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bodycounter Assploitations 4 4 starsAssploitations 4 4 starsAssploitations 4 4 stars
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Assploitations 4

Assploitations 4

Studio: Mayhem
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Assploitations 4:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Assploitations 4 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Assploitations 4 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Assploitations 4 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Assploitations 4 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Assploitations 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Assploitations 4 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Assploitations 4 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  4/14/2005
Prologue Since becoming a contract girl/director for Sin City/Mayhem, Aurora Snow has seemed to fly under the radar. It wasn't that long ago that everything she did was put under the critical microscope of porn fans all over the web. In the last couple of years she has put on a couple of pounds (honestly, just a couple), and added some maturity in her look and confidence in her performance. She's as cute as ever and IMHO, a better performer. I have reviewed Anal Delinquents, Assploitations 3 and Sweet Obscenities within the last year and have found them all to be good, sometimes even great. Getting back to this video, Assploitations 4, we have Hannah Harper, Lauren Phoenix, Gia Paloma, Lucy Lee, Shayna Knight and Avy Lee Roth (who I'm pretty sure doesn't) taking it up the butt for our director and star. That's a fairly impressive lineup and I'm looking forward to it.
The opening video sequence has Aurora Snow bound to a spider web of chains. It looks like a continuation of the mood from Dementia. She's visiting a dungeon, lit in warm red hues, with Lauren Phoenix as the mistress and she offers her body up for inspection and discipline. There's a male slave grovelling at Lauren's feet. Lauren licks and kisses her, then sticks her slaves head in Aurora's ass. Seems like nice work if you can get it. The slave turns out to be Jay Ashley and he gets to stick his tongue in both their asses. The ladies team up on Jay's cock and balls while he stretches out on a wooden cross. Aurora smacks his balls sharply and often. She also eats his ass while Lauren is deepthroating him. Damn, that looks hot. Cut to Aurora riding Jay in RC while Lauren flogs her gently with some tails. She includes Jay in the light torture and then does some P2M. Mistress Lauren licks his balls while he's being ridden. She spits on and sticks her face in Aurora's steaming pussy. Cut to Lauren getting fucked doggy while she eats a standing Ms. Snow. She gets lifted over to Jay's shoulders so he can nipple on her pussy while he's pounding Lauren. They get back to the more sensible set-up and Lauren looks like she loves the taste of Aurora's twat. She's digging into that slit deep. Jay slips into Lauren's celebrated ass. The trash talk starts to flow out of her mouth. Aurora's body is there for kissing and licking by both of them. Jay fingers Aurora to a cum that Lauren laps up. Dual A2M and back to Lauren's ass. A2OGM repeatedly and cut to mish anal for Aurora. She gets such a pretty smile on her face when Lauren asks if she likes it. Multiple insertions and gaping. Jay hammers her backdoor until he can't hold his load anymore. Aurora takes his seed in her mouth and duly shares with her mistress. Some lovely kissing, tonguing and lapping by the ladies to end a very hot scene.
Another video sequence with Aurora bound in a dungeon setting. This time an incredible looking Gia Paloma is behind bars. Five guys pull her out of her cage. Before she gets started, I have to say that Gia looks awesome here. Her make-up and clothing are great. I know that in a few seconds, that will all be destroyed. Gia kneels and starts sucking cock. I should say impaling her throat and getting face fucked. It's more accurate. She does her loud glugging sound and spits at all the nasty beasts. No hands all the way and jaw breakers for variety. When it's time for fucking, Gia's top gets tossed off and she's left in wide mesh thigh highs as she rides a cock in CG and gets so wild there's almost an unplanned creampie. Things start to move faster now as Gia climbs another cock in CG and quickly a cock invades her ass for the DP. There are several more hovering about her face. She gets airtight and when the cock leaves her ass, she won't let it go without a suck. The one that was in her pussy joins his friend for the cleaning. Cut to RCA and that's soon a DP. Another RCA that turns into a DP. One for her mouth and she's airtight again. Cut to Gia on the rotiesserie, getting a doggy train on her pussy and ass. DAP in CG. Holding on to the close-up too much here. I'd like to see her face. Deepthroat face fucking while her ass and pussy gets stabbed by cock from behind. CGDP with a doggy train. She sucks the anchorman (Dick Delaware) while being reamed from behind. A raucous RC vag as Gia strokes two cocks. Another guy (Anthony Hardwood) provides Gia with cock for an RCA. A2M and Gia tries to swallow the cock whole. Mish anal and tit spanking. Mish vag with two different guys. Cut to Gia on her knees with cocks being stroked in her face. The pops start flying into her open mouth and face. Gia gargles and swallows all that collected in her mouth. The rest she's wearing home. What a genuinely nasty woman Gia Paloma is.
Another dungeon sequence for Aurora and then she's in a bubble bath being serviced by Hannah Harper and Lucy Lee. The girls get friendly with each other and a set of glass dildoes come out for Lucy and Hannah to play with. They're swirled, making them the perfect anal toy. The girls seem to have a genuine hunger for each other and lick one of the dildoes between them. Lucy goes down on Hannah. Aurora just looks left out. A dildo gets worked into Hannah's slit and Lucy licks her clit. P2M for Hannah, then she gets to reciprocate in kind. Aurora has her own toy to play with as she appears to close in on them. Lee Stone shows up and he might be the luckiest man in all Christendom. He sticks his cock in Lucy's face, a woman who knows what to do with it. Hannah fucks her with the toy, then joins the cock slobbering. She and Lucy make that bad boy disappear down their throats before Lucy gets a ride in RC. P2OGM for Hannah and she re-plants the cock in Lucy's pussy. They repeat the act a couple of times, then Hannah gets her wet pussy plumbed in mish. Lee strangles her while Lucy strums her clit. Lee drives the stake in deep. Hannah manages to find Lucy's holes to lick, then a cut to mish anal. Hannah gets a good, deep reaming with Lucy continuing the clit play. Her ass is gaped several times. Lucy's turn. She gets rammed up the ass in doggy. Hannah's under there, making sure her pussy gets the proper attention. A2OGM and back to Lucy's hot ass. Cut to the girls kneeling on the floor, waiting for Lee's juice to share. Not much of a load, but they take it on their mugs and share his cock before going back to their lesbian toy play. What a couple of insatiable sluts!
The transitional dungeon sequence with a flash of some pretty sex toys interspersed. A portent of things to come? The scene opens with Avy Lee Roth and Shayna Knight smooching and assuring each other that they're going to have fun today. They present their boobs to each other and play with them like good little lesbians. Shayna's never been with a Latin girl. Panties come off and the girls take a taste of each other's slit. The swirly glass toys come out of hiding and they tease each other with them. Avy uses nature's lube on Shayna and plants her dildo in a quick move, eliciting a gasp from Shayna. Shayna uses her little toy on Avy and tastes the juice. A little more toy play and then they're joined by two real cocks Marco Duato and Alex Sanders. There's a bunch of mutual fondling and kissing before the girls get down to giving head. Shayna on Marco and Avy on Alex. They trade cocks and neither one of these women is an oral pacifist. Shayna in particular looks like she's going to end the scene prematurely the way she attacks cock. Avy gets Alex in mish. Shayna, Marco in doggy, then quickly to RC. Alex goes after Avy hard and there's some juice spraying from her snatch. A round of P2M and the girls change partners. Avy rides CG and Shayna gets cornholed in mish. Deep A2M for Shayna with a ball lick. Avy's honey hole is making Marco groan. They have a common language and I wish their sweet nothings were a little more audible. Cut to DPP for Avy. Another cut and an RCDP for Shayna. I like the way Marco scissors her for a nice deep pussy penetration. Avy's relegated to cheerleading during Shayna's reaming. CGDP on Shayna,. Avy's ass is inviolate. She does A2OGM though. More DP action and another A2OGM. Marco and Shayna seem to be connecting and having a good time with each other. Avy does a little spanking. I guess she has to do something. Shayna double sucks the two juicy cocks. A quick cut to the boys unloading their guns on the girls' faces. Some cum swapping and Shayna laps at Avy's face like a kitten.
The dungeon sequence leads to...the dungeon, with Aurora back for the final scene. Her master is Mr. Marcus who puts her on all fours on a bench and shackles her wrists. Some light, but sharp slapping around her body, then he gets a nose full of her nether region. He has a metal paddle that he teases her body with. Nobody in porn squirms quite like Aurora. Marcus has a cat-o-nine tails in the other hand and he works her over with that, too. The shackles are released and they start to get friendly. Aurora is rummaging around in his pants and finds something to snack on. She attacks his cock and he face fucks her. She does her two handed move and licks his balls. Marcus' cock looks like forged steel and he sets Aurora back on the bench for some missionary action. P2M leading to RC. Another P2M turning into a throat testing bj. Back to RC, then a switch of holes for RCA. A2M and back on the ride with a quick cut to doggy anal. Marcus' big sausage puts such a sweet smile on Aurora's face. He digs her out pretty nicely in this sequence and pays the price as he can't hold out any longer. Aurora assumes the position and helps coax the load out by sucking him off. He gives her his joy juice and shackles her again after some PCH, leaving Aurora to wonder who she'll submit to next.
Epilogue A fairly strong video that starts out with a stellar performance by Lauren and Aurora. Jay Ashley doesn't deserve the pleasure he was afforded here. That's probably why they felt compelled to torture him a bit. Gia engaged in a clusterfuck that seems to be in tune with her voracious appetites. Lucy and Hannah put on a fine show, but it was annoying that Aurora was there and just being used as wallpaper. In the next scene Avy got relegated to the bench once the serious anal got started, holding back a scene that began with good balance and a lot of energy and fun for all. I don't have a problem with her lack of anal, even in an analcentric title, but she could have done something. Why not sit on Shayna's face during the DP's and make her airtight? Ending the video with Aurora slaking her dark desires was good. It seems like the intention going in was to make a fetish video with BDSM trappings. Kind of a holdover from her turn in Dementia. I guess I already mentioned that. There was a departure from that for the middle scenes, but maybe they should have stuck with the theme.
The Disk Trailers, photo gallery, pop shots, biographies on everyone and a BTS that's a montage of things emanating from the dungeon scenes. Decent extras.
Recommendation This is a strong rental. There's good action and great women. Could be a good buy at the right price.

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