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Ass Eaters Unanimous

Ass Eaters Unanimous

Studio: Evolution Erotica
Category:  Fetish , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Ass Eaters Unanimous:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Ass Eaters Unanimous overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Ass Eaters Unanimous Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Ass Eaters Unanimous Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Ass Eaters Unanimous Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Ass Eaters Unanimous Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ass Eaters Unanimous DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ass Eaters Unanimous A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/8/2003
Well this is my first exposure to Tom's new company and this series has a kinky fetish with all the performers licking a lot of ASS! Besides this fine activity there's plenty of blowjobs shot and the girls get a little lovin for their kitties as well. There's no penetration vaginally or anally save for a finger or tongue so this is essentially a blowjob movie with some nasty rimming action included to give it that extra kick!! Tom is wise and keeps the focus on the ladies for the most part but the guys get some screen time as they lick their ladies bunghole. I know that a few scenes of g/g rimming would seriously interest me so perhaps Tom can include that in a future volume. So how's this particular volume, not bad at all with star power like Alaura Eden, Felicia Fox, and newbie Kinzie Kenner showing their ass eating skills!! Before we get the first scene Tom delivers a great montage of the whole movie hitting some highlights for each girl so if cock swallowing and eating ass is your bag then Lord Byron's bought out the store my friends! Love the music which plays throughout this intro and then you see the girls Id'd in order of appearance so you see each girl as more highlights of their scenes are shown. This can be a great tool in finding a girl you want to check out first! There's 10 babes in all so let's hit each one briefly as the scenes follow a basic pattern with a bj usually first then the girl gets her pussy licked, perhaps a 69 and then we get the ass eating with the girls leading off most times. Of course there are variations but the pattern is pretty much the same.

Renee Pornero:

Well this raven haired hottie from Austria is first and she's looking really nice in her black mesh see thru lingerie. We are in a nice room with some interesting backdrops and Renee wastes no time dropping down to suck Sergio's cock. Tom delivers fine close shots of this master oral techncian and she's quickly licking his balls as well. The eye contact is great and she uses plenty of saliva to lube his cock. The wait is real short until the first bit of rimming and Renee licks with great passion and it wasn't little baby licks she buried her face right between his ass cheeks! We also get some hot floor view skull fucking shot along with lots of rimming to both parties and finally there's a great pop to her lovely face! This set a nasty tone for the rest of the girls to follow so great job Renee!!

bono-Meter: 8.5

Felicia Fox:

This next scene begins with a great view of Felicia's ass and she quickly shows off her pussy/ asshole. She then introduces herself and tells us she's here to lick a lot of asshole! Tom has fun with this statement and he compliments her on the gung ho attitude. Felicia then gets busy sucking Tony's cock and she's able to take him pretty deep with some nice gagging shot. Love the POV shot plus the full sideways view of this messy blowjob. I must say Felicia is looking good and she's really having a good time! Miss Fox also buries her face deep in ass as she rims Tony and her playful aggressiveness was a great addition to the scene. We get a great shot of Tony in the doggie position and Felicia buries her face in his ass plus she slaps his ass! Soon her efforts are rewarded with a great pop to her smiling face!!

bono-Meter: 8.5

Alaura Eden:

Well I love watching this sexy babe do just about anything and she is looking oh so hot in her checkered flag bikini and Tom lets camera take in all her gorgeous body especially her ass which is like a national treasure!! Alaura is soon on her belly and she's sucking off her real life lover Dez. Her man nicely pulls her bottoms deep in her ass crack so we can see that tushy. Alaura also has a great playful attitude in this scene which included some fast pumping no hands head. Dez is cool leaning over to tongue her inviting pooper plus she leans up to her tits can get a little loving. Alaura then gets in doggie where her lover really get going licking between her cheeks and Alaura does some superb moaning. When it's her turn Miss Eden proves most adept at eating ass as she attacks his bunghole with long licks of her pink tongue! We see a hot 69 with her on top where we get plenty of dicksucking as well as rimming by both. The best shot comes when she gets down on her knees and arches up to lick ass!! She then turns around sitting down and there's some skull fucking and more hot rim action. Soon Alaura takes a great facial but only after more hard throat fucking and more rimming!! Well done Miss Eden!

bono-Meter: 9.0

Cherry Lane:

We meet this cutie and Tom playfully sings Penny Lane by the Fab Four inserting Cherry in instead of Penny! This nice looking girl is already naked and we get fine shots of her 19 yr. old tits and her pussy is neatly trimmed. Cherry then runs down a list of what's going to occur and she likes the jizz in her mouth and not on her face so that sounds great to me! Cherry then gets going with the blowjob and the pace is pretty fast as Andrew fires his cock in. We get some great eye contact as she licks his balls plus the two have some good verbal sparring ongoing. This scene is also being filmed on some stairs so we get a good shot of Cherry underneath as she aggressively eats his ass. She also jerks his cock like she's milking a cow but this milk may be a bit on the salty side!! The energy from Cherry has been great and she's rewarded as Andrew eats her ass as she's resting in the doggie position. I must say the underneath views of the rimming were really hot in this scene and these two are clicking on all cylinders! Cherry ends up taking a good load in her mouth and the cleanup is also sexy so great job Cherry!

bono-Meter: 9.0

Gen Padova:

As this scene starts Gen is already busy sucking J.Monty's big black cock. She gets about half of it in and she's a real go getter as she pleasures J.'s cock. Tom does try to get a word or two with her getting Gen to introduce herself as her mouth is full of cock! This proves to be short lived, the interview that is, and Tom lets them get going about their business!! This dicktacation is a great example being set by Gen!! Gen uses lots of saliva to get a glistening sheen to J.'s cock and Tom delivers some high intensity close shots of this fiery redhead! The passion she had for her blowjob carries over totally as she switches to licking ass. She doesn't rim as much as the other girls but her awesome knob polishing leads to a super facial finish!

bono-Meter: 8.0

Merissa Arroyo:

Up next we see this pretty girl and there's a proper interview this scene and at the same time Merissa shows off her body. Sergio is here and he gets a good look at her ass plus he leans down to taste it. Tom has a feeling Sergio likes eating ass and it's proven to be true as he buries his face between Merissa's cheeks. Sergio also does some multiple finger dipping in Miss Arroyo's pussy and then the two switch. Merissa does some fine bobbing up and down on his cock a Tom's there with superb close ups of Merissa. Next she leans off the top of the chair to lick Sergio's ass and he's propped against the chair in piledriver so thanks Tom for shooting that! She also gets down onto the chair for some hard cock sucking as well as more rim action. Sergio also assumes the doggie position for some more ass play plus he gets his tushy slapped a couple of times. Merissa gets adventurous working a finger a ways into his ass, Tom has a laugh as Merissa instructs Sergio in how to take a finger in one's ass!! This interesting scene concludes with a good pop to her face.

bono-Meter: 8.0


We move outdoors in the shade for this scene and wow this girl has some amazing eyes and Tom rightly compliments her on them! She's already sucking Dez's cock as the scene opens and Brijaye does some good ball licking as well. There is some great tongue licking by Brijaye as she gives no hands head plus we get some great over the shoulder POV footage. We move next to a 69 with her on top and Tom delivers great close ups of her sucking cock and she does some ass licking as well. Dez then gets in mish spreading his legs wide as Brijaye gets serious licking his ass and there's also some fun had as she eats ass in doggie. A fine pop soon coats her face.

bono-Meter: 8.5

Allura Bond:

Up next we meet this sexy babe who goes by the name of Bond, Allura Bond!! She asks if we want her to get naked and in one loud chorus we say, " Hell Fucking Yeah!!" Seriously I liked this girls attitude in the one other scene I saw her in and she's to be in Brandon's new swallowing series for Platinum so this girl is a player as they say!! Here the camera nods yes for us so we see her perky tits and her awesome backside. Next up she sucks on Mr. Nasty's cock and she gets a great rhythm going using plenty of spit. Allura then spits at his ass as she attacks it with her tongue and with her great English accent Allura says she loves eating ass!! This nasty activity is proving be most pleasing for her. She keeps up the hot cock sucking as well and then Dick gets in the piledriver position as she leans off the chair to eat his ass. After briefly eating his ass in doggie it's her turn finally but his finger action to her ass is all to brief before she goes back to sucking/ jerking his cock. Allura takes a fine does of spunk into her mouth and she shows if off before downing it!!

bono-Meter: 9.0

Shayna Knight:

Up next is a cute lady from Germany and she has a nice smile as well. Tom speaks a little German to her though he doesn't know what he says,lol! Frank then shakes her hot ass for us and then he pulls her bottoms off as he starts the rimming. Shayna smils that little girl smile which is so appealing but this action is most certainly grown up time! Next up is some well shot blowjob action and Shayna gets great coordination between jerking and sucking Frank's cock. Frank then slaps his cock against her tongue as he talks dirty to this hot German fraulein. Shayna then buries her face in his ass plus she jerks his cock. She proves to be a most enthusiastic rimmer plus the fine oral is continued when she isn't licking ass. Up next is a sexy 69 with her on top and there's plenty of rimming here by the both of them. Shayna then gets down on her knees for more ass eating this time in mish and Tom gives excellent close shots throughout. The scene ends with Shayna sticking her tongue out and collecting a good bit of spunk on it. With a smile from her the scene fades out. Good energy from Shayna here.

bono-Meter: 8.5

Kinzie Kenner:

With a super smile this gorgeous babe confidently introduces herself and the pink lingerie looks most appealing on her as her nipples nicely are poking out. Dez is soon showing off her spectacular ass and every one discusses the scene but Tom can't resist shooting that ass and why not, it's flawless!! I like her energy here. Dez briefly tastes her titties before Kinzie drops down for a crowd pleasing blowjob. The close up shots plus her great eye contact will definitely get your dick hard or your pussy moist! A hot 69 is next with Kinzie on top so more cock sucking is shot plus Dez gets some licks at both her inviting holes. It's all Kinzie then as she buries her face in his ass and with great eye looks she goes about tonguing his bunghole. Dez then lays her in mish for some oral and ass licking to Kinzie and she has a slight smile going as Dez does this. Loved seeing Kinzie on her knees as she arched up to lick Dez's ass and she really got into it I thought. This last rimming position lasted a superb length of time allowing Kinzing ample time to prove how nasty she could get and I loved it!! A decent pop ends the scene. Dez knows he's in trouble when some spunk hits her in the eye,lol!! Kinzie doesn't miss a beat, though, doing some excellent cleanup.

bono-Meter: 9.0


Well Tom delivers a second disc just for the bonus materials and we get a great rim highlight reel from various films he shot when at Extreme, plus a cumshot recap, and the big extra is the behind the scnenes footage. This isn't your normal behind the scenes which might last a few minutes. This is like a mini movie in itself as you go inside the shooting, often Tom is in the shot with his hand held. You get this inside the scene for all the girls save for Cherry, Merissa, and Allura. This made the second disc well worth it and fans should appreciate it's addition I think. So if you are a fan of asseating along with blowjobs and some pussy licking then this flick is totally for you. Tom shoots the action well and I look forward to another volume hopefully with some g/g rimming this time!!

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