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Big Raider Fan Ass Trap 4 starsAss Trap 4 starsAss Trap 4 stars
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Ass Trap

Ass Trap

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex , Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Bart's ratings for Ass Trap:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Ass Trap overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Ass Trap Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Ass Trap Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Ass Trap Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Ass Trap Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ass Trap DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Ass Trap A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Bart  on  11/4/2008

Ass Trap

Studio: Evil Angel

Director: John Leslie

Genre: The entrapment of asses?

View Date: 10/28/2008

Ratings Legend

Rating What It Means
CCCC Off the charts, exceptional, hall of fame.
CCC Best in class.
CC Better, very nice.
C Good, above average.
K Very ordinary, not good, not bad.
D Not so good, generally bad.
DD Poor, not worth the time.
DDD A complete and total failure.
DDDD You may need a retina transplant.

Ratings for Ass Trap

Category Rating
Overall Score CC
Female Performer’s Looks CCC
Male Performer’s Looks C
Audio/Video Quality C
Production K
Extras K
Plot K
Acting C
Intangibles C

Scene Breakdown

Scene Performers Rating
1 Alexis Texas, Marco Banderas CC
2 Priva, Marco Banderas, Ramon Nomar C
3 Tori Black, Dana DeArmond, Sean Michaels CC
4 Bobbi Starr, Alec Knight, Joe Blow CC
Extras Trailers, Cumshot Recap, Chapters, Photo Gallery, etc. No BTS D


Name Comments Rating
Alexis Texas Hot big blond, reigning ass queen, all-natural, pretty face, nice boobs. If Stagliano was behind the camera, her scene would have likely been an hour just on her solo. CC
Priva Asian, nice butt, small woman, horrible bolt-ons, lackluster performer. K
Tori Black Hot brunette, very pretty, maybe has lost a few pounds, has a great ass and her face looks fabulous. Great performer, seems genuinely horny and into her work. CC
Dana DeArmond Hot brunette, great performer, nice plump ass, all-natural, has a certain intangible hotness, great with men and women, she was awesome with Tori here. CCC
Bobbi Starr Hot brunette, very pretty, seems up for anything, has a slight awkwardness about her that does not take away from her performance or looks at all, maybe adds to it even. CC
Marco Banderas Overused in this movie, was on screen for about half the time (well over an hour). C
Ramon Nomar I have seen him in much better work - that is, paired up with hotter talent. He looked out of place in his scene, not by his doing though. C
Sean Michaels Gave his usual performance. K
Alec Knight I think he was the bearded guy with the angry look on his face. C
Joe Blow I think he was the guy who kept vanishing from the scene. C

Scene Details

Scene 1 – Alexis Texas, Marco Banderas

The scene starts with Alexis standing in an empty whirlpool doing what looks to be plumbing. She looks stunning – her ass is on full display and she proceeds to do a very long tease. She starts out wearing a tiny dress she wets down and then breaks out the baby oil. We get great shots of her goods, she is in fine shape. This goes on for a while, someone is muttering something to her and she is mumbling something back, all I hear is ass…big…ass…grunt…ass…grrr. It is a great start to the scene for the reigning Queen of the Asses. I have been saying for a while, maybe Alexis and her ass have run their course for me…but then realize, no – her ass has serious staying power.

She heads out of the bathroom, walks downstairs where Marco is on a futon looking thing, lying on his back. She immediately plants her glorious ass right down on Marco’s face and semi-smothers him. Soon after, she starts sucking him off, moving into a traditional 69. She continues to move her ass back and forth while she is sucking on him, all the while talking to the camera. They both get up and reposition and she squats down and starts riding him. After maybe a minute, Marco looks like he is about to shoot. This is not acting; he is making motions that show he is obviously trying to hold back. A quick edit later and she is back to riding and then a quick switch to doggy.

The lucky bastard basically stands there while she works her ass on him, pushing back, moving her ass around and doing all the work. He fucks her from behind for a bit, he doing the work now. He takes his cock out and half cums on her ass, puts it back in and proceeds to fuck some more. Some more doggy as she continues to work her ass on him while he continues to hold off busting a nut. A move now to side-by-side from behind fucking – her tits get overlooked a lot because there is always so much focus on her ass but they look great in this shot. A dismount and now some sucking – Marco looks like he has his bearings now. Don’t get me wrong, he is doing a good job, I just wish he would get that look like he is taking a dump off of his face.

She jumps up and starts to do a standing reverse cowgirl sort of ride, modifying the position, riding the hell out of him. It looks like she is going to tear his cock off with all that motion. She moves to some standing bent over sucking with some great camera angles and really good shots of her ass. He gets up, moves behind her for some standing doggy. It looks like they are both running out of steam but the camera angles keep the scene moving well. They switch up to a missionary variation – the scene is dragging a bit now. He pulls out, moves up to her face and cums in her mouth, she makes the best of it with a nice swallow but it was still an unspectacular ending.

Scene 2 - Priva, Marco Banderas, Ramon Nomar

Now we have Ramon jerking off in the filled whirlpool while Priva takes off her cloths and hops in and starts soaping herself up. Marco is still around, jerking off behind a glass wall while watching her plant her ass down on Ramon’s face to get things started. Priva is a nice looking Asian chick with a shitty pair of bolt-ons. Ramon stands up and she starts sucking while Marco continues his observance from behind the glass wall. She quickly turns around into standing doggy while she teases Marco as she gets fucked by Ramon. Ramon is at ¾ staff but can still keep things going since he is a bigger than average dude.

Enter Marco, she starts sucking him while Ramon, now full tilt continues to plow away. A quick halt and then they all get out of the whirlpool and start a double suck. That lasts a short while and then Marco takes a seat, she climbs on and starts to ride while sucking Ramon. She gives a decent ride while jerking off Ramon, really going up and down hard on Marco. She hops off Marco and over to Ramon who starts to fuck her in a semi-standing position.

She suddenly jumps down, runs out of the room and into another where she gets on all fours. The guys come over and skewer her for a bit and then a quick edit to her shoving a big purple dildo up her ass. Ramon enters her ass and just starts plowing away. She is a tiny woman but takes it without much problem. Marco lays down for some sucking while she is being impaled. Some quick A2M on Ramon and then she jumps on Marco for some reverse anal cowgirl. Ramon gets on top of them and starts up the DP. She gets off, sucks on them both and then goes into her riding Marco, cock in ass while she sucks Ramon. Lots of gaping and leakage for the fans of that take place at the 1:16 mark of the DVD. They take turns with her ass like a fuck-doll for a bit - the scene is actually starting to heat up! Back to some more DP, skewering, sucking while riding RAC, spanking. A bunch of more DP follows - holy fuck this scene is going on a while. At last they both pull out and shoot big loads on her face simultaneously. I got tired just watching them.

Scene 3 - Tori Black, Dana DeArmond, Sean Michaels

The scene starts Tori walking through the house towards the camera, nice tease and some great shots of her ass. Tori started in the business hot and she looks even better now. She sits down on some stairs and we get great close-ups of her spread and playing with herself. The camera catches a shot of Dana on the stairs looking down at Tori. She comes down, joins her on the stairs and starts playing with her pussy. They look amazing together - we watch as Dana gets up and walks away from the camera giving us a good look at her outfit consisting of a tiny red dress, black boots and a black latex coat as she approaches Sean on a coach. She promptly has a seat on Sean's face. The camera zooms in and out as she rides Sean's face giving us a great view of her fantastic ass mixed with point of view shots from the angle of Tori's ass.

Sean and Dana stay in a 69 as Tori approaches with Dana now sucking on Sean while riding. Tori watches for a bit and then has a seat on Sean's face while Dana sucks. Sean continues to chow down while both Tori and Dana both suck - we get great shots of them both for a while until Tori hops on top of Sean's cock and begins to ride. Dana plays with herself and watches them - Tori jumps off and they both suck on him for a bit until Dana gets on Sean RCG. Sean does a good job with the upward thrusting as we get great views of Dana. They take turns suck on him for a bit and then a transition Sean licking Tori a bit and then gives her some deep thrusting in mish and from the side. Sean gets up and goes over to Dana watching - she starts sucking and we see some good shots of Dana with a mouthful.

Move to Sean and Tori doggy with Dana watching and playing - some really good, deep thrusting with Tori's ass on display. Cut to Sean sitting until Dana comes over and plops down, swallowing up Sean with her ass. Sean continues to thrust up into her ass - I would loved to have seen Tori contribute by licking Dana but my hopes were dashed with an edit to doggy anal on Dana. Good, deep anal on Dana, best part of the scene up to this point by far! An all too quick edit to Tori riding cowgirl follows until she jumps off to share a load from Sean. Great ending to the scene as Tori and Dana kiss and finish him off.

Scene 4 - Bobbi Starr, Alec Knight, Joe Blow

Bobbi walks in the house as the camera follows here from behind. She is wearing a sexy pink dress as she looks around the house until she grabs a barstool and takes a position showing off her ass. The two guys enter and begin admiring and rubbing her ass. A quick cut later and one is face deep with his tongue in Bobbi's ass. Bobbi looks fantastic and I don't think she could hide her horniness if she tried...either that or she is Meryl fucking Streep.

They break out a double-headed dildo and shove it it up her ass and pussy - she grabs it and starts fucking her ass with it until she jumps off the barstool, walks over to a sitting area and the guys start rubbing oil all over her ass. she takes out both their cocks and begins some seriously, grade-A cocksucking. She alternates between the two with with spit flying and her moaning adding to the shot. A quick edit and magically all the spit is gone and the guys are undressed, she takes one quick suck of each and gets on the couch ready for some fucking. One starts fucking her mish while the other gets sucked on - they switch up with her going into doggy with the other guy. Some good fucking goes on for a while as they take turns , going back and forth between pussy and mouth.

The ass-fucking starts in the same position with her on the couch on all fours sucking one and getting it in the ass from the other. Quick A2M and an odd transition to her riding cowgirl variations on one guy while she rubs herself - the other guy vanishes. The phone rings and someone answers on the first ring. She hops off of guy still in scene and sucks until she hops back on and rides him from the top. The other guy has reappeared and is standing there stroking - he goes over and starts to get head from Bobbi. Now the guy who was MIA is fucking her ass doggy for a bit - they quickly move back to RCG on the other guy and the one guy is MIA again. he returns as Bobbi continues to ride RCGA while sucking and stroking on Mr. here one minute gone the next. Man, Bobbi has some serious oral skills. She hops off for some double sucking including A2M. Guy A moves over to some vaginal doggy and an instantaneous edit into Bobbi on top, cock of other guy B in ass. They both stroke off on her face and she sucks them to a nice sloppy finish.


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Cumshot Recap


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