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Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel)

Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel)

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ass Worship 7 (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/23/2006
Well fans time to recap this Jules Jordan title. I see a couple good reviews already for this so I'll give a few impressions of what I saw. For fans of Mr. Jordan you come in a title of his knowing what to expect and if this is your first exposure then you've picked a great series for which to break your Jordan cherry. Another nice thing about Jules Jordan dvds are they are increasingly two disc sets so you get several juicy extras such as extra footage, a fetish menu where you can go to say all the anal action ,revisit the blowjobs or the cumshots. For what you pay to purchase a title by this fella you certainly get your moneys worth, provided you are into the central theme of the said dvd which in this case is worshipping the female ass. Some of the female booties you get to admire this time out include Katsumi, Flower Tucci, Gia Paloma, Vanessa Lane, Brooke Haven, and Lauren Phoenix. That is quite an array of talented ladies and with Jules trained eye filming the action is bound to keep you interested. If you watch the opening credits leading into scene one with Katsumi you'll get a very good idea of what this title has in store so perhaps go right to the scene so not to spoil anything.


Just looking at Katsumi standing in the doorway was hot but watching her spread open the top she was wearing to show off her tits that was some hot tease friends and Jules gets you not all the way up close but you see all you want to and more as Katsumi shows off her body. This sexy Asian then goes for a walk and you see more of her body revealed and I hope you're patient too as there isn't any hard action for the first few minutes. Jules then gets in there kissing Katsumi a little and then we get into some ass worship and showing us the floor shot was the right way to go. Moving on a little you get a well shot blowjob from Katsumi and I appreciated that it mostly consisted of her slowly encircling his schlong with her tongue, some deep throating but not so aggressive that she comes close to puking which is a sure turn off for me in a scene. You see a vast assortment of toys brought in and they serve to further prepare that ass for action with Jules sliding under to lick at her pussy some. Jules then has Katsumi spread 'em and using that fine floor shot he slides in that pooper for some doggiestyle love. Jules was living life good that day as we next see Katsumi walk over and stand over him letting him arch up to munch on her pussy while she got to suck his cock. More anal delights follow along with some A2M and we soon have Jules splooging a good load onto her face with some cleanup too. A very good scene to get this party started.

Lauren Phoenix:

Well our next girl is no stranger to most of you I'm sure and was the 2004 winner of the AVN Performer of the Year. This scene should be fun and begins with Lauren checking herself out in front of a mirror and she is already looking hot and the view gets even better when she opens up her lengthy white robe to reveal her naked body. You'll notice a neatly trimmed bush too but turning around you get the view we all want and that is looking up at that phenomenal ass. Sadly Lauren puts some clothes on covering that tushy but I don't suspect that it will stay covered long. You do get to see her in a sleek black dress though and hey we should like our pornstars to look elegant before they look Evil!!! Lauren then goes for a walk where she finds a trio of dicks all tied up and she naturally teases them a little by rubbing her ass over their covered cocks-- blue balls anyone!! Miss Phoenix leaves the guys tied up still even when she begins freeing their cocks to give some relief to their predicament. Lauren gets totally nude save for some gloves and a little silver bling around her neck and the guys are finally freed too with the rope being wrapped around Lauren's torso and also some over her ass cheeks but the rope doesn't stay on her thankfully as that would have wrecked the view for that ass of hers. The guys even do a little spitting into her mouth which doesn't do much for me but Lauren went with it and she also gags much harder than Katsumi did in the previous scene and for me I appreciated that subtlties of that scene over this more aggressive style. Having said that Lauren is very good at this type of scene and Jules was there to capture it all well. You get plenty of ass fucking with dp's to this sexy Canadian and closing out the guys give her lots of cum to remember them by.

Vanessa Lane:

Our next girl begins by leaning against a wall briefly and you see legs nicely covered by Jule's camera and it's sure to get some fine shots of her backside. Vanessa then goes to the bathroom where she sits on the toilet and what is there for her to read but a Fashionistas magazine!! Well a blindfolded Jules is soon joining her but he doesn't need to see to find that ass, he's a guy!! There is some good face burying done in that tush and staying blindfolded Jules sits back and lets Vanessa do a little knob polishing. I didn't see it but his arms are tied behind him too, it wasn't until he stood up that I noticed it. There is some fine cock sucking shot from a side view and you then have Vanessa lean back against Jules rubbing her ass crack hard up and down his shaft. The blindfold is then discarded and Jules has Vanessa hop on the counter for a brief pussy lick and then it's down to some fucking which is interrupted only for Vanessa to walk into a bigger room where the two hop on a large bed and the action resumes rather quickly in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl anal and then back to cowgirl this time with the dick residing deep in that ass. You get more fine footage of Vanessa's ass in doggie and then it's on to mish anal and finally the jizz is shot in her eye, on her forehead and yes some in her mouth. It was quite the load for our director!

Brooke Haven:

Well the last scene on disc one features this full figured woman who is both busty and then packing a phat ass hence the full figure! More good butt shots with and without clothes covering her body but the views to start were a little off for me and I liked it when the got to the next room where the lighting was oh so clear. Pink does look good on Brooke and she also has quite the knack for giving the right pose to show off her assets, in this case her ass! There is also some good titty caressing when Mr. Ashley joins in and Brooke then gets to drop down for a little oral fun still wearing that pink dress. At least the tits were pulled out and you see plenty of that ass which gets some oil rubbed all over it making it very shiny. I liked that in the first position, doggie, that Brooke was opened up nicely to the camera giving us some fine ass shots, then Jules pulls to the side more so we lose some bootie angle. The two then go for a little walk, Brooke stroking him as they go. Soon there is some very good riding being done in cowgirl and this is followed by some ass licking to Brooke to ready her pooper and then the anal begins in mish. You also see doggie, reverse cowgirl and we end with some titty fucking and the cumshot soon after.

Gia Paloma:

Our next girl is well suited for this title possessing quite the sexy ass along with some big titties. You walk along with Gia admiring her ass even in pants to begin the scene. There is more following Gia around Jule's rather large home and even in pants you see her ass creating a nice effect. Turns out Gia is there to install a lightbulb so naturally we follow her up the ladder keeping the camera at a strategically determined distance away-- about 6 inches maybe! Then Gia finally relents and begins peeling those pants off and we see just how beautiful her ass is and again stellar close ups abound here. Gia then changes into a different outfit, lots of blue which is a great color unless your balls!! Well Jules is no dummy so those shorts and top are off in no time and he does what any thinking man would do, bury his face deep in that ass!! After some fine ass munching Jules stands up and Gia can't help but notice the bulging in his briefs and the Ralph Lauren's are pulled down and it's right to gagging for Gia who is not one to suck cock half assed. We then procede with some good hard pounding to both Gia's pussy and then ultimately her ass which Jules is sure to make nice and shiny for his dick! Oh and Gia still had ner natural boobies too for this scene and damn they looked great here. Oh yeah, piledriver anal with gaping too and closing out Jules has Gia doing reverse cowgirl anal but the view is from his POV so we're actually looking at her ass as she's sliding up and down. Gia is sure to taste that ass too from his cock before the pop comes and it's Miss Paloma who jerks the jizz out, always cool to see the girl do it.

Flower Tucci:

Ok our last scene stars this lovely girl and well we all know what exploits she's capable of doing. Starting the scene we get a computer screen and Jules is busy checking out Vanessa's scene from earlier in the dvd and you see snippets of Gia's scene too, then some of Lauren and Brooke too show up so he's busy editing already even with one more scene to go! Well Flower shows up and wearing some pink mesh she begins distracting Jules from his work and shaking that phat bootie definitely does the trick, at least for me it did! Jules is more than generous with the bootie shots and Flower certainly has an ass worth shooting and shooting and shooting! There is some shining done to make her ass look better but what really gets the scene going is the hot ass shaking she does. Looks like two cocks for Miss Tucci to entertain and she easily does this sucking off one while the other fella uses a toy to prime her ass. Flower even does a little rimming in the scene and what Flower Tucci scene would be complete without some gratuitous squirting so you get some of that fun action too courtesy of Flower's Powerful Pussy!! The guys are sure to analize this sexy blond too and you have some dp fun as well for our by now very wet girl. A good finish too with her sucking the fellas off and they give good blasts to her face closing out this well done dvd.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well I said more than I thought I would but this title was worth covering a little bit more than the usual review. Jules takes a lot of care in putting his scenes on, you can tell by the set up/ scenery, the outfits for the talent, and then it's up to the talent themselves to supply the energy and they do a fine job of it in this one led by Flower, Gia, and I'd put Katsumi's elegant anal fuck up there too. She's so classy when she's nasty, I love it. Now for extras you have a fetish menu offering blowjobs, anal, and the cumshots get repeated. You also have back on the main menu some special features which consist of extra footage, a photo gallery, cast lists as well as Evil Angel filmographies for the girls and yes some trailers as well. If you like female asses and lots of time worshipping them then this is a fine title worth adding to your collection.

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