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Assault That Ass 7 (Red Light District)

Assault That Ass 7 (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Assault That Ass 7 (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Assault That Ass 7 (Red Light District) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Assault That Ass 7 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Assault That Ass 7 (Red Light District) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Assault That Ass 7 (Red Light District) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Assault That Ass 7 (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Assault That Ass 7 (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Assault That Ass 7 (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/24/2005
Well I'm getting ready to watch Taryn Thomas do her first dancing gig in a couple weeks so thought I'd give a close up look to this title which celebrates her tushy along with a few of her friends! Assault gives the feeling this isn't going to be gentle anal either so let's see just how rough the girls let these guys get with them.


Our first babe up is this busty beauty. We get a great close up of her face to get the party started and soon Jake's showing off her plump bootie, that's one great cushion Bailey's got for a butt!! There is some give and take with Jake and Bailey with Mr. Malone pushing in a thumb into her ass. The picture is real good too here giving us clear shots of her face, ass, tits, etc. whenever the camera's trained on that particular area. There is some toy play to her ass and it's soon replaced by a real cock so no vag sex or bj, straight to the A to quote another Red Light title. You get several close ups during the reverse cowgirl anal which also sees her skull fucked by a second cock, there's titty fucking too for young Bailey. I didn't like it when her nose was pinched, I know it's a fetish but I don't like it one bit. The anal sex also includes doggie, spoon with A2M, mish, cowgirl and a very nice looking piledriver anal ends the fine scene. You get a bit more A2M in the skull fucking mode and there's just a little more titty fucking along with dick sucking to both men before they leave their pops for Bailey to swallow. A very good starting scene for me anyway.

Taryn Thomas:

We get our covergirl up next and the scene starts with a shot of heels adorning her feet and then we move on to her ass and her shirt too is shown, saying Fuck Off on it! Standing up we get to check out Taryn's lovely ass and she runs her hands over that butt. Jake is good with the butt shots for Taryn that's for sure and if she hasn't done Ass Worship then Jules should be giving her a call! Well we morph right to the fuckin which sees Manuel laying some serious pipe to young Taryn in spoon, then on to reverse cowgirl and here a second dick comes in making this a dp. Michael Stefano is giving it to Taryn pretty good from above while Manuel is a very good anchor below. The boys also give their dicks to Taryn in a cowgirl dp and strangely she still has yet to suck one cock that I saw, well she finally did hopping off to give A2M to Michael's cock. Up next was some good hard doggie anal with serious gaping shown and this huge gape that's developed only widens in the mish anal. One last hot anal position was in reverse cowgirl and again they end up in a dp and soon the guys fill her mouth with their loads. A good scene but I would have liked some bj to start rather than going right to the ass fucking but again this is an assault on her ass so it does make sense, so strike my comment,lol.


Ok the next scene goes just like Taryn's with a shot of her heels and then traveling up to her face and Pink soon opens up her shirt showing off some rather nice tits. They chose her shorts wisely too as the ass cheeks spill out well. We hear some sounds of fucking too which I heard in Taryn's tease too so we at least know they fuck loud! Back to the tease, though, we get some nice floor shots of both her ass and tits along with Pink slipping a few fingers inside her pussy. A few shadows here but nothing to bad, Jake is quick to get the camera in a good position. No bj again, we go right to the sex in cowgirl and damn this girl's got one fine ass and you hear she's a squeeler! After some P2M it' on to doggie anal with A2M from Pink. Michael then slips a few fingers in both her ass and pussy to widen them up a bit, then it's back to his large schlong parting her asshole. You get more good A2M from Pink, then it's on to cowgirl anal and man the closeups really show off that ass good. Michael then pounds her slow in mish and spoon anal before she hops up on a stool and he gets behind to thrust hard into her ass. We close out with Michael licking her ass a bit and then filling her mouth with cum which Pink takes care of. I'd say this was probably the best scene so far.

Claire Robbins:

Up next we have a girl that sadly it seems has left the biz but she's left behind several good reminders of herself for us to appreciate over and over. I like her bubbly attitude which she seems to carry into each scene I see her in and she's not shy about showing off her body, playing with her ass or pussy and she confidently takes on one cock or more whichever the scenes calls for. Jake does well in this scene capturing that ass which Claire gives a few love taps to, then she goes for a walk so we see those ass cheeks move a bit, and we get still more good ground shots during this tease. Claire then oils up that ass giving it a neat shine and this scene unlike the others starts with some cock sucking from her to Michael while John Strong sits nearby presumably getting himself ready for young Claire. She soon makes her way over giving his schlong some love and then it's the classic kneel between the cocks trading them off and she double stuffs too like a nasty girl should!! Sexwise you get anal right from the start in reverse cowgirl, then on to cowgirl with generous close ass shots plus the boys dp her in cowgirl. They further assault her ass in doggie resulting in some gaping before finishing off in a RCDP, a standing dp and a mouthful of jizz to close it out. For fans of Claire Robbins this really was a great scene for her.

Georgia :

Well up next we have a girl that's been getting some nice buzz lately and for good reason, her shiny ass lets us know right away she belongs in this dvd, fucking A is this a bountiful bootie!!! Jake really does good here capturing that ass in all it's glory and Georgia does good to caressing it and keeping the shine going plus she spreads that ass some. There was some fucking sounds from the upcoming action heard but thankfully that doesn't last long, the tease doesn't really need that. Georgia also has a good set of boobs which she playfully shows off, nice large nipples and they are a great size for sucking too. Moving on you get Georgia on her knees jerking a cock and then it's on to some sucking by her as Sean Michaels casually sits in a dinner chair, they're having sex in the dining area! Georgia kindly stands up while giving him head letting that ass be spanked by Sean and the bend over shot here just looks good to me. As for the sex you get anal right away, and it's a doggie anal captured from right underneath Georgia. YOu also get a splendid cowgirl anal and I could watch this girl ride a cock like this for hours, her ass spreads out perfectly and you have ample handfuls off asscheek for each hand!! Sean further expands her ass in a slow paced doggie anal and for me I love reverse cowgirl anal when the girls got great tits and I think Georgia qualifies in that department for sure. Holy shit, Sean must have saved his load for this scene as it's actually better than I have ever seen from him, Georgia takes it all in and slurps it down. If you haven't seen Georgia yet this is a great intro to her and that awesome body.


The last ass to be assaulted belongs to this sexy blond who flops her blond hair back so we can see her face as the scene opens, it's done slow style to give it a better effect. Saana has got on a mesh skirt but the back is really bare so that her ass is shown off and she's topless too so the boobs are on display right away. Sitting down we get her legs spread and some pussy play is shot, Jake pans back for this shot before Saana moves in close filling the lense with her sexy body. You see John and Toni Ribas on either ends of the long dinner table Saana's perched on. She makes her way over to Toni bending down to give his cock a few sucks, then it's over to John Strong's cock and she does the same. Soon the guys are laying pipe to her with Saana continuing the good oral as well. Erik Everhard is on hand as well so 3 dicks for this babe, I know she can handle this easily. The guys rotate in and out fucking her ass and then letting their cocks get cleaned off by Saana. I didn't like the shot when they were fucking and the sun was cutting across her body, you can see lines like from windows shades on her body so not sure why they did the sex so we saw that. They soon get to a better location so we get better shots of the anal sex which included all the good positions, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, spoon and of course she's dp'd. They guys are also able to get some serious gaping going on with Saana's ass and closing out we see that ass nicely in cowgirl anal and finally they start unloading right into her mouth and on her face giving her plenty of cum to play with.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was a very solid entry into the series with all the girls really doing great. I'd give Georgia a slight edge because she's newer to me and I give Sean a bad time for his pops when they are not as good as I think they could be so here he really came through with a good one so I have to give him props and Georgia is a great young girl I have high hopes of seeing a lot more of. Pink was another girl I was very impressed with and the other girls, Taryn, Bailey, Claire, and Saana to wrap it up all give plenty of dick stroking material so this is highly recommended for purchase. As for extras you have a photo gallery, some behind the scenes and there is boner footage with Bailey which rocked, more of those mouth watering tits so be sure and give her one more look! Again a well done dvd that will be a very good addition to any ass lovers collection.

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