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astroknight Ass Addiction (Digital Playground) 3.5 starsAss Addiction (Digital Playground) 3.5 starsAss Addiction (Digital Playground) 3.5 stars
kobiata Ass Addiction (Digital Playground) 4 starsAss Addiction (Digital Playground) 4 starsAss Addiction (Digital Playground) 4 stars
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Ass Addiction (Digital Playground)

Ass Addiction (Digital Playground)

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Sex , Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Ass Addiction (Digital Playground):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Ass Addiction (Digital Playground) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Ass Addiction (Digital Playground) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Ass Addiction (Digital Playground) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Ass Addiction (Digital Playground) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Ass Addiction (Digital Playground) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Ass Addiction (Digital Playground) DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ass Addiction (Digital Playground) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/2/2006
Here we have a new ass themed dvd from Digital Playground and judging by the cover and the caliber of girls being shot for this one it seems they really want to tap that ass in a strong way. Katja, Gia Paloma, Shyla Stylez, Kinzie Kenner, and Naomi that's a strong cast of girls who's proven very adept at taking it up the butt so let's see how Robby D managed to capture these hot asses.


Well if there's a girl who's been the ASS face of porn 2006 it has to be Naomi who's been in just about every kind of ass title you could think of and for good reason, that is one terrific ass she possesses and along with her exotic look it makes for a most intriguing picture. We get going here with some great booty shots as she walks along clad in a cheetah themed panty. Those butt cheeks are doing some awesome moving to and fro and she gives her walk that slight exaggeration to help drive the point home. You see the Hate Plow is here and he's had the pleasure of tapping this ass a few times. Erik being the romantic guy that he is moves right over to Naomi's ass kissing and licking all around that tushy. You see above Naomi is checking out some cupcakes laying there putting some icing on them and then using that icing in a pretty sexy manner licking it from her fingers. Erik then has the ingenious idea of icing up his schlong and Naomi does it right too licking just around the tip to start and the icing slowly disappears and if you were shoving the cock in her mouth in a forceful way this wouldn't work but the slower approach worked wonders here. Naomi then puts some icing on her modest sized nipples and Erik cleans that away like a hungry pup before it's back to Naomi sucking cock. Then we get the Reddi-Whip sprayed into her mouth and she handles that easily continuing the good oral. Ok Erik's been a patient man but he finally has to have that ass so he gets in prime booty licking position on his knees and it's bedtime for bonzo and Erik does some serious face diving in those ass cheeks. I liked how her cheeks jiggled as he was eating her ass and there's more sweets to taste too with more Reddi-Wip employed judiciously by Mr. Everhard. Sexwise you see him enter from Naomi's pussy from a standing position and it takes a bit but she's opened up so we see her ass pretty good. You will also see a small silver butt plug tucked in her ass so I'd look for some ass fucking in the near future but Erik is having a good time drilling her pussy for now. Alright we then move to a wide open living room set and they sit on a long couch where she goes for a good hard ride on Erik in cowgirl and this chicks ass in CG is a thing of beauty to watch and you get lots of good ass shaking too from Naomi here. Flipping over to mish you get more vag drilling with the cool addition of a little grinding action by Naomi which I'm sure did wonders for Erik's cock. Erik then returns to pumping Naomi from behind, he pauses to take out the acorn sized butt plug, she cleans it off and then we're treated to a slow insertion as he slides inside her backdoor. Robby gives a perfect underneath floor shot for this then he pulls out giving a broader view. Easily the best position once they got to anal was the cowgirl where Naomi helps guide the dick in and wow to see how her ass spreads out over the shaft was pretty cool and to wrap up they do more doggie action with Erik pulling out and popping to that ass region. Naomi then shakes that ass a bit for us and Erik puts her cheeks together to help the cum get in one glob and then she shakes that ass one more time to let it slide down the crack. Very nice scene for Naomi fans.

Kinzie Kenner, Fuckers!:

Well I loved that little intro tag they gave so I used that in the headline here! Kinzie has really jumped into the deep end of the gonzo pond this past year and like a lot of you assumed she was a natural analist and with a great ass such as she's sporting that was a forgone conclusion! Kinzie comes walking in here wearing a blue, white, pink polka dotted bikini type deal and it hugged all her curves perfectly. She walks over to the bed where Scott is sleeping and she pulls the covers back and his cock is soon exposed and engulfed by our sexy girl. Such good head and you know it felt good! But she only tease Scott briefly before she leaves and goes down the hall just a short distance to another room where Jean Val Jean is lying naked on a bed. He gets to dive in and sample Kinzie's kittie, the shadow was a bit to dark to fully appreciate the oral to Miss Kenner but her moans let you know she was enjoying the tongue devotion. However this too was short lived and she leaves Jean with her juices still fresh on his tongue and she goes to one final room and with a beaming smile she goes in and finds Marco Banderas lying on a bed. She straddles his body and he gets a handful of ass cheek in each hand, nicely her bottoms have been pulled down so that awesome ass is on display. Kinzie gives some oral satisfaction to Mr. Banderas but like the other two fellas this was a quick dick tease and she's off. The guys one by one open up their doors and then we cut to Kinzie now surrounded by all their cocks and with some stellar knob play she gives all their cocks a thorough sucking. Again not to rough but more of a steady pace, more passionate rather than flat out aggressive though she does gag some. I just love seeing Kinzie like this and it takes me back about 3 years seeing her first in the biz and she was hot then and I hoped to see her doing then what I'm seeing now as I thought she'd look great and I'm so not disappointed with what I'm seeing her, very hot energy coming from Miss Kenner. She does some double stuffing and while I wouldn't want this done in real life with me in the mix I totally dig on it in a porn scene especially when the girl does it this well. As for fucking this hot AZ babe, you get reverse cowgirl to lead off and damn she looks fine with those legs spread just right and she's got a cock on either side of her pretty face to satisfy as the guy below is pumping hard up into her. Ahh but I suspect many of you will bust your nut when they flip over to cowgirl as that perfect ass is right there to oogle but I urge restraint my friends as I'd bet on some cowgirl anal so slap that dick if you need to!! Shortly we are on to the ass fucking first in doggie and you get a perfect view as her ass is drilled here with some gaping too. The guys then take turns drilling her ass then letting Kinzie do some A2M clean off, well no cowgirl anal, sorry about that. But we do get some good pops shots for Kinzie to swallow and there's some nice clean up too by this young lady. This was a very good 3 man romp for Kinzie and her fans should definitely take a look at this scene.

Katja Kassin:

Well the great asses just keep cummin and there isn't a prettier and more PHAT ass in the biz now than Miss Katja Kassin and she's a vet of the biz and I still am amazed at how good her scenes are. We get some early spanking done to her ass which is covered a little by a series rope type lines which wrap around her ass. Not much covering her booty which is the way we like it and Robby is generous with the ass shots and the close ones were real good. You get a paddle of some sort used to spank her ass which doesn't do much for me but it made those cheeks a nice rosey shade of red. Turning Katja over we get some good views of her boobs which aren't huge but I think for her size they are real nice. More time is then put into showing off that ass of hers including her rosebud which I'm guessing will get plucked a few times in the scene. We finally get some dick action for Katja and she's very good at polishing the knob as you see here. A good underneath shot gets her tits in the mix as they dangle down as she's giving head plus there's some toy ass fucking in her behind. Scott Nails then gets to tap that ass and doggie is a good position to do it in especially when they use the type of floor shot used here, minimal guy ass in the shot but maximum female booty in the shot. There's also some good mish anal with Miss Kassin who works in some great pussy strokin as she's analized. No Katja scene would be cumplete without a dp and the cowgirl one shows off that ass one more time and the guys unload at the end right into her mouth. Another well done scene by this wonderful German woman who has carved out quite the career so far.

Gia Paloma:

This next girl is pretty hardcore but I've not seen as much of her lately so this is a good chance to see Gia show off one more time. We get some booty tease to start and Gia lets that ass get right in the camera, then she works the stripper pole which is located in the room she's in, licking up the pole and then it's time to thrust those titties at us and I'd say I'm awake, how about you! I've liked the ground shots Robby's been giving, not to much but when you get it it's usually right on and for a amount of time you'd want to get the job done if you get my meaning. Pretty soon she's got a male admirer and there's some ass spanking and Ben English also pulls her up so he can cup those large tits. We get a brief nipple lick from Gia, far to brief. Ben then moves around to give some strong sucking to those boobs and then we move to Gia attacking his pants wanting to get at his cock and it is a short wait until she's lavishing her attention to his tool. Gia is more of the aggressive style of cock sucker and for her demeanor it worked well so lots of gagging/ deep throat action in this bj-- the ole gack, gack, gack attack is back!! Sexwise you see Miss Paloma drilled hard in a standing doggie-- nice boob shots here as she's fucked six ways to sunday! Ben also slides in for some spoon action and with a little added toy stimulation we're ready for ass time and you see a close insertion to mish anal and closing out Ben stands over Gia's face until his load rains down upon her face.

Shyla Stylez:

Well our last girl has just come back to the biz it seems in the last few months and she's jumped right back into it too giving up that sexy ass which should make her long time fans very happy who remember fondly the anal exploits from Shyla's first time in the biz. We get going, though, with Scott Nails and Jean val Jean sharing a brew, then they go out back where they have Shyla all tied up. She's looking real hot in her white outfit with the proverbial checkered skirt too! The guys move in like hawks circling their prey, the hands do some roaming, her tits come out for a little sucky sucky, and you see a finger or two dip under that skirt to say hello to her pussy/ ass. Shyla is made up nice too, the face looking so pretty. Well she's untied and the trio head inside where with great lighting we see Shyla in the prime position kneeling between the cocks and she's off to the races giving some stellar tongue work to their dicks. I must say this is probably the best I've seen Shyla looking too since her return, the hair is great, the face very nice, good fuck me eyes, and the body is smoking hot. Miss Stylez was always good with the knob polishing so this was no surprise and great to see. As for the sex you see a standing doggie to start which moves nicely to some cowgirl floor shots and what a good jiggling tush she's got. Reverse cowgirl then follows and even the boobs get in on the great moving and Jean stands above her thrusting his cock down into her mouth. By this time in the scene you see the hair is sweaty, Jean does some deep ass licking before we finally get that ass penetrated and he slowly picks up the pace as Shyla is engaged in still more good oral at the top on Scott. They work back to reverse cowgirl this time in her ass and we get yet more hot boob flopping and closing out the guys fire away hitting the target zone, namely her wide open mouth and she swallows it down with some cleanup too.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well if Digital is wanting to get a little more hardcore with this release then I'd say they succeeded. The girls are all strong gonzo performers led by Katja, Gia, and Shyla with Kinzie rapidly rising up the ranks and Naomi isn't as hardcore perhaps but she's got a fabulous body to lust after. Of all the girls here I was most impressed with Kinzie simply because she's doing things now she hasn't done in the past and add in her sexy as fuck looks I have to say you'll jerk off a few times to this sceen. Katja, Gia, Naomi all deliver in their scenes and Shyla is looking better here than I've seen in some time so this one is well worth picking up as each girl is a proven performer and they strut their stuff for you here in a manner which will drain your ballsack several times. No real extras save for a photo gallery and some trailers but this is a movie which I can easily recommend on the strength of the scenes alone.

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