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J.R. Babes Illustrated 14 3 starsBabes Illustrated 14 3 starsBabes Illustrated 14 3 stars
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Babes Illustrated 14

Babes Illustrated 14

Studio: Metro
Category:  All Girl
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Narcolepsy's ratings for Babes Illustrated 14:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Babes Illustrated 14 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Babes Illustrated 14 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Babes Illustrated 14 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Babes Illustrated 14 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Babes Illustrated 14 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Babes Illustrated 14 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Babes Illustrated 14 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Narcolepsy  on  11/10/2004
Since number 10 in this series, Babes Illustrated has been basically the best mainstream all-girl series going ('mainstream' of course doesn't at all include Viv Thomas). The movies are gorgeous, they feature gorgeous women having gorgeous sex in gorgeous locales under gorgeous circumstances shot gorgeously! Everything is just gorgeously gorgeous! (and nice too)

Number 13 was pretty crazy and exotic and had a much loser plot than this one, but 14 is a better movie. The plot here is that a lesbian couple, Felecia, (everybody knows Felecia) and Jennifer Luv (who I've apparently seen in a Britney Foster movie but cannot remember at all) are having relationship problems so they go see the great lesbian couples counselor Dr. Tina Cage (Annmarie) at her resort. Annmarie is probably the cutest pornstar I've ever seen and BI#14 marks her directorial debut!

In the first scene, they show what the real problem with Jennifer and Felecia's relationship is. Jennifer is apparently an anal queen who insists on dildo fucking Felecia's ass everytime they have sex. After the good Dr shows them to their room (and the toys which come with it) Jennifer goes to work and eventually Felecia relents and agrees to some plastic anal. (Felecia's voiceovers are hilarious!). The scene is damn good, Jennifer is pretty cute and seems to have a permanent. . . spacey look to her (almost like August's terrifyingly constant happy face) and its fucking FELICIA! Felecia gives her a great onceover which goes on forever, showing what that decade long porn experience has taught her, she can eat some grea pussy. Then you got your anal (which Felecia admits on the BTS almost made her cum) and the scene finshes with a helluva nice position of Felecia riding her girlfriend's face! VERY VERY NICE!

Next up is the best scene of the movie. Out by the pool we meet up with the good Dr making out (great kissing) with Jenaveve Jollee who is (damn near stunning and kinda funny) doing her first girl on girl scene and that's always fun. She has an excellent body and I love watching Annmarie rip her bikini off. I probably would have been straight with these 2 alone going at it, but they are soon joined by. . . FELECIA! Annmarie convinces her that joining the pair wouldn't exactly be cheating (more funny funny Felecia voiceovers). The sexual highlight here is the 3 way train we get with Jenaveve in the pool munching Felecia from the back, who is in turn doing the same to Annmarie on the deck! Felecia is damn near lethal from the back (gotta see her on the easter egg in Built For Speed damn near wrecking Jenna Jameson). The real highlight here is the extended kiss between Doc and Jenaveve over Felecia's pussy! What a wonderful thing!

A distraught Jennifer catches the trio out by the pool and soon rejects the advances of the good Dr. (which is insane and I'd luuuuv to see these 2 in another scene). Jennifer isn't the only jilted lover, Jenaveve's girlfriend Alexa (who is doing her first scene ever and has an even more spacey look on her face than Jennifer does (wayyyyyyyyy more). This scene takes place in a regular room on a couch, but the thing about it is that they also use a handheld camcorder to shoot it (because Alexa wanted something to share with her Gabby (Jenaveve)). Again, really nice kissing throughout, the highlight here being that Annmarie is the aggressor she plops her hind quarters right in Alexa's face. Alexa isnt too good at eating pussy, but she tries. Love the switching to the camcorder shots (unfortunately it 'moves' a lot) but a decent scene nontheless.

Jennifer's been walking around the place seeing who else was out there and she eventually stumbles upon Annmarie's masturbating assistant, played by Mikayla. (The same huge back tatoo having beautiful Latina who was was with Ice Lafox in the previous best example of Latina lez porn ever, NML Latina Edition #3). Of course this is porn so think nothing of it when Luv sits behinds Mikayla and takes over things. Luv goes even further here in proving her oral skills on Mikayla and we get a very very nice 69 between the 2. Helping the storyline here is the fact that Luv attempts to fuck Mikayla with a dildo who then insists that she have it in her ass, and Jennifer is in Luv.

Last scene! Lola and KSEX Daisy (Daisy's hot but unfortunately her name makes her sound like a robot) The scene is really pretty as it takes place outside in a courtyard with the Doc monitoring things at first before turning the pair loose. We get a decent use of food and a great 69 before they break out the dreaded double-headed dildo. Annmarie makes up for the mundane ending as she retires to her bathroom to let off some steam which ends the real sexual part of this fantastic piece of a film.

The bts is pretty great there's also an interview function. Jennifer goes ultra creepy on the interview when she says that she's been doing porn since she turned 18 and then gives an obvious WINK! She like many are torn between their love of women or men, although our director mentions that she loves not having to "wait for wood or wait for a popshot". Its also revealed that this movie was written by a lesbian (there are lesbians running wild on the set)edited and produced by a woman. Love hearing the lesbian on the BTS saying how much she would love to jump in the pool 3way (I would fuck all 3 of those girls). How fucking fantastic is all-girl porn! Babes Illustrated 14 is about 3 levels down from VT's flicks which are pretty damn perfect, and that's saying alot. I wish Kaylynn (who was with Annmarie in the greatest flick I've ever seen in my life)and Dee (being that this is a Latina adventure) but I aint bitching from what they gave me Babes Illustrated 14 is awesome! If you need dick in your life, get another movie, if you don't, get this one.

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