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Ass Everywhere 2

Ass Everywhere 2

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex , Interracial
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Ass Everywhere 2:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Ass Everywhere 2 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Ass Everywhere 2 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Ass Everywhere 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Ass Everywhere 2 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Ass Everywhere 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ass Everywhere 2 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ass Everywhere 2 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  8/9/2008
Ass Everywhere 2
Release Date: Fall, 2007
Themes: Ass obsession, Multi-ethnicity, Big Butts, Brazilian, Interracial, Facesitting
Starring: Katja Kassin, Sandra Romain, Pinky, Ricki White, Caroline Pierce, Xena, Bianca, Luana, Brenda, Aniya, Koffee Kakes, Nat Turnher & Justin Slayer
Directed by: Justin Slayer

This flick has an awesome, flawless, all-star cast and I’ve been wanting to see it for quite sometime. The day after I rented it and watched it, I bought a copy and exchanged one of my old DVDs for it!

SCENE ONE: Pinky & Nat Turnher
Let me tell you something: Pinky is one of the greatest black porn starlets in the entire history of pornography. Like Flower Tucci and Jewel De’Nyle, she puts her all in each and every scene and even if she doesn’t, you can’t tell. That’s because she’s a bad fuck! I’d personally like to say that she’s like the Keyshia Cole of pornography (they both look alike)! She shares her scene with Nat Turnher, who beats the shit out of her pussy in doggy style and cowgirl positions. This scene is full of energy, aggression, nasty sex and loud vocal skills and screams from Pinky and her telling Nat to “Take that pussy!” Did I mention that while she’s riding Nat in a cowgirl position, she does the splits and acrobatics, while she’s on top?! Pinky is the kind of woman a true brother would kick some ass to have, even if he’s the type not very much into black women! RATING: 100%

SCENE TWO: Luana, Aniya, Brenda, Nat Turnher & Justin Slayer
This scene is a continuation of what was left of the scene with Luana & Nat Turnher in “Big Booty Revenge 3” (which was released months before this flick). Aniya, Brenda & Justin are added to the mix, in this five-some, which was shot on a beach in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Aniya is the darker skinned Brazilian female, while Luana & Brenda are both lighter complexion. The tease sequence is very long and although it’s great in many areas, some other areas are very annoying. I say this only because of the slow motion and the camerawork not being in the right places at the right times. Not only can these females speak a bit of English, but they all converse in Brazilian Portuguese while they’re swimming. All come out of the pool and the ladies get it on while the dudes “pass the J”. Luana keeps spending time with Nat while the other two ladies and Justin check each other out. While both of them are bent over for Justin, he fucks one female from behind while he puts his hands in the other’s hot spot. This turns into an all-out “ass everywhere” mini-orgy with all five people, with some of the raunchiest, nastiest, but classiest Black-on-Latin sex you may ever see. Although this is a part two/finale of the scene that was first brought to us in “Big Booty Revenge 3”, this is a lot better than the first part of the scene!
RATING: 100%

SCENE THREE: Koffee Kakes & Nat Turnher
Koffee Kakes is an attractive black woman, who resembles Karrine “Supahead” Steffans. Only, she looks better and gives better head at that! This scene begins with some major ass worship, which includes her pulling her leopard drawers up and down and up and down. She is beautiful all over and unlike a black woman like Cherokee D’Ass, her shape fits her facial features. Her ass isn’t all monstrous and out of control. You know? This is a very heated and spontaneous sex scene, with vaginal-only sex. This is one of the best black-on-black sex scenes I’ve seen since I’ve watched “Waxxxxin Phat Asses 1”, “Black Girls Get Nasty Too” in recent years (I have yet to see “Phatty Girls 2”, which is another one that I just gotta see!).
RATING: 100%

SCENE FOUR: Katja Kassin, Sandra Romain, Nat Turnher & Justin Slayer
Welcome to one of the ten best interracial sex scenes you have to see before you die!
This scene contains some of the most graphic an obsessive “ass obsession” you will ever see. This is something John “Buttman” Stagliano can’t even do. You just have to see how the camera creeps deep into Sandra Romain’s ass, while she’s tanning in the sun! She gets up, walks into an indoor bedroom, takes her g-string down and then, her top down to her greasy booty (greasy from baby oil). So, she slips on some candy-red colored daisy dukes, with a bra to match. She lays on the bed and Justin comes through, pulling her thong to the side to peek in her pussy. Her clothes come off and Justin messages her body right before eating her out. The scene interjects with Katja Kassin rubbing baby oil all on her ass in a bathroom, shaking her ass and making it clap so loud! I appreciate the fact that she looks herself, unlike she did in “Big Booty White Girls 3”. The tease lasts for almost 25 minutes. It’s very drawn out, long and rightfully so, without being boring. However, most of it is spent on Sandra Romain. The two ladies wind up getting fucked, so, so good by both men. Honestly, this is some of the most passionate, intimate interracial sex scene I have seen in such a very long time. This scene is also very energetic without the sex being very rough and includes a bunch of trash talk from both of the ladies, while they both are getting rode or riding dick side-by-side each other. These two females even tongue kiss each other and eating each other’s pussies moaning like hell while they’re doing that. This scene is too fucking good and an extremely flawless scene, it would take up so much space to describe everything that goes on here, plus how I feel about this scene. Let me just say, too, that even though there wasn’t even a hint of anal sex or anal play (both females have done this very much), this scene was marvelous even without that. I just need to say it clearly that this is one of the ten best interracial sex scenes you have to see before you leave this Earth!
RATING: 100%

SCENE FIVE: Bianca & Nat Turnher
Bianca is an average-looking female from Brazil, who can be admirable. This scene takes place on the same beach in Rio that was shot in the second scene (the mini-orgy). The sex is vaginal-only and is done in various positions. Although this scene wasn’t a dud, you can take it or leave it. Although this scene isn’t terrible, it happens to be the weakest in the entire flick.

SCENE SIX: Caroline Pierce, Xena & Justin Slayer
Caroline Pierce is a bomb-ass white female. I’m unsure if she’s Italian, Greek or what… Anyway, she’s outside, doing some aerobics and stretches out in the sun, with some booty shorts on. A lot of attention is paid to her booty, as well as her overall torso. She goes from there to an indoor gym The ass-obsession here is too much and this reminds me of Mika Shirley’s scene in “Buttman’s Big Butt Backdoor Babes 2” & Shyla’s scene in Erik Everhard’s “This Butt’s 4u”. Xena is a very attractive black woman with very dark skin. She shows up, plays all in Caroline’s ass, then Caroline does the same for her. The two females engage in some raunchy ass play (minus any anal play) before getting down with the sex. The tease lasts for well over 25 minutes and includes all of the ass worship the viewer will ever need, which includes side-by-side booty-rubbin’, spankings, baby oil, booty shaking and the two ladies jumping up and down a bed! Justin comes through and fucks them both in various positions, even going as far as having one sit on his face while he’s getting rode by the other in a cowgirl position. Sexually, this scene was just good and I have to admit that the tease department was much better than the sex department. BUT… it prepares you for what has yet to come…

SCENE SEVEN: Ricki White, Kaleah & Justin Slayer
Ricki White is… I just… I can’t describe how fucking bad she is! She reminds me of a fucking Christina Aguilera and Macy Lane (from “BBWG 2 & 3”) , all in one! Kaleah is a multi-racial female, mixed with Black, Costa Rican and French, with some of the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen. You can say she’s like a Black/Hispanic version of Naomi! These two females do a huge share of obsessing in front of the camera, walking, switching real tough, shaking some ass here and there. And this is some of the most beautiful shit any man can set his freaky eyes on, hands-the-fuck-down! The both of the do some dances and striptease for the camera -- I can’t get over Ricki White’s body! She can beat the shit out of a lot of the women in this industry with her curves that scream “You need to fuck me!”. I only wished that the tease here (which lasts a little over 10 minutes) lasted as long as the last scene did. I would have preferred to see more of these two ladies than Caroline Pierce and Xena. Justin fucks the living daylights out of both of these breezies in various positions and styles, which leads from the outdoors to the indoors. Both of these females are spontaneous fucks and did I mention Ricki White coos like it ain’t shit? Justin can beat some ass, while he’s pounding some pussy from behind and with all of that skin beating together, you can hear it from a mile away. At one point, while the females are laying side-by-side each other on a short couch, you get to see some double-booty vision while he’s taking one on in a sideways position. Similar to the fourth scene with Katja Kassin & Sandra Romain, this is another sex scene that you just have to see before you leave this doggone Earth, regardless of the fact that Justin spends more time fucking Ricki than he does Kaleah. This scene lasted for approx. 55 minutes and rightfully so!
RATING: 100%

This 2-DVD set include some bonus footage, all of which is marvelous. There are also 9 trailers for other Slayer flicks, cast list, film-ographies, cumshot recap, you know, the usual shit.

As I’ve said before, the day after I rented it and saw it, I bought it. This is easily one of the top 10 greatest pornos I’ve ever seen. And I have to be honest when I say that this is much better than the “Big Booty Revenge” series. I know some people are still asking that old-age question: “What kind of ass-obsession/ass-worship porno doesn’t have anal sex in it?” Well, I guess you can say that Justin is trying to bring back the old days where you didn’t need to have so much anal sex in order for a porno to be lovely. And his “Ass Everywhere” & “Big Booty Revenge” series proves just that. However, this series is more diverse and has far more ass-obsession than the “Big Booty Revenge” series. Only if you are fascinated by a woman’s buttocks and looking for something that‘s diverse, this is the flick for you. Just don’t expect the females to wear 1,000 lbs. of make-up like they do in Jules Jordan’s “Ass Worship” series. The women are naturally beautiful and naturally rip shit up, without going overboard. With this being said, this is one of the greatest pornos I’ve ever seen in my entire life and I just hate the fact that I didn’t see it the first week it came out. Take my word, the longer you put this flick off, you will regret it, seriously enough. And although this is better than a hundred “Ass Worship” flicks, my only gripe is this: Why the fuck wasn’t Mika Tan, Flower Tucci and/or Sophia Castello in this flick???

RATING: (96.2% - Own it, immediately!)

1) “Ass Everywhere 2”
2) “Big Booty White Girls 2”
3) “Unleashed vs. Freshly Slayed 3”
4) “Big Booty Revenge 3”
5) “Mami Culo Grande”

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