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Asses High

Asses High

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Anal
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Speelie's ratings for Asses High:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Asses High overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Asses High Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Asses High Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Asses High Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Asses High Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Asses High DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Asses High A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  7/26/2002
Asses High
Directed by Chris English
Digital Sin DVD
Released early 2002
DVD released Summer 2002

Cast : Myli, Sandra Taylor (aka Shila), Mandy Bright, Juliya, Suzy Dark, Frank Gunn, Alberto Rey, John/Zsolt Walton

This is the first Chris English movie I have seen. Apparently, Asses High replaces his previous Ass Quest series, which was released through a different company. Between the performers, the location (a Budapest suite), and the style of filming, I found it to be an almost equal blend of the works of John Leslie, Nacho Vidal, and Christoph Clark. Think of Leslie minus the voyeurism, Nacho without the crazy energy, and Clark with less finger and toy butt-stuffing. Asses High will remind you of the movies of all three directors, without blatently copying them, leaving a pleasant air of familiarity. Note that while the back copy says, “all anal,” Mandy Bright does not partake of any back door action, aside from getting a finger briefly up that orifice. All of the women are shown on the cover, with some slight misidentification as related below.

We begin with the very cute Myli showing off her large natural chest and small natural asshole. She’s proven she can gape her butt widely in movies such as Bacchanal and Hardball 17, and here she looks better than in the former movie, but not quite as good as in the latter. Still, she is quite alluring, and Alberto Rey enters the picture to finger fuck her ass as she blows him. Frank Gunn is watching, and joins to receive some head himself, while Alberto moves behind Myli to doggy fuck her. He very quickly shifts to her brown eye, and she shows good enthusiasm here, and as Gunn gets his own shot at her pussy. She rides him reverse cowgirl, in a manner that allows her breasts to be nicely displayed. Hard anals and DPs follow in several positions (mostly varieties with Myli on her knees), and everyone gets a good workout. She finally jacks both guys off at once, and while the cocks are pointed at her face, most of the jizz lands on her upper chest. This is Myli’s best scene I have seen when it comes to letting her receive extensive, uninterrupted intercourse, without pauses for showing off gapes or for anal fingering.

Sandra Taylor leads director English up the stairwell outside the suite, in a moment reminiscent of her scene at the same complex in Beautiful Girls 4. He follows her into the bathroom, where she lifts her skirt and sits on the toilet, in a moment reminiscent of her scene in The Voyeur 12 (even then, when she worked as “Shila,” Sandra was anything but shy). I’m not sure if she really urinates, since it isn’t shown, and there’s no tinkling noise, but she certainly wipes herself forcefully, and then begins to blow English. This and what follows is all shot POV, and up close it is apparent that her makeup is really overdone. Sandra leads English by the cock into the yellow and zebra striped bedroom seen in so many recent releases, where she further fellates him, and rides cowgirl. She’s always very enthusiastic, and usually works with at least two men at once. So it is no surprise that John Walton wanders in, his character dressed only in a towel and wondering what his girlfriend is doing with this stranger. Sandra sucks both guys at once, and Walton then moves around to take her from the back in the pussy and then the ass. She blows English a bit more, but he then stands back to simply film. I think something went wrong, because the doggy anal segment wasn’t that lengthy, and after only a very short anal spooning, English jerks off onto Sandra’s face, and Walton then does the same. While this finale was oddly paced, it forms my only real complaint about the movie.

Walton is back in the next scene, in the adjoining living room. It is full daylight, but he and Mandy Bright are dressed for a night out as they sit on a couch. The fool around, and she starts to blow him, and while she doesn’t deep throat his shaft, she still takes it far into her mouth. Mandy is an expert at being sexy on camera, and makes very good faces while being eaten and fingered from behind. She shows very good energy while fucking doggy and in a long reverse cowgirl sequence that shows off her tall, tight body. Walton strokes himself into her mouth to finish one of Mandy’s best scenes, similar to her turn in Beautiful Girls 4. She has better makeup than some other appearances, so she looks good, and seems very into it the whole time, though she never gets pushed to her limit as in Killer Pussy 8. Note that Mandy is labelled as “Jyliya” on the cover.

Juliya is yet another 1 by Day model who has made the jump to hardcore. She is labelled “Mandy” on the cover, and even when transposing her ID with Mandy Bright, her name is misspelled “Jyliya.” This was my first time seeing Juliya perform a full out sex scene, and she impressed me, especially because she knew how to perfectly mix looking occasionally into the camera with paying attention to her partner, Alberto Rey. She has very expressive eyes, and while she looks good all the time, she is extra cute with the look of concentration her face takes on in the more intense moments. She commences matters by fellating Rey in a small bedroom, before the two 69 on the bed. She already knows how to be sexy on film, and smiles a lot while riding him cowgirl and then spooning. Suddenly, he’s in her ass, and she’s no amateur in the anal department. She takes him up her butt with high energy in several positions, until they briefly cool down by moving to a chair. Rey reverts to her pussy, and while on top of her, back on the bed, he rolls off so that she can jerk his first load to around her mouth. They spoon briefly until he unleashes his second (and main) load onto her crotch, after which she sucks post-cum.

Rey is back for the final scene, sitting in a kitchen with Frank Gunn. Rey calls “the agency,” giving his name and asking for a girl to be sent over. It isn’t clear whether he’s supposed to be asking for a conventional prostitute, or for an actress looking for a little extra work, but when Suzy Dark arrives, she immediately discusses payment. The issue isn’t pursued, and the scene proceeds normally. Suzy is in a good mood, blowing both guys at once, and then receiving them one at a time doggy. They lay her on the rather flimsy looking table, and take turns penetrating her mish. She then kneels on two joined chairs for some anal, which continues in a couple of positions on the floor. She ends the movie by kneeling between the men and jerking them off onto her face. Suzy really impressed me in Tony Ribas’ Exxxplosion, and is just as good here, though the scene is less demanding, and she seems to have a lot to give. In both movies, she appears to not know how to be fake on camera, and so she’ll try to look serious for brief moments, but otherwise laughs and has a good time, and genuinely enjoys what she is doing.

As a DVD, Asses High is exactly like Nacho’s Digital Sin lines. It has the standard B-side of ancient trailers and interviews, and erratic chapter stops for the feature. The other extra is a short but nice collection of posed and action stills. The movie’s picture quality is decent, but not exceptional.

Asses High is a good little movie, a straight forward, no frills excuse for (mostly) buttfucking. It isn’t as good as the best from Leslie, Nacho, or Clark, but is a solid rental for those who enjoy the Fresh Meat and Sexx the Hard Way lines, and Clark’s lighter fare such as A Bevy of Blondes. It is also a worthwhile purchase (if you find it under $20) if you are a fan of several of these women, and have enjoyed them in their other appearances. This is likely the first of a series, so I expect to see even better results if there is an Asses High 2.

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