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Ass Worship 12

Ass Worship 12

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Ass Worship 12:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Ass Worship 12 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Ass Worship 12 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Ass Worship 12 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Ass Worship 12 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Ass Worship 12 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ass Worship 12 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ass Worship 12 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  2/27/2011
Prologue: Ass Worship is one of Jules Jordan's most venerable, and imitated, series. Since starting his own company he's been deliberate in squeezing out new volumes of this popular title, so each release seems like an event. This one, number 12, contains three women who are in my current personal top five. Asa Akira, Amy Brooke, and Jynx Maze. Not to say the rest of the cast is chopped liver. Ava Rose is probably the archetype for this genre, as she's got ass and mo' ass. Mariah Milano has earned herself a rabid following over the last decade as she's gone from an incredibly cute ingenue to sultry siren. I'm light on information regarding Katie Summers and Angel Vain, but one is doing her first anal and the other is giving Amy help she doesn't really need. First DP for Jynx. Asa continuing down the Hershey highway. Amy conquering porn valley one dick (or more) at a time. One more (last?) crack at Ava's ass. Mariah opening her keister for a very rare anal. I've got lots of reasons to feel optimistic about this DVD.
First ass up is that of Jynx Maze, a girl who has been taking North Hollywood by storm since last fall. She's the quintessential girl next door with a little something extra. A badadunkalicious booty. Jynx is beautiful, with perfectly formed titties. But when the waist flares at the hip, something special happens, and it's definitely worthy of worship. She knocks on Jules' door and introduces herself. She's got the whore bag with her for her "test" shoot. Jules leads her through the house, keeping a close eye on the booty, which he finds is bare under her sweater dress. Jynx shows off her outfits and Jules is attracted to the neon colors in her wardrobe. He was going to gather equipment, but her body stops him cold as she undresses. Maybe a little homage to John Leslie as he peeks from another room, then rejoining Jynx as she's finishing up with an ammo belt that matches her hot pink and black striped tights. They leave her topless and she goes out to the pool for her pretty girls. Jynx shakes her ass and slaps her titties with the belt, telling Jules she can take a little pain and doesn't mind being smacked around. I know he's not going to take her as far as she can go, but she can go for sure. The tights come down and she plays with her holy wrinkle. Jules hands her some oil and Jynx spreads her apple bottom with it. She moves to a chair for face down, ass up, giving us a great shot of camel toe. Jynx spots an intruder at the gate, but Jules knows him, and thinks it's someone he owes money to for a scene. It's Criss Strokes, and Jynx tells him he has to work for his money, then teases him through the gate. Ms. Maze leads Criss into the house, and it's on. Jynx pushes his face into her ass, which Criss also finger fucks. He pulls out his whopper and raps it on her cheeks, Jynx sinking to her knees and scarfing cock. She notices Jules' growing interest and unwraps him for a double suck. Eventually the camera is passed to allow Jules free reign inside the scene as Jynx slobbers on the two cocks. It gets difficult for her, yet her enthusiasm seems to grow. They stand her up to toy with her, then lay Jynx on her back for Jules to eat pussy while Criss digs in at the other end. Mish penetration for Jules, Jynx spit roasted on her back. The guys switch positions, then flip her onto her knees for same. Criss' big dick has her close to cumming, and she starts talking shit about her ass and wanting to be slapped around. Jynx fingers her own ass as Jules takes her from behind, giving him a little taste before he starts fucking. He goes balls deep while Jynx is getting nasty with the cock in her face, fingering her ass like a bowling ball, then driving into her colon, giving Jynx goose bumps. She wants to be fucked hard and Jules goes up and over for deep penetration. A2M for the sweet slut, and Criss is up the poop chute post haste. He starts beating her like a mule, and Jynx sucks harder. Jules sends her upstairs to a bedroom for more comfort, and Jynx hops on Criss' dick in CG. Jules joins and gives Jynx her first porn DP, dropping in to the short hairs. A2M, then a cut to RCA on Criss. Her pussy gapes an invitation to Jules, and he accepts. Double railing, then Criss goes solo in her ass and makes Jynx cum. Jules rejoins, Jynx exhausted and a bit dick drunk. She sucks both dicks happily, then a cut to Jules in her ass in spoon while Jynx sucks the long shlong. A2M again while Criss goes up and over into her ass. Jynx backs her butt up on the big dick, then cut to her playing with herself in preparation for the double denouement. Criss sticks his cock in her butt doggy and leaves his load, Jules following with his own nasty jizz. Jynx farts it out, tastes it from her fingers, and cleans the mattress with her tongue, also rubbing her tits in the mess.
Jynx was everything I thought she'd be, and maybe a little more. Aside from her looks and sexual antics, she brings a sharp personality to the proceedings and leaves no doubt she's having fun with this. I have one small bone to pick. I know this is about ass, but between two guys, couldn't at least one of them played with her perky fun bags? They looked so lonely and unappreciated, especially when the nipples were shooting out like little bullets.
Asa Akira. Exotic. Erotic. Dynamic. So special that Jules devoted an entire volume of Invasian to her. My personal choice for Performer of the Year, especially after her Mason helmed Insatiable. One of her physical traits that has always struck me is her beautiful body skin. Some women have skin that caresses the eyes, so rich and soft. Asa's makes your eyes pop out. Jules has her in standard fetish wear, which definitely works, but she's even more visually impressive in little more than a harness. Less is more with Asa. Her body is super trim. The ass is round and shapely, yet tight as a drum. And all this would mean nothing if she didn't also attack her scenes like it was the last time she'll ever fuck, and wants to get it all in now. Jules has her doing some tease on stairs, waving her bottom around in circles. She goes into a crawl at the landing, Jules' camera taking it all in as she gives him some subtle moves. Asa's g-string barely covers her sphincter and just parts her pussy lips. The view from the rear could hand in the Louvre. Some more tease at the railing, and Jules hands the camera off and starts to worship her ass. He's rubbing up on her from behind and Asa's reaching for the lump in his pants, bringing it out and stroking with her gloved hand. Light panting and a sly smile, Asa sinks to her knees to suck the boss' s dick. Slow deep throat, holding at the base till she's gurgling on it. Asa maintains a sensually slow pace, Jules stopping her as her enthusiasm rises, bending her over to toss some Asian salad. He enters in standing doggy, digging out that bomb ass pussy, getting Asa to double over and touch her toes. He moves around her side to play with her ass and Asa sucks his dick with her head by the floor. They take the action to the living room and Asa's back to pleasuring Jules with her wide mouth. He never lets her really get started, turning her for more body worship as they start to lose clothing. Asa bends over and sucks the tip of his dick, they kiss, and Asa's on her hands and knees on a recliner, Jules oiling up her pretty asshole for a pink butt plug. He fucks her with the toy and has Asa wink, then fucks her in doggy for a technical DP. She sucks the plug and Jules goes back to fucking her pussy, lighting the fire that brings out the best and the nasties of this beautiful woman. Asa loves having her pussy beat up, so the harder Jules fucks, the more responsive she becomes. They move to RC, Asa doing the pussy pogo. She's pushed off onto the floor for doggy again, then onto an ottoman for some soothing cunnilingus. This leaves her spread wide open for mish, and Jules couldn't possibly hit it hard enough to suit Asa. He does his best, though. She's ready for anal and Jules lays the pipe in there while Asa's got three fingers buried in twat. Her mouth makes the big O as he explores her innards, then raises up her legs for the deep up and over mish. Multiple insertions of the gaping asshole and A2M. Ass crack tease in doggy, then anal. The pretty pucker looks awesome with the gently pistoning penetration. Up and over has Asa nearing climax, her hand rubbing clit furiously. Jules sounded pretty close too. so a pullout with A2M. He goes back to the ass with a side variation of the same position. Cut to CG anal, Asa working the tip and taking it in gradually. Her hip movement and ass gyrations would make most guys spill at this point. Cut to piledriver anal, Asa rubbin' the nubbin. A little gape lovers interlude. Reverse piledriver with A2M, then she's on her knees sucking for cum. Jules doesn't cheat her on the money shot either, painting Asa's face and still leaving enough in her mouth for a nasty treat.
Asa's starting this year where she left off last year. She's a force to be reckoned with, and this scene was excellent, even though I would have liked to see Jules hit the pussy harder and longer before going up her ass.
Porn's sexiest Sicilian, Mariah Milano. I'll never forget the first time I saw her in a long forgotten New Sensations video, and being struck by how impossibly cute she was. That was close to a dozen years ago, and my how Mariah has grown. She has the obligatory enhancements, but the rest of her is purely natural beauty. Jules does a monochromatic tease with a beach backdrop through some picture windows and Mariah in silhouette. Going to full color and natural light, Jules is drooling over her womanly form. Mariah's got a nice bundle of a behind, though not quite as hippy as baby Jynx. She shows her big tits, then spreads her ass for Jules. A walk through the house, and Mariah finds herself in a bedroom with a full length mirror that she can join in the admiration of her form. We get it in duplicate, of course. She joins Jules on the balcony, beach at his back, and he starts rubbing her up all over. Her big nipples are poking way out and Mariah is riding Jules' exposed cock with her ass crack. Out comes the oil and Mariah's all shined up and ready for action. A lick of her cracks and Mariah crawls on top of Jules to make out, rub her pussy over his dick, and suck the newly flavored treat. The bj doesn't last long before Jules goes back to worshipping her body, drawing Mariah inside and spreading her on a bed. He eats her pussy while Mariah kneads her breasts, then tosses some salad before plunging his cock into her juicy twat. Up and over gives us a view of how wet things are getting down there, Mariah's cream running down her ass crack. Side entry, then spoon. P2M, Mariah admiring her taste. She gets nasty with it, too, before kissing Jules and leading him by the dick to another room and continue the bj on her knees. Jules bends her over the bathroom counter and fucks Mariah in doggy. He almost gets her off like that before Mariah pulls away and rubs him with her ass, then gets under for another P2M bj. In another room, Mariah vibes her pussy as Jules preps the ass for a doggy insertion. Patient, but insistent, Jules is soon stroking the tight hole. Up and over , almost sealing the hole with his balls, Mariah's pussy gaping lewdly with each deep stroke. A2M, then an even more forceful up and over doggy anal. A2M again, then CG anal. Nothing makes a woman's ass look better than this position, as it spreads naturally to a most pleasing shape. Very hot when Mariah starts sitting back on it in a slow, sensual, deep stroke. A2M. RCA. Mariah admits she's on the pleasure/pain tip and Jules powers from underneath. She rubs crop circles on her meaty cunt and gives Jules free reign to her colon. Mariah walks gingerly to a bar stool, one of Jules' favorite props, and spreads her cheeks for more sodomy. No gaping for Mariah, her backdoor slamming shut with every pullout. Cut to Mariah oiling up her boobs for a titty fuck and it's hard not to get aroused by the way her nipples stick out, and she sucks the dick like she's determined to draw out the payload. The money shot just comes spurting out while Mariah's stroking her cleavage, making him look like a cock fountain. Some PCH to end disc 1.
This is a scene that could have gone off the rails very easily. Mariah finds the anal to be difficult, but instead of pulling away or whining, she embraces the notion of submission to her man's needs or demands. Some of the editing probably didn't hurt either, as it appeared she needed a couple of breaks. Loved the way she got him off. Hated any appearance of her surgical scars.
Amy Brooke is, without a doubt, the industry's leading thrill seeker at the moment. With Sandra Romain and Annette Schwarz gone, and Audrey Hollander laying low, this tiny blonde has swooped in and infused her scenes with extra doses of excitement and nasty enthusiasm. Some stars push the envelope. Amy's trying to push the whole post office. Also, for the sake of worship, she's got an ass very reminiscent of a young Tiffany Mynx or Alana Evans. A real sweet bubble. She's joined in this scene by Katie Summers waving her butt in unison with Amy at Jules' camera. She pulls down Amy's shorts to give us a bare view of the object of our affections. Amy returns the favor and spits into Katie's wrinkle. A nice camaraderie is developing between them very quickly. They move from the pool to the house, stopping at the top of the stairs to make out at Jules' behest. Inside, Katie tosses Amy's salad, and of course, Amy does the same for Katie's wider load. Amy's into all things ass, and she's already fantasizing about the nasty things she's going to do with Katie's. Jules orders up some synchronized asshole winking, cheek flapping and waving, then turns things over to administrator James Deen, who picks up a couple of butt plugs for them. He checks them for tightness and taste. Oil comes out and he gives them a double finger fuck. Katie's tight, but I'd bet he could get his whole fist up Amy's ass if he wanted to. He declares Amy ready and sticks the plug, which she predictably tells James to shove in there. That's just the way she rolls. She goes over to help with Katie's opening, spreading her cheeks as James places the toy. Nice cameltoe action from behind, Amy's phat as hell. Some pussy play, and the plugs are removed simultaneously. Each girl sucks the toy out of the other's ass. Amy gets to play with some giant anal beads. There are five balls and Amy takes the whole toy, much to everyone's surprise except her (and me). They draw them out slowly and Amy sucks the balls. That toy was minimum a foot and a half, maybe longer, and those balls were about two inches in diameter. That's an amazing ass. She sticks a mini toy into Katie's butt, trying to open her snapper of a sphincter. Now they're ready for real cock and they congregate at James' dick. Tandem bj, Amy showing it isn't only her ass that's bottomless. She goes into advanced facial abuse positions while Katie can't get much more than tip. James has them back to back on their sides, fucking Katie first. She shows some real enthusiasm here, but Amy gets lit up by the hard invader. Seems like the spirit of competition has overtaken Katie and she really starts to give it up to James when he comes back around to her. Amy chokes Katie, finger fucks and licks her ass. P2M for Katie, sucking her cum off his dick, then Amy positions her pussy over her face while James enters in doggy. She gets cock slammed, then tells Jules it's time for her ass. P2OGM, and James just drives right in. He's balls deep in about three strokes, and fucking it like it was a pussy. Katie's got a bird's eye view hovering over Amy's ass, trying to get some licks in, but Amy doesn't want the cock leaving her ass, or even slowing down. Some A2OGM, Amy fingering herself during the brief downtime. More hard anal, A2OGM, and it's time for Katie. She starts in RCA and takes it like a champ, no doubt inspired by her mercurial partner. Amy sucks her pussy while she's being sodomized, then laps at Deen's balls. A2OGM for Amy, and back to the RCA. Katie looks like she cums, and she definitely starts to hyperventilate. They both suck his dick out of her ass, then a cut to Katie in piledriver position while Amy hovers above her taking it in her can in doggy. Katie gets ass reamed out of Amy's ass, and James alternates bungs. A2M for both, then a cut to Amy on her side taking the deep anal. Katie's right there to suck some dirty dick like a good girl, as well as taking his cum as he blasts out of Amy's ass. Cumswap for the nasty cum sluts to end the scene.
This was a real three ring circus, and like the Big Top, loads of fun. I think Jules has to be pondering what he can do with Amy. Weapons Of Ass Destruction and Feeding Frenzy come immediately to mind for me. She's just unbreakable. Katie started out slow, but her juices started to flow, and she was hot at the end.
Angel Vain is a thick platinum blonde with a nice round ass and man-made boobs to match. Jules captures her with an extreme wide angle shot in the bathroom, enhancing the largeness. He finds the word I'm searching foe when he calls Angel voluptuous. She spanks herself and oils up the ass and tits, a necklace of skull and crossed pistols dangling in her cleavage. She spreads her pussy for him and kneads her breasts, then greases up a pink butt plug and places it. Tight fit, but Angel gets it in there with a little stroking, then does some reinsertion for Jules. In the immortal words of Kami Andrews, if it comes out of her ass it goes into her mouth. She takes a walk with the toy planted and settles onto Jules' black reclliner ass up. He gets into the picture, fondling Angel's great ass and smacking the cheeks with his dick. Jules eats the pussy from behind, pulling out the plug for some salad. She sucks his dick open throated while he continues to fiend on the golden globes. Mounted from behind, Angel gets a technical DP, then a straight doggy fuck after she sucks the plug out of her ass. Up and over displays how wet her pussy is getting while Jules is hitting those bumpers hard. On her back, he titty fucks, laps her labes, and goes fishing in mish, legs splayed wide. He goes up and over scissor to really sit in her hole, then quickly to mish anal, and to the root. He scissors her in anal as well, in a side entry. Jules gives it a good workout, then feeds Angel the nasty dick. Cut to CG anal, unfortunately with very little propulsion from Angel herself. Cut to doggy anal, the perfect position if she's going to remain totally submissive. Jules pounds her in the up and over, Angel singing the praises of cock in her ass. A2M, then a titty fuck and bj. Jules ends her day with a thick, creamy facial that Angel laps up happily.
Not a very dynamic scene as Angel does very little to verify her stated pleasure with anal. No hip movement to meet the invader. The scene was at its best when Jules dug deep in doggy, taking full control of her.
Way back in 2007 I wrote a review for a New Sensations DVD, What An Ass 4. As was their policy, a bonus scene from another title was included. This one featured Ava Rose and elicited this comment from me: (sister) Mia (Rose) gets most of the attention, but big sister Ava shouldn't be flying under anybody's radar. She is one hot piece of ass, and she let Erik go full force on her, seemingly drawing more energy from him as the scene progressed.
Years later it's Ava who's taken center stage, mostly on the strength of her amazing derriere, and I guarantee that a great deal of the audience for this video are flocking here for what might turn out to be one last roundup for this popular vixen. This isn't a compilation or website retread, just a scene that Jules has obviously had in his pocket for a little while. I know he won't say for how long, and outside of idle curiosity, I can't see how it matters. It's Ava, and it's new.
Ava does some stretches for Jules' pervy camera, then takes the perp walk to his house. She's adorned in fishnets (one leg black and the other white) and black leather(?), waving her meaty deliciousness around in graceful circles. Inside the house awaits James Deen, sitting in the dining room. Perfect place for an ass feast. Ava sticks it in his face and lets James breathe in her goodness, then gets released from her shorts for better access, which James enhances by ripping the hose. It's an ass feast and he's clearly enflamed, not knowing where to put his hands or what to start eating first. Ava sinks to her knees and hunts out cock through his tighty whities. The bj is deep and nasty and enthusiastic, but far to short for my taste. James fucks Ava in doggy with one leg on a counter. He gets rough and starts smacking her face, then sends Ava back down to the floor for more oral. He sits on a chair and Ava sits on his cock. She tries to take over the fucking, putting that ass down beautifully and gathering in the cock, but James takes control again, same result visually. She gets the lead again and has a wet orgasm, clenching her ass on the dick and spraying some juice without a dramatic (or fake) pullout. He's squeezing her tits and her chest is flushed, and Ava walks away to the sun room and sets herself up for doggy on the couch. He holds her still and hits it hard, to Ava's obvious pleasure. Jules suggests that now is a good time for her to take it in the can, and Ava lays on her side to receive. I'm fairly certain this isn't her favorite thing to do, but she's displaying some passion for James that seems to overcome her discomfort. A2M, and back to the side entry. More A2M, then CG anal on a recliner. Picture perfect as Ava's spread ass fills the frame. Some tit spanking and more A2M. Cut to piledriver anal, then another cut to Ava blowing James and taking his ball blasts to her face. PCH to end the video.
Very hot start to this scene, but it slowed down considerably when the anal began. Still, Ava's performance was night and day to the one previous. Better chemistry. Hotter woman.
Epilogue This DVD started out like a house on fire, the first disc filled with super hot women and excellent performances. Amy Brooke, and to a lesser extent, Katie Summers kept the roll going. Unfortunately it ran into a first anal and all the discomfort that can bring. It perked up a little for the finale, but in reality, it just kind of petered out. Still, four out of six scenes that hit the mark is pretty good. I think we're seeing the ascension of the new big stars in Jynx Maze and Amy Brooke, and maybe the coronation of Asa Akira as porn's leading lady, making this a pretty nifty release. Hopefully Jules will find more titles to play on these women's obvious strengths, which were not completely revealed in a volume devoted to ass worship. I've recommended a couple of titles for Amy, and I think if he ever did another Take No Prisoners, we'd get a good taste of where Jynx can go.
The Disk There's about a 12 minute BTS, consisting mostly of extraneous sex. Trailers, photo gallery, and cumshot recap.
Recommendation It's worth a buy for Amy, Jynx, and Asa alone. Ava and Mariah are just the cherry on top.

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