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Asian Video Magazine 1

Asian Video Magazine 1

Studio: In-X-Cess
Category:  Asian , Barely Legal
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picman's ratings for Asian Video Magazine 1:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Asian Video Magazine 1 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Asian Video Magazine 1 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Asian Video Magazine 1 Male looks rating 1.5 stars
Sex Asian Video Magazine 1 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Asian Video Magazine 1 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Asian Video Magazine 1 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Asian Video Magazine 1 A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  5/24/2005
Prologue Rule of thumb when I pick up a video is that I'm usually very optimistic about the content or I wouldn't waste my time otherwise. This one's a little different. I miss Sabrine Maui. I know that this video is very early stuff and it's unlikely to light any fires, but damn she's cute. It doesn't help that Don Fernando is in it, and I suspect there'll be some latex involved, but I'm going to try and enjoy it for what it is. Wall to wall Sabrine.
Sabrine Maui is sitting for a porn interview. Typical internet type shoot. Just getting to know you before we take your innocence. And lord does she look innocent. Simple blue dress and little make-up. Not the fetish harlot I remember from those wonderful Jules Jordan scenes. She's almost twenty here and from Hawaii. I do believe it's Don Fernando asking the questions. Next thing I know, his face is filling the screen. He claims that this will be the popping of Sabrine's cherry. Not her porn cherry. The real thing. If this was really true it would be one of the hottest selling videos of all time. I'm going to have to try to suspend my disbelief. Sabrine gives her vital statistics for posterity. 5'2" and 98 lbs. 33-23-33. She does a little posing for the camera and her body looks lovely through that tight dress. She pulls the bottom up to show her black panties. The top comes down and her dress is bunched at the waist with Sabrine's lovely breasts on display. She discards the dress and shows her ass. She undulates her body to imaginary music. Sabrine is telling Don she's never even given a bj. The panties come off and we get a look at her barely trimmed cooze. Sabrine bends over and her pussy is leaking juice. She spreads the lips and we get to see girly cum streamers. Fernando swears he sees her hymen. Sabrina masturbates for the camera. She gets a dreamy look in her eyes and there's a cut to Sabrine making out with Don as they stand on a bed. He lays her down on the bed and does what he should have done when he saw how wet she was. He starts to eat that hot pussy. At least if he ever shuts up, that's what he'll do. I don't want to make disparaging remarks about another man's pussy eating, but this was pathetic as he just toyed with the outer lips before sticking his dick in her face. Sabrine is tentative and shallow, trading looks from Don to the camera. He's not fully hard when entering her pussy for the first time. He won't shut up and just fuck and he's trying to turn this into a Nina Hartley "how to" feature. They're really playing up this "virginity" angle for all it's worth. Not surprisingly there's no pain or blood and Sabrine's soon riding in RC. Cut to CG and Fernando is finally hard. He moves her into doggy and I think just asked her if her pussy hair was natural. What a smoothy. In the meantime he's got his dick up some of the finest real estate in porndom and can't sustain a position for more than a few seconds. Mish next. He pulls out and busts a major nut all over Sabrine's face and chest. Welcome to the valley, Sabrine. Nice smile from the initiate. Fernando feels compelled to share his feelings with us before getting Sabrine to agree to more.
There's another hot chick waiting for Sabrine to show up in the same studio from scene 1. I think she's Asian, but could be Hispanic. Whatever, she's half naked and lovely. Sabrine comes in with toys she picked up on the way for her "first lesbian experience". She pulls out a nice sized jelly double dong. Sabrine's dress comes off and she touches her new friend. There's a lot of phony dialogue and giggling. Fernando hands Sabrine a vibrator to work herself over with while the other girl licks her nipples and plays with the dong. Sabrine does some nipple licking of her own and looks to be having fun with it. Both girls are very wet and Sabrine takes a trip down south to chow down on girlfriend. She wants to get at that clam, but it keeps getting pulled away from her. Cut to Sabrine humping her pussy to pussy. She claims she's cumming as both girls suck the business ends of the double dong.
Back at the set, Sabrine walks in on Ruby, naked and writhing on the couch. Sabrine's a vet now and she's ready to rumble. Ruby's plunging a vibrator in her pussy. Sabrine asks her to help with her clothes. They're off in no time. Sabrine takes over the vibrator and turns into the nasy slut I know and love. She's got the potty mouth going and even threw in a "Fuck yeah!" Ruby, who has multiple piercings on her pussy lips and clit, is dripping with juices. Sabrine came with toys and one of them is a huge double dong. She plants it in her own pussy and Ruby sucks it while it's plunging Sabrine's pussy. Sabrine buzzes her clit with a vibrator and continues the hot talk to match the action. Her hot juices are streaming out of her pussy as Sabrine nears orgasm. She cums and Fernando points out the mess to Ruby. She goes down to taste the cooze with her pierced tongue. Sabrine's not done as Ruby pumps the dong and Sabrine buzzes her ass. Sabrine cums a ton and the cameraman has no clue, focusing on Ruby's face at the climactic moment. Sabrine brings out the dong from the second scene and the girls suck on either end. Getting it sufficiently lubed, the dong is put to the use it was meant for as Sabrine pumps it between them. Fernando sticks his cock into the scene for Sabrine to suck. Sabrine wants him to cum on her face but he's so hard she decides she wants to be fucked. Ruby pumps away at herself while Sabrine gets Don's cock cunt worthy. He takes her in doggy so she can munch on hot muffin. Very bad POV technique here. Everybody gets into a frenzy and Don pulls out to let loose another major load on Sabrine's face and in her mouth. Ruby takes a lick and seems to like it. Sabrine says she loves cum. That's good because she's wearing a lot of it. Ruby left her own little mess on the couch.
This scene is going to be anal. Before getting on with it, they're still trying to convince us that she really lost her virginity in the first scene. On top of that, Fernando is telling us that Sabrine is an accomplished photographer and lets her take some pictures of him with an SLR. She doesn't look that comfortable with a camera in her hands. Also, I find out that the girl in scene 2 is named Twinkie Marcela, a cousin of Jade. I would have loved to have grown up in their neighborhood. Sabrine does some pretty girls for Don, wearing matching French cut panties and halter. She looks stunning. Sabrine notices that Fernando is getting hard while shooting her. This is the shoot that produced the boxcover. She does a little striptease for the video portion and plays with a vibrator to get ready. She works it till her pussy is soaked and introduces a small, thin dildo for her anus. Even with all the phoniness they've been trying to pass off, Sabrine's pleasure here looks very real. She's moaning and getting dreamy eyed. Fernando sticks his cock in her face and Sabrine shows that she's picked up some skill in a short POV. Cut to Sabrine buzzing her clit with the big vibrator and having a nice orgasm. Fernando takes the toy away and plunges in with a real dick in mish. Quickly they move to CG. Sabrine has a lively bounce going and works it in as deep as it will go. He starts to finger her bung which looks greased up already. Cut to Sabrine, face down and ass up, asking for doggy, then anal. A few strokes in her pussy and the transfer is attempted. Sabrine bolts at first claiming that Fernando is huge. This is the guy who was an industry joke for his lack of size during his heyday. Hard to believe this is the same Sabrine Maui that took Lexington Steele up there with impunity, but I guess she had to start somewhere and work her way up. A little spit lube and he's lodged in that tight ass. Not much fucking before nature calls and Fernando needs to make a deposit. Sabrine wants to taste it and he gives her a decent amount to work with. Didn't mess up her face much this time but got it on her tongue pretty well. She plays with the mess and waves good-bye while giving us her website.
The final scene begins with the camera trained on and travelling up the body of someone called Exotic Amy. She appears to be at least partially Asian and is sporting a big pair of bolt-ons. Amy asks about Sabrine who makes a late entrance decked out in an orange latex two piece. The girls hug and fondle each other with Amy commenting on Sabrine's growth over the previous year since they met at another of Fernando's shoots. Amy strips for her friend and Don's bullshitting slows things down. Sabrine loses her top and moves Amy into a position where they can make out comfortably. The camera frames out their heads and we get a good view of their tits. I can't even begin to tell you how wrong that is. Then a super close-up of said tits. There's some passion being shared but we're focused on anatomy at the moment. Dohh! The camera finally goes back to their faces, probably because Sabrine starts licking Amy's tits. The camera then focuses on Sabrine's camel toe. The shorts get unzipped showing some kind of jewelled design on her lower abdomen. The girls start comparing pussy moles. This just turned into the Discovery Channel of porn. Cut to Sabrine wearing a blue jelly strap-on. Amy's bent over and ready to receive but Fernando has to interject something to kill the momentum. Guy DaSilva is at the door and joins the scene as a treat for Amy. Introductions all around and Amy goes down on Guy. Sabrine lines up the dong and sinks it balls(?) deep on the first thrust. Very close-up shot of the cunt pumping with the camera panning back to show more. In a nod to all the fans that don't like to see the meat puppets faces, both Sabrine and Guy are cropped out. Sabrine's pretty good with that weapon and fucks with energy. She should come out of retirement and work for Joey Silvera. Releasing the harness, Sabrine digs out more toys to work Amy over with. Then she uses some on herself as Fernando gives her pussy a few laps. Sabrine sucks Don's cock, then he fucks her in POV mish with vibrator assistance. Amy climbs on Guy in CG. Sabrine gets her potty mouth going while egging her friend on. Don offers her to Guy and he reluctantly agrees to a double bj from the ladies. Fernando sticks his pecker in and Amy goes after it. The girls share and switch and go back. The girls work the cocks hard and Fernando shoots off onto both their faces. He went off like a fountain. They team up on Guy, Sabrine on shaft and Amy licking balls. He gives them some ball juice to share and it seems like they're looking for more during the PCH.
Epilogue I promised myself I wouldn't get upset. I had low expectations. They were met. Still, there was an opportunity. No. Five opportunities, to make something special with a woman who is. Don Fernando produces videos with all the drawbacks of Randy West's and none of the charm. He's been in the industry for over twenty years and this is the best he could do with such a magnetic performer. Sabrine almost rises above the amateurish production and self aggrandizement of Fernando and his teenagerish love skills. If he really took her cherry in that clumsy first scene, it's a wonder she ever came back for more. Of course, I don't believe that Hawaiian boys are so backward that they missed this volcano of a girl. I'm not sold on the cherry picking. Sabrine's further education in lust wasn't too bad, especially the lesbian action, which she seems to have a real affinity for. Of course, camerawork and editing held those back. Sabrine looked like she had some real strap on skills. Her quick transformation from innocent to seductress in the space of a year is pretty striking and is the true redeeming factor in this video, which is actually a compilation of scenes from Fernando's Asian Dolls Uncut series.
The Disk Photo gallery and the trailers to the individual volumes that these scenes were culled from.
Recommendation Tough call. It sucks, but still has some allure. There aren't many like Sabrine Maui and we should try to appreciate whatever we've got. Go out and check out her appearances for Jules Jordan and forget this one.

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