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Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel)

Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel)

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Dick Danger's ratings for Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel) Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Dick Danger  on  10/17/2006
Ass Worship #7
Brooke Haven
Vanessa Lane
Gia Paloma
Flower Tucci
Lauren Phoenix

Iíve read some reviews lately where the reviewers criticized Jules Jordan for bringing his porn into what they consider ďfreak showĒ territory. Specifically they were referring to such romantic acts as double anal penetration, anal creampies, cum farting, etc. Well let me just say, I am not one of those critics. I want my porn to be as nasty as fucking possible, and as long as it doesnít involve piss or shit, I say bring it on. Jules Jordan might just be my favorite director working today, and I am a huge fan of the Ass Worship series. So when I saw that #7 had been released, I couldnít wait to see what manner of filth Jules would bring us this time. I am pleased to announce that I was not disappointed.

Katsumi is a very sexy Asian girl, and Iíve always had a thing for Asians. As the first scene begins we get some very nice tease footage of her in some purple fishnets and purple gloves. This girl has one fine looking ass, and I canít wait to see it get pounded. Katsumi must be very tiny, because her high heels are at least five inches tall. Pretty soon the dude walks in and she wastes no time in sampling his cock. For such a tiny girl, Katsumi can deepthroat like a champ, and she looks beautiful doing it. Itís amazing how much dick this girl can swallow. This is a very hot and long blowjob scene, the highlight of which is when she leans her head all the way backwards, and the dude straddles her head and fucks her mouth upside down. Thatís enough to make you want to cream right then and there! But if you did, youíd miss the rest of this hot scene.

After some brief pussy fucking, dude brings out a silver platter full of various anal toys, all of which Katsumi takes up the ass. At one point he shoves a very long dildo up there, which she then immediately deepthroats. Absolutely incredible. Then Katsumi sits on a stool with her ass hanging over the edge, and the dude finally gets to stick his dick up her fine pooper. After some brief ass pounding and some ass to mouth, which she really seems to enjoy, he breaks out another toy, this time a huge fat dildo with lots of ridges. After taking this monster up her ass, Katsumi again deepthroats the toy, which is quite a sight to see. I honestly donít know where she puts it all. Finally we get to the assfucking proper, and dude stretches her ass in a variety of positions. Katís ass looks hot in any position, and she does a lot of gaping. She also does ass to mouth between every position, and itís nice to see a girl who enjoys tasting her own ass juice. Overall I give this scene 4.25 out of 5 stars. It loses a couple points because Kat isnít really a dirty talker, and also when the guy cums, most of it flies over her head and misses her face. However, bonus points to Kat for licking the excess off the floor. Very nasty.

The next scene features Lauren Phoenix, who is not as petite as Katsumi, but has a nice round ass that looks just ripe for fucking. I wasnít too familiar with her before this movie, but after watching this scorching scene, sheís definitely moved into my Top Ten list. When we first see her it looks like she is preparing for a night out on the town. She changes into a very sexy black evening gown, but it turns out the special occasion isnít a night out, itís the three guys she has tied up downstairs. Lauren sucks all their cocks briefly while they are tied up, and then the rope (and her dress) quickly comes off. Now she starts to suck cock with abandon, and her oral skills really shine. This girl loves to have cock shoved deep down her throat, and she moans and gags with pleasure. At one point she even begs for someone to spit into her mouth! Lauren, will you marry me?? Now itís time for the fucking, and after only a very short warm-up in the pussy, the guys move straight to her ass. As they take turns on her hot shithole, she begs each guy to put his cock in her mouth so she can taste her ass juice. This girl doesnít even bat an eyelash when they pull out of her ass and shove it down her throat.

The action moves upstairs, where Lauren takes a cock cowgirl style up the ass while sucking the other two dudes. Then they quickly move into double penetration, and Lauren looks great with both holes being filled. She even begs for more, calling herself a greedy cock pig. God I love a woman who talks nasty! Next up is some DP in reverse cowgirl, which is my favorite position to see. Women look so hot with their legs being held wide open and a huge cock up their ass. Finally the three dudes are ready to cum, and Lauren happily takes all three loads in her mouth and on her face, all the while begging for more. She even gargles with the load before swallowing it all down. This is one hot scene, made even hotter by Laurenís nastiness and obvious enjoyment. 4.75 stars.

Next up we have Vanessa Lane, who I had never seen before, but oh my God is this girl hot! In my opinion she has the best body in the movie. She is really petite and skinny, but her body is rock solid, with perfectly round (I assume fake) tits, and a nice little six-pack. She does a little teasing in a vinyl skirt and top before she goes into the bathroom and sits on the toilet. Fortunately we donít see her peeing (thatís one nasty thing Iím actually NOT into), but when she is done, there is a blindfolded guy waiting there to clean her up. She dominates him a bit, talking dirty, sucking his cock, letting him tit-fuck those beautiful mammaries. She takes off her skirt to reveal one of the most perfect asses I have ever seen in porn. The guy puts Vanessa up on the counter top and fucks her pussy for a bit, while she moans and rubs her tits and her clit, looking great the whole time. Then they move into the bedroom, where she rides the dude cowgirl for a while, showing off her tight asshole. Then she turns around to reverse cowgirl, where we finally get to see her taking cock up that tiny ass. I really donít know how she does it, but she looks so fucking hot with that dick up her ass, and she rubs her pussy and talks dirty the whole time. She even hops off once in a while to clean her sweet ass juice off the guyís pole.

They the move into some anal in the cowgirl position, which really isnít my favorite thing to see, since you canít see the girlís pussy while her ass is getting drilled. But of course Vanessaís ass looks amazing squeezing that cock, and she really seems to love tasting her ass juice. Soon Vanessa is on her hands and knees getting ready to be fucked doggy style, and seeing her tight asshole spread open and waiting for cock almost made me want to shoot my load right there. The anal in doggy style is incredibly sexy because of her amazing legs, pussy, and ass. The couple moves onto one of those reclining chairs that you seem to see in every porno movie these days, perfect for fucking a girl up the ass in the missionary position. Vanessa pulls her legs all the way back to her head and locks her arms over them, opening up her ass for some great pounding. There is not a single position this girl does not look totally fucking hot in. Finally the guy is ready to cum, and his first blast misses her face completely and hits the chair behind her head. However, the rest of his load hits her squarely in her slutty face and mouth. Itís hard not to give this scene 5 stars, because Vanessa is one of the hottest porn stars I have ever seen. But since it was just one on one, Iíll give it a 4.5. If this girl ever did a gangbang scene, Iím sure there isnít a rating scale on earth that would be able to describe the level of hotness.

Brooke Haven is definitely not in the same mold as Vanessa. Brookeís a bigger girl, with big tits and a big ass, but still extremely hot. Brookeís wearing a pink vinyl number that has her big tits and ass practically spilling out. After some teasing, she goes to town sucking Julesí fat cock. She canít get it all down her throat, but she looks like she enjoys tasting it. The fellatio is brief, and soon Jules gets to fuck her juicy pussy. Iím not going to go into much detail about this scene, since in my opinion itís the weakest in the movie. Because the rest of this movie is so spectacular, this scene just didnít do it for me as much as the others. Brooke looks hot taking it up the ass, but her energy level just doesnít seem to match the rest of the ladies. Iíll give her credit for doing ass to mouth, and her asshole looks great all spread open. In the end when Jules cums on her face, she looks a little uncomfortable, and thatís a big turn off for me. Overall I give this scene a 3.75Ö it canít live up to the other scenes in this movie, but itís still better than 75% of the shit out there these days.

Next up we have Gia Paloma, another name that I had seen around a lot but had yet to see her in a movie. Like Lauren Phoenix, she has instantly become one of my new favorites. Gia doesnít have that girl next door lookÖ she has that slutty whore stripper look, with big pouty cocksucking lips. She comes over to this dudeís house under the pretext of changing a light bulb, but sheís soon parading around the house showing off her assets. The bulb never does get changed, as the guy starts to lick her fine asshole. Then Gia gets on her knees to suck his cock, and her big mouth and lips look amazing engulfing his prick. She loves to have dick shoved down her throat, and she even sticks out her tongue and licks his balls while heís embedded all the way to the root. Just for kicks the dude takes the light bulb she was supposed to change and sticks it up her ass, making her clean her ass juice off it when heís done.

We move upstairs for round two, where Gia gets on her hands and knees and the dude proceeds to stick a variety of huge toys up her ass. This girlís ass looks so fucking hot sticking way up in the air and being stuffed with all manner of objects. She cleans every one of them off with her mouth too, savoring every moment of it. She also gags and chokes on the toys as well as the guyís dick, just like a good little cocksucker. At one point he shoves a big double-headed dildo up both her holes, making her ass AND her pussy gape. She of course sucks this toy clean too. Next he fucks her in the pussy while she has a buttplug stuck up her ass. Finally the dude gets to fuck Giaís sweet asshole. He rams her butt in a variety of positions, with her doing ass to mouth every time they switch. Not only does she suck her ass juice off his cock, but she takes it to the balls and gags on it every time. You can tell this girl really loves cock. They fuck on one of those reclining chairs I mentioned earlier, and with her knees all the way back to her head he plows her asshole, making it gape every time he pulls out. Finally when itís time to cum, Gia jerks the dudeís cock until he sprays all over her face, and she revels in being coated in hot jizz. This scene is totally smoking hot, mainly because Gia is a complete whore. The only thing that could have made it better would be if she fucked more than one guy, just like Vanessaís scene. 4.75 stars.

For the final scene, we see Jules editing his movie on a computer. Heís looking for that one final scene that will top the whole movie. Lo and behold, in walks Flower Tucci, wearing a pink fishnet outfit that shows off her big fine ass. Flower is another hot woman that has that real slutty look to her. After a nice long tease in which she liberally coats her ass with oil to make it all slick and shiny, we get down to the action. Two men are waiting for her, and she wastes no time in sucking one of their cocks while the other one fingers her ass and cunt. While she gags on dick, the second guy shoves two glass toys up her ass, which she takes with no problem, begging him to stretch her ass the whole time. Of course she sucks those toys clean like a good little girl.

Soon the guys are double teaming her, one in the mouth and one in the pussy. Flower does a little bit of squirting while sheís getting her pussy fucked. But she doesnít want it up her cunt, she wants it up her ass, and the dudes are all too happy to oblige. As they take turns fucking her tight shithole, Flower lets loose with the nasty talk, begging them to fuck her ass and telling them she wants to taste her ass on their cocks. They move into cowgirl DP, and then reverse cowgirl DP, with Flower getting sweatier the whole time. When itís time for the cumshots, she takes them like a champ, getting blasted all over the face and in her mouth, making sure to suck the guys dry. But this scene isnít over yetÖ with her face still covered in cum, Flower lies back and proceeds to fuck her pussy with four fingers until she unleashes a massive gusher of pussy juice. What a spectacular finish! 5 stars.

This is one of the greatest anal movies I have ever seen. Jules Jordan knows exactly what us perverts want to see, and he never fails to deliver. Every girl in this movie is gorgeous and behaves like a total slut. If youíre an anal freak, run out and get this movie right now!

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