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Asian Fever 6 (Hustler)

Asian Fever 6 (Hustler)

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Asian
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Nat Hocken's ratings for Asian Fever 6 (Hustler):
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Asian Fever 6 (Hustler) overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Asian Fever 6 (Hustler) Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Asian Fever 6 (Hustler) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Asian Fever 6 (Hustler) Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Asian Fever 6 (Hustler) Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Asian Fever 6 (Hustler) DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Asian Fever 6 (Hustler) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Nat Hocken  on  1/29/2003
Nick Lang plays butler to Jangís mistress of the house in the first scene of director Ray Andersonís ďAsian Fever 6.Ē He lights her cigarette, feeds her a slice of watermelon, then takes up a larger slice with which to flavor Jangís nipples. After that, a couple of porn stars have sex. In the second scene, Chocky Ice, playing a horny neighbor, spots Da on her way into his building. He rushes to the elevator and conveniently bumps into her as she steps out. Itís the perfect in: he invites her back to his place, serves her a glass of water. Then a couple of porn stars have sex. In the third sceneóhell, you get the idea. Anderson, like so many of his peers, directs two movies at once. No, heís not a master of multi-tasking, heís a multiple personality. Thatís giving him too much credit actually: it takes a certain degree of creativity to form a second personality.

I know, I knowóthe bottom line in any sex film isnít the situation, the narrative, or the characters, itís the sex. But look at it this way. If the ďplotĒ is just so much filler, it isnít worth watching. And if it isnít worth watching, it isnít worth filming. What are the odds the sex will be good if a director canít distinguish between what is and is not worth filming?

At its best, the sex in ďAsian Fever 6Ē is average; occasionally, as in the first two scenes, it falls a little below that mark. This is a bummer because the two best-looking girls are in the first two scenes. On the other hand, Jang is rather limp and unenthusiastic and Da spends way too much time looking at the camera. Anderson might have fixed these problems if heíd stuck to his stereotypes. A mistress of the house isnít likely to be a limp lay and a randy neighbor isnít going to be looking at a camera that isnít there.

Sexual monotony is another problem that might have been fixed if Anderson had milked his stereotypes for something more substantial than a meaningless sexual premise. All the scenes in this film follow basically the same pattern and touch all the same positional bases. It says something about a movie when variety is measured by the number of performers in a given scene. In many ways, this movieís fourth scene is its best. Like all the other scenes, itís strictly boy/girl and strictly by the book, but here at least there are two couples screwing on a pair of matching sofas. But this scene is preceded by the longest set-up of all. The couples are seen enjoying themselves at the zoo and taking in a colorful show. The scenes look as though they might have been shot in Thailand, but come off more as home movies than anything to do with a porn film. Itís local flavor gone wild, and itís long enough that even the fast-forward button will leave you wishing for a fluffer.

I said ďAsian Fever 6Ē was average adult entertainment. So it isnít all bad. Ray Andersonís strong suit is camerawork. The scenes are pretty well shot, which is to say that he gets more out of mediocre sex than many other directors would. Then, too, if you like Asian women, you probably wonít be disappointed by the chicks in this film. Not in the way they look, at any rate. The first two may be the prettiest, but theyíre all attractive young girls.

A movie like this probably works best when viewed one scene at a time, anyway. You can skip the fluff at the beginning and avoid the depressing sense of deja vu that repetition engenders. When youíre finally done, if you still want a little more, you can watch Bamboo, Isis, and pretty Tianna Kai in a Behind the Scenes segment about the first two films in the series.

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