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Asian Fever 12

Asian Fever 12

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Asian
Directed by:

Released on: 
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oreb's ratings for Asian Fever 12:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Asian Fever 12 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Asian Fever 12 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Asian Fever 12 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Asian Fever 12 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Asian Fever 12 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Asian Fever 12 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Asian Fever 12 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by oreb  on  8/11/2003

Asian Fever #12

All Sex, Asian

Starring:Kaylana, Ou, Tar, Kad, Rabbit, Bob Terminator, Nick Lang, Leslie T., Talon V.

Directed By: Ray Anderson

Running Time:Feature: 83 minutes, Total: 112 minutes.




The beginning of this film is much too long and has no chick I.D. As we all know, the only reason to watch the beginning of an all sex movie is for the chick I.D. This movie has chapters within chapters, so when you hit the "next" button you don't jump all the way to the next scene, just the next position. The lighting is good over all and the audio/video is average. This is your standard all sex feature, I think all sex and gonzo movies should always have six scenes, unless they are long, and dispense with the cheasy lead ins.


This one starts out with some shaky camera work, consisting of the two guys meeting her at the subway and persuading her to come back to their pad. She looks a little apprehensive as they start kissing and losing clothes. It is hard to tell if it is apprehension or just disinterest and a lack of grace. Ou is a bit chunky for my tastes, she has shoulder length black hair and small natural breasts. If you have ever read Pearl S. Buck you will know what I mean when I say she has a peasant's face.

Cunnilingus: After undressing her, one of the guys goes to work on her hairless vagina, the other gets naked and gives her a cock to suck on. The sloppy saliva sounds are a bit loud as are the guy sucking pussy's breathing. He hasn't even started the scene and he's already breathing like he just ran the hundred meter dash.

Double BJ: She jacks off the bearded guy while bouncing up and down on the other's cock. She just starts giving the bearded guy head when the segment ends, plus, the bearded dude is breathing louder than her moaning. I would rather focus on her.

Spoon & BJ: We see some re-insertions that are kind of hot cause he holds her pussy open and he isn't wearing a condom. Ou's BJ skills are pretty straight forward, no frills. Then everything stops abruptly again and the bearde guy starts fingering her ass. Not only do they cut way too soon but as dude is fingering her ass he is making sounds like he just came in his pants.

Scissors Anal & BJ: This lasts a few seconds before changing naturally into...

Doggie Anal & BJ: Now they ruin everything again by cutting way too quickly.

Cowgirl DP: I do not dig the DP. I don't see anything hot about two guys rubbing testicles. I realize that some women might find it sexy to feel two cocks inside them but I believe this is what dildos are for. The scene ends with two slo-mo shots to the face, one guy even cums in her eye.



SCENE 2: Rabbit

This one begins just like the last scene. Rabbit looks much more oriental, she has more angular eyes and a bigger chin, as well as lighter skin. She has small to average, real tits and red hair. She is quickly stirpped.

Cunnilingus: This is the non-annoying guy from the last scene. He is named Nick Lang. Rabbit is much more into things than the last girl. He plays with her pussy while licking her ass a little, then he fingers her.

BJ:Nick's cock is of average length but has some girth. It looks huge in her little mouth. She doesn't deepthroat but I don't think his cock would fit.

Missionary: He fucks her a little, then administers a hands free reinsertion. Then hits it pretty hard. He pulls out and eats her pussy and ass a bit before another hands free insertion. This segment is nice and long though the editing is a bit rough.

Doggie: He gives her a little slap on the ass. This is another fast-fuck-then-pull-out-and-admire-the-view type segment. He even licks her pussy and asss again.

Reverse Cowgirl:Her feet are on his knees and she fucks him hard. I love it when a woman can fuck this hard while keeping her legs spread wide. She almost looks folded up. He jacks off onto her cheek to finish things up.



SCENE 3: Kaylana

At the beginning of this scene they are already in the room, and there is actual dialog. Kaylana gives Talon a massage, then things heat up. She isn't wearing underwear under her mini skirt. She has a yin yang tattoo on her lower back. She also has medium sized fake tits that stick straight up when she is on her back. Kaylana has a pretty face and athletic body to boot, she is the hottest so far.

Cunnilingus:She is in the doggie position with her face down on the bed as he tongue fucks her pussy. We don't actually see this for a while. Dude has a long tongue. He licks her clit, penetrates her, and licks her perineum.

BJ: She licks his nipples while he plays with her pussy. Then she starts licking his cock while it lays on his stomach, no hands. She commences the actual BJ next, it is sloppy sounding, without the slop. She doesn't take more than two inches. She kisses and licks his body more before resuming her blowjob.

Cowgirl: He has his hands near her waist and she moves them down to her ass. Then she sucks his finger a bit. This is a bit short.

Doggie: They start pounding each other here, you can hear their skin slapping together and he pulls her hair a little. The bed is creaking like crazy. This segment is too short.

Reverse Cowgirl: She fucks the hell out of him and sounds like she is cumming. This lasts for a few seconds before the film cuts to a powerful cumshot. The oral segments were good in this scene but the sex was too short.




This one begins with two guys walking along the beach. One of them is Leslie T., the annoying guy from the first scene. They see Tar and start groping her. She has lighter skin and shoulder length black hair. Tar's tits are incredible, large, perky, and natural. Her face is a little more normal than the last girl but she is still very hot. The sound is a bit lame because of the ambient noise from the surf. The lighting is good for an outdoor scene.

Cunnilingus & BJ: They immediately go for the goods, Bob goes down on her while the other guy gets annoying again. Leslie, you are just touching her boobies, yes they are incredible but that doesn't mean you should act like you just made a mess in your panties. Don't try to steal the show. It isn't about you, the DVD isn't entitled Leslie Fever. Tar does O.K. on his cock none the less, she looks like she is really trying her best. Her moaning even manages to partly drown him out. This is a very dry BJ. Her blowing style is unique to say the least.

Spoon & BJ: Now she is spread open from behind while she mouths Bob's dick.

Doggie & BJ: Her titties are swaying all over! She hasn't stopped sucking cock the entire scene. Bob is doing the driving while she blows Leslie. He has a handful of her hair and Tar has a mouth full of cock.

Doggie Anal & BJ: They switch off and this time she gets it in her ass. There are several insertions.

Reverse Cowgirl & BJ: Bob stays with the pussy while the other guy continues to fuck her mouth. He spits on her tits and smacks them with his cock. This is her first respite from gobbling cock, the first time she has come up for air. This goes on for a while before the scene ends with two slo-mo facials.



SCENE 5: Kad

This one starts out just like all the others, fast forward to the sex. They immediately start making out, then the scene jumps into the sex. Kad looks kind of like Ou, from the first scene, with lighter skin and finer features. She doesn't look as chunky but there is some definite baby fat on her. She has small breasts and a pretty face.

Cunnilingus: She has another nicely shaved little pussy, he proceeds to lick and finger it.

BJ: He isn't all the way hard at the beginning then it cuts to her smoking a hard cock. I like the idea of a girl sucking your dick until it is hard enough to fuck. I've never had this happen but it would be a little more than just rad. She has the best BJ skills out of the entire cast.

Spoon:They have some soft sex, nice and easy. He reinserts as well. They actually kiss during the scene which is refreshing.

Reverse Cowgirl: She looks over weight here. I'm going to do twice my normal nightly situps because I don't want to have this kind of belly.

Missionary: He has both of Kad's feet, with her legs up in the air. He does some more of the stop-n-go pussy eating and boning. She looks pretty hot on her back, getting fucked! This scene ends with another jack off to the face, Kad leaves her own personal touch by sticking her tongue out to catch some gizm.



Note to Hustler:If you want to appeal to heterosexual men, don't hire guys that moan and breathe louder than the women they are boning, or at least direct the guys not to do this.


Previews:The DVD has six previews, starting with Young Latin Girls 4, the preview is cheasy but the movie looks very good. Second up is Babes 5, which also looks good. Next is America XXX, this one looks awesome, the preview starts with Flynt himself. After that comes Busty Beauties Vol.1, this looks O.K. but a few of the women are huge enough to be disfigured. Fifth is Platinum: Brazilian Snake 2 which appears to be another excellent movie. Last up is Ghetto Booty 6, this looks like they actually went to the ghetto and picked up some crack whores to fuck, this is stank.

Photo Gallery: This is another standard gallery with all the photos from the film. The only way to go through faster is with fast forward, no page skipping.

Director's Profile: This some kind of general behind the scenes, there is no audio at the beginning, just music and subtitles. It begins with Bamboo from a different Asian Fever. When the sound does start up the volume is all over the place. Bamboo is very hot. This has some footage of her scene being shot. The next woman is Isis, she gives a short interview before we see some footage of her lesbian scene. The other woman in the scene is Teanna Kai. She is interviewed before we see more of their scene. This is very cool because both girls are having a great time. The scene is from Asian Fever 1 and both women are very good looking.

Cast List: This is a scene by scene cast list, nice feature.

Behind the Scenes:This begins with Kaylana's photo shoot. She is less attractive here than in her scene. I would rate her as an 8 in the behind the scenes. Then we see footage of her scene being filmed. She takes the whole cock here until she almost chokes. He also pulls her hair more. This is supposedly her first time on film, and the sex in the scene was so short because her tight pussy made him cum too fast. add.

I would appreciate any questions, comments, or critiques of my reviews.I can be reached at, thanks for taking the time to read this far.

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