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Assploitations 2

Assploitations 2

Studio: Mayhem
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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HairyHand's ratings for Assploitations 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Assploitations 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Assploitations 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Assploitations 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Assploitations 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Assploitations 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Assploitations 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Assploitations 2 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by HairyHand  on  3/19/2004

This movie has 5 action packed scenes.  There was a fetish type feel to the movie with one room featuring a large metal cage.  The scenes all features anal since the title of the movie is Assploitations 2.  There’s also a big black dick in each scene though only one features a real big black dick attached to Mr. Marcus.  There’s something for everyone from oral to double anal, from two girls and one guy to two guys and one girl and of course the interracial finale.

Scene 1
The scene starts off with Aurora fooling around with the voluptuous Vicky Vette on a sofa in a nondescript room.  Aurora plays with Vicky’s big tits on her face and they talk for a bit before Vicky goes into a cage.  Inside the cage, Vicky does a sexy striptease with some loud music playing.  Then Tony T appears outside the cage, naked.  So like the usual porn scene, Vicky goes down and starts giving him a blowjob with Tony pushing his cock up against Vicky’s cheeks.  All this while Vicky is behind bars in the cage!

After a quick blowjob, Tony opens the door to the cage so he can get closer to Vicky.  Once he opens the door, he goes in and forces his dick deeper into Vicky’s beautiful mouth all the while grabbing her head and tits.  There’s a little face fucking going on and Vicky takes his whole dick in her mouth.  Vicky then suggests that he eat her pussy so he puts her up against the bars of the cage and gives her pussy a few licks and then fingers her a bit before finally shoving his dick inside of her. 

They fuck a bit standing up while Vicky leans against the bars of the cage, which doesn’t look like a lot of fun.  They then switch positions with Tony pounding her pussy from behind.  The camera angle is great because it gives such a good view of the pussy pounding action and you can see the saliva/lube/pussy juice dripping off her pussy. 

The two then walk out of the cage and move onto the sofa where the scene all started.  Here it’s a reverse cowgirl with the fucking fast and furious.  Vicky’s tits bounce around a lot which makes it very visually appealing to this reviewer.  They move to a close-up of their union but now Vicky is taking it up the ass and playing with her pussy.  Again, the two fuck hard and it’s just such a great view of Vicky’s pussy and ass filled with cock.  Vicky gets up and switches to a cowgirl so that she’s taking it up the ass while facing Tony.   They then switch again with Tony on top and pounding away at Vicky’s ass.  God I wish I was him with my dick buried in her ass.  But then again, if it was me, I would have gone off a long time ago and fallen asleep.  They switch to yet another position this time with Vicky lying on her back with her legs to the side and Tony just pounding away without a care in the world.  Being a male porn star looks like such a great job.   They then get off the sofa and lie down on the floor and after some brief words, Tony puts his dick where the sun doesn’t shine in a spoon position.  With his dick in her ass and his hands over Vicky’s big tits, they kiss and really seem to be enjoying themselves. 

After all that vigorous fucking, Tony gets to titty fuck Vicky and shoots a nice load into Vicky’s mouth.  The scene ends with a close-up on Vicky’s big beautiful tits.

Scene 2

The scene starts off with Hannah Harper and Ashley Long on a sofa which Aurora Snow quickly joins.  She then talks with them for a bit before the action begins.  Hannah and Ashley are wearing nice thin torn cotton T’s and panties.  The introduction reveals that both Hannah and Ashley are also both wearing butt plugs.  What a great way to start a scene with two hot blonds wearing skimpy thin white T-shirts and they then take their butt plug and shoves it into each others mouths.  The plugs then go back to where they started and Ashley then pushes Hannah back onto the sofa and rips off Hannah’s T-shirt and panties and plays with Hannah’s pussy while Hannah still has a plug up her butt.   Ashley introduces a big black dildo and tries to shove it into Hannah.  I don’t think it’s physically possible to put such a large object all the way into a woman without doing some damage.  A lot of spit and trash talking between the two lovely ladies which is great because they both have British accents. 

Ashley then starts to shove her fingers into Hannah’s beautiful pussy and gets four fingers in and then puts first one, then two, then three and finally four fingers into Hannah’s asshole as well as her pussy.  Watching two beautiful women doing such nasty things to each other and Hannah even licks her own juices off of both of Ashley’s hands.  I wish I was in Ashley’s position while she was playing with Hannah’s body and eating her pussy, except for wearing a butt plug. 

The two lovely ladies switch positions and Hannah rips off Ashley’s white T’s and it is Hannah trying to shove the big black dildo up Ashley’s ass.  Again, not much gets inserted because I don’t think it’s possible because it’s just too freaking big. 

Jay Ashley then makes his entrance and he’s immediately fucking Ashley’s face.  It looks a bit rough with him holding her head and just shoving his dick into her mouth.  A lot of saliva is seen and while Ashley and Jay are fooling around, Hannah is busy fingering Ashley’s pussy.  Jay then brings back the big black dildo and starts putting it into Ashley’s pussy while Hannah’s getting face-fucked.  Hannah doesn’t just lick and suck Jay’s dick but also licks his balls as well.  Then Jay doggy fucks Ashley’s ass while Hannah is licking and fingering Ashley’s pussy from below.  Jay puts his dick into Ashley’s ass and Hannah’s mouth and encourages Hannah to put not two but four fingers into Ashley’s pussy while he’s pounding away in Ashley’s ass.

Hannah then switches position with Ashley though she first takes Jay’s cock in her pussy.  Mr. dildo makes another appearance trying to get into Hannah’s pussy but again, not a lot of it really gets into Hannah.  I think it’s too big for either girl to really take it.  There’s a lot of ATM going on and then Jay gets Ashley sucking his dick while Hannah is rimming his ass and Jay’s fingering Ashley’s asshole.  That looks like a very fun position.  Jay then picks Ashley up and eats her pussy while she’s sucking his dick, it’s a standing 69.  The two girls then both lick Jay’s cock and then it’s Hannah sucking Jay’s dick while Ashley’s licking his ass.  Ashley’s slapping Jays butt while he’s face-fucking Hannah and plays with her pussy and tits.  It’s then two girls licking Jay’s asshole, though I didn’t get to see that view well which is probably a good thing.

The two girls then get into a doggy position with Jay first licking both girls asshole before he fucks Hannah in the ass.  Jay and Ashley then try to shove the big black dildo into Hannah’s ass and it seems like they get some of it into her.  Again, it’s not too much.  Ashley sucks Jay’s dick while Jay has a couple of fingers in Hannah’s ass and Ashley has a couple of fingers in Hannah’s pussy.  Ashley then holds Jay’s dick while he’s fucking Hannah’s ass and soon it’s Ashley’s turn to take it up the ass in the doggy position.  Jay just pumping away and Jay and Hannah try to put the big black dick in Ashley’s ass.  Again, it looks like the dildo goes in deeper than before and Jay says he’s got four inches inside of Ashley’s asshole, but it only looks like an inch or two.  Jay also tries to shove his dick in Ashley’s pussy while she still has the dildo in the ass, but then he makes Hannah lick off the dildo.  Jay goes back to fucking Ashley’s ass and he finally comes in Hannah’s mouth.  Hannah being the good girl that she is lets Jay’s essence drip into Ashley’s waiting mouth.  Then the surprise of the scene is that Ashley drips the cum into a naked Aurora’s waiting mouth.  The three girls share some kisses and the scenes fades to black while focusing on Aurora.

Scene 3

Scene three features Aurora Snow and the beautiful Lauren Phoenix.  The two kiss and fondle each other and soon Lauren’s topless.   Steve Hatcher then shows up and the two girls start off by giving him a blowjob.  Both girls take the whole dick down to the root and they both seem to be enjoying themselves.  It’s always a thing of beauty when a girl takes a guys dick all the way down their throat, and two girls makes it twice as good. 

While Lauren continues to suck, Steve gets to Aurora’s pussy.  It’s then Lauren who gets to eat Aurora out while Steve finally gets Lauren’s panties off.  Steve then fucks Aurora while Lauren rubs Aurora’s pussy and tits.  Every so often, Lauren would take Steve’s dick out and suck on it a bit and lick Aurora pussy.  Then a close-up of Lauren licking Aurora’s clit while Steve continues to fuck Aurora. 

It soon becomes Lauren who gets a dick in her pussy when she leans over and Aurora is the one who’s below licking Lauren’s pussy and Steve’s dick.  Fucking a girl’s pussy and then another girl’s mouth and then back to pussy and back to mouth seems like it’s a lot of fun.

The two girls then both get up on the sofa and the assfucking begins.  Aurora takes it up the ass first while Lauren rubs Aurora’s pussy.  And we get a great close-up of Aurora’s asshole being fucked by Steve’s dick.  A little ATM action goes on while Lauren deep throat’s Steve’s dick and it’s back to Aurora’s asshole once again.  Lauren also licks Aurora’s asshole for good measure.

Lauren then like the good trooper that she is, gets assfucked and eats out Aurora’s pussy.  The girl knows how to multi-task, taking it up the ass, eating Aurora’s pussy, fingering herself, and talking dirty all at the same time. 

Aurora and Lauren then suck Steve’s cock a little before the scene changes so that Aurora is on top of a naked Lauren and Steve first fucks Aurora, and then Lauren, and back to Aurora and back to Lauren.  For good measure, Steve also licks his tongue up and down Aurora’s pussy and ass, and Lauren’s pussy and ass.   It must be confusing for Steve to have four holes one on top of another and all equally fuckable.  But the movie is called Assploitations 2, so he goes for their asses.   Steve finally shoots his load onto Aurora’s waiting mouth and Aurora promptly shares it with Lauren.  Aurora’s such a sweet girl for sharing.

Scene 4

Aurora begins by introducing brunette Julie Night and says the scene will have a double anal.  Aurora also gets to play with Julie’s tits and shows us Julie’s ass.  Julie  takes her clothes off and then sucks a clear plastic dildo.  She also shoves two fingers into her ass.  Then the clear dildo goes up her ass and she starts fucking herself with it.  And then she pulls it out of her ass and licks the dildo all over.  She then lies on her back and fingers her pussy while fucking herself in the ass with her dildo. 

Two guys, Alex Sanders and Mr. Pete show up and the big black dildo reappears.  Alex then face fucks Julie while Mr. Pete has four fingers up her ass.  The four fingers suddenly become eight fingers!  Alex for some odd reason gets a bit rough with Julies breasts and slaps one every so often while he continues to face fuck her.  The black dildo then tries to makes its appearance into Julie’s asshole and Alex then shoves Julie’s panties into her mouth and his dick as well for good measure.  Soon Julie is fucking her ass with the black dildo and it looks like she took a few inches of it in her ass. 

The two guys then get busy.  Julie is lying on her back and Alex fucks her face while Mr. Pete fucks her ass.  An amazing amount of goo comes out of her throat and it looks like a Peter North stream of cum.  Julie then gets up and the two guys switch holes with Alex in Julie’s ass while Mr. Pete fucks her mouth.  Alex then facefucks Julie and the two guys seem to get a tad rough with Ms. Night.  A little slapping of her face from Mr. Pete’s dick and some trash talking from Julie along the lines of   “fucker, fuck that fucking ass!” 

The scene moves on with Julie on her back getting her pussy fucked while she jerks Mr. Pete’s dick.  Alex then goes back to fucking Julie’s ass and we get a close-up of the action.  Then it’s the double anal sandwich with Alex doing the fucking and being the guy on top.  Double anal, or double vaginal for that matter isn’t that arousing for me because I don’t think I like having my dick rubbing against another guy’s dick.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just not my cup of tea.  Fortunately, the DAP is short.  Julie then gets off and gives a messy deep throat and licks one of the guy’s asshole and dick.  It’s back to a close-up of the DAP and this goes on for longer than the first DAP bit.  She seems to like it, at least more than I do. 

The scene then changes with Julie sucking both dicks.  It was nice to see her deep throat the two dicks.  Finally, she gets onto her back and the guys jerk themselves off over her face while she’s fucking her ass with the big black dick.  She also does some cum gargling before she swallows. 

Scene 5

The last scene in the movie features Aurora and Mr. Marcus.  It starts off with a topless Aurora on a bed just playing with her tits and the rest of her charms.  It was a refreshing change of pace to see her rubbing her pussy with her panties on.  It leaves a lot to the imagination, which is a good thing sometimes.  Especially since I know I’ll get to see her without those panties in a couple of minutes. 

Mr. Marcus then walks over and Aurora starts him off with a nice blowjob.  Unlike the earlier blowjobs in this movie, this ones seems like a more leisurely one and she looks up at him every so often.  Aurora really seems to give a good blowjob and uses her hands a lot.  I would have liked to see her try to deep throat him, but it was still a very good relaxed blowjob.

They then change positions to a reverse cowgirl with Aurora bouncing up and down happily on Mr. Marcus’ cock.  It comes out every so often, but that’s because of their vigorous movements, not because Mr. Marcus is deficient in the size department.  She then gets off and goes back to sucking on his cock and here she takes more of his dick down her throat.

She then mounts Mr. Marcus and is riding him cowgirl style.  The scene has a great camera angle for this position and a nice close-up of their joining can be seen.  The two of them really seem to enjoy this and the intensity level rises a little.  Aurora get off and sucks his dick some more.  And then Aurora climbs back on for some more cowgirl action.

The scene then changes with a reverse cowgirl again and a view of Mr. Marcus in Aurora’s pussy.  Soon that changes with Aurora on her back and Mr. Marcus fucking Aurora’s asshole while she rubs her clit and pussy.  Mr. Marcus seems to enjoy himself just stroking it back and forth in Aurora’s ass and she seems to be enjoying it as well. 

They change positions again, this time with Aurora’s face down and her ass up.  Mr. Marcus readies her ass with his fingers and then it’s back to the promised land once again for his dick as he pumps away doggy style.  A shot of Aurora’s gaping asshole and some brownish goo is easily visible when Mr. Marcus pulls out.  And then it’s back into Aurora’s asshole again and this time it’s mostly Aurora moving back and forth impaling herself on Mr. Marcus’s cock.  Aurora then lies on her stomach while Mr. Marcus fucks her ass.  He then comes into her waiting mouth.

Audio quality – sometimes good, sometimes bad.  But it might have been my DVD player. 
Video quality – at times very good, but during the interviews in special features section looked like video quality instead of DVD quality.  Also, on my DVD player, it froze in the middle of the fourth scene, but no problem on the DVD on my laptop.
Extras – the interviews were good and informative.  It’s seems Hannah Harper is going to get another boob job to get it bigger.  Ashley Long seemed dumb because she didn’t know the title of the movie, though from what Hannah said, it’s not too uncommon for girls who do a lot of scenes in one week.  Also learned the reasons why Hannah doesn’t do interracial.


This is a great movie and I really enjoyed four out of the five scenes.  I especially loved the Hannah Harper and Ashley Long scene.  It was energetic and both girls were extremely attractive.  Their British accent also took it up a notch.  Not that the Aurora scene with Mr. Marcus was bad, both of them do such good work that it’s expected.  For the two of them it’s an average scene but that’s because they’ve set the bar so high for themselves.  The only downer was the Julie Night scene, but that’s because she wasn’t all that attractive and because I’m not a fan of double anal.  All in all, a great movie with hot girls.

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