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Ass Appeal 3

Ass Appeal 3

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for Ass Appeal 3:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Ass Appeal 3 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Ass Appeal 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Ass Appeal 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Ass Appeal 3 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Ass Appeal 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ass Appeal 3 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ass Appeal 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  2/12/2006

Appealing? Yes! Ass? A Vast Improvement…

Ass Appeal 3

2005, 2 hours and 52 minutes
Directed by Van Styles
Starring Delilah Strong, Angel Eyes, Ashley Reign, Veronica Jett & Alektra Blue

What You Should Know:
I bet everyone who saw “Black Up In Ya“ come out of Pulse Pictures thought Styles was done at Huslter. Nuh uh. What I affectionately refer to as “Take It Black 3.5“ was only a hiccup in their relationship and now Van is back where he belongs and doing what he does best -- shooting ass. “Ass Appeal 2“ fell somewhat short of my expectations considering it‘s really strong cast but rather than wallow in the mire, Styles circled the wagons and assembled yet another powerhouse cast of starlets less known for their asses than ladies he‘s filmed before but all great performers. Unconventional choices for an ass-themed movie they may be, but entertaining they all are, you will see.
Scene One: Delilah Strong with Scott Nails

Styles has her in casual gym clothes to start: black stretch pants with pink stripes, her thong peeks out from the back and a form-fitting striped adidas tank top. She works out fully clothed to begin and then pulls her pants down around her hips, exposing her white thong and a WHOLE lotta ass. Already I can tell that Styles took heed to the advice given him on his last installment and now is rightfully focusing ALOT on the girls' backsides this time around. Kudos. This is what we pay to see. Delilah walks across the room, performing lunges, Styles' camera trained on her ass (if you're going to show a girl in reflections a bunch, take the time to clean your mirrors!). After some light banter with Van, Delilah finds Scott Nails lying on a bed and mashes her ass down on his crotch, wriggling, squirming, grinding there 'til it's stiff. stands and drops his beige cargo shorts so the horny Strong works him over with her mouth and hands next. If pornstars had action figures made of them and their various appearances this would be "Chemo-Therapy" Scott or the "Auschwitz" version of his doll; he's sporting the baldie here. Delilah stands, bends over and puts her right foot on the edge of the bed, inviting Nails to, um...nail her standing doggie. A great first position for a movie that's all about ass and things only get hotter when our couple moves to the bed proper to engage in some ass cheek-slapping cowgirl. Scott barely has to do a thing; Delilah is in complete control here, riding his cock with her round ass sliding up and down on his pole until she has a body-rocking big "O", licks his prick clean and then rides him some more. As Delilah and Scott move around and use every inch of their surroundings, nails manages to maneuver her into spoon for a bit before dumping her into the floor and onto her shoulders for piledriver. From here, it's nothing to smoothly transition to doggie on the floor and we get a perfect view of Delilah's little heart shaped ass being pounded by Scott while she leans forward, looking almost as if to be praying. Nails steals a page from the Justin Slayer playbook when he starts hitting her spot from the pushup position here. It's like Scott is Justin Timberlake and Slayer is Usher! Physically it looks identical but there's something missing, ya know? It all ends here when Nails hops up and rubs one out over Delilah's open mouth. Not satisfied with Nails' first load, Strong uses her hand to stroke out yet another one, which she gargles and swallows. She giggles and crawls away, Styles trailing her ass as we fade out. Damn, great start..

Scene Two: Angel Eyes with Mark Ashley

Nothing personal but it baffles me as to how Angel Eyes still gets so much work. As a performer, she's nothing exceptional, a C+ worker at best. Appearance-wise, I guess she has a pretty face and a decent enough ass for a black girl but she has merely average natural tits, nothing spectacular or memorable there and she's about as vanilla performance-wise as one can get. And she doesn't do anal. In 2006, that's like...not breathing. She's one step away from either doing strictly girl/girl or driving an ice cream truck, I swear to God. But whenever Styles uses a black chick in his flicks, she always seems to get the call. What the fuck? She promises to smother a blindfolded Mark Ashley with her "big juicy ass" as he reclines upside down on Van's black leather chaise lounge. She makes good on her promise, draping her jiggling ass flesh over Mark's Cyrano-like nose before leaning forward to complete the sixty-nine and wrangling his cock out of his trousers to suck. We cut to Eyes on her knees now, slurping on Mark's sausage before he takes her over to a nearby loveseat, pulls of her panties and just helps himself to every inch of Angel's chocolate treats. He spits on and licks her pussy and drags his tongue up and down her body, gnawing on her clit and sucking hard on her nipples. Angel's pussy is audibly wet when Mark slides his pork inside her mish; her snatch is gooey and makes loud squishing and slapping sounds as Mark rams himself in and out of her hole. All of this action is captured from a low angle, all of the focus on Angel's bouncing buttocks, which hang ever-so-slightly over the edge of the small sofa. As I've previously stated, Mark's an exceptional performer already but there is something about black women that brings a little extra out of him. Mark is devouring every single bit of Angel he can get his prick on, bending her over and burying his face in her ass before grabbing her hips and really letting her have it doggie style. The majority of this is scene in an almost POV fashion, shot from over Mark's shoulder, looking down on Angel's undulating brown and round mound. The rest is seen from underneath, giving us a good look at the penetration (and one loooong loud pussy fart from Angel!). More ass eye candy as Mark drops Angel onto his lap for some cowgirl. Angel remains stationary for the most part while Ashley drives his cock up into her ass at an increasingly rapid clip. Angel does a little riding of her own when Mark takes breathers and it's here that it becomes apparent that even after all these years in the biz, she has no clue how to really use that body of hers to its maximum visual potential. I want her to be a more pro-active participant in her scenes but honestly, if all this half-stepping weak shit is what I'm going to get, don't bother. One thing's for sure, you likely won't be seeing Angel in the next "Black Girls Get Nasty, Too." Reverse cowgirl follows and admittedly, Eyes rides Mark a bit better, impaling herself on his pink pole and grinding circles on it, occasionally switching up the pace from "rapidly pound your hips into powder" to "slowly grind your hips into powder" until Ashley catches his breath and tries to fuck the two of them back through time. Ass fans will be happy to see that Styles doesn't spend all of his time lingering on Angel's front side but rather gives us the RCG from Mark's view so we can see Angel's ass making his cock disappear from behind. Nice. Angel hops to her knees and accepts Mark's man chowder on her lips and chest before sucking and licking the head of his dick seductively, slurping off the strings of semen that hang from it. Good girl. You got fucked WELL. Now I'm just waiting for the days when you start fucking back. She always seems so distant.

Scene Three: Ashley Reign with Kurt Lockwood

Ashley is her to check on Kurt's "medical emergency" in a red nurses outfit (a theme used similarly in Mamacitas 5 with Nadia Styles and Chicas Calientes with Jasmine Byrne). Reigns trots upstairs with Van in tow, her tight skirt riding up over her ass and we can see that Ashley isn't wearing any underwear. With an Alyson Hannigan-ish face and not much up top, you'd best believe that Ashley's ass is FOR REAL. I can't take my eyes off of it (which is the idea) when she sits on Kurt's face to resuscitate him. Even during the blowjob, Styles, after focusing on the actual oral, stands behind Ashley and trains his lens on that exceptional ass, made all the more exceptional looking because Reigns isn't on her knees but merely stooping to two-fist Lockwood's cock into steel. When Ashley pushes Kurt back onto the couch and rocks her ass back and forth across his prick, it literally disappears between her cheeks. She turns and settles herself down on Kurt's lap cowgirl and starts riding him like someone who has been waiting to get fucked for a very long time. Her tiny pink pussy drenches his cock with wetness and she grinds down on it until she cums extra hard (so hard she needs a minute or two to recover as you'll see in the BTS). Their cowgirl excursion morphs into standing cowgirl before Kurt lies her down to dig her out mish. Ashley's in La La Land at this point, her eyes half-closed in a dream-like state and her long red locks are now closer to a blood red because they are drenched with sweat. The mish is shot in similar fashion as the scene preceding this one, from underneath, focusing on Ashley's ass hanging off the side of the sofa. The best part of this scene comes next when Ashley stumbles over to a barstool and sticks her phat ass out over the end of it so that Kurt can plug her rectum. Trust me, this might be where the movie "ends" for most of you if you don't pace yourself and aren't careful. Consider yourselves warned. The only thing that may possibly trump this anal exhibition may be their next position: anal piledriver. Little Ashley is just enjoying it so much, so gone into her own little world, calling Lockwood "Daddy", her whole body glistening and cumming so hard her skin changes various shades of colors, you can't help but smile inwardly a little. Reigns' anal spooning looks great as she pulls her cheeks apart right before Kurt pulls out and plants protein right across her upper lip and into her nostrils. She's a bit taken aback by that, but smiling nonetheless when it's all said and done. Ashley's introduction to the Adult World of Anal can be considered a smashing and resounding success.

Scene Four: Veronica Jett with Benjamin Bratt

Believe it or not, I've got a thing for Veronica Jett. The setup here is especially funny, at least to me, because it sees Veronica out taking a jog and then stopping at a street corner to stretch while Styles shoots it all from down the block. I mean, who just randomly stops and uses the street light as an excuse to sluttily throw her ass in the air? Coincidentally, Jett is wearing the same tight pants that Delilah Strong wore in the first scene. She tops off the outfit with a wifebeater cut into a half-shirt with obviously no bra underneath. Van breaks out the other whip in this flick, his beamer, to load Veronica into and take back to his place after approaching her. Pulling her pants down over her ass, Veronica gives our director a little peek before climbing inside where she shows him even more. Back at Palazzo Di Styles, Van introduces Veronica's ass to Benjamin Bratt. He wets his fingers with a little saliva and sinks them into Jett's asshole over and over while she is on all fours and then makes her lick them clean. For those that know Ben, you realize that his "foreplay" may differ from what you're used to which includes a lot of exploring and spelunking in a lady's every orifice with his fingers before making them gag on his dick, which is exactly what he does with Jett here. After pinning her legs behind her head and cramming his fingers into her wide open pussy hole, she gets on her knees and rams his prick to the back of her throat until her eyes water. She turns and drags her ass up and down Bratt's lap and over his cock before he sticks the tip in, only letting her ride the head reverse cowgirl to start before allowing her to take his full length deep in her twat. All of this is seen from Ben's POV for the most part, with a little shown from the front before we move to mish, presented as per usual for this video, with the focus on Veronica's ass and the penetration before moving to an overhead view. The two move to a banister which Jett hikes her leg up on and Bratt slides his pecker into her poop chute. More anal for Veronica in reverse cowgirl and doggie. If he does nothing else, Benjamin Bratt certainly gives a chick a thorough workout and examination. By the time the deed is done, he's had his tongue, fingers, toes and dick in every hole on the chick's body. He actually manages to stick his toes in Veronica's mouth while banging her up-and-over doggie. Veronica sits up and takes Ben's prod into her mouth a2m, takes her shirt off (finally) and then lies back to wait for her lunch. Bratt jerks off over her face, hitting her squarely in the face when the nut comes rushing forth. Jett wraps her lips around his dick and takes a well-deserved deep breath.

Scene Five: Alektra Blue with Kurt Lockwood

I couldn't tell you WHY Alektra is so damned sexy but Lord knows, she just is. It's almost as if someone found a way to combine the DNA of Melissa Lauren, Sandra Romain and give it American attitude. Styles picks pre-boob job Alektra up at a subway station and piles her into the Navigator for a ride back to his place to hang out. The one thing about porn, it sure it easy to just pick up girls. They chat during the ride about what Alektra likes (giving head) and dislikes sexually; great casual conversation for someone you've just met. Van actually moves the conversation to Alektra taking it up the ass and showing him how much she likes it later. "This must be my lucky day," he says. "Yeah, you've gone and picked up the right girl. I told you I'm naughty!", Alektra replies. Back at his abode, Alektra asks Styles, "So...whaddya wanna do?" So instead of fucking her himself like any other red-blooded guy might do, Van gives her to his shirtless buddy Kurt Lockwood. Alektra leaps into Kurt's arms and they hit it off right away. Wanting them to be the best of friends and matching, Kurt takes off Alektra's shirt so that she's topless, too. Blue sits on Kurt's face then returns the favor while Lockwood holds her hands behind her head in the perpetrator position while he reams out her throat. After relieving herself of her thong, Alektra buries Kurt's tool in her snatch reverse cowgirl and literally BLOSSOMS right before our eyes. It's like Alektra were some wind-up toy, Kurt's dick was the battery and she suddenly came to life. None of this is lensed from behind, however, so we don't get to see Alektra's backside until she turns it to face us when she rides Kurt cowgirl. Blue suddenly hops off of Kurt and races upstairs and places herself on her hands and knees on the chaise lounge. Kurt follows with a clear dildo, which he plants in her ass while she reaches back and strokes his cock. Of course, this is all warm-up for anal doggie. After a good pounding, Alektra asks to taste her ass and Kurt obliges, letting Blue lick his dick all over and take it as far as she can into her mouth. He then leads her by her hair over to another chair where they go into anal reverse cowgirl. There's something strangely sexy about watching girls Alektra's size getting cornholed this way. Watching her now makes me reminisce about Taylor Rain and Aurora Snow's glory days. Kurt, of course, rails the holy hell out of her, holding her arms behind her back and bouncing her so hard that her feet never touch the floor before locking her legs behind her head by putting her in a full-nelson while he pumps away. The two move to the floor and Kurt continues his anal assault on Alektra spoon. In something we need to see more often, Alektra attempts to jerk Kurt off to completion but once he's about to climax he snatches it away and strokes himself off over her face. Bummer. That's HER job, dammit! I hate seeing guys basically masturbate while the girl waits. Alektra, her face streaked with spooge, plays with her tits and laps at Kurt's prick as we fade to black.


I‘m happy to see the focus back where it needs to be. With a seeming definite bead on what ass fans want to see now, I'm requesting a do-over with the cast of Ass Appeal 2. Great recovery and great cast of slimmer girls who have nice asses that will appeal to the guys who don‘t go for the wide, bubble-butts of those in previous editions.

Bonus Features:
  • Behind the Scenes (26:06)
  • Slide Show (2:59)
  • Sex Talk (1:14 of phone sex ads)
  • & Hustler Hollywood (1:01 Hustler Hollywood commercial)
  • Trailers (19:37; Black & Wild 15, Centerfolds 4, Asian Fever 24, Barely Legal Boot Camp, One in Every Hole and Young Latin Ass)
Crucifixio Jones

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