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Assault That Ass 2 (Red Light District)

Assault That Ass 2 (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Assault That Ass 2 (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Assault That Ass 2 (Red Light District) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Assault That Ass 2 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Assault That Ass 2 (Red Light District) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Assault That Ass 2 (Red Light District) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Assault That Ass 2 (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Assault That Ass 2 (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Assault That Ass 2 (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/3/2003

We all have our favorite area on a woman to look at and this RLD release focuses on the female ass-- the bootay if you will. Of course this won't be just a simple scene, no we are going to be privy to a full frontal and backwards assault on the many fine asses in this film. That's a very nice cover shot of Jasmine Lynn but will her ass stand up to a hard pounding? Let's find out shall we!!

Our wait is a short one as Jasmine is the first girl up and right off Vince shows off her ass and Jasmine is looking cute wearing a blue top and she is made up nicely. She gets joined by two guys who are soon probing and slapping her fine ass. Next up Jasmine gets a double does of cock and she sucks those twin pistons all the way down. Vince gives us a great up close shot as her face gets stuffed with cock. The focus soon returns to her ass as some fingers find their way into her pooper. We also get some good hard no hands head to go along with the finger action. Jasmine then says " come on stick that cock in my ass". So her request is granted and the sex consists of :
Standing doggy anal-- good close shots of the cock firing in and out of her ass. There is also some ATM from Jasmine on several occasions.
RC anal-- great full frontal shot of her riding cock plus her mouth is fucked hard by the other cock. More ATM plus she switches and rides the other cock in the same position.
Doggy anal-- the traditional position shot at a fast pace plus more hard cocksucking from Jasmine. Great shots of the cock firing into and out of her ass.
Cowgirl anal-- we see more of her choking on cock at first but then we see her ass riding the cock hard. There is more ATM action and finally the pops are shot right into a small glass, a Brandy sniffer?, anyways she is so thristy and after the jizz is shot into the glass she tilts her head back opens her mouth and lets the jizz shake be poured right in!! A nice opener from a nasty newcummer.

The next girl up is Aimee Donovan and right off her awesome rack and genuine smile jump out at you. Two guys are on hand to party with this busty beauty and soon those twin babies are being squeezed by both dudes. We get some chit chat from all the performers as well as Vince but with those huge tits let's get to some action!!! Aimee soon stands up to show off her nice ass and while it is a fine bootie once you've seen those lucious tits you won't think about her ass,lol. This girl is a future candidate for a Young Ripe Mellons scene if I have ever seen one. Aimee also proves to be a fine sword swallower and her giant titties are featured prominently during the blowjob footage. Before the sex starts her ass gets probed hard by the fingers of Tony Tedeschi. The sex consists of :
Doggy anal-- great floor level shot as her ass gets violated plus some more great cocksucking. Her ass gets slapped a few times at her request.
Cowgirl dp-- Aimee's 1st ever double penetration and the guys give it to her hard and fast.
RC dp-- large natural breasted women like Aimee look very good in this position and Vince doesn't dissapoint filming this double stuff action beautifully.
Mish anal-- More great cocksucking and the guy pounding her ass pulls out shooting his huge load right into her mouth causing her to spit it out allo over her face and running down into her hair. The second load is also good and she sprews it out as well thus ending a very good scene!! Aimee seems to have enjoyed herself which makes all the difference.

The next girl up is Micara and this hot 19 yr. old girl asks the age old ?-- Would we like to fuck her in the ass. The elusive answer I believe is Hell Fucking Yeah!!! but I could be wrong. Vince shows some great footage of this babe as she crawls around on the floor talking very dirty to us!! There are two guys on hand to party with this babe and of course Mark Davis in fingering her twat as he interviews her. We find out she was 16 when she first had sex, 17 for her first g/g experience, and 18 when she first had anal sex. Micara has a fabulous pair of breasts and we also see both her nipples are pierced. This is also her first two guy scene. Mr. Davis buries his face in between her thighs while Micara sucks cock above. There is also some multi-finger probing done to her sphincter. Micara also proves to be quite the deep throat artist. Great dual blowjob footage, it's up close and it's fucking hot!!!! There is also some hard throat fucking done with Micara who gags quite a bit and she seems to love it!! The sex consists of:
Mish anal-- she seems a bit uneasy so the cock goes in nice and slow at first before the pace quickens.
Scissors anal-- now firmly into it her ass gets pounded hard and she plays with the other cock. Micara does some ATM also deep throating the ass soaked cock.
RC anal-- fabulous close shots of her riding cock with the camera panning up to show her bouncing titties plus Micara sucking cock.
Doggy anal-- great underneath shot of her curvy ass being filled to its capacity. The guys switch into a form of scissors anal for a time before we get the two pops which decorate her face nicely. Micara also does a fabulous one guy blowjob in the boner feature section in the extras.

Allison Wyte is the next girl up and this freckle faced redhead is fresh out of high school. Looks wise she is not up to the other girls in this dvd but she has an infectious enthusiasm that really helps getting into the scene. This little tart has had some fun with much older men as she slyly tells us. The two guys are soon exploring her freckle covered body probing her pussy and ass with fingers. Allison soon gets to suck on the two cocks and she goes from cock to cock smoothly even licking and sucking on their balls. Her ass, again, is probed and slapped by several sets of hands. The sex consists of:
Doggy anal-- her ass gets drilled hard with Vince giving us a great up close view. Some ATM is also shot.
RC anal-- nice full body shot as Allison rides a cock plus sucking the other cock.
Scissors anal-- good hard pounding seen here. Plus some really nice throat fucking is shot.
Piledriver anal-- not shot a lot so its inclusion was cool to see, wish they had done this with Aimee Donovan!! Soon the pops cum and her face gets painted with jizz. This was the weakest scene of the dvd for me but bless her heart Allison had a great time throughout and it showed with her effort!!!

The next girl up is Jamie Woods and this blond British tart crawls around talking really really nasty to us. She also shows off her pretty pink pussy, and folks this girl is one superb dirty talker!! Jamie is soon joined by two guys and they are all over her body kissing, slapping, pinching, etc. Jamie is a nasty talker like I mentioned but she also is a very capable cocksucker. She also does a bit of rimming which is right up this nasty tarts alley!! Jamie also looks great on her knees between both guys going from cock to cock sucking them quite fast and hard. The sex soon starts and consists of:
RC anal-- starting off with the best position and she really wants it guys and lets us know it!! Jamie, of course, does ATM many times. There is also some more rimming shot.
Scissors anal-- nice position plus more nasty tidbits from this British lass. Some skull fucking and rimming is shot but her references to tasting her shitbox left me kind of cold, while it's true wish she had used a different term,lol.
Doggy anal-- nice hard pounding to her bunghole and more dirty talk from Jamie. We soon get two fabulous pops right into her mouth and she swallows it all down to end this very nasty talk filled scene.

The last scene stars Ashley Blue and she does indeed look Pretty in Pink!! as she crawls about on the floor. Vince gives us a great shot as Ashley spreads those covered ass cheeks wide open. Soon she is bottomless and probing her own ass!!! With a smile on her face she says she hopes we want to see her get fucked and the chorus of affirmative answers yelled at the screen must be deafening,lol. We learn this scene was shot after her memorable turn in 7 The Hard Way. There are only two guys for Ashley to play with this time but she gets right into the action gagging on both cocks as she sucks them hard and with a smile. After some well shot deep throat action Ashley is ready for her pooper to get plugged and it is filled in:
Mish anal-- she rubs her pussy hard as her ass gets plugged. There is some great skull fucking shot as well. Ashley also does some ATM.
Doggy anal-- great close shots of her ass as its filled with cock. The pace is hard and fast and Ashley likes her hair tugged so we see some of that as well.
RC anal-- shot beautifully also including some great skull fucking. More ATM is shot and the pace really quickens once she climbs back on. RC double anal-- Ashley is quite the performer and easily takes
both cocks in her ass. Piledriver anal-- with her enthusiasm this position really rocks before it turns into double pildriver anal which is a novelty position I don't want to see much of as the guys are facing each other as they fuck her ass. Some brief dual ATM is shot before we get the pops which come first from the doggy anal position and then the second pop comes from mish anal.

This was a great scene to end this anal assault dvd. Aimee and Ashley were the clear winners in this dvd with Micara, Jamie, and Jasmine turning in solid scenes. Definitely worth a rental and a purchase isn't out of the question for any RLD or hard sex scene fan.

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