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Ass Jazz

Ass Jazz

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Ass Jazz:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Ass Jazz overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Ass Jazz Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Ass Jazz Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Ass Jazz Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Ass Jazz Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ass Jazz DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ass Jazz A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  10/20/2006

The Little Details

Running Time: 155 min.

Production Date: 3 / 29 / 2006

Director: Jazz Duro

Cast: Emanuelle Diniz, Isabel Ice, Julia Paiva, Patricia Kimberly, and Jazz Duro

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: With a cast like this, I'm not sure how anybody could go in without sky high expectations!

Initial Reaction: It has a few faults, but also some nice things going for it.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of teasing, toys, and anal

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who likes short sex scenes

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio has a few background noises due to the locations, but they all seem to be due to the locations rather then having somebody behind the camera who doesn't know what he's doing. The video is also pretty well done. It's nicely lit and free of grain, and for a movie that appears to be shot entirely by hand there's not much motion.

Music: None

Menus: The main menu nicely works from the Buttman's Choice logo through a few ass shots and settles on the boxcover. The chapter menu is broken into three screens, one per scene, and lets you know who's in each scene as well as giving you several choices for each scene of where to go.

The Feature

Jazz Duro has a rough life. Travel the world, and fuck beautiful women in the ass. With his good looks, muscular body, and big cock it's a tough job for him and his bag of toys, but somehow he makes it through the day.

Scene 1 – Julie Paiva and Jazz Duro

Jazz starts out talking about how his buddy Felipe is going to take him to meet a smoking hot chick. There's no answer at Julie's door, so they head and through her home to find her reading by the pool in a pair of jeans and a pink mess top. She comes over and greets Jazz with a kiss when Filipe introduces them, and soon after is waving her beautiful Brazilian butt around and slapping it through her jeans. She teases him with her tits as they stick out of her mesh top as well, and even gives the camera a few licks and kisses. When Jazz cleans off the lens they're inside, where Julie pulls off her top to give another look at her tits as well as showing off her ass a little more. She slowly pulls down her jeans to show off her ass and a black thong with “Angel” across the front before pulling her thong down to really show off her goodies. She heads inside to show off a white Fashionistas, and puts it on with a pair of red porno pumps and a white mesh dress. She sits back in her chair by the pool and lightly diddles her pussy before letting Jazz work on her ass with his thumb. He lets her know that he has a surprise for her, and breaks out his backpack filled with toys. Julie seems to like the large glass buttplug, but the inflatable plug scares her a bit. After looking at a little porn, Julie works on her pussy with a large beaded glass dildo and then puts a large ribbed glass dildo to work on her ass.

Jazz moves in to tongue her holes from behind while mixing in some rubbing for her pussy, and then works on her with a large diamond shaped glass plug. Julia's ass swallows the plug so Filipe can get a good look in her ass before Jazz slides under her to work on her twat with his pierced tongue. He comes back up to play with the toy a little, and after playing with it and her pussy a little lets her have a good taste of the toy and a passionate kiss. Julie drops to her knees to take Jazz's cock into her throat in return before letting Jazz lie back so she can blindfold him and sit on his face. She also lets him have a few sucks on her tits before sixty-nining him. They finally move on to the fucking with a pile driver and Jazz working his cock between each of Julie's holes. He backs off to slide the inflatable plug in Julie's ass and lick her pussy a little more, and of course moves it up to her mouth after a bit so she can suck it clean as he gives it a few more pumps. Julie rides Jazz cowgirl style so she can show off her great ass while taking Jazz's cock in it next before lying back to let him spear her holes and taking another good face fucking. He plants the ribbed glass toy back in her ass before fucking Julie's face again, and they're both a bit surprised when it shoots out of her ass and breaks on the floor. Not wanting Julie's ass to feel neglected, Jazz fucks it doggie style and lets her gape a bit. They keep mixing up fucking for all of Julie's holes until Jazz finally unloads a massive pop on her face and tits.

This is a very impressive scene. It clocks it at almost and hour, and there's nearly forty minutes of teasing and oral play before the fucking begins. That isn't to say that the scene drags, as it seems like a great pace between Julie and Jazz. There's very nice chemistry between them, and Jazz gives Julie a few nice pushes while also keeping a very natural feel to the scene. I love his “Oops” reaction to the buttplug breaking, and although he brought some massive toys, Jazz breaking out the backpack of sex toys also added to the sense of fun while also adding a bit of humor. That isn't to say that this is a perfect scene, as there were a couple things that got in my way. The minor complaint here was the background noises, as there's a bit of traffic sounds through most of the scene. The bigger problem for me was Julie's licking the lens. I know there are some hawking fans out there, but it's never really done much for me and it did interfere with the scene for me here. That said, for a first scene Jazz and Julie started things off quite well for me.

Scene 2 – Isabel Ice and Jazz Duro

Jazz meets nasty Welsh tart Isabel, who has her hair dyed black and is in a dark outfit, in London for the second scene. She gives Jazz a quick tour of London while mixing in a little teasing with her crotchless rubber knickers and tits. She turns around to show off the buttplug she's wearing, and after letting Jazz play with her pierced pussy a little lets him play with her buttplug. She sucks it clean before they arrive at her house, and as she leads Jazz up the stairs pauses so he can admire and finger her ass. They stop in the hallway so Isabel can suck his cock before she puts him away to head down to her flat when they hear the neighbors drawing near. Isabel bends over to show off her ass a bit more and gives it a few spanks before letting Jazz thumb it and cramming four of her own fingers into it. She changes into a sexy red top and porno pumps for with her crotchless panties before heading to the couch so they can work her ass over with a T-handled stainless dildo. Isabel gapes nicely and of course sucks the toy clean before setting it aside and having Jazz help her with a speculuum in her ass. Naturally she sucks it clean as well, and as she prepares her inflatable plug for her ass Jazz cheats and slides his cock into her ass. Isabel sucks it clean for him, and with a little help takes it all the way down her throat a few times. She finally gets to stretch out her ass with the inflatable plug before letting Jazz fuck her ass from behind again, and after a break to suck his cock and her feet gets up to let Jazz take her ass reverse cowgirl and missionary style. Finally, Jazz pulls out and gives Isabel a nice load on her face and tits. She captures as much as she can in her mouth, swallows it down after giving it a good gargle, and even rubs a little around her asshole.

This is a very fun scene. Isabel, as always, is a stitch, and has enough personality and ass for about three other white girls. She's bubbly as can be here, and takes it up the ass as easily as she laughs. There's great chemistry between her and Jazz, and I love how they spread things around the car, the house her flat's in, and of course, the flat itself. The toys work nicely into the scene as well, and I really like how once again they take their time getting to the fucking rather than just rushing into it. The scene runs roughly fifty minutes, and even at that time it doesn't seem overly long. This is another nicely done scene with plenty of ass and a very fun feeling.

Scene 3 – Emanuelle Diniz, Patricia Kimberly, and Jazz Duro

Jazz starts out the final scene talking about how Filipe sent him an e-mail with a gorgeous ass, but won't tell him who it is. He shows the picture of the ass and says that Filipe is going to be bringing over his woman and the ass. Jazz can't help but admire Filipe's wife's ass as well as talking with the girl with her hair dyed red who had the ass in the picture. He checks out her body, and sees that she's preparing her ass with a buttplug when she turns around for him. Felipe's wife drops down to work on the other girl's ass with the help of the glass buttplug, as well as a long glass dildo and a couple other glass toys. She's rewarded with a little ass action in return, and the girls playfully slap each other back and forth. They work the toys back and forth as well, and even get in some nice ass eating and plenty of pussy licking. Jazz joins in to fuck Filipe's wife's ass with a silver silicone beaded dildo with the redheaded girl lending a little help before letting her play with it a little. Finally, Jazz joins in, and lets the girls attack him orally. There's plenty of gagging from the redhead and lots of spit for the camera lens before Jazz starts fucking Filipe's wife's ass doggie style with the other girl staying right there to suck his cock clean and give eat Filipe's wife's ass. The other girl gets up next to Filipe's wife so Jazz can easily move over to fuck her ass doggie style, and gapes magnificently when Jazz pulls out. He moves back to Filipe's wife so she can get a nice taste of her ass from his cock, and then lets the other girl impale her ass on his cock for a reverse cowgirl ride before giving it to her ass missionary style. They play around a bit more before the girls stack themselves up for Jazz to fuck their asses before he spews his seed all over them.

This is an okay final scene. There's very nice chemistry between the girls and Jazz, but there were also a couple things that really held the scene back for me. The first was the hawking. I know there's some people out there who like the girls spitting on the camera lenses, and I'll admit that it has worked for me a few times as well. Here, once again, it did absolutely nothing for me. The second thing was the redheaded girl. She has a great ass and throws herself into the sex nicely, but the constant gagging on the cock really didn't do anything for me. Once again, I know there's plenty of guys out there who love it when a blowjob sounds like you're also going to see what the girl had for the last meal, but this one sounded close enough to that possibility that it frequently threw me out of the scene. All that said, the scene did have some good things going for it. There was some very nice chemistry in the scene, and although it had some things I didn't care for, the girls seemed to be nicely into each other as well as Jazz. I really like how Jazz sat back to let the girls take care of each other for the first part of the scene, as well as the playful teasing it sounded like Filipe gave him. This isn't a bad scene, but it just isn't my thing.

Ass Jazz is a decent start for the Buttman's Choice line. There's no denying that Jazz has a great love of female ass, and he also isn't in a rush to get over it. I really like how he takes his time with the teasing and oral action in each scene, and unlike so many other movies the teasing and oral often takes longer than the fucking. There's plenty of hard and nasty action here, with lots of ass to mouth, deep throating, and large toys, but it never comes across as forced or like it's taking the girls beyond where they want to go. Best of all, there's a very natural feeling to the scene. I love when the glass dildo shoots out of Julie's ass and breaks on the ground and Jazz looks at the camera with a “Oops! I hope I don't get in trouble for that” look on his face while a little laugh hovers just behind it. So many other people would have cut that portion from the scene, but with Jazz it adds lots of charm to the scene and makes him seem all the more approachable. Granted, with his good looks I don't think women would have a problem approaching him, but it helps make him human rather than some untouchable porn star. That feeling is also part of what makes the scenes not feel overly long even though they average over fifty minutes each. All that said, there were a couple things in the movie that didn't work for me. Although the cast might all be into the sex, some of it didn't work as well for me, such as all the gagging during the deep throating in the final scene. My bigger complaint was the hawking in each scene. I can handle directors adding filters to make the action look more artistic, but spitting on the camera lens and leaving it there to shoot through almost always gives scenes a cheap feeling that just doesn't work for me. In the end, for Jazz Duro's first outing with the Evil Empire and being the start of a new series, Ass Jazz has plenty going for it and I'm looking to see how Jazz does as this series goes on.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery contains roughly fifty very nice looking snapshots. There's also a cast listing by scene, cumshot recaps, and website information.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, masturbation, toys, anal, ass to mouth, lesbian, group, and rimming (female > female)

Raincoat Factor: Borderline extreme

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, most of Evil Angel’s DVDs can be found online for between about $18 and $30, with a few stores offering them in the $20 range. I'd suggest renting this one first or aiming low, unless you're a fan of more intense sex. The sex is nicely done, but a bit more intense than I normally expect from the Evil Empire. The technical aspects are nicely done, but there's no real effort put into the extras. This is a pretty good DVD that keeps it fairly basic for the start of the series.

Note to Evil Angel: A couple extras would have been nice here. Maybe a short interview with Jazz about what he plans to bring to the series and a little about himself or maybe just a couple minutes from Buttman himself talking about what drew him to Jazz. Yeah, I know he does a nice writeup about Jazz on the back cover, but it just isn't the same!

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