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Ass Cleavage 3

Ass Cleavage 3

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Anal , Barely Legal , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for Ass Cleavage 3:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Ass Cleavage 3 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Ass Cleavage 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Ass Cleavage 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Ass Cleavage 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Ass Cleavage 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ass Cleavage 3 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ass Cleavage 3 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  3/30/2004
Ass Cleavage #3
** * ½
2003, 2 hours and 15 minutes
Zero Tolerance Entertainment
Directed by Quasarman
Starring Jane Darling, Katja Kassin, Sabina Black (credited as Martina on the boxcover), Ariana Jollee, Sabina, Dark Angel

The Knowledge:

If I owned my own porn company it would be just like Zero Tolerance. Nothing but quality wall-to-wall and gonzo flicks with an air of class. New kid on the block ZT, in just over a year, has injected originality and breathed new life into a game that was rapidly becoming stagnant and everything but “original.” Their lines have every major fetish covered, not to mention coming up with some new ones, showing that not only do they have their hand on the pulse of the average porn consumer, but they are willing to give them what they want. Often times, they are the only people in town providing that fix which gives them a virtual monopoly on some genres. One such genre is their plethora of 2-on-1 lines such as Double Decker Sandwich, Blow Me Sandwich and Teen X Two. Big bust, oral and teen titles are big right now, but what’s better than having two breasts, one chick blow you or one hot teen? Why, four tits, a tag-team blowjob and two hot teens, that’s what! It’s this focus on fresh, new creative concepts and their inspired, spot-on casting decisions to carry out these visions that puts Zero Tolerance more than just a few steps ahead of the pack. Imagine teaming up Bella-Marie Wolfe and Sophia or Mason Storm and Katja Kassin for a tandem blowjob movie? Or perhaps Olivia O’Lovely and Anna Nova or Melanie Jagger and Claire James for a 2 chicks-on-1 guy big-boob movie? The people at ZT have their thinking caps on just for YOU. Sometimes I look at a cast for a ZT movie and swear out that Alves and crew are IN MY HEAD and stealing my ideas! It‘s eerie how well they know what I like.

Director/owner Greg Alves, seconded by his wife/director Wendi Knight and director Mike Quasar aka Quasarman are the very definition of thinking outside of the box. As such, some of their ideas and contributions that went unaccredited (and under appreciated) at companies like Elegant Angel and Metro have been the very backbone of what ZT is all about. Their forward thinking and propensity to dictate trends rather than sit back and let the industry dictate to them has resulted in the most unique titles to ever grace porn shelves. The Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio became Blowjob Fantasies which today is ZT’s Blow Me Sandwich. Backseat Driver or Stop, My Ass is on Fire could be said to have morphed into what is now known as Grand Theft Anal. Air Tight was the precursor to No Holes Barred, so and so forth.

Since its inception, two of ZT’s most popular lines have been Internal Cumbustion (capitalizing on the extremely hot fetish of the moment, cream pies) and Ass Cleavage, a line dedicated to big round luscious butts. Ass Cleavage 2 practically made history with April’s first anal, which Zero Tolerance surprisingly secured despite the claims of other companies and directors promising to lense the highly-anticipated event first. Does the third installment match the hype surrounding that important chronicle in the adult industry mythos and covert coup? Shooting three scenes in Prague with girls that Quasarman himself said were “no less than a nine” it certainly has all the makings to topple its predecessor.

The Action:

Jane Darling

We open on Jane Darling and workaholic Mark Wood admiring her ass. He pulls her panties down , bends over and wiggles her butt cheeks, which of course, shake like jell-o with him barely touching them. Mark next buries his middle finger in her asshole, loosening it up just a little for the action to come. While Mark gets the rest of his gear off, Jane spreads her cheeks apart for the camera. When Mark comes back, hard-on leading the way, Darling knows just what to do and wraps her lips around his veiny boner and licks the underside. Now wet with drool, Wood’s wood finds its way into Darling doggie, with Jane bent over a nearby chair, her large but very natural breasts swaying in time with Mark’s every thrust. The two decide to take things to the floor and in reverse cowgirl Darling shines. Her long legs spread wide she almost reminds me of a butterfly albeit a very beautiful butterfly, with big tits who does anal. In fact, without skipping a beat, Mark puts it in Darling’s other hole and it slides in as easy as it did the first. I think Wood actually bangs her harder here and Jane doesn’t mind one bit. She sucks his cock a2m before lying on her side, allowing Mark to spoon her anally while she lifts her left leg high to make sure we see everything she’s got in all its glory. Wanting to switch positions but still craving more, Jane rolls over, puts her face to the floor and her ass in the air. Wood dutifully plugs away and to see Darling’s anatomy any better, you’d need a telescope. Everything is on display here from her pendulous sweater pillows all the way down to her plump round ass getting hammered with thick pole. The sight is too much for me to handle and apparently, also for Mark. After a little more digging out Darling’s dung ditch he drips his dick droplets onto the tip of her tongue and she sucks his cock clean, circling the head with her luscious lips. ***

Katja Kassin

Already shirtless, Kurt Lockwood introduces us to a silent little redhead seated next to him. “I want you to meet the lovely and talented Katja Kassin,” he says as he presents Katja with hand motions like a spokes model on The Price is Right. Figuring he shouldn’t be the only one in the scene topless, Kurt helps Katja out of her pink bikini top. Kassin stands and Kurt pulls her bottoms down over her wide, thick ass. Man, this woman puts the “ass” in “Kassin.“ He fingers her pussy for a bit, making Katja moan and groan, in what language, I couldn’t tell you. She sounds pretty turned on, either way. Eager to make Lockwood feel as good as she just felt, Katja puts her hands behind her head like a felon on death row and lets Kurt ream the back of her throat. I mean, it very obviously hits the back and Kurt just keeps on pushing. I’m not sure if Katja’s lip ever really touch his prick, but the “glug, glug, glug” sounds can be heard a mile away. Katja rides Lockwood cowgirl next and then reverse cowgirl anally. If Kassin were a vehicle, her front end would be some sleek and sporty Italian racing car but her rear would be a bulky and sturdy German SUV…or maybe even a tank. From the waist down, there are not many who can physically matchup with this feisty freulin. Lockwood lies Katja back in the piledriver position, lowering his dick into her ass and her mouth like they were both two pieces of machinery on an assembly line and his job was to repeatedly and systematically drive holes. Kassin’s pert little “zeppelins” bounce just a little as he bangs away. Kurt really enjoys getting rimmed, which isn’t my thing personally, but hey, if it keeps him hard and gets him through the scene, more power to him. But something tells me I wouldn’t need my arse licked to stay up for Katja, I wouldn’t care if my mother, my graduating class and the congregation from my local church was on the set. After some doggie anal, Kurt grabs a handful of Katja’s fire red hair and rams her face down on his dick until he cums over her upper lip and tongue piercing. A little runs down her chin, but Kurt is nice enough to catch it with his dick and scoop it back into her mouth. What a gentleman. Katja was her usual anal-amazing self. *** ½

Sabina Black

Sabina Black, I’ve never seen before. Black is a cute brunette with nice, average sized breasts (either a large b or small c) but an ass obviously worthy of landing her in this movie. She’s on all fours right now on a bed while George Uhl furiously fingers her pussy. After a bit of this play, Black services him orally, head in his lap and her ass parked high in the air. The head here is first-rate: Sabina provides a masterful combination of jaw-stretching, no-hands head bobbing, dick-skinning hand job strokes and flicking her tongue rapidly everywhere, peppering his prick with playful kitten-like licks all over the shaft and head. Not that I’ve ever let a kitten lick my dick or anything. After a salacious sucking like that, this guy should be plenty ready to tap that ass. And he is. Black throws a leg over his waist and puts his dick in her cowgirl as she takes off her bra. The ensuing action makes the whole mattress quake and Uhl has two handfuls of Sabina’s ass while she smothers his cock and balls with her firm and bouncy butt cheeks. My man takes a bit too much time to take Sabina’s heels off for my liking, but once he unstraps them he lies her back to lick and finger her pussy again. Sabina tosses her head back with pleasure, caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples. After pulling on her fuck flaps with his mouth, George maneuvers Black back on top of him, this time reverse cowgirl, giving her a reach around as she rides. He pulls his dick all the way out and shoves it back in a few times, letting us see just how much he’s widened her little gash before putting it in her ass, lifting her legs up and apart by the underside of her upper thighs. Sabina puts her feet on his knees to stabilize herself next and then our guy brings both of her legs together and pulls them up to her face, making a nice little teardrop shape with her ass. Lying Sabina on her side, Uhl goes back to fucking her pussy for a bit before returning to her ass. I know that going from someone’s ass, to their pussy and back is pretty common nowadays but every time I see it I’m still a tad shocked for some strange reason. It’s just been driven into my brain for so long now how taboo (not to mention not-so-hygienically safe) that little move is. It just makes me wonder if it’s something that’s agreed upon beforehand like a2m or completely spontaneous. Either way, George finishes himself off mish and nails Sabina directly in the face with streams of jizz from a good 2-3 inches away. Damn. Until then, I was wondering why he was even here. ** ½


Now Sabina I like. I first saw her taking on two massive black guys in Tight & Asian 3 and was impressed with not only her look but her courage. I think she’s wearing the same calf-high black boots she wore in that scene here today (which isn’t uncommon in porn). Today, it’s not two black guys but rather a man with the mind of two sick men, Michael Stefano, who gets to plug that poop chute today. Sabine’s got plenty of back for backdoor boffing, believe me. She lets Mike drop drool into her hole and they take turns slapping her robust rump. People may not find Sabina traditionally beautiful but damned if I don’t think she is just the cutest thing I’ve seen in a good while. There’s something about her smooth caramel complexion, fresh face and girlish grin that gets me right here. *pounds chest* She looks like a Filipina Jordana Brewster, if any of you have any idea who she is. If not, Google her, you’ll like. Anyway, Stefano must be really eager to dip his wick into this big ole ass because he doesn’t even have Sabine give him a blowjob before plunging right in up-and-over doggie. She pays for it later, though, when he drives his dick past her medulla oblongata between positions. Yeah, he makes her gag pretty good and momentarily manages to wipe that perma-smirk off of her face. Lowering herself on his prick cowgirl, Sabine’s curves are almost cartoonish; they’re like an Otis Sweat painting, her face remaining very realistic but her tits (which are smallish) and ass being exaggerated to hentai-like proportions. Casting idea: Sabine and Dana Vespoli. I don’t care who does it, just pair’em up and get it done. Sabine gives Stefano a hand-heavy hummer before repositioning herself reverse cowgirl. Damn, Quaze, are you trying to kill me?! This girl looks amazing and the camera is in all the right places for maximum “enjoyment” of the proceedings. The excellence doesn’t let up when we move to Sabine getting analized doggie. THAT, is an ass. Is that much ass even legal or does she have to register it as a lethal weapon when she comes to your town? Lucky Luciano gets a few more minutes inside Sabine’s ass mish with her legs together and pulled to her chest, literally knocking her boots. The pace is slow, though and I’m trying to figure out why he’s not fucking that booty like his life depended on it. Perhaps he’s savoring it, which shows a ton more restraint than I’d have because I’d have whipped myself into a sexual seizure and passed out by now. Stefano puts the pearly stuff on her tongue and makes her show the camera before asking her to swallow it. “Yummy,” she says. That‘s my girl right there. ***

Ariana Jollee

Okay, move back from your television or run the risk of singeing your eyebrows. Any viewers with pacemakers or a heart condition should fast-forward or view with extreme caution. Ariana Jollee is hotter than fish grease, kids and all hyperbole aside, EVERY single scene she’s been in from the day she debuted should be locked away and put in an airtight vault to serve as how-to instructions should some nuclear catastrophe ever strike and the world needs visual aid on how to reproduce. Sexy as hell and ten times as slutty, Ariana looks and fucks like you wish your girlfriend would. Knowing Ariana, I’m sure she’d be willing to hook up and give your significant other lessons, if need be. Jollee makes reviewing a scene with her in it very hard, since it’s difficult to type with one hand. After a typically amazing blowjob, Ariana jumps on Englishman Steve Hooper cowgirl and lets him push her ass down over his boner until I have a wet dream while I’m wide awake. Hooper, to my amazement and bewilderment, is surprisingly calm and collected. Sometimes a situation is so dream-like, so surreal it doesn’t occur to you in the midst of it. But I’m sure after this was over, he probably fainted and will take the fond memory of this life-altering experience to his grave. Ariana lies her perfect body back and lets Steve pound her little love mound while her awesome, natural rack bounces out of control and she even orgasms, which would have more than likely spelled “scene over” for yours truly. Not that I usually can’t hang, but this is ARIANA JOLLEE we‘re talking about here; gorgeous face, unbelievable fuck faces, toned and tight body complete with stupid-dope flat abs. I’m cool and all but I don’t usually come up on shit like that at last call staggering for the door and fumbling for my car keys. Reverse cowgirl anal is next and Ariana rubs her clit so hard that I’m afraid her bush might burst into flames if she wasn’t already shaved bald. In doggie (where she cums again) it occurs to me that if God made a more perfect woman more perfect for porn, he must’ve kept her for himself. Jollee has taken to the more extreme acts in this business so naturally and performs them so nonchalantly, one has to wonder if she wasn’t built in a lab somewhere using the DNA of past porn star greats. Part Nina Hartley, Sharon Mitchell and Debi Diamond with a dash of Misty Dawn, Ariana Jollee is the prototype for the new millennium. Hooper finally jerks a gusher over her head and into her hair and lays a stream over her right eye. Unfazed, Ariana sucks his cock clean as if she were just having her morning cup of coffee. Bow down, peasants. Porn’s new queen has arrived. All you other “stars”, take notes. **** ½

Dark Angel

Wow. The cover did not do this lady justice. Another beautiful natural brunette…where is ZT finding these treasures? Jane Darling, Sabina Black and now Dark Angel. I’m gonna overdose on these fresh, leggy, creamy-skinned and naturally busty eurowhores. If you’re this good at finding them, you may as well start a series. I’d buy it if they all looked half as good as what we’ve gotten here. Dark Angel is the best of both worlds, however, with bigger tits than Black but brunette (which I’m a sucker for) and, in my opinion, even more stunning than Darling. Dressed in a simple powder blue bra and panties, she gets her bung fingered by David Perry. A blowjob gets him nice and hard and then a cowgirl long-dicking gets Angel a’moaning and sucking wind. She forces herself down hard onto his dick, sending ripples through her rump each time. Perry brushes Angel’s teeth and stretches her cheeks with his cock before sliding it into her reverse cowgirl and then into her ass in the same position. I need to visit Europe. Seriously. Nearly every woman from there I’ve seen in porn has had nearly identical bodies (think Monica Sweetheart) and Dark Angel just keeps that 1.000 “hawt” streak alive. If I am to believe what porn has taught me, every woman from across the pond is either built like this or Lindsey Dawn McKenzie and Chloe Vevrier. I’d be happy with either body type, to be honest. It’s either that or I’m importing the water and sneaking it into my wife’s supply. Perry stabs Angel’s ass while spooning her as she lies on her side next. Angel just lies there enjoying it, looking all hot and shit. The perfect ten then gets on all fours where Perry pokes her ass more up-and-over doggie. Angel takes matters into her own hands to end the scene, putting Perry between her tits and then jerking him off into her mouth. He fires off multiple explosive spurts with each pass of her hand. She puts her mouth over the head and strokes out the last of it, seductively eyeing the camera before we fade to the credits. *** ½


A controllable Photo Gallery which you navigate through with your remote (27 pictures in all; 4 of Dark Angel, 5 of Katja Kassin, 6 of Jane Darling, 4 of Sabina, 3 of Sabina Black, 5 of Ariana Jollee), Behind the Scenes (Quaze drinking before noon in Prague, Steve Hooper, Scott Lyons and Quaze “discuss“ the Germans and their wives, Ariana Jollee talks about how much porn she watches, Quaze jokes about Jollee’s ridiculously high heels and generally just cracking up everyone on the set; 16:30 total ), Striptease (feature with all of the girls, except Ariana Jolle, doing strip teases; a very welcome addition for those who like tease footage but were disappointed none was included in the actual scenes. The only drawback is that you can‘t choose the girls individually; 12:25 total), Cumshot Loop (the name says it all, all of the money shots from the feature in one loop with no individual access; 4:07 total). If nothing else, you will enjoy the Behind the Scenes which are always hilarious due to Quaze being such a card and having a knack for impressions/impersonations with Alves and Knight always laughing and being just as goofy somewhere nearby.


I was extremely impressed with all of the sets, locations, outfits for the girls and the overall look of the movie (not to mention all the anal sex!). The surroundings seemed to compliment the female performers and their attire. If this was intentional, it was a good way to go the extra mile. The feel was soothing and relaxed for each segment. If someone didn’t like this movie (which I think you’d have to be crazy or gay not to) you can’t deny how GOOD it looks. This video, as well as all of Zero Tolerance’s other product, looks like 35mm film almost, giving it a more high-end, big-budget soft core feel. But don’t let the FILM LOOK fool you, Ass Cleavage 3 isn’t for couples or fans of tame, condoms-only fare. Focusing solely on plenty of raunchy one-on-one anal sex, astounding ass-to-mouth antics and raising the bar for everyone technically, Zero Tolerance proves a movie doesn’t have to look hard to be hard. The inclusion of extremely hot but seldom-shot Euro chicks only made a great movie that much better. Another scorcher from the team who obviously puts a lot of time and care into every aspect of their releases. From the girls, to the sets, right down to the packaging (love the softcore-side/hardcore-side inserts!), you’ll know where your money went and you’d better believe it’s money well-spent.

Generals of ZT, I salute you.

Crucifixio Jones

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