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Ass Cream Pies 6

Ass Cream Pies 6

Studio: Anabolic
Category:  Anal , Cream Pies
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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REVERSIBLE's ratings for Ass Cream Pies 6:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Ass Cream Pies 6 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Ass Cream Pies 6 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Ass Cream Pies 6 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Ass Cream Pies 6 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Ass Cream Pies 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ass Cream Pies 6 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ass Cream Pies 6 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by REVERSIBLE  on  6/13/2005
My name is Tom. I am from Greece. I am 30 years old. I am a computer programmer and I use internet since 1994, were very few people here in Athens knew about its social role and use.
Although I have an affair for many years now, a relation ship that is built in true love, human communication and understanding, I have never stopped seeking a way to fulfill my fantasies. Unfortunately that implies a lot of risk, a risk that I am not willing to take in order to test my girlfriend’s feelings or to sacrifice the foundation of our future. (I do plan to get married with her and have many children). So, for many years now, my intimate fantasies are projected in my television or computer screen, through the adult media.
Having seen several adult films so far, I was lucky to witness some very attractive women getting wild and hot in front of my eyes. Many adult female stars have paraded on my screen from all the parts of the globe. Sexy women, stunning women, naughty, filthy, dirty, alluring, charming, elegant, active, mincing, wild. Natural gifted men were providing their sexual services to them in every way possible. In singles, couples or groups they were all engaging in many oral, vaginal or anal sexual activities producing vast amount of eroticism and heat. I have often fantasized of taking one male actor’s place and have sex with some of those gorgeous women, that flatter my screen. I have seen many different adult companies from all over the world, many directors, with their individual capturing technique each, many fascinating erotic positions and all the shifts in the flow of the adult film making, through those years.
Well, in the lines that follow, I will try to deliver you the experiences I had, watching some of those movies. I will plan to do that, in my point of view, in a lover’s point of view. Together we will place our selves inside the action altering our roles, from passive demanding adult spectators (commenting and criticizing accordingly) to active sexual participants. I will take you to the corners of the world, bringing you characteristic specimens of the adult filmography industry. In these reviews, you will learn many sexual secrets and other making love advices. We will visit the backstage of the porn theaters and we will expose lots of directing and sex setting techniques. I promise you, I will try to get improved review by review, in order to deliver you the most out of this fascinating adult video world.

Title: Ass Cream Pies #6
Company: Anabolic
Director: Sal Genoa
Starring: Katsumi, Keanni Lei, Vanessa May, Lucy Love, Martina, Dascha.

Like Chico Wang, Sal Genoa belongs to the new breed of Anabolic/Diabolic directors. These new directors get all the burden to continue their predecessors successful tenure in this important adult company’s directing post. Sal took the responsibility to extend a few of Anabolic series as well as creating some of his own. I have heard some good things about him. So, let us see what he is capable of. Today the menu is:

Scene First. Katsumi.

Katsumi is a very pretty French Vietnamese style girl. She has a sweet face and possesses one of the most perfect buttocks in the industry. Her great ass is on display as she walks crawling towards a couch, where Joel Lawrence and Mr.Pete are naked and fully erected. They have a plate with white cream on it and a hole in the center, where their massive dicks are getting through. She starts showing them her great oral skills, before there is a cut and Joel is witnessed shoving his long pole straight up her bum in doggy. Joel stuffs and spanks that tight arse as she licks Mr.Pete balls. She goes ATM on Joel. Then she lowers her firm butt down on Mr.Pete full size dick getting her pussy nailed in cowgirl just a few seconds before Joel pushes his shaft in her asshole providing the first DP. (Damn, that came quick!) They double drill both of her holes in cowgirl for a long time. They break only for the necessary double oral penile cleaning. Nobody can claim that watching her firm ass getting fully stuffed like that is not an attractive site. Next, Joel fucks her ass sideways as she gives blowjob to Mr.Pete. The guys trade places. Great view of the action. Cut and she is shown getting dped in reverse cowgirl mode. Nice side view of her beautiful body and face as both of her lower orifices are getting filled simultaneously. You are able to hear her sexy pleasure cries as she is mumbling in French. There is also a hot close behind their crotches coverage where the guys ream her holes hard and fast while her legs are flailing in the air. Naturally the girl comes like a waterfall. Cut and she is getting her vagina occupied in cowgirl when Joel comes behind and.… Wait… No no. Guys I think this a loop back of the previous cowgirl DP action. Shame Sal this is a poor editing. I will forgive him though, cause Katsumi has state of the art butt and is always a challenge to witness it stuffed. Nevertheless, I believe the doggy anal that follows is a better approach. Now she has her crack hole fucked intensively in doggy. She uses her fingers to fuck her pussy at the same time while Mr.Pete taps her pretty face with his leg. The guys both fuck her asshole in missionary and cum inside her. They feed her the sperm, dripped out from her asshole. The guys throw the cream full plates on her face and butt. Humiliating but funny. Katsumi is a personal fave of mine and I really adore her watching her every time. The cowgirl DP dominates most of the scene however DP-wise I think the hottest DP came in the reverse cowgirl form. I would really like to see more anal positions of that pretty French.

Scene second. Keanni Lei.

Keanni is an Asian race origin girl with a nice body. Her voice can be borrowed to dub a cartoon film. She wears sexy light pink lingerie. She starts sucking two cocks. Brian Surewood comes behind her and penetrates her tight pussy as she gives head to Frank Gunn. He lifts her leg up while he is fucking her. Frank fills her vagina in sideways as she deep throats Brian. The guys alter roles. Next she mounts Brian getting nailed in cowgirl style while he finger fucks her bum hole. A few moments later she is witnessed Dped in cowgirl. She spanks her ass. There is nice multi angle coverage of the action. Keanni possesses a great butt. There are also some ATMs present. Next Brian sodomizes her in doggy as she blowjobs Frank. Now Frank reams her ass in missionary while she sucks Brian. The guys trade holes. She rubs her clit. The guys shift again. Then she lowers her ass down on Frank’s dick and gets her anus stuffed in reverse cowgirl. She spread her pussy wide with her fingers alluring Brian to fill it. He does so, applying the DP. Sal delivers us another hot multi angle DP segment. Frank’s cock flips out and Keanni proceeds in a double penile cleaning. They all go for a flying DP that lives shortly before they land on the couch continuing the DP in cowgirl. Frank takes her back door in spoon and cums inside her. The birth seed is dripping out and He feeds it to her. Brian explodes inside her bum hole too in the cowgirl pose. The sex was good as well as its video capture by Sal but really Keanni is not my best choice.

Scene third. Vanessa May.

Vanessa is a very attractive long curly hair brunette Czech with East Asian looks and a beautiful slim body figure. She walks crawling towards a bed where she finds two men with their dicks out. She starts sucking cock in all fours while Frank Gunn caresses her holes. A few seconds later she hops for a reverse cowgirl nailing, getting filled straight in her anus. Nice view of the action, though I would prefer if the white corset she wears was taken out. A few gapes ensue. Frank spares her tight hole in doggy as she gives head to the other guy. The anal doggy lasts for a while with a couple of ATMs in between. Now her rear opening is penetrated spoon style. The guys trade places. Frank brings her on top of him as he is fucking her ass reverse cowgirl mode. The other guy comes forth and inserts his long shaft in her exposed pussy. A reverse cowgirl DP is applied. The girl responds wonderfully and she looks great during the short-lived action. I would have really appreciated it if they stayed a little longer. Unfortunately they cannot accommodate their bodies right and their dicks inside her, so they change position. The cowgirl DP is more successful and both of her holes are fully stuffed. She likes the double treatment and she shows it. They try a mid-air DP, which is failed shortly after. Too bad it would have been hot. Frank fucks her pussy in missionary, as they are both on their sides. He practices a couple of strokes before the other man shoves his long stick in her arse applying an uncommon DP position, as they are all on their sides. Unusual, but not bad. Not bad at all. Its duration is short and then Vanessa is witnessed getting fucked sideways, as the guy alternates holes in succession. The sexy brunette mounts Frank in cowgirl briefly, before the other guy inserts his cock in her ass providing another cowgirl DP. They fuck both of her holes hard like this for a while, breaking up for several ATMs too. The guys fuck her ass in missionary, as they take turns. Finally the guys deposit upon her ass and this scene ends. This MMF scene was good, yet the non-cowgirl DPs could be performed a lot better.

Scene fourth. Lucy Love.

Guys, I am not afraid to admit it. I love Lucy Love. No, I am not playing with words. I really like this girl. I have seen quite a few scenes of her and I never get tired to admire her beautiness and her sensual performance. She is a striking honey blonde Czech with natural body and ample breasts. She has gain some pounds since the last time I saw her. Still, she looks very attractive. She proceeds in giving a nice blowjob to Frank Gunn who is seated on the couch. She turns around and lowers her ass on Frank’s shaft. Frank’s cock is penetrating slowly her asshole and fucked her anally in reverse cowgirl fashion. There is a nice view of the action, where we can spot her well trimmed pussy, her large natural tits and her cute face. They change position to spoon anal. She commits some ATMs before she gets sodomized again in side ways. There, Frank plays with her, applying alternatives light chokes and kisses. She spanks her butt cheeks but Frank doesn’t follow. While Frank is reaming her ass he inserts a few fingers in her pussy as well elevating her pleasure. She substitutes his fingers with hers. Cut and she is witnessed riding Frank’s stick in reverse cowgirl as she is rubbing her clit. He then takes her pussy in missionary and fucks her hard. One last anal ride in missionary results him in cumming inside her. He feeds the sperm lotion to her. Very nice scene that is being progressed in opposite way. I mean first comes the anal and then the vaginal penetration.

Scene fifth. Martina.

Martina is a busty blonde short hair Euro chick. I don’t have a clue in what language she welcomes us. Alberto Ray and Frank Gunn are sitting on the couch and enjoy this girls oral treatment. Frank goes behind her and penetrates her pussy while she is on all fours. She then mounts Alberto and gets pounded cowgirl style. She changes cocks as Frank’s cock nails her in the same position. Some nice kisses by Alberto elevate the eroticism and she gives him a blowjob thank him this way. She then mounts him back only this time she is turned face up. Alberto fills her pussy well while she gives head to Frank. She commits some PTMs before getting fucked again in doggy by Frank. Cut and her asshole is violated in doggy by Frank’s stick. She gives some ATMs before she lowers her ass down on Alberto’s thick cock. Reverse cowgirl anal. Always a great view. She dismounts and turns around. Her butt is in the air just above Alberto. Frank comes behind her and sticks his pole in her bum hole. A few seconds later Alberto grabs his cock and inserts it in her pussy from beneath applying the DP. The guys fuck both of her holes hard and she seems to like it. She goes ATM briefly before she hops on Frank getting sodomized in reverse cowgirl mode. Her pink pussy is exposed and Alberto decides to plague it. He passes his leg over her own and pushes his shaft inside her vagina. Another hot DP is performed this time in RCG. It’s a tight fit and it doesn’t last long. Her ass is impaled in spoon by Frank while she gives head to Alberto. The guys change roles and now Alberto fucks her crack hole in doggy. Frank gets his turn in the same fashion. Alberto takes the opportunity to stick his pole in her pussy as well and they an unusual DP pose where both men are fucking her holes in doggy manner. Alberto withdraws and Frank is left alone to ream her ass really hard. That causes a little discomfort by the blonde girl who expresses it in the end of the cut by scolding him lightly with her hand. Now her cunt is stuffed in missionary by Alberto, while she blowjobs Frank. There is a pussy gape and Alberto shouts inside her opening. Martina goes for an anal reverse cowgirl ride on Alberto’s cock, who eventually cums inside her. He is followed by Frank who fucks her arse in missionary before unloads on her mouth. Alberto sticks his dick in her ass in the sane pose, where he explodes for a second time. The guys coat her face with some real cream pies and they all laughing. She is pissed off and she is showing it with the famous middle finger gesture. Although Martina facial looks are not the best, she surely knows how to get fucked in all ways.

Scene sixth. Dascha.

Dascha is a pretty blonde with awesome body and big (fake) boobs. Ok guys the girl is a sexual volcano and we can easily distinguish that by her very first actions. Look at her lustful look as she says “Is gonna be so much fun”, while she shows her oral skills to Brian Surewood and Frank Gunn. She even slaps her own butt. She is mean! The guys are sitting on the couch next to each other. Dascha goes on Brian first who holds her head. “Aren’t you selfish?” she says. “Yes, I am” responds Brian clapping his hands. Guys, I really appreciate nasty talking in the scenes. Dascha is a talkative personality as well as hot as hell and I have a strong feeling we are gonna enjoy this scene very much. Look at her appetite, the way she attacks the cocks. She gets up. She takes her panties off and … Holly Cow!!! She literally jumps above them and positions her butt on Brian’s face while her head lands on Frank dick. This girl really knows what she wants and the way to get it. Brian rewards her dare with a hot muff dive. She stands above him while Brian’s head is between her legs and offer her his oral treatment. Of course she enjoys this a lot. Frank is also there to grope her tits and kiss her passionately. She then lies on the couch with her legs spread wide and Brian having set off, continues the pussy eating making her yell from pleasure. He uses everything he ‘s got to take off this girl. He licks her labia, her clit, her asshole. He even slips a finger in her rear opening, while Dascha slips some more in her pussy delivering a finger DP. The girl goes wild and cums like an overflowing river. Her internal fluid stains hit the camera lens. Watch her facial expression, listen to her moans, observe her how she bits softly her knee. I adore watching a pretty girl cum like that. I really do. Cut. The fucking session begins in doggy and Frank is the lucky guy to take her first. He fucks her good like that, applying some clit rubbing too, while she gives head to Brian. Not long after, Dascha’s vaginal fluids are dripping like a waterfall on the floor. Cut. She lowers her well – shaped body on Frank’s pole and gets stuffed in reverse cowgirl. She squirts again. Brian is busy fucking her high heels while Frank makes my day when he inserts his shaft a little lower in her tight anus. She goes wild and shoves a few fingers in her pussy as well. Frank fucks her asshole hard and those boobs are swaying in every direction. A hot shot! Cut. Now we witness Dascha mounting Brian’s big cock getting her anus ripped in cowgirl mode, while she is giving head. Another amazing shot! There is a cut and now Frank violates her bum hole in missionary. She is massaging her clit and she appears to cum one more time. She inserts one finger in her vagina but she agrees that another stiff cock there would be much better. She stands up and she places herself, face up, above Frank. She lowers her butt down until his dick is safe and sound inside her tight sphincter. She bounces her body fast on it causing Frank to cry out from pleasure. She also enjoys it very much and a smile is painted on her face, as she is anticipating the inevitable DP. Brian fulfills her requests and shoves his fair size cock all the way inside her vaginal passage. Frank attempts to lift her butt a little bit up in order to gain space to fuck her asshole hard as his pal does with her pussy. Dascha loves the double drilling action and declares it to us. Brian leans closer to her and Sal provides us a close behind their crotch view of both of her holes getting pummeled mercilessly. Of course she has another tremendous orgasm. Cut and she is taking an anal cowgirl ride before Frank deposits his fuel inside her bum. Brian does the same in the reverse cowgirl position. Both times, a thick white string of cum is dripped out from her stinky hole. The guys attempt the same cream pie trick, only this time Dascha takes her revenge and coat the remaining cream above their faces. Not even Sal gets away with. Great scene, hot sex, gorgeous girl, stunning performance, nice capture, high grade. My only complaint: I wish it lasted more.

Final thoughts

How can you ignore this movie menu, when it has the perfect butts of Katsumi for appetizer, some hot sex for main plate, performed by the luscious Lucy Love, the attractive Vanessa, the exotic Keanni Lei and the sweet newcomer Martina? And Tell me, how can I forget the delicious flavor, the wild performance of sexy Dascha had offered me for desert? Audio/Video quality is flawless but the extras option of the DVD is inadequate.

PS1. Complaint no1. Some more teasing on behalf of the girls would be rather preferable.

PS2. Complaint no2. Frank Gunn is a nice-looking guy; he is gentle and caring about his female partners without being too soft with them. However, I think he is not the best choice regarding more demanding duties like being the anchor in a rcg dp or even worst when he attempts a standing dp.

PS3. Question. Does anyone know st more about Dascha? I have seen a lot of Daschas and I don’t remember which one this is.

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