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MisterNoGood Asian Mouth Club 2 4 starsAsian Mouth Club 2 4 starsAsian Mouth Club 2 4 stars
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Asian Mouth Club 2

Asian Mouth Club 2

Studio: Madness
Category:  Asian , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Asian Mouth Club 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Asian Mouth Club 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Asian Mouth Club 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Asian Mouth Club 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Asian Mouth Club 2 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Asian Mouth Club 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Asian Mouth Club 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Asian Mouth Club 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  9/18/2005
Prologue By the title of this video I would guess that it's a bj flick. I'm not used to viewing the genre. Don't get me wrong. I love great oral sex. I just like having it incorporated into a more comprehensive exercise. Having said that, I look at the cover and Sabrine Maui is staring at me. Beckoning me to cum inside. Behind her, comped into the background, is Lucy Lee. Truly one of the great oralists in the industry, and a woman who winds my clock. Now I'm interested, and the rest of the listed cast looks good. Especially Loni and Kylie Rey. All the scenes are two years old and, I believe, shot for the internet. Let's see how DAC presented these Azn dreams.
The video opens on Lucy Lee. She's not ready for her closeup until donning some fake eyelashes. Cut to her in DAC's living room taking a bong hit. He gets her talking about herself and the kimonoed Korean exudes sex appeal as she gives her slightly stoned answers. There's a quick cut to Lucy giving DAC a footjob with her robe opened to show what was a once gloriously natural body. She tugs on her eraser tip nipples and strokes her pussy as her feet do their work. Great multi-tasking. Lucy stands and plays with her nipples some more, then spreads her pussy. DAC hints at what they're there for and Lucy has no trouble figuring out that she'll be putting her lips to work. She mouths his hardon and gives him the benefit of her tongue piercing. No hands, deep and easy. DAC teases Lucy's nipples and she likes the attention. He has her crawl onto the bed and tease with her ass. She gets back between his legs to get more serious with the bj but DAC breaks her up with his geisha fantasies. She hammerheads his cock but resists his request for ball licking, eventually giving in and even biting a testicle. Ouch!!! Lucy gnaws on his cock next, then sucks him until he's just about ready to spew. She sucks his balls again while he wanks in her face, then hands the dick back to her for the finish. Lucy jacks the jizz out and licks the cream from his cone. Like a good little geisha she cleans up his mess with a wet towel and cumming hanging from her mouth.
Kylie Rey is the next visitor to DAC's abode. She's a more acquired taste as far as her looks go. More cute than beautiful, Kylie could easily be the girl next door or sitting across from you on the bus. There's no hint of glamour or anything exotic beyond the fact that she's Asian. She's just bantering with DAC and wearing some loose fitting denim. Kylie tells how she got started stripping and she does some tease as her clothes start to disappear. Bending over, Kylie shows a major asset. And when her white t-shirt gets lifted, her sweet swells tipped with the most beautiful set of nipples imaginable, get framed beautifully. Kylie says that someone called them "Pinocchio nipples". Lie to me, baby! The pants come down and her ass really makes an entrance. Her pussy looks so inviting. It's getting frustrating that this is an oral movie. I just want to see this girl get plowed. Totally naked, Kylie talks in front of a full length mirror, then moves to a bed for a spanking that gets her wet. A little fingering provides Kylie a taste of her sweet pussy. She's got a pierced clit over her bald pussy. Spreading her pink, Kylie allows DAC access to her tight hole and his fingering makes some very wet sounds. He can't take anymore teasing so his dick comes out and Kylie gets down to business. She goes at it slow and playful, slobber hanging from her chin. There's a cut and Kylie is administering a foot job. It doesn't look like the first she's ever given either. Back to the bj, Kylie stretches out her pleasure giving with slow and deliberate draws. She also knows how to pump up a male ego with her words while easily taking a cock full length. There's ball sucking and teeth scraping. DAC tells her about all the guys watching her on their computers wishing it was them. How true. Kylie wants him to cum on her face. And that's where she strokes the exploding dick, rubbing the splooge onto her chin.
Covergirl Sabrine Maui is the next visitor to DAC's apartment and Loni is listed as the director of the scene. She's sitting on the bed schmoozing with the two as Sabrine is showing off her wonderful body. She's in hot pink fishnets with a purple two piece underneath. Such a cliche, but so effective. Sabrine is just one of those women that I have a visceral reaction to. Loni's not exactly chopped liver either. Her adorable face and huge knockers on a pint sized body is also a big turn on. They spend a little time blowing smoke up each other's ass about how great Filipina chicks are and how hot Sabrine is. DAC gets to play with her firm ass and Sabrine pulls her panties aside to tease her moist pussy. The fishnets come off and DAC can't resist eating her hot little hole. Loni apparently has the camera now and she's giving orders to David so she can get a clear view of her pussy. Some digital manipulation gets Sabrine dreamy and she takes a taste from David's thumb. He's directed to spank her and then buries his head in Sabrine's ass. Her headlights are on and she's really enjoying the worship. All this is being done in front of his full length mirror and looks pretty hot. He stands up behind her and gives a reach around to her pussy and tits. Sabrine's body is alive and DAC carries her over to the bed to munch down on her tasty clam. He's fingering and she's writhing and moaning, nipples sticking up like two hard pebbles. The camera gets passed to David so Loni can spit on the love hole. A thoroughly turned on Sabrine rolls over and sticks her ass up. David takes the clue and rims the nasty hole that no man can resist. There's a cut and Sabrine's on her back getting fingered some more. DAC is multi-tasking by sucking on a foot at the same time. They bask in the afterglow and banter more with Loni, then a cut to POV with Sabrine stroking David's hardon. She gives it a spit lube and wraps her feet around it for an erotic foot job. I can't even describe how hot Sabrine looks with a light sheen of perspiration covering her perfect body and her educated tootsies playing games with DAC's stiffy. Loni pours some real lube on him and gets involved herself. She's never given a foot job before and has to use her hands to help get started. Losing interest fast, she relinquishes the member to Sabrine. They use ice on his cock with Loni streaming the freezing water down on him. Sabrine joins the Asian Mouth Club by scarfing David's tortured member. She slobbers and deep throats repeatedly with Loni cheering her on and holding her hair out of the way. Loni picks up the camera again for a more rounded view of the proceedings. They slip into a 69 and Loni gets a great view of Sabrine's hot pink fuckhole. DAC gets a great taste and there's another cut to further along in the day. Sabrine lowers herself onto the prone DAC's cock in CG. I guess her other mouth wanted to join the club. After all the teasing and oral pleasure, this just had to happen. She uses him like a Sybian and does some neat rodeo riding. Sabrine's having an enormous amount of fun and twists David's nipples giving him spasms of pleasure. Loni tells her to make him bleed as she bites down on them. Sabrine turns for RC and gets spanked during the switch. Another cut and Sabrine's being rogered in mish, then her pussy gets eaten some more. She attacks the cameraperson's clit causing a change in operators for a moment. Sabrine gets back to riding DAC in RC and rides hard again. She's very cognizant of how close he must be and makes sure the scene doesn't end till she wants it to. Sabrine's having way too much fun with this. Cut to more bj action with David begging for more throat action. Sabrine complies and gives him a class A throating with Loni exclaiming in wonderment. She tells David she wants to see him cum, and a lot. If he's been holding it back through all of this, it will be. Sabrine gets serious, yanking him into her open mouth. DAC goes off like Vesuvius and his cum streams down his cock onto Sabrine's hand. She licks it up like the good little girl she is and shows the cum that got into her mouth. Loni says "You killed my man". Sabrine plays with the mess, cum hanging from her chin and around her mouth. A post cum deep throat shows that DAC is still alive as he groans again. Sabrine just can't stop playing with the cum soaked cock and tries to get Loni to kiss her. No go there. Just a peck on the forehead.
A new locale for DAC's show. A swimming pool with Maja Lee dipping her legs in and splashing some cool water on her body. She gives DAC a little flash of tit from her blue bikini. Maja sits at his feet and talks about the weather. So mundane. Maja's hand starts to wander and they talk about the heat some more. She pops on a floral pink sundress to make her way to his apartment and admires herself in his mirror. The clothing comes off and her tan lines are inspected. She has fairly good bolt ons and a nice ass and legs. DAC gives her emerging butt a spanking and little David comes out to play. Maja rubs a nipple on it and gets spanked some more. She opens her beautiful flower-like pussy and there's definite moisture from the ass stinging. Maja decides to suck him so he can't smack her ass anymore. She teases the head with her tongue and keeps things slow and sensual. Some chicken heading and titty fucking. It's a very leisurely pace and they're just passing the time in the midst of a sexual situation. Maja chips in with a foot job and decides to use his dick and ride it. The penetration was a little difficult but they get it done. It's really hot watching a woman take the initiative for her own pleasure more than his. She spins around on his cock and continues in RC. P2M and she gets back on CG. DAC hits her spot and there's a cut to Maja sucking the dick again. DAC has her lay down so he can survey her body and concentrate on Maja's pussy. She sits on the cock again and squeezes her tight pussy till DAC almost goes mad. Another cut and she's back to sucking his dick, then another CG mount. Another cut and Maja's ball sucking. She jerks him off into her thirsty mouth and plays with the cum over the head of his dick.
Sin Nye Lang is preparing herself in DAC's apartment. She has long red hair and an extremely pretty face. She applies make-up to her body to hide some shaving accidents and DAC even intrudes on her bathroom ministrations. They do some pretty girl shooting in a red kimono. Sin tells DAC that she's up for anything and always getting into trouble. He gets fixated on her ass. A fine specimen, if you ask me. She spreads for the camera and he pours some oil into the crack of her ass. Sin rubs it into her pussy and DAC pulls a Zupko, really dousing her with lube. Sin masturbates while on all fours and sounds like she had an orgasm. Cut to her reclining and playing with her pussy and tits, still in the kimono and underwear. The bra cups get pulled down and Sin's incredibly hard nipples come into play. She makes a move on DAC and goes straight to fucking in CG. Her wetness is evident immediately but she's just teasing and gets off just as things are getting hot. No problem. Maja joins the mouth club, which is almost as good. She scrapes DAC with her teeth and likes to watch herself in the mirror as she blows him. The teasing continues, both physical and verbal, as Sin works DAC over. She rakes her nipples over his dick and practically fucks his pee hole with the stiff eraser head. Sin produces a chain to leash his cock with. She wraps a choker knot on the head and demands that he call her "mistress". She keeps wrapping and pulling till the head is purple, gives him a short reprieve, and does it again tighter. Now that he's properly trained, Sin goes back to sucking dick. This time she's hammering the unit. Sin concentrates on the head with teeth scraping, then beats his cock with her open hand. When she's through slapping him around her tongue gets busy again. She gives him a strong hand job and then attacks his nipples, biting on them. With DAC good and stoked, Sin decides to complete the job and demand that he cum while she beats him off furiously. He responds and shoots off at her mouth, mostly getting it kicked back onto his dick where she plays with it. DAC films Sin's shower and her redressing.

Bonus Scene

For a bonus, DAC presents us with Heidi Ho, one of the most passive and submissive women I've ever seen. Things start off with his dick in her mouth. DAC introduces her and she barely acknowledges it as she keeps on sucking. What a sea change from the larger personalities of the feature. He tries to converse with her but the cock never leaves her mouth. She's obviously been trained well. Heidi licks around the head and slobbers on it, always mindful of the task at hand. DAC has to yank it out of her mouth to play a little. Heidi gets up and puts her body on display. She tries to stick her hand up her cunt and DAC is amazed. When he asks if she's ever done it before, her response is "Of course". After that diversion, Heidi locks her lips on the flesh pipe again. She gets the job done and joins the club. Back into her mouth the cock goes, and she holds it into the fade.
Epilogue Two scenes into this video I was sure I knew what I was going to say about it. This was a pleasant diversion and a way to peek into the personalities of some sexy and interesting women. It played out like a great BTS. Hanging out, sharing bong hits, a little casual sex. But it wasn't really great porn. I liked it, but I didn't see much replay potential. Then DAC threw a monkey wrench into the mix by the name of Sabrine Maui. It still wasn't wild wall to wall sex, but it was very reminiscent of the great Cris Taliana scene in K-Pop 2004. A walking wet dream sucking you into her world. If there was one flaw, it was the fact that Loni didn't get a more active role in the proceedings. For the last two scenes it was more of the same as the first two, but with women that DAC didn't know as well as Lucy and Kylie. Especially Sin. The addition of some vaginal sex and the S/M activity by Sin made these scenes more interesting. I was dying to see Lucy and Kylie get plundered more fully. One thing I do have to say is that as male performances go, DAC is a fine director. The addition of Heidi Ho for a bonus did nothing for me. When I realized there was an extra scene, I was hoping it would be something with Loni. Anything. A blow job or striptease. I get more of a thrill just looking at her eyes than Heidi's best oral work can give me. Ultimately, this video becomes a tribute to Sabrine Maui. Fans of hers will have to wrangle a copy of this video one way or another.
The Disk There's a BTS, the bonus scene, trailers, a photo gallery and cumshots.
Recommendation Sabrine Maui fans should at least rent this. It beats the hell out of anything she'll ever do with Don Fernando.

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