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Ass Angels 2 (Adam & Eve)

Ass Angels 2 (Adam & Eve)

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Anal , Compilation
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astroknight's ratings for Ass Angels 2 (Adam & Eve):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Ass Angels 2 (Adam & Eve) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Ass Angels 2 (Adam & Eve) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Ass Angels 2 (Adam & Eve) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Ass Angels 2 (Adam & Eve) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Ass Angels 2 (Adam & Eve) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ass Angels 2 (Adam & Eve) DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ass Angels 2 (Adam & Eve) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  12/22/2001

Running Time: 233 min. (cover states 240 min.)

Production Date: 5 / 11 / 2001

Director: Various

Cast: Chloe, Mia Smiles, Ava Vincent, Monique DeMoan, Alexandra Silk, Briana Banks, Alexandra Nice, Tricia Devereaux, Suzy Sweet, Nikita, Tina Tyler, Alexis Amore, Harmony Grant, Mariah, Aurora Snow, Heather Lynn, Adajja, Rita Faltoyano , Alexis Fire, Lena Ramone, Mark Davis, VooDoo, Luc Wylder, Joel Lawrence, Dale DaBone, Evan Stone, Lee Stone, Mickey G., John Decker, Julian St. Jox, Alec Metro, Luc Wylder, T. J. Cummings, Rob Scott, and The Cigar Man in a non-sex role

Initial Expectations: Ass Angels Vol. 1 is one of my favorite compilations, so I have very high expectations here as well.

Initial Reaction: Itís not quite as good as its predecessor, but still better than an awful lot of compilations out there.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of anal sex, especially couples who enjoy watching anal sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who doesnít like anal sex or who wants extreme anal sex

Audio /Video Quality: As with most compilations, the audio and video qualities vary quite a bit. Thankfully, since most of the scenes here are from fairly recent releases, both are pretty good. The audio is normally nicely balanced and clear. The video has a few minor problems, such as a little much pixelation in some scenes, but none of the scenes look any worse than I remember them looking in their original features.

Music: As one would expect with a compilation, the music styles and balances vary quite a bit.

Menus: The menus are simple but look nice. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on the chapter number and a small clip of the scene.

The Feature: Ass Angels Vol. 2 gives you just what the title suggests. Itís a compilation of anal sex scenes. There isnít any filler material or even anything to let you know who the cast is or where the scenes come from.

The first scene comes from The Collector and puts Mia Smiles and Monique DeMoan with Marc Davis. The three Mís have very good chemistry in the scene and the ladies have nice teamwork for a little bit of the blowjob. Monique does a good job and is the only one to take an anal. Mia shows herself to be a bit of a nasty girl by rimming not just Monique but Mark as well. She also appears to love having her tits spanked hard. She takes almost all of Markís cum across her face and leaves Monique to clean up the leftovers. Itís a very hot scene and one that has a lot of replay value.

The second scene comes from Goddess and stars Harmony Grant and Rob Scott. It has a medieval theme to it and the music is done by Saint. Harmony is very good looking blonde with a great body with some slightly overdone implants. They put aside their armor, and Harmonyís attention goes to handling Robís sword as she shows him how she can swallow it. Rob returns the favor by licking and fingering her bald beaver as she stands in front of him. They move things along with a standing fuck as Rob does his choir impression by completely supporting Harmony. They move on to doggie style with Harmony doing almost all the work, and a little reverse cowgirl and anal spooning, which for those of you who are new to porn is not another addition to the dining room table. They finish it off with Harmony taking an impressive blast on her tits. It seems like a pretty good scene and appears to have some decent chemistry, but the music is the only audio. Not having any actual sexual sounds takes away a lot of heat for me and brought this scene down for me, which is pretty standard, and sad since Harmony and Rob do a nice job here.

The next scene comes from Sex Across America Third Stop: San Francisco where Alexandra Silk goes shoe shopping with Joel Lawrence and Luc Wylder. Alexandra tries a few pair of shoes on, settling on a pair of high heeled ballerina style shoes, and when the salesman goes in back, Luc and Joel get busy with Alexandra. This was the first time Iíve seen Luc in an actual scene and he foes a very good job. Luc and Joel each take an end of Alexandra and switch back and forth a couple times. Finally, Alexandra straddles Luc so he can fuck her ass reverse cowgirl and still have the room for Joel to fuck her pussy. Afterwards, both guys launch their love lotion on Alexandraís face as she begs for more. Itís a hot scene that fits the series to a tee.

Stable keeper Dale DaBone finds a statue in the hay in the next scene, which comes from Sex Spell. He gives it to Briana Banks who imagines them making love on the hay. Dale helps her out of her southern belle dress, pours milk over her body, and then laps at her pussy and fingers her ass. Briana returns the favor by aggressively trying to swallow Daleís boner with such ferocity that I thought it might pop through the back of her head. They only work through a little mish before Dale plows into her ass from behind. Surprisingly, they only work through the two positions before Dale unleashes a massive load across Brianaís tits. I have to admit that I havenít paid much attention to Briana before, just because sheís a Vivid girl and most of her talent is probably rotting right now, just like great talent such as Taylor Hayes and Cheyenne Silver. This scene really impressed me and really made me sad that sheís with such a lousy company right now, but really want to see what great stuff she did beforehand. Thereís some great chemistry and heat here.

Chloe, Mickey G., Ava Vincent, Mariah, Tina Tyler, Lee Stone, and Aurora Snow get together in a group scene from Crystal Dreams. Mickey and Chloe pair up, as Aurora gives Lee a very nice blowjob while working his cock over with gloved hands and Tina and Ava try each other on for size. Mariah is left by herself, but that doesnít seem to bother her too much. Sadly Auroraís gloves, which I think are extremely sexy, donít last too long but this doesnít mean that Leeís blowjob stops there. She keeps blowing him followed by Lee going straight to fucking her. Tina and Ava work each othersí pussy over a little before Ava bends over for a spanking from Tina. Surprisingly, Chloe and Mickey are slightly ignored and Mariah is almost completely ignored. Most of the focus here is on Aurora and Lee and Ava and Tina. It does switch back to Mickey and Chloe as he gives it to her in the Hershey Highway. Itís a great orgy but there isnít much interaction between the couples, which I also really like. Lee and Aurora finish things off by Lee jerking himself off (for what seemed way too long) onto Auroraís chest, and Chloe took Mickeyís blast on her ass.

Heather Lynn submits to the magic of Evan Stone in a scene from A Midsummer Nightís Cream. Evan starts off giving Heather a vigorous tongue lashing and is thanked with a quick blowjob. They work though a couple vaginal positions before Evan stretches out her sphincter as she bends over a stump in front of him. They finish it off a nice pop on her ass. Itís a pretty good scene and one that I remember fitting in with the feature very well.

Rita Faltoyano and John Decker get busy in a South American cabin in a scene from Emerald Rain. Rita Faltoyano starts things off nicely with a soft and slow blowjob in Johnís cabin. They move on to a fairly acrobatic pussy eating as John eats her while she holds herself up to the ceiling. She rides him reverse cowgirl a bit before laying back and letting him fuck her ass. This is the only scene I know of seeing Rita in, but she does a great job throughout the scene. She has nice sized natural tits and has some of the athletic abilities to pull off the aerial munch job without making it look too unreasonable. She doesnít take a facial at the end, instead John lets go on her lovely ass. Although it doesnít generate a lot of heat, thereís enough there to make me take a lot of notice of Rita. She shows a lot of potential here and I hope to see a lot more of her in the future.

The next scene returns to the Sex Across America series with a scene from the fourth episode, New York City. Adajja and an unknown guy, who Iím guessing is Tyler Wood and if things are normal with the series is probably her off screen partner as well, get busy on a couch. She immediately gets some tongue action on her pussy and a finger for her asshole. She thanks him with some nice rubbernecking and a little hand action on his cock. They move over to a chair for Adajja to play pogo stick on his cock as he sits back. They move to another area in the room for Adajja to get fucked from behind in the behind. Finally, Adajja takes the spooge spray on her tits. Itís an okay scene that goes on for seventeen minutes. The chemistry is pretty average, but there are so few positions and changes here that the scene seems to go on forever. Iím starting to really like Adajja, but sheís done better than this elsewhere.

Mark Davis is worshiped in an Egyptian style scene by Alexandra Nice, whoís costume and makeup make her almost unrecognizable in another scene from Goddess. Alexandra starts out sucking Markís cock slowly before letting him support her and eat her pussy. They work through a few of the standard positions, and even work in a nice standing position before moving onto the anal in a reverse cowgirl. They finish it with an impressive facial that Alexandra takes like a trooper with her eyes wide open. Itís a good scene thatís done with some great art direction.

Julian St. Jox gets busy with Tricia Devereaux, who looks extremely hot wearing glasses, in a scene from KSEX. He starts out working on her pussy with his tongue and fingers before she starts gobbling his knob as he continues to play. She finally turns around to let him take her from behind on a pool table and then squats on his cock when they move to the couch. They go back to the pool table for Tricia to take it in the back door and end things with a nice facial finish. Iíve really enjoyed what Iíve seen from Tricia in the past, but this one blew me away. Tricia plays this role with a subtly innocence at first while slowly getting naughtier and nastier as time goes by. Thereís some great heat and chemistry here that helps out the scene quite a bit since it seems to hang in a few places a little long.

Ava Vincent, Lena Romane, and Alec Metro team up for another scene from Crystal Dreams. Alec is dealing in precious stones and trying to sell them to Ava. Sheís curious if the necklace she likeís is enough to seduce somebody with. Ava and Lena then work each other over while Alec watches and jerks off. Of course he gets to join in later, but Ava and Lena do a great job of teasing him beforehand as he jerks off. Ava has great energy, chemistry, and just overall sexuality that really drives this scene. She takes it from Alec in her pussy and then has Alec stretch out Lenaís brown eye. Itís an extremely hot scene and a really great group scene. Itís a little nasty, but not too bad.

The Fiesta checks in next with a scene starring John Decker and Suzy Sweet, a nice looking brunette. John works Suzy over with his fingers and tongue as she opens herself up for him sitting on a bar. Suzy returns the favor with a nice blowjob and then lets him have his way with both her holes, working through several standard positions. They work through the anal very well, focusing more on it than on the vaginal sex, and finish things off with a nice pop on Suzyís ass. It should be a pretty good scene with nice chemistry, but the audio leaves a lot to be desired and holds the scene back. Thereís a lot of obvious dubbing and quite a few breaks in the audio that are very distracting and almost completely ruin the scene.

The Sex Across America series is visited one last time with a scene from the trip to New Orleans. Alexandra Silk, Alexis Amore, and Alexis Fire find The Cigar Manís special reserve box filled with toys. All three girls find a special cigar shaped toy in the Cigar Manís special box and shows him how they smoke them back in California. Alexandra even goes as far as showing how two Ďcigarsí can be used. Alexis Amore catches on and shows how you donít always need two holes to take care of two Ďcigarsí. After the Alexi (which seems like a good plural for Alexis) finish off Alexandra, Alexis Amore grabs the strap on Ďcigarí to work over Alexis Fire and Alexandra grabs the jackrabbit Ďcigarí to work over Alexis Amore as sheís working over Alexis Fire. Needless to say, this is one smoking scene! The only downside to the scene is seeing T. J. Cummings jerking himself off until he cums after the girls work Alexandra over.

Returning to Crystal Dreams once again is the opening scene between Chloe and Mickey G. After holding each other a little as Mickey sits in a chair, Chloe works her way down to give Mickey a little head. From there they skip the pussy munching and go straight to fucking. As one would expect from these two, itís a pretty good scene complete with Chloeís wild orgasms and some good ass fucking. They also have pretty good chemistry, which also helps things out. Mickey finishes by blowing his load across Chloeís chest. Itís a nice scene that has very good chemistry.

The final scene comes from X-Girls with Evan Stone and Chloe. Chloe start things off with a great blowjob as Evan leans back against the car. She then demonstrates her super-human ability to take Evanís more than mortal cock down her throat and into all her other holes as well. They finish it off by Evan leaving his secret potion on her chest as it rains. Itís a pretty good scene thatís helped out by the great chemistry between Evan and Chloe.

Although Ass Angels Vol. 2 is better than most compilations, it also falls prey to the curse of sequels not living up to their predecessor. Sadly, the only reason it doesnít rise as high as the original appears to be laziness. In Ass Angels Vol. 1, each and every scene was identified. If you liked the scene and wanted to see the rest of the movie, you knew right where to go. Thatís missing here, and the only real reason I can think of for it is laziness. The people who made this know where each and every scene came from, and probably have the cast listing right there also. Itís a stupid laziness, as the little effort it takes is cheap advertising thatís going to a consumer thatís already interested in the product. Donít let this complaint hold you back from checking out Ass Angels Vol. 2 if youíre a fan of anal sex. Itís a very good compilation with lots of hot sex. Unfortunately, with a little bit of effort it could have been quite a bit better.

Extras: Trailers are included for Sex Across America #1: Las Vegas, Sex Across America #2: New Orleans, Sex Across America #3: San Francisco,Sex Across America #5: Miami, Crystal Dreams, Sex Spell, The Puppeteer, A Midsummer Nightís Cream, Caribbean Undercover, A Witchís Tail, A Wolfís Tail, Emerald Rain, The Fiesta, Invisible, and Sex Island. The photo gallery contains about thirty eight nice looking snapshots from many of the features. Thereís also a few web links.

Themes: Straight, group, lesbian, inter-racial, rimming (male > female, female > female, and female > male), anal, spanking, orgy, inter-racial, DP, and DV (toy)

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Overall: Based on the first volume, Iíd expect Ass Angels Vol. 2 to be found online for between $11 and $24 with quite a few stores offering it at the lower end. At the low end, itís a steal. The sex is worthy of being recaptured and looks as good as it did originally. There isnít much for trailers, but with a compilation this long, I doubt there was room for too much else.

Note to Adam & Eve: I really miss some of the touches that made Ass Angels Vol. 1 so good, such as labeling where the scenes came from and who was in them. It wouldnít have to introduce each scene, but could have been done very easily with closing credits, as Private frequently does with their compilations, or listing them in the chapter menu. The lack of scene information kept this DVD from gaining at least a 4 rating.

Special Thanks: To YogaGrrl, whoís keen eye (and some people even think she has two of them) helped me nail down where several of the scenes came from.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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