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Assploitations 6

Assploitations 6

Studio: Mayhem
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Assploitations 6:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Assploitations 6 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Assploitations 6 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Assploitations 6 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Assploitations 6 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Assploitations 6 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Assploitations 6 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Assploitations 6 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/2/2006
Well fans time for me to write about a fun porn theme, worshipping the female ass and who better to direct our journey than the perverted reigning XRCO Superslut Ariana Jollee. She's assembled a top notch cast including Sandra Romain, Tory Lane, Melissa Lauren, Dana Vespoli, and finally herself. I did a quick look at the extras and you've got some nice interviews with each of the girls save for Tory. Dana came off as the most perverted listing drinking pee from her ass as something she likes to do. Sandra Romain who can be so powerful in her scenes comes off as such a sweetheart and Melissa just exudes an elegance that has captivated many a man and women since she's been on the scene. Ariana has brought this fine group together and now let's see just how outrageous she lets them get and I can bet it's pretty wild.

Ariana Jollee:

Starting off you have this sexy brunette and I like how the menu's laid out listing all the fun positions she's going to do and if form holds you'll have a lot of Ariana participation too during the scene. The scene gets going and the only thing we see are her feet in heels surrounded by some kind of bright light and the camera does some dancing around the feet. Oh we finally see that it's Ariana tied up with her hands also bound to the feet and she's got a big light bulb inside her ass adn she pulls it out and cleans it off, such a perve! Ariana commented in her interview that she wanted the guys dressed up and they do have some nice threads on but come on we're staring at the sexy Ariana as she sucks on a long pole like object one of the guys is holding and naturally this finds its way up her butt while she begins sucking the other cock off. The lighting is dark in the background but right where they are fucking you get some nice clear shots of her ass and above where she's sucking dick. Ariana even wraps the light bulbs around the balls of the guy she's sucking off. Moving on a bit our sexy New York babe gets to trade off both schlongs. It's a very aggressive blowjob with some great double stuffing done. Sexwise there just isn't a bad position to shoot this woman and again the darkness surrounds the action but right where the fucking is taking place it's illuminated quite nicely. Of course with Miss Jollee there is lots of ass fucking with reverse anal being a particular fave this time-- great floor shots, the tits get to bouncing and she squirts a little. Cowgirl also looked pretty good plus the fellas do some dp damage here and in reverse as well. You get to hear Ariana laugh a bit as they also double analize here and some good dirty talk is heard too coming from those sexy lips. The guys finish off with some mish fucking then fire at the same time into Ariana's waiting mouth. I'd say we're off to a very good start.

Sandra Romain:

There aren't to many who could follow a hot scene like Ariana just did but Sandra is one who can certainly do the trick. She's got a gorgeous body from head to toe, great tits, smoldering eyes, terrific ass, and this woman can handle any amount of cock you want to throw her way and beg for more. The tease here is very nice as the black mesh doesn't hide to much and Sandra does a fine job revealing that fabulous body especially bending over to let us check out that amazing ass. The leopard style couch behind blended in nicely with her black mesh attire and just Sandra's whole package makes me want to get this scene going right now. Moving on we see Ariana joining in and we get some fun ass worship done by Miss Jollee who also uses a long lightsaber,lol, to sodomize Miss Romain's bottom. Ariana can't resist some finger fucking and tongue licking too as we get that ass warmed up. You then see the guys come in with their own lightsabers-- not their cocks and these also glow and make noise as they practice on her ass. She's also got the guys wearing fedoras-- I think that's the right term and just watch as the glowing lightsabers fuck Sandra's ass-- I wonder if Lucas will add this to any future editions of the trilogy!! Sandra then gets to do a little cock sucking as Ariana stays close by tasting pussy and rubbing her stars ass. You get a nice chain going at one point with Sandra sucking cock, Ariana licking her ass and we have Alberto Rey in the back fucking AJ's ass. It's basically a hot group fuck off from then on with the girls playing nicely with each other doing A2OGM, licking pussy, licking cock from the pussy, you name it they do it! Both girls are double penetrated and we end with Sandra taking both loads though the first one was kinda weak. Some hot cleanup from Sandra and the girls do some swapping as the scene winds down. A very nice pairing indeed.

Melissa Lauren:

Up next is the sexy and I mean sexy frenchwoman. Melissa has her hair jet black here and the way it helps her eyes stand out is amazing to me, plus Melissa knows how to use those eyes to great effect meaning getting your cock hard or your pussy wet. She says so much without saying a word with the way she uses her eyes and the rest of the tease was very good too as Melissa's got great modest sized breasts and a good ass as well. The fetish attire suits her too and it nicely comes off when we need to see more of that body. Once more Ariana joins in and she seems quite happy to have Melissa on set and what do we have but a butt plug coming out from her ass and it's duck taped there so as to not fall out. Ariana then gets behind the sexy Melissa and she carefully removes the tape as she discusses the merits of ass fucking with Miss Lauren. Ariana then fully removes the toy and both girls get a taste of the french ass with Melissa really sucking hard on it, she must like her own taste!! Ariana then turns the ass facing the camera and does some serious ass tongue worship which we get a terrific view for. Mickey G is then brought in and Melissa goes right after his cock and the theme continues too with the guy wearing a fedora hat. Melissa is a pretty aggressive knob polisher as we see her and she works in some sexy dirty talk and the french accent really helps in that dept. Seems Ariana is going to sit this one out on the sidelines as she disappears leaving only Melissa and Mickey who begin some hard fucking. You see mish anal and while this is going on Ariana rejoins but she brings a friend as another swinging dick comes in. More hard ass fucking is seen but again it's only Melissa that we really see, AJ was just bringing in another cock it seemed but we see her pop in every so often during a position change. Towards the end you get some good action with Melissa and the two cocks, some hot reverse anal is shot using a perfect floor shot which gave a great representation to the cock thrusting hard into Melissa's ass. I like how Ariana let Melissa carry this scene pretty much all on her own and she did a really good job taking one good load to her mouth and the other in her pussy though we don't get a shot of the cum oozing out. I did love how Melissa let the jizz accumulate on her chin and the cleanup was nice too. A great scene for Melissa Lauren fans.

Dana Vespoli:

Well porn fans it's been awhile since I've seen this sexy dark haired beauty on my tv and it's welcome site having her back. We start this scene with Dana's ass all wrapped up in plastic wrap, it's a sexy purple color too. The perky titties are left uncovered and we watch Dana go through a few position changes as the camera takes her body in. Ariana then comes in and we see Dana is wrapped up even more up to her neck in plastic wrap and like a good little girl Ariana starts unwrapping her present and we find a butt toy is residing firmly in that ass with Ariana taking the opportunity to spit on her ass and we get a close shot as the long toy is removed and Miss Jollee does the ass juice cleaning honors but leaves some for Dana to lick off. AJ then digs in a little deeper with Dana's ass using both fingers and tongue. Ariana then has a guy join in and he's wearing white briefs along with white socks and a cool looking white hat. I am digging this little ensemble piece additions to the guys, nothing over the top but just a hint of class which is cool. The plastic is finally ripped off leaving only that ass and our man does some good ass munching along with tasting her pussy. At one point you have him eating pussy and Ariana eating ass so you know Dana was loving life at the moment. You then get some cock sucking done by AJ while Dana smothers his face with her ass but this is a fleeting shot as Dana then swings around to take on his cock with her mouth. The girls do some sharing too with us getting a good floor view of the festivities. There is nothing more sexy than two girls simultaneously twirling tongues over your cock head, it's an awesome feeling! Sexwise you see Dana ride dick in cowgirl, mish anal, doggie anal-- listen to Ariana shoutin out words of encouragement! Ariana let's Dana shine in this scene pretty much like Melissa before with some involvement from her but the sex is all Dana getting ass fucked though at one point you have Ariana hovering over the guys face and cranking out a juicy orgasm on it!! Dana then receives a healthy jizz blast to her face with Ariana making sure to scoop in the last bits of cum and the girls kiss to close out.

Tory Lane:

We start this last scene off with Tory all decked out in black mesh though her sexy tits are quickly shown off. I love the blue/ purple background behind Tory it really looked great to me but even greater was seeing Tory showing off that body, fucking A I love everything here, tits, ass, face, and the energy is there too. Tory is cool too licking some at her nipples which I love seeing a girl do and the tease here doesn't seemed forced at all, Tory knows she's sexy and lets us know it!! She then sucks up some small yellow balls then they are placed inside her ass, no strings so I'm curious to see how they are going to get out of her ass! They don't stay in there long though but she sure has fun putting them in her mouth and ass. Ariana is close by too wearing another sexy hat, a super white shirt opened up to give us some good cleavage and you see Ariana having some fun putting the yellow balls into Tory's bum. Tory soon gets a cock to suck on while Ariana turns the hat around and gets serious about eating Miss Lane's ass, of course using her fingers too. AJ gets to share in the cock sucking too and we see Tory get a little dominant with Ariana and it's not every girl that can pull that off with Miss Jollee but Tory is one girl who can. The action then gets going pretty hard 'n' heavy with some mish anal and Ariana gets over Tory's face letting her do some deep ass licking to Ariana. Tory is a very vocal girl as we hear so Ariana doesn't have to do to much directing here, lol. Instead she does some good A2OGM while Tory does a bit more nipple licking to her own tits as well as slapping Ariana's ass which is tantilizingly close by. You really do get some good combo action here with Tory being ass fucked and Tory then keepin her mouth busy with the dirty talk as well as eating out Ariana's pussy and ass. Some very good reverse anal is shot makin sure to include the great background color behind. We do get some ass fucking for Miss Jollee's ass and she too proves how dirty a talker she can be with Tory right there to taste the cock fresh from AJ's ass. We end with Tory taking the load but the girls are sure to share the cum between them. I'd have to say this scene proved to be the best to me with both girls equally shining and I shouldn't be surprised as Tory's a great performer and pairing her up with Ariana did indeed prove to be the signature scene for this title.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well I can honestly say this is the most complete title Ariana has directed and I mean directed and not necessarily shooting camera either. She picked a great cast, made some fine wardrobe choices especially the hats for the guys and Ariana always wears a hat well. I liked the backdrop used a lot in the Tory scene and Ariana did a good job of letting each girl shine even when she was in the scene with them. Extra wise you have some good interviews though I missed not hearing from Tory. You get some behind the scenes too which I'd be sure and check out. On a personal note, it's no secret I am a huge fan of Ariana's and being a friend of hers has been interesting and I'm so pleased to see how much she's progressed as both a performer and now a director so it was an easy choice to make this title my 1000th review. I thank Ariana for being such an inspiration in so many of my reviews and there are so many other girls too I'd like to thank but for now let me just say bravo to Ariana and her team and good luck on topping this one, it's an easy purchase recommendation.

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