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Ass Play and Piss Me

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Ass Play and Piss Me

Studio: Shameless
Category:  Fetish , Squirting

Released on: 
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stinkfist's ratings for Ass Play and Piss Me:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Ass Play and Piss Me overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Ass Play and Piss Me Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Ass Play and Piss Me Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Ass Play and Piss Me Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Ass Play and Piss Me Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Ass Play and Piss Me DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ass Play and Piss Me A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  3/14/2009
Scene 1-

Ok straight into action we go and with this title promising watersports and fisting it could well be a fantastic purchase if your a pervert like me that is lol,oh and did i mention self fisting,vag and anal so it's looking good bring on the action that's what i say.And with that 2 cute teens are getting interviewed one is a blond the other has dark hair,i prefer the blond she has that dirty look about her and with her green fishnet stockings on and a little white top with green bra underneath she has that sexy almost summer fresh look about her,the dark haired girl is wearing a lilac top and bra and seems to have small tits,more on that later.

The camera man asks the girls if they are ready for some fisting and who will be first fister,i think this is going to be great and with that the girls begin to kiss and the blond slowly peels of her clothes to reveal a sexy slim figure with flawless skin,she looks fantastic and when she slips of her panties she looks at the camera and has that innocent look about her,now the dark haired girl slips out of her lilac top and she is very slim with small little perky boobs.The little dark haired girl wastes no time and goes down on the blond and gently begins to lap away at her shaven pussy,the action is nice and slow and with the girl rubbing on the blonds clit this looks great.

And with that she begins to insert some fingers into the blonds pussy,the girl lies back and with the camera zooming in we get a great shot of the dark haired girl with 4 of her fingers inside her while she licks on her pussy.She goes on to tongue fuck her hole and again this looks hot to watch,she is doing it nice and slow and with some encouragement from the camera man she slides a finger up the blonds ass and begins to finger her as she continues tongue fucking the blond.The dark haired girl gives the impression that this is her first girl/girl scene if you know what i mean and the interviewer asks her to put her tongue in deeper etc,it is all very sexy to watch.

The camera man gets the dark haired girl to squat on the floor and with her back to the sofa and her head tilted back the blond lowers her pussy down onto her face and she begins to lap away at her shaved pussy,the blond begins to bop up and down and the interviewer tries to get the girls to do things his way but i do not think they fully understand him lol.With the camera zooming in we get a great shot of the blond squashing her pussy onto the tongue and face of this dark haired girl,the blond turns around and continues to sit on the dark haired girls face and this looks fucking hot,she has a great figure and with her slowly sitting up then coming down on her face this is a joy to watch.

The next bit of action involves the blond lying back as the dark haired girl uses a big dildo on her pussy the blond eventually reaches forward and holds the end of the dildo as the dark haired girl is not fucking her hard enough with it,i think the young dark haired girl is inexperienced but it is not spoiling the scene,thankfully with encouragement she picks up the pace and begins to fuck the blonds pussy with this huge dildo and the blond moans away in pleasure.I love watching 2 girls get down and dirty with each other,now it was time for some fisting and with the blond still lying back with her legs spread wide the dark haired girl begins to ease herself into her pussy.

This looks hot as fuck,the blond holds the girls wrist and guides her into her pussy and with that she is deep inside her and begins to fist away,i am loving this and with that the dark haired girl reaches down and begins to lick her clit while the camera man slides a finger up the blonds ass.She does pull out of her to show us her gaping hole then with help from the blond she is back in there again and fisting away.The action soon swings to the blond in doggie position as she helps the dark haired girl into her and the fisting continues and she seems to go in deeper in this position and with the camera angle changing we get some great shots of her stuffed pussy getting fisted.

Plenty of lube is dripping down this girls pussy and with that the blond grabs her wrist and begins to fuck her pussy using this girls wrist,hot hot hot.The action swings to missionary position and the fisting continues and it is great to watch these teens get it on.The blond lies right back and with her legs spread wide she holds her ankles and her shaved pussy looks fantastic and even the camera man says that her boyfriend is a lucky guy.The dark haired girl lubes up her pussy as i think she hurt her a little trying to enter her then with a helping hand from the blond she is back in her again and fisting away,the blond again grabs the girls wrist to control the fist fuck and thankfully she likes it nice and hard.

At this point the camera man has his cock out and is wanking away and as the blond has slipped of her heels he is rubbing his cock against her stocking clad feet and toes,as the fisting continues the blond slips a finger up her asshole and fingers her butt hole this looks horny as hell.The dark haired girl pulls out of her pussy and sets about flicking her tongue all over her pussy lips then goes on to tongue fuck her.Now it was more fisting and ass fingering by the blond and this is hot to watch,the blond also controls the fucking again which is great as she likes to slam this girls fist deep inside her,she goes on to use 2 fingers on her ass while the dark haired girl uses her fingers to trace all over her pussy lips while the camera caught all the action in close detail.

The dark haired girl tongue fucks the blond now and she is still fingering her ass and this time she has 4 fingers up there and is trying to get her fist up her ass while the cute dark haired girl licks her pussy.And with that the blond says that she wants to piss,so she gets up and sits at the edge of a table and with the dark haired girl on her knees facing her pussy the blond soon begins to piss and showers the face and mouth of the dark haired girl,she is pissing like a racehorse right into her mouth this looks hot as fuck.Back to more fisting now and the blond gets her pussy lubed up and ready to go,as she is getting fisted the blond uses 2 fingers on her asshole i think i love this girl.With the blond grabbing the girls wrist to control the fist fuck it looks great to see her pussy stretched to the limit and as the girls fist came out she plunged it deep back in again,the fist fucking becomes more frantic until the blond has a powerful orgasm and with that the scene ends.

This was a great scene to start the movie,i took a fancy to the blond so i was glad she was the one who was getting fisted and to see her fingering her ass as she got fist fucked was great.She seemed to love it and took control to make sure that she got it harder from the girl.The dark haired girl was cute and at the start very gentle,i honestly think it was her first girl/girl but she went on to do all these perverted things to the blond and made the scene enjoyable to watch.I enjoyed watching the blond pissing into the dark haired girls mouth,the camera man tried to get the girls to do certain things during the movie but i do not think they fully understood him lol.

Scene 2

Straight into action we go and a pretty dark haired girl sits on a sofa as the camera man chats to her,she is wearing a black see thru dress and has a great body she has long hair and a pretty smile and is facially attractive.I think her boobs may be enhanced and a quick look down her body and she has lovely sexy legs,she seems at ease with the questions the camera man is asking her and he mentions that she is going to do some bizarre things today,this sounds good to me and with that she is asked to stand up and her dress has ridden up to reveal a lovely shaved pussy although she has a tiny little landing strip,this girl has sex appeal and did i mention she is 30 but looks early 20's.

With the camera zooming in on her she spreads her pussy and this looks fantastic,when she turns around to show of her ass she has really long legs and such a tight butt,i think this scene is going to be great.The camera man says to her that for today she is going to masterbate and she is going to fist her own ass and he is going to get his assistant to fist her pussy and some piss play,holy fuck i want a career change.Now i simply cannot wait for the action to start and with that she is sitting down and pulling down her top to show of her tits which are a good size,i think they are enhanced but i still cannot tell lol,she goes on to rub them till her nipples are erect.

As she slips of her dress and lies back she looks fantastic,what a tight toned body she has.She rubs on her pussy then gives it a few slaps then the camera man comes into view and he spits on her pussy and gives it a quick lick before she goes on to rub her pussy then she begins to insert her fingers deep inside herself,she has 4 fingers up herself and made it all look so easy then she begins to try and get her fist deep inside her pussy.The only thing stopping her is she has really long nails and she mentions that to the camera man and continues plunging 4 fingers in and out of her pussy.

Now she moves into doggie position and licks her fingers then begins to slide them up her asshole,she has 4 fingers wedged deep in her ass and this looks amazing,such a turn on.Using her other hand she fingers her pussy at the same time i think i am going to explode,this is such a thrill to watch.She fucks her pussy and ass with 4 fingers deep in each hole for ages and she is really getting of on this.This girl really pounds her ass with those 4 fingers and since she is only concentrating on her asshole now this is getting hotter and hotter to watch,she soon has fingers back in her pussy again and to be honest i could watch this all day

With the camera zooming in close it is fantastic to watch this hot girl pounding her ass and her pussy,she then goes on to say "Shall i show you how i fist my ass" oh my fucking god i cannot wait lol.And with that she just slid her whole fist up her ass and began to fist fuck her ass,this is fucking amazing.She really fist fucks her ass hard and fast and talks dirty to the camera,this was worth buying the dvd just for this scene.As she pounds her ass she is moaning away and with the camera in there for a close up shot of her ass i am loving this,when she goes nice and slow it is great to watch and listen as she softly moans away.

This girl continues to deep fist her asshole and then the action changes to her side on and the ass fisting continues but it's great to see her from another angle as she violates her own asshole,the camera man slides a finger deep in her pussy while she continues with the anal fisting.With the camera angle changing to an overhead view of this girl anally fisting herself i have got to say this looks amazing,the girl looks at the camera and smiles it just seems to make it all that hotter when she does that.This ass fisting has been going on for ages but i would not tire of watching this 24/7,she moves back into doggie position and pummels her ass.

She has an intense orgasm as she fist fucks her ass and when she pulls out her hand all the lube is splattered all over her ass cheeks and down her legs,the next part has the camera man asking if she is ready to get her ass and pussy fisted by his assistant,she smiles and says yes.The camera then pans over to his assistant and she is a tall blond who looks nice and sexy,her black see thru dress has ridden away up and exposes a shaven haven with a cute little landing strip and with that the blond goes on her knees and slides her fist deep inside her pussy and slowly begins to fist her,this looks great and the girls nipples are rock hard.

The dark haired girl is loving this and she is not alone as this is great to watch 2 hot girls put on a show like this,the dark hair girl holds her legs high in the air and we get a great shot of her pussy getting fist fucked the camera also switches to underneath the blond looking up at her pussy as she fists away.The action swings to doggie style and the fisting continues and with the close up this looks awesome.The blond is giving her a good hard fisting but the girl is loving it and is smiling away and laughing out as the camera man tweaks on her nipples.Then with the blond slipping out of her pussy she begins to stuff her fist in this girls asshole

With her fist deep inside this girls asshole the blond stands up and begins to pick up the pace as she anally pounds this cute dark haired girl.This looks so fucking horny and a quick look at the blonds smile said it all,she is loving dishing out a anal fisting to this hot girl.Then a totally unexpected moment as the blond starts pissing while she is fisting this girl in the ass,i never seen that coming this is getting better and better and looks really hot as hell and with the anal pounding continuing this scene is fantastic.The blond pulls out from her ass and her asshole puckers back into shape and the camera zooms in on the dark haired girl who blows a kiss to the camera.

This scene was worth buying the dvd for,to see that hot dark haired girl fisting her pussy was great to see her pound her own ass was the stuff that dreams are made of.And when the hot blond got involved and fisted her in the pussy then ass it was amazing and a hot moment when the blond began pissing as she was fisting this girl in the ass,totally unexpected and very hot looking.This has got to be my fave scene so far,how do you top that...

Scene 3-

This scene starts of with a girl in doggie position and she is cramming her fist up her ass,bloody hell what a start to the scene,as the camera catches a glimpse of her face it is the little dark haired girl from scene 1 and as the camera pans back we see the blond from that scene standing watching.Looks like round 2 to me bring it on,both girls are naked,well the blond still has her fishnets on and that's it.The hot blond ties up her hair while the camera zooms in on the other girl and she is lubing up a monster dildo,this is going to be fun and with that the action swings to both girls and the blond begin to kiss the little dark haired girls nipples.

The blond drips some of her saliva onto the girls pussy then slowly begins to rub and lap away on her pussy,i wonder how the young dark haired girl will cope with a fisting as she is a petite very slight built girl,time will tell.As the blond flicks her tongue over the girls pussy she looks into the camera and she has stunning blue piercing eyes,i like this girl.She goes on to tongue fuck the girl with the camera man urging her on,the dark haired girl has large pussy lips and this looks hot to watch the blond slowly plunge her tongue in and out of her.She uses more saliva on the girl and when she is tongue fucking her she really sticks her tongue as far out of her mouth as possible and jabs at her pussy with it.

The camera man is trying to get the girl to do things his way but the blond does not seem to fully understand what he is saying or she is just happy doing things her way,the blond spits on her pussy again and with her tongue as far out her mouth she again just jabs and flicks away at the girls pussy,this looks hot to watch.We get a good close up of the blond as she slides her tongue all over her saliva coated pussy while the dark haired girl moans away in delight,the blond then begins to blow onto her pussy and you can see the girls pussy lips move then she slips her pinky finger inside her to gently probe away.She soon slips 2 then 3 fingers in her and nice and slowly she begins to finger her pussy,

This is great to watch and with both girls softly moaning away it's great on the ears as well,and with that she slips 2 fingers deep in this girls ass and finger fucks both her holes at the same time then reaches forward to flick her tongue against her pussy.The dark haired girl uses both her hands to spread her ass cheeks as the blond tongue fucks her asshole,she is not doing it deep enough and the camera man tries to get her to go deeper which thankfully she does.Both holes get a finger in them and finger fucked as the young dark haired girl lies back with her legs high in the air,the blond then gives her asshole some attention with 3 of her fingers probing deep inside this hot girl

The blond girl slips 2 fingers in her pussy and as she fucks both of her holes it looks great,when she pulls her fingers out she spits on the girls ass and pussy before going back to 3 fingers in each hole,the blond is loving this and smiles away to the camera.Next up she lubes up the girls pussy and the huge dildo so this is going to be great to watch this petite girl get this massive toy used on her.As she slips it deep inside the girl this thing stretches her cunt to the limit with the girth of the thing her pussy is stuffed.The action very quickly changes to the camera man saying "Can you girls pee pee again",damn i was wanting to see more dildo action.

The girls get asked who will piss first and the blond shouts out "Me" then slides of her fishnets and they move to the floor which has a sheet on it and the dark haired girl lies down and with the blond squatting over her and with the camera man still trying to get the girls into his best position the blond starts to piss all over the girls mouth and over her breasts and body and this does look hot to watch,the dark haired girl smiles when she is finished and begins to lick the blonds pussy.The camera man says "It's your turn now" to the dark haired girl and a change of position and the girl squats over the blond and gently rubs on her clit then a trickle of pee comes out.

She is trying hard to force out some piss but is only managing a little drop which the blond takes in the mouth before pushing it out her mouth till it spills down her chin,and with that the camera man gets both girls to sit together and showers the both of them with his piss and when he finished pissing he thanks the girls and promises to get them both a towel,both girls laugh.The action jumps back to the dildo scene that was cut short from earlier and the dark haired girl is screaming as this thing violates her pussy she then forces this monster up this girls ass and she was taking deep breaths and moaning as this thing entered her.

The dark haired girl is taking some abuse with this large dildo up her ass and for such a slight girl she is making this look easy,when she pulls it out her ass puckers back into shape and some lube trickles out.Now it was doggie position for the dark haired girl and her asshole gets the dildo treatment again,it's one of those huge flesh colored cock dildos with the balls and suction cap on it but it finds it's way in her ass with ease and as the blond fucks her ass with it the girl rubs on her pussy till she has a powerful orgasm.The blond lubes up the girls ass again then begins to use 3 fingers on this girls ass.

The blond soon has her fist inside the girl who was moaning away as she tried to go deeper on her,then she slowly begins to fist her ass this looks hot as hell,the dark haired girl has surprised me as i never thought she would get that large dildo or a fist up her ass.The blond gives her a good ass fisting and the young girl moans away.The action swings to the girl in missionary position as the ass fisting continues and with the sighs the girl is making i think she has never experienced anything like this before.With the camera angle changing you get to see how small and petite and slight this girl is,how the hell she is taking this ass fisting i will never know.The ass fisting continues and so does this girls screams and when the blond pulls out of her ass she slaps and spits on her pussy before she goes back to 1 finger in each hole and continues with the finger fucking,

The blond is up for some laughs and lies on her back so that she is looking at the girls pussy upside down and spreads both her holes really wide,using a finger in each hole on both sides of her pussy and ass she looks deep inside her then spits on her gaping holes and laughs away,the dark haired girl laughs with her.And with that the action cuts to the dark haired girl as she gets in to a bath,she has jeans on that are already pulled down to her knees and as she slipped into the bath and fell onto her back she began pissing,this does look good and totally unexpected.She laughs away then slips of her jeans,there is no water in the bath and as she lies back and lifts her legs high in the air she begins to piss into her own mouth and with that the scene ends.

Another good scene,it was great to see the blond get her revenge on the dark haired girl,she took a good anal and pussy fuck from the dildo then the blonds fist and this was hot to watch.Some watersports fun made this scene enjoyable.The action at times is not spontaneous as the camera man prompts the girls to go into different positions and tries to get them to do things etc,at times the action jumps to another segment from the movie,but if you can see past that then there is a good scene to be had here,and to see the dark haired girl pissing into her own mouth was a good ending to the movie.

Scene 4-

The scene starts with 2 hot teens on a sofa,one is wearing a dress and has short hair and looks cute and has a nice curvy figure the other has on a white bra and tiny little white skirt and that's it,she is blond and looks sweet and has a slim build.I think this scene is going to be just as good as the others i have had the pleasure of watching so far.The camera man begins to ask them some questions and they try there best to answer him,the girls are 19 and 20 and look very very sexy,bring on the action.The questions keep getting thrown at the girls and both of them end up giggling away.

Both girls stand up and begin to get undressed and they both have tiny little puffy boobs and the blond has a cute landing strip and the other girl is shaven,with the camera man saying what he would love them to do etc i think there is a communication breakdown happening lol.The short haired girl is first to fist herself and the blond looks on while she has a cigarette and a coffee,i like this short haired girl she keeps smiling and seems to be having fun and with that she begins to start to play with her pussy.She soon has 3 fingers easily in her pussy before she gets asked how did she discover she could fist herself and she replies while smiling and blushing "I was curious",she is turning me on even more now.

As she tells the camera man that she tried it in her bed one morning and with her saying "I did it like this" and with that her whole hand slides deep in her pussy,this is fucking great to watch and when she moves her foot to her mouth and sucks on her toes while she is fisting herself this is fantastic.This young hot girl really gives herself a deep fisting while she is sitting back with her legs high in the air,i am loving this.The camera pans to the blond and she smiles away and seems to be loving watching this girl fist herself.The short haired girl uses her other hand to force her wrist deeper inside herself,

This girl has such a lovely looking pussy,it looks fantastic to see her stretching her pussy to the limit and smiling and exchanging talk with the camera man.She goes into doggie position and the pussy fisting continues and at one point she sits and rocks back and forth with her fist deep in her pussy.Then the camera man says "I think it's ok for your friend to use the baseball bat on you" and she says yes.Holy fuck a baseball bat,this title is getting better and better.And with that the blond inserts the big end of the bat in the girls pussy and begins to fuck her with it.

This looks so fucking horny,the blond is not holding back either and grips the bat with both hands as she feeds it in and out of her pussy at a steady pace and the short haired girl rubs on her clit and smiles away,i think i am going to buy more from this company lol.The short haired girl rubs on her nipples and thrashes around as her breathing becomes more erratic then she has an orgasm,and with the camera zooming in on her face she is all smiles,this girl is really having fun and loving getting her pussy fucked with a baseball bat.The blond has a dirty little grin on her face to which just adds to the debauchery on offer.

The next bit of action has the blond about to fist this girl and with the camera man saying "She has big hands will they fit in your pussy" she laughs and says "I will do my best to make sure it fits",i think i love this girl lol.After a few attempts the blond girl has her fist deep inside this cute looking girl and begins to fist her,this is hot as hell to watch i am glad i picked this title up.As the blond fists her deeper the girl says "It hurts" then laughs and begins to take deep breaths and rubs on her clit as the blond went a bit easier on her.With the camera looking overhead it looks great to see this sexy girl getting fisted by this sweet blond.

With the short haired girl rocking and pushing herself onto this girls fist she asks for her pussy to get fisted harder and with the blond obliging her breaths and moans continue and her body buckles as a powerful orgasm rips through her,and with that she says "This girl is great,thank you" to the blond and laughs then says "Can i sleep now" and both girls giggle and with that the action cuts to the bathroom and those 2 girls and another blond girl are in the bath the 3 of them are on there knees in the tub and with that the camera man begins to piss on them starting of at one girl then moving onto the next till he has pissed on there faces and down there breasts.

The next bit of action has 2 of the girls indulging in watersports with each other in the bath,one girl stands and showers the others girls face in piss and this does look horny as hell.The blond returns the favor to this hot girl and squats over her and only manages a tiny trickle of piss then the scene jumps to both girls again and this time i think it's try again as far as the pissing goes,the girl lies in the bath and the other girl climbs in and with the camera man giving the orders where to stand etc the girl still cannot manage to piss and so they change places and the girl squats down with her feet either side of the bath frame and starts pissing on her chest and face/mouth etc.The guy gets in on the act to and gets both girls to kneel in the bath and pisses on there breasts face and mouth

Another great scene,i loved the short haired girl and to see her fisting her pussy was great then to see her get fucked with a baseball bat was such a turn on,the blond who fucked her pussy was also a hot looking girl.Both girls looked so sweet and sexy,some watersports fun at the end and that was enjoyable to,onto the next scene.

Scene 5

This scene starts with our 2 cute little friends from scene 1 and scene 3,yip the dark haired girl and the sweet looking blond they are sitting on the sofa and with the camera man talking away about what they are going to do he urges them to kiss and with that the action starts.They give each other a nice kiss with tongues circling and flicking of each other,i still love the look of this blond.The camera man says to the girls he is going to piss in the blonds mouth and then she is going to swap the piss with other girl,then he is going to piss in the dark haired girls mouth and she is going to swap the piss with blond girl,this should be great.

The blond starts to strip of,she was wearing a lime green rock t-shirt and matching green bra underneath,blue jeans and little pink socks she also has a lime green sweat band around her wrist,and she also has a tiny pair of green panties on.The dark haired girl is wearing the little lilac top and matching panties that she had on from scene 1.He tells the girls to take everything of as he is going to piss like a horse lol.With both girls now naked on the sofa the dark haired girl wraps her leg around the blonds leg and they both show of there pussies,the action swings to both girls kneeling on the floor.

The guy then starts to piss into the blonds mouth and with only a small amount of piss in her mouth she reaches over and swaps the piss into the other girls mouth who plays around with it in her mouth before letting it gush from her mouth,back to the blond again and as she spits the piss into the girls mouth the guy lets out a "YES" lol.Back to the blond and with her mouth containing piss she stands over the girl and lets it flow into her mouth,more piss play between the girls and this time the blond chooses to spit the piss in her mouth before both girls kiss and tongue each other.

The dark haired girl is the one the guy turns his attention to now and he pisses in her mouth before she swaps it over into the blonds mouth and as the piss runs over there faces both girls kiss.Both girls get close to each other and the guy pisses on both of them covering there breasts and face with his piss and still they continue to kiss each other,and when he gets one of the girls in the eye with his piss they all burst out laughing and the blond says "I cant see" and continues giggling away.Both girls lick the end of his cock while he says "That was the pissing of the year girls" lol,they both reply yes and laugh.

The blond gets asked to lie on top of a table and as she does she lets out a shriek saying "It's all wet" then laughs and with that she is flat on her back and the dark haired girl squats over her face and begins to drench her with piss,it's all over her mouth and all over her face and the dark haired girl is pissing really strong and soaking this girl till she sinks to her knees and begins to kiss and tongue the blond and with that the scene ends.

This scene was all about watersports and the girls seemed to be really into it,i prefer seeing the girls piss into each others mouths but this was the guy indulging in piss play with the girls,still an enjoyable scene though.

Scene 6-

The final scene and this starts of with a girl with her legs spread wide apart and her pussy is lubed up and she begins to cram 4 fingers deep inside her pussy,she uses her other hand to grip her wrist and force her fingers in even deeper.When the camera catches a glimpse of her face she is a slim Brazilian girl with dyed blond hair and with the camera zooming back in to her pussy she is trying to get her whole fist up there but her pussy is so tight it is not letting anything else up there.The camera man reaches down and uses his hand to try and get her to take all of her fist,i don't think it's going to happen

The action is outdoors and the girl sits back on swing chair and without being nasty she is not as hot as the other girls have been,as much as she tries her pussy is not accepting her fist.We are getting a close up of her doing her best but with her other hand over her wrist it is blocking the action.This scene is not taking of just now,the camera man is still trying to get her to fist herself and she is trying but it's not going to budge.After all the scenes before this one the action so far is a let down although i can cope with that as there was some great action from the other scenes.

The camera man produces a huge dildo,the flesh colored cock one with the suction cap and the girl takes it and tries to force it in herself but she is struggling with it and cries out as she tries to slide it inside her pussy.She even uses both hands to grip it but her face says it all,this thing is not going in.The camera man grabs hold of the dildo and gently fucks her pussy with it but it is just in and no more,when he says "Her pussy is too fucking small" she laughs.The girl grabs the dildo and manages to get it in deeper and begins to fuck herself and her pussy is stuffed with this thing,her pussy is gripping this thing like a vice.

The girl laughs out as she screws up her face as she again tries to force this thing further inside herself,she grips it with one hand and fucks herself at a steady pace with it and when she pulled it out her pussy lips looked stretched out lol.More toy play now and i am not getting a buzz from this scene at all,the girl is struggling to use this toy on herself and it's all start stop if you know what i mean.The guy gives her a helping hand and takes hold of the end of the dildo and helps to fuck her pussy,tell you what any other time i would be delighted watching a girl trying to use a big dildo on herself,but this is running it's course as far as i am concerned.

When she slides the dildo out you can see her pussy lips clinging to the sides of it and with it now out she spreads her pussy wide to let us see her hole,and with that the camera man shouts over a girl and says "Do you want to fist her" and a small blond steps forward and sinks to her knees and with this girls pussy already lubed up she begins to get instructions from the camera man as to best position etc.As the girl starts to enter some fingers in this girl i think this might be her first attempt at fisting a girl.She has tiny little hands so i am hoping that she manages to get her whole fist deep in this girl

Even although she has 3 fingers up the girl it all seems a bit clumsy,and with some more lube she is up to 4 fingers but the action is quite slow.Even the camera man says "Girls i am falling asleep here" when the blond tries to get her whole fist up the girl she is sighing heavier and heavier,this is a struggle for her and with that the blond manages to get her whole fist up her pussy and very very slowly begins to fuck her pussy.The Brazilian girl stands up and the blond gets some instructions from the camera man,this scene is annoying me to be honest.

The fisting continues in doggie position but i wish this would end soon as it has none of the buzz or the energy that the other girls brought to there scenes,this scene is like a mismatch the Brazilian girl does not enjoy being fisted and in a fisting movie that is useless and the young blond does not know how to go about fisting a girl.With the Brazilian girl sitting back down on the swing chair the blonds fist fucks her till she has an orgasm.Some watersports fun now with the Brazilian girl squatting over the blond who lay on the grass and she gets her face pissed on,the blond goes on to return the favor but by the time the camera man got them in position etc the moment was lost,but what a piss the blond did when it was time for action and it went all over this girls tits and pussy lol.The scene ends with the blond on her knees as the guy pisses into her mouth and she swallows he goes on to shower her face and mouth with piss.The End

Compared to all the other scenes prior to this one this never really got going and that's a shame but the girl did try her best but with a massive dildo and her fist nothing was going to get the better of her tight pussy and when it came to the blond fisting her it was stop start as i think the girl had never fisted another girl before.The camera man seemed to stop the action in parts when he should have let the girls get on with it and any mistakes could have been edited out.The rest of the movie was great and i enjoyed the blond from scene 1 and the girl from scene 2 who fisted her pussy then went on to fist her own ass was fantastic

I also loved the cute girl who got fucked with a baseball bat,this has been a good title and with watersports thrown in it made for great viewing,if you can see past the stop start action that took place in some parts of the movie then there is enough here to make this a purchase.If girls fisting each other floats your boat then this is well worth checking out

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