (Sindee Coxx, I think) who is there to do a story on some of the unusual ways that women make a living in today’s world. She has the girls show the reporter what they do. Here’s where I got scared. It’s not even ten minutes into the movie, and we’re seeing the scene that was behind the opening credits again. Of course, this time, there’s dialogue! Ooooh. Ahhhhhhh. I could hear the announcers already. “Come! Be amazed at the ways to save money that everybody will notice! Watch the girls run around a wrestling ring! Be afraid of what might happen next!”.

At the end of the scene, the girls head to the showers, except for April, who Sindee wants to interview. We learn that April was sent down to help Rebecca train the new recruits. After the interview, Sindee asks to accompany April to the showers so she doesn’t have to waste the time to run home. Of course, this leads into the shower scene. April and Sindee lather each other up nicely, but the scene doesn’t seem much like a shower scene. It probably has something to do with the lack of water. Except for when the girls are lathering each other up, I don’t think they were even wet. Water always seemed a fundamental part of a shower scene, so this one didn’t do too much for me.

Rebecca is working out alone while the others shower. Felicia sneaks in to surprise her and they quickly make up for lost time. This scene was also disappointing since a lot of fun could have been had with the equipment around them. Rebecca’s obviously an athletic girl if she can come close to standing upright. They work their way into the ring a little and use the ropes, but that’s about it. I admit to having some really high expectations for this scene, as Felicia and Rebecca are normally work watching.

In the locker room, Sandi and Whitney argue over who’s a bigger slut. Surprisingly with some of the plot weaknesses here, the writers knew enough to have the girls accusing each other rather than claiming to be the bigger slut themselves. Of course, this leads to the cat fight. The cat fight was a little fun, but was flawed throughout the entire fight. It was obvious that the girls were enjoying the cat fight way too much. There was absolutely no tension. Both of them looking at the camera for direction didn’t help much either. Luckily, the sex was better than the cat fight. The girls continued to have fun together and it made this one of the better scenes in the movie. I was really surprised as Whitney is even more disfigured than Rebecca and you know my past feelings on Sandi. Sandi was actually pretty good in this scene. I might have to give her another chance after watching this scene.

In another locker room, Shonna (I’m really guessing here) and Laura, the camera girl, chat about the business. Shonna really wants to get a lot of air time and thinks it will help her get onto the circuit. Laura feels for her and they decide to help each other out. This is the only scene with toys and it uses them pretty well for the short time they’re used. Sindee breaks in at the end of the scene to chew out Laura and it seems to cut the scene short. It’s sad as this scene built up a lot of heat and was progressing very well.

Sindee had good reason to break up Laura and Shonna’s time together. Felicia and April are about to oil wrestle. Finally! Wrestling in an all - girl wrestling special! With this movie, it really does boggle the mind. Sadly, with how poorly the rest of the movie has been done, I had no real expectations for this scene. Actually, I couldn’t care less about it. Deep inside me I wanted to have some hopes for it, but I couldn’t bring myself to have any hopes for it. It seemed like an okay scene, but once again, it didn’t seem like anything special.

Throughout Babes Illustrated 4 the girls have seemed like they were more bored than anything. This should have been a really fun movie. Instead I had to struggle to stay awake. I hope the girls got paid for their ‘work’ as it’s probably a toss up between writing out the checks and opening up the DVD case for what was the most strenuous thing done for this feature.

Extras: Photo gallery, company info, trailers, and an ad and link. As usual with Metro, they devote the second side of the DVD to trailers. It’s a great idea that I really like as it frees up the movie side for extras. Unfortunately, the only real extra here is an automated photo gallery that lasts about two minutes with about five seconds per still. Even worse, the picture quality on the stills is horrible with bad pixelation. I’ve seen worse, but this isn’t even close to average photo gallery quality.

Themes: Lesbian, toys, spanking, cat fights, anal, rimming (female > female), and wrestling

Raincoat Factor: Sky high. The lead in to each scene is normally very short and easily skipped.

Overall: You can currently find Babes Illustrated 4 online for between $9.49 and $22 with two stores offering for under $10. If you like all girl sex without toys, you might be happy with this and I’d recommend it for under $10. If you don’t care for all girl sex without toys, skip it.

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