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Asses High 2

Asses High 2

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Asses High 2:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Asses High 2 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Asses High 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Asses High 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Asses High 2 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Asses High 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Asses High 2 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Asses High 2 A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  10/28/2002

Asses High 2
Digital Sin / New Sensations
Directed by Chris English
Starring: Monica, Soffia, Ulma, Carol, Karina Play, Linda Petrovskaya, Denis Marti, Juliano Ferraz, Robert Rosenberg, Frank Gun
Running time: 85mins

Bearing in mind the old adage "don't believe the hype", it's wise to treat the box cover blurb on porn movies with some suspicion. Such is the case with Asses High 2, which isn't quite the anal rampage Digital Sin's copy writer tries to imply. What's on offer is a rather rudimentary selection of energetic and modestly enjoyable sex scenes, which certainly do feature a fair measure of anal sex, but it's definitely not "all anal" as is claimed. That said, it's not always important and to balance this director Chris English has fixed his lens on some interesting women on this particular visit to Prague.

First up is the robustly figured, short-haired brunette Soffia, who has a pretty face but a slight harshness about her (to me, anyway). She takes on Denis Marti and Robert Rosenberg. The build up to the sex is quite well done, as she teases the chaps before she lasciviously slurps their pricks. It's easy to see why she's been picking up a few credits lately, though this is the first scene I've seen her in.

The fellows take turns fucking her over the desk, before the trio move to the bed for further action that soon enough takes a turn for the anal. She gives a good impression of being into the regular sex but I am really not sure what to make of Soffia's vehement reaction as she is buggered and double penetrated too. Whatever, it's a good enough scene to get Soffia's sense of passion and sexuality across and I'd like to see her again. Her attitude is admirable - after Denis and Robert shower her face with come, she seems eager to go again. Maybe next time!

Karina & Linda
Frank Gun arrives at an apartment occupied by this sex duo - Karina is the main cover girl, and what a treat she is. It's slightly unfortunate that Chris English's rather basic approach to lighting, shooting, styling and so on doesn't tend to make the girls look their best, but there's no disguising Karina's outstanding form, all long tanned legs and fabulous boobs. Her blonde playmate Linda is not hard on the eye either, and together they provide Frank with some diverting entertainment.

First there's lots of oral, and the girls are as eager to taste each other as to taste Frank's cock. This is useful as Frank begins fucking Karina as the girls 69, then Linda gets her turn. It slightly annoys me that director English seems to want her to make more noise - Linda's apparently blissful, if quiet, response seems more natural. Anyway, after Frank fucks Karina while she stands in a doorway in a position that perfectly illustrates her fine form, it's anal time. This results in both girls adopting the position (that's face down, ass up) and Frank going from one ass to the other. Again I am not sure whether this is fully appreciated (Linda's' response is to say "fuck your ass!" to English!) but it's rather rude and quite reminiscent of typical Christoph Clark material. Finally Frank pops off on their faces, but the scene, and this is a common failing through most of the movie, fades too quickly to black. The other major flaw is that the picture is incredibly dark, despite being shot in a bright room.

I must confess that I am a big fan of Carol, also called Edita, who is such a cute little curvy blonde. As is often the case, the first scene I see a girl in is often the best, no matter how much I might desire more, and so it seems like I am never going to see someone really get under her skin in the way Franco and TT Boy did in her scene in 18 and Nasty 26. In this scene, where she's paired with burly Juliano Ferraz, her involvement is physically complete but it seems emotionally lacking. I can imagine that the apparent lack of communication - the pair don't seem to have a common language, other than the obvious one! - has got something to do with it.

Anyway, no real point in play by play here as Carol and Juliano use such a massive selection of positions, many of which are a real pleasure to observe, that I'd be here all day describing them. Suffice to say that the sex is energetic and Juliano gives young Carol quite a pounding over most items of furniture in the room. His thick dick is quite a filling for the girl, but she seems quite into it. Up to a point. A belting load of come on her face ends a pleasant enough scene, but without the chance for it to get to that other level, there's a certain sense of déjà vu after a while. Oh, yes, I should note that there's no anal sex. I've yet to see Carol do it.

Monica / Vanilla
ID confusion here - credited as Izabel elsewhere (Hardball 18, Sexx The Hard Way 6 for example), inexplicably as Vanilla on the credits, and Monica (by a process of elimination) on the box cover, Chris welcomes her as Monica, a pretty and vivacious girl with long sandy-brown hair, to the location. She exudes sexiness from the off, and happily sits down with Denis, who, as has been noted before, is not a handsome man but certainly has some expertise in his field. Overly familiar? Not a bit - this is what we like to see, as the duo get to grips with each other right from the off. In the bedroom, Monica gets his cock in her mouth and Chris' camera is naturally drawn to her well-built rear end, which is pretty damn spectacular. I don't think it unfair to suggest that Mr English's focus in this movie is as much on asses as anal sex, no matter how Digital Sin may sell it.

Anyway, the sex is pretty good here and Monica's into it, working her ass as she rides on Denis, and I love to see that. There's a real good feeling being created as they fuck enthusiastically, but not for the first time lately anal sex is included at the expense of the atmosphere. Monica's pleading looks at the camera tell you all you need to know. To me this looks like a real chore for her, whether it is or not, and thus it kills the mood for me. Really, no need for it. I love to see anal sex, but not at any cost. Here we had a scene with two people evidently enjoying some hard and fast sex and then the spell is broken. Finishing the scene in typical fashion with a wad of come fired on Monica's face retrieves the situation slightly. I should note that I've been assured that, as Izabel, our girl performs anal sex with a good deal more enjoyment in her other appearances.

Blonde, busty, brassy and blatantly sexy, Ulma teases Chris with obvious effects before he introduces the curvaceous woman to his cohorts Robert and Denis. She eagerly takes their cocks in her mouth, and it's while she's kneeling, working over the dicks, that Chris starts giving her substantial butt a few cheeky smacks, and commenting excitedly about her. I think it would have helped a couple of the earlier scenes, where there's a notable lack of personality, if Chris inveigled himself in the action more, though I suppose that would leave him open to accusations of copying the likes like Buttman or Ben Dover (though originality in porn is a rarity anyway).

Back to the matter in hand - Robert fucks Ulma and then Denis takes over, fucking her quite firmly for some time and bringing a delightful smile to Ulma's face. She seems to have no problems at all with anal, so the butt-stuffing and double penetrations that ensue are much more readily enjoyable all round, I feel. Seeing her on top, reverse cowgirl but with her black-stockinged legs waving, with a dick in her ass is a simple treat. Sure this is porn that follows a well-worn path (no pun intended) but it's pleasing nonetheless; for example, the finale is as welcome as it is predictable, as the guys plaster Ulma's pretty face with semen. At least this time Chris' camera lingers a little longer. Incidentally, this scene was shot in a room that's literally a stone's throw from the Astronomical Clock in Prague's Old Town Square - it's funny to see the tourists milling around outside while indoors Ulma is being shagged senseless!

In the end, I have to be honest and say that Asses High 2 is a rather insubstantial piece of work. Yes, there is quite a bit to enjoy but then the viewer does have to contend with some rather poor picture quality, some debatable editing, a perceptible lack of personality and a generally rough and ready approach. This may well be acceptable in a Nacho Vidal movie when he gives us some extraordinary sex that, at its best, draws uniquely unguarded reactions from the girls, but in Chris English's case the end doesn't quite justify the means.

The scanty running time is another issue - for a few bucks more you'd get nearly a whole hour more, and that's not counting extra footage, on a similar Evil Angel title from Christoph Clark or Rocco, who to be quite blunt, are better even at their worst. So ultimately I'd suggest Asses High 2 is really only for the more voracious consumers of East European originated porn (English is uh…English, but the girls are mainly Czech, I guess). Maybe I am being unfair, maybe that's not the point, maybe this is just an unabashed piece of fluff, and in that case, if you can tolerate the flaws to get at the good stuff, then fine. But in my view the flaws are too great to make this a wholly recommended release.

DVD Comments
As I already noted, the picture quality is not too hot - the first scene is too bright, or rather somewhat harshly lit, while others are darkly hued and grainy. This is probably a source footage issue, but to me it just doesn't look good whatever and to some viewers will be a notable impediment to viewing pleasure in this era of digital clarity. The sound is okay, there's really nothing major in the way of dialogue to make an issue of it. Where Digital Sin, who generally make reasonable quality discs in my experience, continue to let themselves down is in the extras on the flip side (an issue in itself), which are a generic selection of trailers and interviews entirely unrelated to the feature, and a selection that seems to have stayed the same for, what, two years now - they are the same on every Digital Sin disc that I have seen. On the movie side, there's a limited photo gallery, but that's all.

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