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Asian Fever 34

Asian Fever 34

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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DAF1740's ratings for Asian Fever 34:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Asian Fever 34 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Asian Fever 34 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Asian Fever 34 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Asian Fever 34 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Asian Fever 34 Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Asian Fever 34 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Asian Fever 34 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by DAF1740  on  11/28/2008

Asian Fever 34 has five scenes (3 MF, 1 MFF, and 1MMF) featuring some pretty well-known Asian-American actresses (well, technically Niya Yu is Chinese, and Evelyn Lin was born in China, too). Usually, I’m not too much of a fan of the Asian starts popular in the States, and wasn’t expecting a lot from this one (other than Evelyn Lin, who is the main reason I decided on Asian Fever 34). I was really impressed with what I saw here, though, as Hustler has yet again surprised me with the quality of their product.

Scene 1: Lana Croft
We start off on a sunny southern California street, where some black guy is hitch-hiking, only to be picked up by Lana in her Jeep SUV. Lana has perfect tiny tits and a tight little body, and although I can’t say I’m a fan of her makeup, she still looks good here, and gives a good performance; I also like that both performers start out clothed (like in real life). She takes him to her place first, as her husband is at work. The preliminary touching on the ride over is pretty cool, and then the car stops and she takes out his cock and gives a quick BJ. At home, Lana disappears for a while, leaving her guest on the couch, and returns wearing a funk red dress and fishnet arm warmers. They start out nice and sensual, with kissing and lots of attention to the woman, including some nice pussy licking. Then his cock comes out, and it’s a big (and dark!) one. Lana sucks it while rubbing herself, and both make nice noises. Unfortunately, this is followed by face fucking, gagging, and a lot of spit falling from Lana’s mouth. Yuck. Then Lana gets her pussy licked from behind (which I love), sucks a little more cock, and then is picked up and fucked. It’s great to see her tiny body pounded by a strong man, and her ass looks magnificent. There’s a smooth transition to cowgirl, and I seriously can’t take my eyes off Lana’s behind (her anus looks pretty loose, too. . .), until we move into cowgirl. Lana gets her pussy licked a little more before getting fucked in mish, and then gets it in the ass in that same position. It’s great that they start out real slow, with just the tip of his dick in her ass, while Lana rubs her clit for a while until her partner takes over for her. He speeds up the fucking a little, but never goes too hard or too deep, making this a really hot, sensual sequence. Next, Lana gets some huge “beads” pushed into her gaping asshole while she’s bent over in doggie, still rubbing her clit furiously, until he starts fucking her pussy and pulling out the anal balls slowly, eventually having her lick them. He fucks her pussy in doggie a little, and then goes to her stretched anus, staying gentle and shallow. We even get a nice gape shot when he pulls out at one point. Things finish up with Lana on her knees sucking his cock, and then he jerks off on her mouth (he tries, anyway, most of it ends up on her nose). He makes some fantastic noises, and you can tell that he’s really feeling a lot of pleasure. Great scene.

Scene 2: Gianna Lynn
Black-haired, busty Gianna Lynn is showing some male client a house, but, surprise! there’s a vibrator on the couch. That starts things off on a flirtatious note, as they keep going through the things left on the couch, until the guy just starts kissing her. It’s cute, romantic, and really sexy. He starts using the vibrator on her through her black underwear, then her tits come out and her pussy gets plenty of attention as he uses the vibrator and then licks her. Gianna undresses and puts on a black and white, leopard print dress that looks a little trashy in my opinion, and then undresses her man and drops to her knees to give him a BJ. I have to admit, he’s a really attractive guy himself, which just makes this scene all the more enjoyable to watch. Gianna is fantastic at giving head, sucking, jerking, and licking his balls so well it’s surprising he doesn’t nut right there. He fucks her tits a little, and then they fuck in missionary, with Gianna using the vibrator towards the end. Then there’s reverse cowgirl, doggie (not enough shots of her asshole!), and then he pulls out and jerks off on her tits.

Seriously, I thought I was going to fast-forward this scene since I’m not really into busty women, but Gianna was fantastic from the beginning, taking on a character somewhat like Phoebe from Friends. Her make-up looks just perfect, too, and she’s really got a beautiful face and gorgeous eyes.

Scene 3: Tia Tanaka and Evelyn Lin
We start with some “cool” music, shots of racing sports cars, and Tia and Evelyn caressing each other, wearing skimpy skirts and bikini tops. Then the guy shows up (it’s Marco Banderas, whom I unfortunately find incredibly unattractive), and they move inside. Evelyn Lin is probably my favorite performer right now, and she looks incredible. Tia has a funky hairdo that looks great on her, too. The women show their awesome small tits, and team up to give him a BJ. Seriously, Evelyn and Tia both have perfect bodies and pretty faces, giving us plenty to look at in this scene; their pale skin really stands out, too. Marco is one lucky dude, as this is one of the best BJ sequences I’ve seen in a while. Then the girls start to undress, as Marco licks Tia’s pussy from behind (awesome!), while Tia rubs Evelyn’s clit. The cunnilingus doesn’t last long enough, however, and then Tia’s standing getting fucked from behind while beautiful Evelyn sucks on her tits, and then on his cock. Seeing Evelyn’s tongue move on Tia’s nipple is truly phenomenal. Anyway, now it’s Evelyn’s turn, and she’s great in reverse cowgirl, while Tia rubs her clit and squeezes her tits. This is another great sequence, with Tia and Evelyn kissing and caressing one another, while the man is reduced to a cock. Then Tia rides him in cowgirl, showing us that cute little asshole of hers, while Evelyn kisses her and sucks her tits. Then Marco picks Tia up and pounds her while Evelyn licks his balls, and we get another hot tag-team BJ. Next Evelyn is bent over getting fucked in doggie while she licks Tia’s clit, and I could just go on and on about Evelyn’s round ass and bouncing tits, or her tongue work on the lovely spread-out Tia. Then both women are lying on their bellies next to one another, a breathtakingly beautiful sight to behold. Tia gets her pussy fucked, with Evelyn spreading her cheeks nicely for us, and there’s some BJ and girl-girl kissing thrown in, and then it’s Evelyn’s turn to get fucked. Man, seeing those two beauties next to each other like that. . .well, get the DVD and see for yourself. Just when I think things can’t get any better, Tia and Evelyn get next to each other in doggie, showing off their gorgeous pussies, butts, and assholes. Tia gets pounded first, then Evelyn; then they’re back on their bellies again, with Tia fucked until he pulls out and cums on their butts. Tia and Evelyn are amazingly beautiful, making this scene a real treat to watch. It actually left me wanting more, even though it was 30 minutes long. I’ll be sure to watch it over and over.

Scene 4: Niya Yu
I had seen and liked Niya Yu before and loved her Chinese accent, but she looks even better here, with her long hair a shiny jet black. She and some guy are cutting class to smoke cigarettes, when the school administrator comes out. (Niya tells him off in Chinese, which is just cool.) They move inside into his office, and Niya starts writing “I will not cut class” on the blackboard, showing off her sexy ass and long legs. Then she writes “I will cut class” in Chinese, and crosses out the “not” in English. The administrator tells her to put on her uniform, so she decides to take off her dress, showing her gorgeous big tits, shaved cunt, and big butt. Damn, she looks awesome in that school girl uniform! The teacher tells her that she’s going to learn about the male anatomy, and pulls out his cock so she can suck on it. She starts rubbing herself, and then the other “student” whips his big rod out, and Niya moves back and forth between them. Hot! The uniform top comes off to show those beautiful tits again as Niya concentrates on the student for a while, until both dicks come back into play. She does a fantastic job handling both even sucking their balls, and looks fantastic doing it, too. Then Niya bends over the desk and gets the student’s cock in her pussy while sucking on the other. As in every scene so far, the camera work is just wonderful, giving us some great shots from both sides. Next, Niya lies down and gets fucked in missionary from the teacher while sucking on her classmate, who slaps her tits with his dick when she lets it fall from her mouth. Things really heat up when Niya gets a vibrating butt plug stuck in her ass, rubbing her clit in delight while getting her pussy finger fucked. She’s really enjoying this (at one point, she moves the student’s hand from her thigh and puts it on her breast), which is what makes Niya Yu such a pleasure to watch. With the butt plug still in, she gets her pussy and mouth filled, and then the vibrator comes out and a big dildo goes in. She’s feeling it so much, with the dildo in her ass and her pussy getting rubbed, that she squeezes the student’s cock so hard it makes me nervous. Now it’s time for some cock, and the teacher fucks her ass first, while the other rubs her pussy (when he stops she squeezes his balls real tight while he jerks his cock and feeds it to her). In a rather abrupt ending, the teacher pulls out and cums on her lower abdomen, just as the student shoots his load on her tits. Wow, what a scene!

Scene 5: Charmane Star
Charmane Star is yet another beautiful women, as just about everyone knows. Her dyed blond hair looks too done up for me here, and she’s wearing too much makeup, but she still looks great, with her sexy eyes and her supermodel’s body. I like that she has at least some pubic hair, too (although it’s very trim). She starts off wearing a pink lingerie corset and thong, quickly opening the top to show her perfect small tits. There’s a bit of solo action in the beginning, and then the guy appears and starts kissing her and rubbing her pussy, picking her up. Then Charmane is spread on a stool, getting her pussy licked and rubbed while showing us her long legs and both holes. It’s a real treat when she starts making noises, too, as I just love her silky voice. Next we have Charmane squatting down with her legs spread, sucking dick, and then she’s bent over getting fucked doggie. She gets picked up and fucked, and then brought over to the couch for cowgirl (what an ass!), followed by missionary. Charmane ends up getting fucked with her legs turned to the side, showing off her round butt, and then we get to see some more of it in doggie. He eventually pulls out and cums on her ass. Well, this was probably my least favorite scene on the DVD, probably because it was too much like most porn: no story, solo action, then bg sex in all the standard positions. With a woman as flawless as Charmane, there needs to be some kind of edge to make the scene work for me; it could be as simple as wearing less makeup and having her hair un-styled (I think she looks better while putting make-up on in the BTS than in the scene itself), something to make her look not quite so perfect.

There’s a nice opening sequence, with highlights from all the scenes. Hustler’s DVDs are very easy to navigate, with a “select a star” menu that leads to a breakdown of the scene into positions, as well as the more traditional scene selection menu. There are about 17 minutes of behind the scenes, with some great footage of a topless, thong-clad Charmane Star in front of the bathroom mirror, wearing big fuzzy slippers. We also get some nice nude photo shoot footage of her, which is a real treat (I love hearing Charmane talk). The AV quality is top-notch, and the camera-work nothing short of extraordinary, as the camera consistently moves around to give us views from all angles.

Hustler knows how to keep things hot without getting into the “extreme” style that seems so popular these days. These scenes are sensual, dirty, stimulating, and classy all at once, and, despite the fact that most of the women weren’t among my favorites, just about every scene kept me riveted, which is a testament to the talents of everyone involved. There’s plenty of cunnilingus, and guys and girls alike seem to have a good time. My only complaint is that they could have thrown in a girl or two with a full bush, just to add some variety (ok, and I love Asian women with pubic hair). But, otherwise, there is plenty of variety in terms of scenario and body-type (lots of perfect B cups, with some bigger ones mixed in here and there). I really appreciate the effort they made to introduce a story into almost every scene, too. All in all, Asian Fever 34 is another great addition to Hustler’s series, and I am very glad I own it.

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