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Babe 2 (Daring)

Babe 2 (Daring)

Studio: Daring
Category:  Feature film , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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nvs's ratings for Babe 2 (Daring):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Babe 2 (Daring) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Babe 2 (Daring) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Babe 2 (Daring) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Babe 2 (Daring) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Babe 2 (Daring) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Babe 2 (Daring) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Babe 2 (Daring) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by nvs  on  2/14/2009
Directed by Antonio Adamo

Starring: Viva Style, Sahara Knite, Julia Taylor, Claudia Rossi, Nikki Blond, Caty, Boroka Balls.

Scene 1:
Viva Style and Guy

Viva is being photographed at a photo session when she decides to mix business with pleasure. She shows off a cute pair of tiny tits. Scene cuts to a bed where she gives the guy oral. Reverse cowgirl. Missionary. Cowgirl--her cute ass rides his cock nicely in this sequence as well as her body getting sweaty. Doggy. Scene cuts to facial. She sucks his dick after he cums. Scene ends with her licking and sucking with cum in her mouth.

Good opening scene. Viva is a hot blonde which has a cute little body. Adorable little titties--her nipples have this puffy look which is cool to look at. The scene is just straight up sex with no talking between the performers. For this, the chemistry is okay. She has lots of interaction with the camera though which is hot because she makes some sexy faces. The music during the sex is a buzz kill because Viva is a good moaner and hearing her, instead of the music, would’ve been great.

Scene 2:
Caty and Two Guys

Caty and the guys walk up some stairs and get on a bed where they start foreplay. Oral starts with deep throat as the other guy fingers her pussy. She then gives the other guy oral--with deep throat--as the other guy goes into doggy. During doggy, she works her ass which looks so hit. Anal doggy as she keeps giving the other guy oral. Reverse cowgirl with oral. Anal reverse cowgirl with oral. DP in cowgirl/doggy. She’s flipped over as DP continues. She’s on her knees, giving the two guys oral as they both give her facials, which she spits out and cover her tits with cum. She sucks the dicks a bit and scene ends with a shot of her sticking her cum soaked tongue out.

Pretty good scene here. Caty is cute and takes the two guys on. She has good chemistry with the guys which translates in some good sex which feature anal and DP. Awesome sequence during doggy as she takes the cock and gives some good oral. Good scene, although the music drowns out most of the scene which is sad because she does some deep throat that could’ve had some gagging for the ears to hear.

Scene 3:
Boroka Balls and Guy

Bokota and guy go off to the bar where they get hot and heavy. Clothes come off, to reveal Bokota’s nice body. She then sits on a stool where the guy gives her oral with some fingering--which she tastes as the guy puts his wet fingers in her mouth. She then goes down on him for oral--ball sucking and good slurping sounds. Cool looking sequence as she sucks the head while stroking the tip of the penis to make him cum. She gets a facial and continues sucking with cum all her lips and chin.

This scene features oral only, but it’s still pretty good. Boroka looks good getting oral as well as dishing it out. Short scene, but packs quite a punch. She digs the guy and the finish to this scene is cool. Her face with cum on it is just a pleasure to see. This scene would’ve been great with sex because Boroka looks great in her rocking body. Once again, the scene could’ve been better without the music drowning out the performers.

Scene 4:
Viva Style and Guy

This scene is set like a flashback and is filmed in POV. She get fingered buy a guy. She then gives the guy oral until her cums.

Not a listed scene, but must be included because there is oral. Short scene, it is lackluster at best. This scene is just here to advance the plot of the film. Do not settle into this scene because, but it still fun to see Viva put a cock in her mouth.

Scene 5:
Claudia Rossi and Guy

Claudia and the guy sit on a couch and slowly get into it. They kiss and feel each other up. She them goes down on him for some nice oral--deep throat. Then Claudia gets some oral from the guy--gets fingered a bit. Reverse cowgirl. Side fucking which leads to anal side fucking. Missionary. Doggy to anal doggy. Facial. The cum drips out of her mouth to her chin and tits. She sucks the cock a bit and scene fades with her looking sexy into the camera.

This scene is strong as both performers enjoy each other. Claudia works good here and does everything right. Her beautiful face and body are fun to look at. Nice oral and anal in this scene. The music is still a problem. Good scene.

Scene 6:
Sahara Knite and Guy

Sahara and Guy walk into a room and she tease him a bit. He sits and she gives him oral--deep throat and ball sucking. She then gets oral--gets fingered. Missionary. Reverse cowgirl. Doggy. Anal doggy. A quick asshole lick and back to anal doggy. ATM with gagging, but the camera pans away from here during this sequence. Back to anal doggy again. ATM, but this time it’s shown with throat fucking, deep throat and gagging--some dick slapping, literally. Cowgirl. PTM. Anal cowgirl. Scene cuts to guy jacking off with her heels on his dick as she plays with her pussy. He cums on her belly and licks his cum off of her and spits it in her mouth. She licks her finger and scene fades out.

An enjoyable scene. Sahara is great in this one. She has good chemistry with the guy and it shines in the awesome sex they have. There’s anal in this as well. The ATM, especially the second one are just incredible. This girl really get into this scene with her working the cock as she takes it and takes control at times. The music gets in the way of her moaning. She wears her dress throughout the scene which is a buzz kill because she has a cute little body on her and from what is seen looks good. The ending another buzz kill as the guy laps up his own cum and spits it in her mouth. Even with this ending, this scene is great.

Scene 7:
Julia Taylor and Nikki Blond with Two Guys

Julia and Nikki sit on a couch and are interrogated by detectives which leads to some feeling up of titties. This leads to the ladies get oral from the guys. Julia gives oral on her knees--with deep throat and light spit and some ball licking--to a guy standing as Nikki gives oral to a guy on a bed--ball licking. Julia and her guy side fuck on a couch--PTM. Back to side fucking. Nikki and her guy go into reverse cowgirl. Full shot of Julia getting reverse cowgirl and Nikki getting missionary and gets fingered. She spits on his cock and slaps it as she gets fingered. Nikki gives oral to her guy with a cool shot of his balls in her mouth; good amount of spit is used with some nice deep throat and gagging. Anal side fucking for Julia as Nikki gets 69. Anal doggy for Julia; cowgirl for Nikki. Nikki’s guy uses her feet to get his cocked rubbed and punished. He gets oral from Nikki and he sucks her toes; they go back to cowgirl--she fingers her asshole a bit. Julia gets a facial. Nikki’s guy cums on his belly and she sucks his cock. Julia spit’s the cum out of her mouth as Nikki plays with her guy’s dick. Scene ends.

A good scene. This scene has two lovely ladies which look superb. Yet, the flaw of this film is that the girls are split up. If the girls would’ve been in one place at the same time, like the bed or couch, this scene would’ve been awesome. At times it seems rushed. The foot fetish in Nikki’s scene is weird, but watch-able. The anal and sex are strong. Nikki has better chemistry with her guy than Julia, but these girls are hot and fun to watch.


This film is pretty good. I did not know what to expect as it has a plot and acting. Some dialog is bad, but you can follow it. Awesomely hot girls are this film’s strength. The DP which Caty takes, the anal in several scenes, even the oral only scene from Boroka is memorable--although it would’ve been great to see Boroka partaking in sex. Yet, Sahara steals the film with her scene in which she performs brilliantly, albeit the unsexy ending. Other strengths in this film, the cinematography is crisp and clear--the girls seem perfect in the great camerawork. The music score is pretty good. Some original catchy music adds depths to this film, but it kills it as well. The music drowns out the moans and sex sounds between the performers. Yet, this film is good with the ladies just rocking their bodies. Babe 2 is a rent-able film that would be enjoyed by a couple on a Saturday night, to get the mood set as well as someone wanting to see some hot European ladies in action with sex and acting.


Main Menu features: Play Movie, Chapters, Audio Languages and Bonus as selectable options. The Bonus section features: Making Of--where the girls get make-up done and go through wardrobe. Some behind the scene fun, horseplay, and sex. Some problems which the director faces are shown as well. Fun sequence as Viva’s first scene is paused for some make-up touching up of he sweet ass. Pretty much, all the action behind the camera and during the film. Also included in the Bonus section are a Photo Gallery and Trailers for the films:
Roma 1
Roma 2
Roma 3
Sexual Art
Babe 2

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