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Ass Spread, The

Ass Spread, The

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Ass Spread, The:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Ass Spread, The overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Ass Spread, The Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Ass Spread, The Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Ass Spread, The Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Ass Spread, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ass Spread, The DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ass Spread, The A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  3/1/2009
THEMES: Ass Obsession, Anal Obsession, Interracial, Big Butts
Starring: Kirra Lynne, Emma Heart, Rosario Stone, Corina Jayden, Toni Sweets & Brian Pumper
Produced & Directed by: Brian Pumper (B. Pumper)

When I heard the news about Brian Pumper being a director at Evil Angel back in July of 2008 and Justin Slayer’s departure, I was shocked as hell and I’m like “WTF???” A lot of people do not like Brian Pumper as a performer at all. I’ve heard women and even men say “He fucks like a robot.” “He spends too much time trying to look good in front of the camera.” I’ve had one white female porn star (no name mentioned) tell me that Brian Pumper is weak and that Wesley Pipes was the best she’s ever had. Brian Pumper isn’t just a porn star, but he’s a pornographer, a rapper and an entrepreneur and I respect this brother for being multi-talented, showing off his blessings. Anyway, even for some of the people who dislike him, these same people said that Juicy Latin Coochie was a masterpiece. Then, I saw the trailer for The Ass Spread and I knew I had to see it and that it was going to be a bomb-ass skin flick. Now, keep in mind, I am an ass man. I grew up on Buttman flicks and the likes and I love spread buttocks and other forms of ass obsession, except anal gapes. Plus, the cast is outrageous, full of new female talent. I bought it without even seeing it and I believe I have done the right thing.

The Ass Spread has five very long scenes, which all are above 35 minutes. Some scenes last for 45 minutes. It is dedicated to fleshy women (3 white, 1 black and 1 Latina) with juicy butts and remarkable beauty. Every scene starts out with a female introducing herself, pulling down drawers and pants, bending over and spreading their butts so wide, you can see the booty in all of it’s graphic, explicit glory. You see winking butt holes, booty jiggling, females trying on different outfits, the ladies walking around, switching their butts all nice and it’s everything I love. This flick can be reminiscent to classics like Buttman’s Rolling Cheeks, Buttman’s Anal Show, This Butt’s 4 U, Justin Slayer’s Ass Everywhere series and even the criminally popular Ass Worship series. If you’re a true butt man and you haven’t checked this flick out by now, shame on you! I really mean that. Brian Pumper, it seems like, also has a fetish for smelling dirty butts, gaping assholes and such. Brian Pumper is a nasty, nasty motherfucker. Brian Pumper is nasty like Jake Malone has an obsession for rough, brutal sex. I thought I was nasty, personally! But B. Pumper is nasty to the point to where he may drive some women away from his ass. The ass smelling fetish is becoming widespread in pornography (hence the pornographic styles of Brian Pumper, Belladonna & Jake Malone). Now, we’ve seen everything that could ever be done with a woman’s buttocks. What will we see next? Ass-wiping fetishes?! And that would probably be the end-all, be-all of all of this ass obsession and I can’t wait to see what that would be like.

In Kirra Lynne’s scene, right before the very-long tease sequence is over, she tells Brian about how she hasn’t showered the night before, she went to the gym and came straight to him (which I doubt is true. It could just be said to arouse the viewer). The sex takes place in big, plush, elegant houses, which is a norm. Brian Pumper fucks the ladies in various positions, with his shoes on and he makes some very crazy faces sometimes, almost as bad as Lexington Steele does. Only one woman gets anal sex and that is Emma Heart. Every other woman has vaginal sex, shows off their asses for long periods of time, doing various things with their asses, which includes spreads, bend-overs, switching, jiggling and flossing them in different sets of clothing. Sometimes, the ladies are naked and sometimes, their drawers and clothes aren’t even off their hips. Just down enough to where you see the entire booty and maybe a little coochie. The ladies can either sit on a stool, bend over a couch, standing, etc. Sometimes, even while the females are getting their sex on, the camera focuses on how some females keep their buttocks spread open in various positions. Even in missionary, the ladies have their legs spread so wide, you see their rectums poking out! In one instance, we hear Rosario Stone passing gas while Brian is inside of her, doggy style. There’s also a lot of trash talk from some of the ladies, especially Kirra Lynne. As a performer, Brian Pumper has really stepped his game up a few notches. He struck me as a terrible performer when I saw his scene with Georgia Peach in Belladonna’s Dark Meat. He’s gotten a lot better, somehow. So, it’s not like we’ll be watching Jules Jordan fuck these women and other male-zombie fucks, which is one reason why I never cared for his Ass Worship series or any other flick he’s done afterwards. Brian still is no Justin Slayer or Lexington Steele, but when I watch this flick, knowing that he’s gotten better, you can say he lays the pipe like Rico Strong and Wesley Pipes at times! Even after the sex is over, Brian always offer external cumshots on the ladies’ spread buttocks, if not on her face.

My only gripe, which is minor, is that Toni Sweets’ scene was too long, unnecessarily. Not to say her scene was the longest. In Corina Jayden's scene, the tease was better than the sexual intercourse. Some scenes contain oral sex and some scenes are just straight fucking. During the tease sequences, there’s some rap music playing, but it’s not loud and overbearing like it would be in some of Justin Slayer’s older flicks. This entire flick is an ass-man’s heaven of hell come true. Why hell? Because the viewer may get hooked to this shit, if they aren’t careful! Yes, this movie is that damn awesome! I am also glad that the sex was fun, bootylicious and energetic without it being rough or degrading in any way. There are vagina gapes shown from time to time when Brian teases the ladies by pulling out every 2 seconds, but no anal gapes at all! Brian is also a foot fetishist, because some attention are paid to the ladies’ feet and he even licks all on them from time to time.

The film is shot in anamorphic widescreen, the colors are vibrant and realistic. If you program your TV/DVD player to 16:3, you’ll see it perfectly. It’s perfect for HDTV screens and computers. Otherwise, you’ll see black bars at the top and bottom, which is annoying today. Four scenes are on the first disc. The second disc contains the final scene with Corina Jayden, extra footage, a bonus scene from an older Brian Pumper flick, Chocolate Hood Pussy, BTS footage and 25 trailers for some other B. Pumper flicks, those of which aren’t even available from Evil Angel yet. 25 trailers???? That’s some WCP shit. I’ve never seen so many trailers on an Evil Angel DVD. Great job!!! The trailers include the entire Phattys, Rhymes & Dimes series, Gapeman 1&2, Juicy Latin Coochie, etc. This is another fully loaded 2DVD set from Evil Angel (similar to the fully-loaded DVDs for Fuck Slaves 3, Evil Anal 5, Belladonna’s Dark Meat, Merc, Ass Everywhere 2, Buttman’s Beautiful Brazilian Ass, etc. Photo gallery and cumshot recap is also included, as usual.

I didn’t expect this from Brian Pumper. I am honestly starting to see why John Stagliano had him direct for Evil Angel. No one has ever done anything like this. Not Jules Jordan, not Erik Everhard, not even Santino Lee, with his crazy ass-obsessed ass! The Ass Spread is a masterpiece of a lifetime, whether or not you’re a fan of Brian Pumper of interracial sex. While this flick is too nasty and explicit for it’s own good, this is one flick every assman needs to have. I did the right thing by buying this. This is one of the 12 DVDs in my collection that I will never trade, sell, lend out, allow anyone to borrow for jack shit. I doubt if I’ll have any children, but if I had a son and he turns 18, I could pass it on to him like a tradition! While I usually don’t masturbate to skin flicks, I’ve had a serious urge to. Each and every scene will make you want to bust 2 or 4 times. I guarantee you that. Even the opening credits will make you want to bust bad! Brian Pumper, aside from negative comments others make about you, I admire your style, your obsession and admiration for the booty and the fact that you are a spontaneous entrepreneur. No one else has ever thought of doing an ass-obsessed flick like this but you and for that, I congratulate you. You did your motherfucking thing, bro. Next up, I plan to watch and review Black Butthole Stretchers and Gapeman! I will also admit this is one of the ten flawless skin flicks ever created in the history of pornography! Aside from this bomb-ass flick, we get hella special features on this 2-DVD set. If you are curious about B. Pumper or a fan of his works, even if you’re not a fan of him at all, this flick has to be bought! Like Mami Culo Grande 5, Fuck Slaves 3, Buttman's Beautiful Brazilian Ass, Bitchcraft 2, Waxxxin' Phat Asses, Vol. 1 & Phatty Girls 6, this flick is so flawless, it has to go platinum!

OVERALL RATING: 99% - Own it, immediately!

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