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Asstronomical (Hot Boxxx)

Asstronomical (Hot Boxxx)

Studio: Hot Boxxx
Category:  Anal
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Linus's ratings for Asstronomical (Hot Boxxx):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Asstronomical (Hot Boxxx) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Asstronomical (Hot Boxxx) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Asstronomical (Hot Boxxx) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Asstronomical (Hot Boxxx) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Asstronomical (Hot Boxxx) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Asstronomical (Hot Boxxx) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Asstronomical (Hot Boxxx) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  6/8/2005

Directed by: Axel Braun


Initial Thoughts: I have had a bit of a hit or miss experience with Axel Braun discs, I have liked some series, and not so much with others, but I saw the cast in this disc, and I had heard good things about it from a friend, so I figured I would give it a try, and I am very impressed with it. It is a bit of a change from tradition in adult films, but it's quite a creative attempt. Basically what they have tried to do, is blend a theatrical mood and setting into traditional gonzo sex, in look and sound especially, very solid technicals, the outfits are very hot, the settings are all nice looking and rich, with a definate look of a vignette disc, and where things really take a turn, is in the sound department, they have hooked up with Alex Delarge who is a bit of a techno guru, and had him do the soundtrack, which is free of the usual sex sounds, but it isn't just your average 70's style "wah chick a wah wah" craptastic porn music, it's a very impressively done purpose made soundtrack to really highlight and compliment the sex, and it is really quite impressive how well it works with the feature, however I am of course shocked and appaulled to not have the sex and groaning sounds, and I really think it hurts to not atleast have that track available as an alternate audio selection, after all that is one of the beauties of DVD, so a bit of a missed opportunity. I have no complaints on the sex, great cast, hot sultry sex with very few weakspots, and some very nice extras to accompany the feature, make this a very strong effort.

Technical Considerations: I've mentioned it already, but here it is again, why oh why didn't they include the live sex sounds audio track as an option, I like the music, and it works very nicely and does some things I wouldn't of expected, but you need to have that other sounds available. Picture quality is top notch and this one is presented in 1.85 :1 widescreen, no anamorphic though. Sound is very good outside the problem I mentioned. Camera work is very competent, and lighting is nicely done.

Condom Usage: None

Disc Duration: 163 minutes

Feature: 117 minutes

Extras: 46 minutes


Scene Breakdown


Scene Breakdown


Scene 1: Katsumi and Brian Surewood

Duration: 24:12 mins

Position Chronology: Katsumi alone, licking her own shoes on her feet, very flexible teasing, she rubs her clit, and fingers her ass, finger ATM, Brian enters, he fondles her ass, she blows him, deepthroating, face fucking, standing doggy vag, PTM, missionary vag, sideways vag, PTM, missionary anal, ATM, sideways anal, ATM, reverse cowgirl anal, ATM, cowgirl anal, deepthroat ATM, doggy anal, he spurts on her face. BJ cleanup, she rubs the cum into her face. they go back to fucking as the scene ends.

Scene Thoughts: Well, things definately get off on a super positive note here, box cover girl Katsumi is looking just flawless here by herself on the bed, she has the same red hair accents and the same fishnet lingerie outfit on that she does on the box cover, and does some near yoga stretches, and licks her own feet as she masturbates, some hot tease footage, and once Brian arrives on scene, things pick up quickly, these two seem to suit each other well, both high energy performers, and Katsumi just keeps accelerating the mood with whatever Brian does, she comes back a little more aggressive and enthusiastic. Fantastic dick sucking and ATM/PTM work from her, and just a hot aggressive and fast paced scene. Chemistry is solid and more on the fun fuck level than love passion, but that suits well here. I really missed the lack of live audio here, and I'm already feeling frustrated not to hear Katsumi moan and grown. I will say though that the music did fit the scene quite well. Great hard anal action through most of the scene and a great facial really blasting her pretty face. Very good start to this disc.


Scene 2: Haley Paige and Chris Charming

Duration: 22:46 mins

Position Chronology: Haley alone looking into the mirror, caressing herself, hot lingerie, walking and posing, she pops out her tits and playw tih them, ass play, she rubs her clit, to Chris, she bends down and blows him, cowgirl vag, PTM, spoon vag, reverse cowgirl vag, reverse cowgirl anal, ATM, doggy anal, ATM, missionary anal, spoon anal, he busts his nuts across her thigh and ass, he finger feeds her some cum.

Scene Thoughts: I've been praising this babe for a while now, and she just keeps earning more, she looks as fantastic as she ever has, anywhere here, she has on this fantastic looking black lingerie waist up piece, and black panties and stockings. She struts around a little bit and gives us a great look at her fantastic breasts and that body of hers before focusing her attentions on Chris's hard cock, and she has a very sexy and passionate approach to this scene, the chemistry is quite good, the energy and enthusiasm is there, but it's a much more romantic scene than just a hard pounding anal fuck, although it does have some of that quality too, so don't fret. Very nice cock sucking work although no titfucking, the doggy anal and reverse cowgirl anal were highlights, and she really bounced around. I'm not a big fan of ass cumshots, and I was a little dissapointed not to see Haley get her face or boobs covered, but it was still a hot enough ending and Haley gets sperm on her lips from Chris' finger. Again the music worked pretty well, but was not as good as a live track.


Scene 3: Jordan Styles and Jay Lassiter

Duration: 21:35 mins

Position Chronology: Jay in a chair, Jordan walks over to him, he chokes her as she leans in to him, he pulls her hair and slaps her, and pushes her head down to his groin, she rubs his bulge and pulls his dick out and sucks it slowly, kissing, BJ, face fucking, he licks her muff and fingers her, kissing, missionary vag, reverse cowgirl anal, doggy anal, missionary anal, anal gape, cowgirl anal, face fucking, facial.

Scene Thoughts: The aggression level picks up some for the next scene, Jordan strolls over to Jay who is sitting in the chair looking like is watching TV or something, we really get no tease footage from Jordan which is a shame, but it's still a solid scene, she leans in a bit towards him and he grabs and chokes her and slaps her around a bit before she gets down to business. I know many out there think the rough stuff is bad and it sets a bad influence, but I say, get real, look at mainstream movies, so I see people get murdered or raped or beaten, so that means because I saw it, I have to do it and hurt somebody, fuck no, and it's no different in porn, couples need to learn for themselves how far is too far, if choking during sex is your thing, then experiment with it, but learn not to go too far, I just don't see why it's such a big argument. Anyway, back to the scene, this little bit of rough stuff is all we get, and which is a shame since it seemed to fit both partners, it's a pretty energetic scene and a nice solid anal pounding with some gapes for Jordan who seems to feed off of the energy from Jay, the doggy anal and the face fucking facial with a nice load to her pretty face where good highlights to this one.


Scene 4: Janet Alfano and Tony T.

Duration: 19:50 mins

Position Chronology: Crawling to the couch on all fours, she slowly strips off her lingerie, she rubs herself and masturbates, she fingers her ass with a few fingers, finger ATMs, Tony enters, spoon anal, ATMs, missionary anal, face fucking ATM, ball sucking, cowgirl anal, reverse cowgirl anal, ATM, doggy anal, ATM, standing doggy anal, facial, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: This was another keeper, Janet crawls around on the floor in some outstanding looking on her, purple seethrough frilly lingerie, and does an excellent slow strip before she gets aggressive with her ass with her hand. I really liked the feel of this scene, and the approach they took, it starts out with Janet being slow and sexy, and then boom, Tony appears ramming her ass in full tilt boogie, and the whole attitude of the scene changes to this hard aggressive fuck in the ass, and it's all anal all the time, with the only breaks being for sexy Janet to suck the ass taste off of Tony's cock before reinserting it for some more hard slamming, Janet fits into the energetic sex theme well too, she has this great facial expression and almost angry and pushing look on her face, and it's really hot, she gets into the sex well and truly, and the chemistry here is strong. Solid facial caps this one off too. The music really fit well in this scene, and like I said in the opening, it's not that I don't like the music, I think it adds a real flare and drama to the scenes, but I just wish the sex sounds track was available too.


Scene 5: Trina Michaels and Mr. Pete

Duration: 24:37 mins

Position Chronology: Trina alone, in a leather chair, she rubs her pussy over her bikini bottom, she plays with her tits and nipples, tease stripping, she fingers her ass, Pete enters, face fucking, BJ, deepthroat, he fingers her pussy, doggy vag, PTM, cowgirl vag, PTM, reverse cowgirl anal, sideways anal, he finger fucks her ass, ATM, doggy anal, mouth stretching, ATM, BJ, ball sucking, facial, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: The sexy big breasted blonde Trina, finishes this series of hot scenes off, and she puts in one that easily matches the tempo and quality of the rest, she is in a chair with a black bikini and stockings on, and she puts on a nice solo show with some anal and pussy work with her hand, and before she knows it, Mr Pete is there to fuck her face. This scene does a lot of the same things that the last one did, with the slower and sexy start, and then leading into some very spirited sex, only this scene takes a little more proper time, and is not quite so frantic, and it all comes together nicely, Trina just doesn't have a weakness in her sexual game, she does some very hot dick sucking before they jump into some very hot vag and anal sex, chemistry is again aggressive and not outwardly passionate, but very fitting for the scene, and I cannot say enough for the energy, and once again like all the other scenes, the scene flows well and keeps up the heat without letting down, I think this is one area where the music does add some too, they did do a nice job with it, and it helps keep the mood set, but you still know how I feel. Hot facial blast to sexy Trina's face to cap off this great movie too.


Extra Stuff

Behind the Scenes: Katsumi squatting interview in fishnet lingerie while she does things to her self. Janet Alfano interview with a lollipop. Jordan Styles playing video gamesand showing us her lingerie, Trina in makeup, Haley in a jacket and nothing else interiew out by the pool as she smokes a cig. 18:03 mins.

Bonus Scene: Lucy Lee's scene from "China Syndrome", in sexy pink lingerie and black stockings, in a back room, two naked guys grab her and kiss and fondle her, she starts jerking thier cocks, on her knees, BJs, doggy vag/BJ, doggy vag as she rims one of the guys, spoon vag/BJ, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl vag/BJ, cowgirl double penetration, ATM, reverse cowgirl DP, ATM, sideways anal/BJ, she switches partners, doggy anal, cowgirl double penetration, doggy anal, BJs, both guys squirt decent loads on her face, BJ cleanup. Hot girl, and a hot scene, very energetic, and Lucy was playful and had good chemistry with the guys. 21:47 mins.

Photo Gallery: 15 hardcore shots from each scene, mostly full screen pics.

Bonus CD: A bonus disc with 33 minutes of Alex Delarge techno riffs on it, a neat extra.

Other Extras: Pick your pleasure position menu, Trailer reel, Web Trailer, Company info.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

I have showered a lot of praises on this disc in the last several paragraphs, and they are deserved, this is a very good disc, both in terms of blending a bit of theatrical flare into a straight up, no bones gonzo, and in terms of being a great anal heavy hard pounding fuckathon. No complaints on the cast, and for this style of sex, I don't think I could ask for too much better, maybe slightly more passion in a couple scenes, but chemistry is hard to force. If your looking for a good anal title and especially if you prefer one on one sex, this one should really suit you, it's got a lot to offer, but keep in mind the sound thing, because I know for some, that can be a major turn on or turn off depending on how you look at it. I look at this disc as a bit of a collectors item for porn fans too, it's different, it's well done, and a bit of a rarety, so I think it's worth a purchase on a couple different levels, but if your iffy on the sound thing, rent it. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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