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Asian Fever 26

Asian Fever 26

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Asian
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Asian Fever 26:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Asian Fever 26 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Asian Fever 26 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Asian Fever 26 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Asian Fever 26 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Asian Fever 26 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Asian Fever 26 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Asian Fever 26 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  1/17/2006
Prologue Asian Fever 25 was something of a disappointment to me but I have it on good authority that this volume will be more to my liking. Certainly, with Annie Cruz, Keeani Lei and Loni aboard, I have reason to be optimistic. Arcadia Davidia has also been impressive in the past and I'll be getting my first look at Destiny, whose beauty graces the boxcover.
Adorable Keeani Lei is dressed in a very ugly school outfit and sitting on a couch with her sock covered feet on the stool in front of her. Mr. Marcus, her faculty advisor, and dressed in a ridiculous graduation gown and cap, kicks the stool out from underneath her as she jumps up and bows in contrition and respect. He has her sit down and raise her feet for some punishment as he smacks them. Apparently, it's against the rules of Cornhole University to put your feet up on the stools. He has her spread her legs and sits in front to examine what's under the skirt. Keeani turns to face the back of the couch and Marcus catches another infraction. She's wearing cotton panties. Tough school. He spanks her feet and ass, pulling the panties off. Then gets on her about the cotton socks. Marcus asks her if she wants to pass his class and places her hand on his dick, calling it "reality". He has Keeani bow again and pulls "reality" out of his pants for Keeani to make hard. He slowly fucks her face and soon Keeani is faced with "hard reality". Slobber is running on to the floor as the submissive little student starts to raise her marks. Marcus pulls her uniform top off and tweaks her sweet little titties. Marcus offers her the panties to blow her runny nose in, then positions Keeani for a doggy insertion. Some nice thigh slapping thrusts get Marcus' cock coated with Keanni cream, then she climbs on in RC. Her nipples are standing up like erasers as she gets filled in her tight little poon. She gets really lively as she moves from his haunches to the floor. Cut to Marcus giving Keeani another pep talk. This time about "reality" fucking her up the ass. Keanni says she's ready for "reality" and wants it up the ass. First dose of her new "reality" is in doggy. Not surprisingly, this makes her an "A" student. They continue in CG anal, then standing doggy anal after Marcus digs her rectum out with three fingers. A2M, then mish anal on the stool. Just to give an idea of how small Keeani is, her torso fits on the stool. Marcus goes balls deep in her ass as she holds her legs up and open. When he pulls out her asshole is throbbing and she's giggling. Keeani's loving it as Marcus pounds back into her bunghole, and even more when he cums in her mouth. Keeani is properly disciplined and ready to carry on in an appropriate fashion.
Keanni takes a cleansing shower and the camera surveys her sexy wet body.
This was a cute setup that they played through to the end. Keeani is a terrific little performer and the visual style was slightly arty with screen rolls and flickers signalling changes. A good start.
Annie Cruz, wearing the same uniform as Keanni, is standing in a loft/studio with lighting stands and a running fan blowing on her. Brad Baldwin enters wearing the same uniform as Marcus. I don't know why he calls himself Baldwin. He looks much more like a Meloni. He grabs Annie, kissing her deeply, locking lips on her beautiful tits, and pushing her back onto a recliner. He eats her pussy through her cotton panties, then removes them with a few spanks. He eats and fingers the tasty twat, then rims her sweet asshole. Annie laps at Brad's cock through his pants and he fingers her. She fishes out his manhood for some deep, gagging head. The face fucking leaves slobber all over her tits which Brad eventually uses as a lube to fuck them with. Annie sits on his cock in RCA, sneakered feet on his haunches. She's naked otherwise. They move to doggy anal with some spanking, then A2M. Back to an up and over doggy anal, spitting into the gape and filling the hole again. More A2M and a cut to Annie teasing with some vaginal masturbation before Brad fucks her in mish. More tease as Annie's wet holes beckon Brad. She squats to give him head, but a quick cut to Annie kneeling on the recliner in anticipation of Brad's tribute as he spanks the monkey in front of her face. Nice shot from the side as he cums in Annie's mouth. Too bad there wasn't a lot of it. She drools the cum onto her tits and licks more off the floor.
Another shower scene as we get to see her smokin' body get wet.
More arty than the first scene with no real setup besides the uniforms. Annie's an extremely exotic looking Asian/Latina mix and it's easy to get transfixed by her. She knows how to play to the camera as well. Maybe there should have been more going on here, or more passion by Brad, as it seemed like there was in the beginning.
Destiny is the student, Loni the faculty advisor. Both look stunning. Destiny thinks she has what it takes to succeed at Cornhole U and Loni is telling her it takes teamwork to make it. She has Destiny take off her robe for inspection and spanks her hot ass. Tit licking and ass kissing as Loni starts to reveal her scrumptious body. In a DAC trademark, they're playing in front of a full length mirror as Loni has her way with the younger stunner. Nice touch as Loni lays back her prey, pulling off her panties and sniffing them. I heartily approve. She goes down on her sweet pussy, then has her young charge reciprocate. Destiny lays back and Loni unseals a red jelly dildo to fuck her with. It's plunged into an extremely wet pussy and Destiny rubs Loni's pubes. Loni lays her on her back and fucks Destiny in a more dominant position. After fucking her to orgasm there's a cut and Destiny has a big pink double dong running through her crack and standing straight up for Loni to ride in CG after lubing it with her mouth. Destiny fucks Loni in mish with the dong. Loni cums and sucks her juices from the toy. Loni produces a silver vibe for Destiny to insert in her ass. Her moans sound like real pleasure as Destiny learns how to pump it. The double dong comes out again to fill Loni's pussy for a technical DP. An exemplary show of teamwork as the girls work Loni's hot holes to her ultimate pleasure. Destiny gets the jelly dildo in her pussy in doggy as Loni prepares her tight ass for some anal beads. Green ones. Bead by bead it goes in with Loni's coaxing and tutoring, always pushing for one more. She thumbs her pussy before pulling out her tail slowly. Loni thumbs her open asshole and they're back at the mirror hugging.
Some sapphic shower fun.
I'm not big on lesbian scenes but this was pretty hot and erotic. Loni is definitely into this and it shows. Two very hot bodies having fun. When Loni was double penetrated she remarked that she "missed this shit". If she means dick, I'm volunteering.
Arcadia Davida is standing in front of her faculty evaluator, Sledge Hammer. He's looking at her and taking notes. Probably trying to figure out if it's physically possible for this tiny girl to take his monster meat. He has her turn for him in that awful uniform, then lift the skirt. Sledge asks her if she has any special skills, so she picks a banana out of his fruit bowl, peels and deep throats it. She sheds her clothing, save the sneakers and socks, giving Hammer an eyeful of her barely post adolescent tail. He leads her over to the couch and sets Arcadia up in piledriver position against the armrest to eat her tight little nookie. He fingers the slit while she rubs her nub furiously, then picks her up to mount in standing doggy with leg raised. Arcadia gets to her knees and sucks the fat cock, drool flowing down to the floor freely. He lays her back on the couch with her head hanging over the edge and skull fucks her. Arcadia gets laid on his desk and fucked in mish. She looks really tight and they both sound like they're straining. The answer to that is stick it in her ass, which is Hammer's next move. That big cock in her little body is an amazing sight and has Arcadia's eyes rolling up in her head. She mounts Sledge in RCA and he does his abs workout under her. A2M after her wild ride, Arcadia actually tries to deep throat him. CG anal and more A2M. Back to the CG for a short bit and Hammer has to cum. Arcadia drops to her knees while he jerks his load into her mouth. She plays with the cum and drools it out onto her body.
Another short cleansing shower.
This was classic tiny chick and big dick. The contrast between the two couldn't have been much more stark and Arcadia seemed to be taking it well. She was gasping for sure, but never seemed to be in any real discomfort and looked to be having fun most of the time. I noticed that her skin is in terrible shape and don't remember that from any of the other times I've seen her. Too bad 'cause she's very cute.
Destiny is back and this time she has an audience with the president of Cornhole U, Sascha. DAC gave his surname as Himmler but I'm just chalking that up to Nazi humor. Destiny's applying for the anal academy but she's light on b/g experience. Luckily, Sascha's a hands on dean with several degrees in anal sex. Destiny uncovers her goodies and waves her charms in Sascha's face. She gives him a lap dance and helps free willy from its confines. On her knees and in her mouth, Destiny's tongue stud comes into play. Gentle face fucking and good eye contact. Sascha goes down on her sweet muffin, getting her fuckhole ready for something more beefy. Sascha drives home in mish with Destiny's legs splayed out wide. He gives that pussy a good deep fucking, her cream coating his dick. A shift to CG without disengaging. RC for a view of Destiny's wonderous body. Cut to Sascha inserting a skinny pink butt plug. She takes that with ease so they go to a bigger one. That one's more challenging and it makes her wince as it gets planted all the way. Next step is Sascha's dick slowly entering her backdoor in mish. He's being careful and she's trying to adjust. Cut to doggy anal insertion. Still not moving freely but she's playing with her pussy to make it easier. Sascha gives her a reach around and gets in a little deeper. She goes back to rubbing her clit and Sascha gets a decent stroke going. Cut to spoon anal and Destiny's starting to rock on the cock a little. Her clit rubbing starts to pay off as she gets orgasmic and Sascha drops the hammer down on her as he's nearing his own. He splashes Destiny's cheek with his seed, getting a bunch in her hair as well. Destiny passed.
Final shower scene as we get an extended look at Destiny's glorious, and wet, body.
I'm guessing this is Destiny's first anal. It was done with care and patience but it never got to a rousing stage. Still, not bad.
Epilogue A strong step in the right direction from the last edition of Asian Fever. We get a taste of Keeani's personality, which is as cute as her countenance. She submits eagerly and opens her backdoor with no problem at all. Annie Cruz' scene seemed to be cut off somehow. It had some of the most erotic imagery going for it and passion was present in the beginning. Somehow it just seemed to jump from the middle to the end quickly. Loni and Destiny provided more than lipstick lez eye candy. Loni was getting off on the whole tryst, as well as opening Destiny's ass for later service. The toy DP Loni took was very rousing but I would have like to have seen more done with the double dong. Arcadia looked like a Lilliputian to Sledge Hammer's Gulliver. There was a view of her climbing off Sledge's body that was hilarious in its stark contrast. Very much like Keeani, Arcadia is a woman of surprising capabilities. Destiny wrapped things with what I'm assuming is her first anal. Sascha took it easy on her and made it a good scene. After every scene was a shower segment. I have to believe that there was something symbolic about that choice. A nod to earlier episodes of Asian Fever perhaps, with hotel bathrooms and natural waterfalls in Southeast Asian lagoons. Maybe it's just about a cleansing after the dirtiness of anal sex. Maybe I'm just reading more into it than is there. It could just be that DAC knows we like to see women get wet. Another thing that runs through this video is an effect that produces screen rolls. When I was a kid we used to smack the TV if it rolled like that. Somebody probably just got an effects package for FCP and had to use it. DAC has publicly assured us that this won't be repeated. It was only mildly annoying and never detracted from the action.
The Disk There's a BTS, slideshow and trailers. Hustler also provides Select a Star which breaks down each scene into its sex acts.
Recommendation Certainly worth a look. Asian lasses taking dicks in their asses. How wrong can that be?

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