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Crucifixio Jones Asian Brotha Lovers 3 3.5 starsAsian Brotha Lovers 3 3.5 starsAsian Brotha Lovers 3 3.5 stars
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Asian Brotha Lovers 3

Asian Brotha Lovers 3

Studio: Exquisite
Category:  Asian , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Asian Brotha Lovers 3:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Asian Brotha Lovers 3 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Asian Brotha Lovers 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Asian Brotha Lovers 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Asian Brotha Lovers 3 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Asian Brotha Lovers 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Asian Brotha Lovers 3 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Asian Brotha Lovers 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  1/17/2007
Asian Brotha Lovers 3
Prologue There are some yummy women in this video, including Yumi herself, but certainly not confined to her. Katsumi, hood rats Mila Yung and Asia, as well as the exquisite Jade Hsu. All of them are going to get they're holes stretched by big, black beef. And Mandingo is being touted on the front cover. Judging by the back cover, Yumi gets her two hole invaded, and I fully expect that Katsumi, and probably Asia, will also give up the booty. Life is good.
Although I speculated on Asia doing anal, all bets are off as the scene opens with Mandingo licking her lovely chest. Asia's fine tits are popped out of her pink and black top, and Asia's quick to pull off her bottoms so he can put his tongue to better use in her honey pot. Big dick Fred pulls it out and Asia goes "Whoa!!!" She wraps her lips around it anyway and runs her barbell pierced tongue along the underside. She can barely take the whole head in her mouth without slobber running and her eyes popping out of her head. Some ball sucking as Dingo lays back, and a little hammerhead action. Asia sits on the cock in CG with a real nice penetration shot caught from underneath. The lube runs quickly and messy. Unfortunately, there's a quick cut for cleanup before the resumption of Mandingo's exploration of Asia's innards. She takes a spirited ride, then they move to doggy. Mandingo's fucking hard, but shallow. Asia tells him to "tear that pussy up". P2M, then more doggy. Missionary. Asia's switching between her canned dialogue and some real moans as Dingo drills for oil. Asia climbs on in RC and finally loses her bra. Dingo's going crazy in her tight hole and Asia's playing keep away from his hardest thrusts, but jamming and swirling it in herself when she does the driving. Mandingo spreads her legs and fucks with abandon as Asia calls for cum. She kneels on the floor and opens wide for a big glob of splooge that gets laid on her tongue. Asia spits it out and the load hangs lewdly from her chin as she poses with his dick and talks smack.
Not much chemistry after the opening few seconds. Asia's spectacular body was put on display throughout and she took a hard, if rudimentary, fuck. She really needs to get more real with her talking and let the action speak for itself.
Katsumi's naked but for her shoes as she leads us up some stairs while sepia action shots from her scene are interspersed with the tease. In something of a departure, we see Katsumi putting on her clothes as she prepares for Cuntre Pipes, who comes to her naked and ready. The red of Katsumi's lips match the highlighted tips of her hair, and they take Cuntre's half hard to ready in no time. Deepthroat on the turgid member, then a quick strip for the appreciative Mr. Pipes who complies with the exotic beauty's deepest wishes by going straight to the "A" in spoon. That's the place where the biggest dicks in the industry have gone to die. so it's no surprise to see him nestle his balls up on her. A2M, then RCA. The way she's putting her ass down on him, Cuntre should get some props for his control. Deepthroat A2M and a climb back for CG anal. Katsumi does a dance of lust on his fat cock, leaving her ass juice all over it, then licking him clean. Back to the CG, then mish anal in a chair. Katsumi rubs her nubbin like a madwoman and begs for more. Cuntre rolls her up tight and goes up and over. Katsumi gapes and winks, lube pulsing out of her sphincter. She calls him back to continue the mish reaming. Cuntre's balls deep in her ass and fiending for her pussy. He chokes her as he pounds the shithole. A2M, then up and over doggy anal. A couple of edits in the doggy position as Cuntre's working to bring it all home. Another A2M, tnen a cut to piledriver anal. Katsumi beats on her pussy as her digestive system comes uner attack. Another cut to Katsumi sucking Cuntre off, with him shooting straight up at her open mouth. Katsumi cleans the cum off his body to close out a very good scene.
Katsumi's so good, she can turn a mope into a stud. She made Cuntre work her, and work her he did. He never did get any of that pussy he wanted.
Cute, thick, buxom, Mila Yung is taking basketball lessons from J Muntee. He teaches her how to stroke the leather ball, but Mila has other balls on her mind. Muntee can play that game too, and lets Mila release the beast in his pants. She puts it in working order using her mouth and hands while Muntee guides her on the finer points. He leads her to the patio for some shade and privacy, laying Mila back on a recliner and stroking her slit while she attaches herself to his cock again. She wants a pussy pleasing and Muntee complies in seated mish. After he gets her going, Mila's legs get bent back and Muntee's stirring the pussy up balls deep. He's a little big and rough for Mila, and she vacillates between governing his strokes and taking it all out. They move to doggy and her sweet nectar is smeared all over her ass and Muntee's cock. Mila backs up on the dick like a good slut, then takes a face down ramming that has her howling. P2M gives her a chance to regroup, then they take the action inside the house. Mila resumes the bj, then sits on the cock in CG. Mila gets a nice bounce going, showing how much she likes the cock, then gets rocked from underneath. Muntee licks her labes, oils up her ass, fingering both holes, then penetrating the stinky one slowly. Muntee gives Mila time to adjust, then gets to work digging out the tight place. Mila, for her part, does some fucking back, which is hot, but Muntee can't contain himself and starts rutting like a wild dog. He's using her sweet body and Mila's just along for the ride. She takes a ride of her own in RCA, but even there Mila looks overcome. She strums her pretty, pink pussy to get into it more. Back to doggy anal on her belly. As always, Muntee starts slow before getting wild in the booty. Mila is whimpering and moaning a lot but says she likes it. Muntee gives her a reach around and Mila's pussy is practically frothing. She wants him to cum in her mouth and Muntee pops a major load onto her face. Mila is a mess.
Some hard fucking, but the anal was more than Mila looked like she could handle. A little more patience would have gone a long way to make this scene better, leaving it as just alright the way it is.
Jade Hsu is a stunning mix of ethnicities. Probably Amerasian. She's tatted and pierced, and after the opening montage of clips, she's holding and sucking a big, black dick like it provided life support. She's got Wesley Pipes as a partner, so you know there's a non stop soundtrack for this scene. He lets Jade know just how he likes it and Jade is right there for him. I love the way her nipple jewelry hangs from her sweet tits. Wesley positions Jade on her back and spears her pussy carefully. He works it slow and tries to get feedback from Jade, trying to give her as much dick as she wants, or can take. She's leaving her cream all over his cock as he moves to a side entry. Jade does some fucking back as she rocks on the cock, then becomes breathless as Wesley stabs the fuckhole. There's a slow doggy penetration with a nice stroke following. Wesley goes up and over, trying to feed Jade all of his cock, but always mindful of her limitations. He tries to get her to take it balls deep and you can hear Jade's breathing change in apprehension. She does take more, though, and it's pretty hot looking. Jade sits in Wesley's lap CG. The quest for complete cock burial continues and Jade almost has it all. Wesley starts chewing on her nipple rings and that seems to do it for him as Jade gets ordered to her knees for the ritual baptism.
In a move that's unprecedented in my viewing experience, a pop shot from another scene is edited in here. Mika Tan gets a face basting from Brotha Lovers 1. I guess Wesley was shooting blanks again.
I know this scene has elements that hardcore raincoaters aren't going to like. It's not a rock your world type rutting. It also has the reviled Wesley in it. I loved the slow eroticism, and felt that Wesley's chatter was focused and positive. He gave Jade plenty of opportunity to converse, but she was preoccupied with the oversized missile in her innards. The concentration on feeding more cock into her little hole was something that should be done more often, instead of the piston pumping of half a dick that prevails in most porn. Too bad he blew it with a non-existent cumshot.
Yumi's smiling face fills our screen. A montage of clips to introduce her, then a dick to suck. Some face fucking and attempted deepthroat of Cuntre Pipes. He goes straight to the "A" again, in doggy. He has her babbling in Japanese as her little hole gets banged. Cut to RCA, then a hard standing doggy in her pussy. Anal doggy on an ottoman. Spanking and hair pulling for the very submissive Yumi. A2P, as she gets railed. Cuntre stands Yumi up and puts her head on a chest of drawers as he bangs that pussy from behind again. Her toes are curling and nipples budding. A return to her ass, wide open and taking the long strokes. A2M complete cock cleanup, with some silly arm flapping. Mish banging on the couch, then anal. Cuntre pounds Yumi's dirty hole while she holds her legs open, then mauls her as he approaches orgasm while reaming her pussy again. Some choking and tit spanking, Yumi looks like she's getting her nut before Cuntre gets his, which goes all over her face and tits.
Yumi tends to be a little too submissive for my tastes and looks to be taking on more than she can handle at times. Toward the end of the scene, it was obvious that she was into it, as well as putting on a little act. She even choked herself as things were approaching a climax.
The second bonus scene (again from no. 1) brings us the ungodly beautiful Nautica Thorn. Even if her face wasn't as pleasing as it is, her body would still provide her that status. We follow that perfect ass up some stairs to the waiting John E Depth. He nibbles on her sumptuous body and teases her sweet slit. Nautica mouths his hard fuckstick and buries the bone in her hot, wet pussy, CG. Size queen Nautica gets jammed by the long pole and provides some motion of her own. Watching her ass cheeks flap is worth the price of admission by itself. John E picks her up for some aerial fucking and ass shaking slamming. He puts her back down in mish and Nautica's body strains with every hard thrust. Her nipples go live and her body is a mass of goose bumps. John E slows it down to let her catch her breath, giving Nautica the long strokes. He holds her legs up and goes deep, cock shiny with hot pussy juice. More pussy prodding in prone doggy, and a hot load into Nautica's open mouth. She lets it run out of her mouth. Bad girl.
Very good scene. Nautica gets a nice banging and she's eye candy the whole way through. John E gives one of the best accountings of himself that I've ever seen.

In yet another scene from Brotha Lovers 1, we have the demure and impassive Lacey Tom. She's teasing John E Depth from across the room, then crawling across the room to the impatient stud. He gets fixated on her beautiful breasts, as most of us would, Lacey pulls out his dick for a couple of sucks and the clothes go flying. It's a big cock and Lacey chokes easily, making them both giggle at her plight. After a very uneventful bj, Lacey is spread and impaled by the pussy destroyer in mish. Lots of cunt leakage with Lacey looking very distressed by the long thrusts. Doggystyle, then quickly to CG. Her body plays keep away, but then she holds his hands back and rides the full length slowly and sensuously. Some nice grinding as Lacey is really starting to get into it. Cut to an RC mount. Some queefing puts a smile on Lacey's inscrutable face. John E props her up and deep dicks the wet hole. He takes her by surprise when informed his load is imminent, but she moves to the receiving position and helps John jerk it out onto her tongue. Lip smacking good, and Lacey is very happy.
Lacey's very low key and it's very hard to tell if she's really liking the sex or not. Clearly, she liked the big dick at times, and was maybe challenged at others.

Epilogue There's a lot to like here, although the scenes are fairly uneven and mostly bereft of chemistry. All of the matings had good stretches, but only the Katsumi and Jade Hsu pairings really distinguishing themselves. Of course, Jade's gets a demerit for a lack of climax. Asia got stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey and provided her spectacular body for sacrifice to the prodigious prong of Mandingo, even if nothing special happened to really set this apart. Mila found herself in the ring with a playa. J Muntee conned her into a sense of well being, then did what he pleased once he got his dick up her ass. Mila showed too much discomfort for my taste but swore she had fun. Yumi also doesn't seem to embrace everything that's happening to her, but that seems to be her general demeanor anyway. Some good things in both scenes, but not sustained. Nice addition of two bonus scenes.
The Disk A BTS with interviews from Asia and Katsumi. Asia's a size queen and Katsumi likes to be dominated, but by men who really know how to. Photo gallery, trailers (listed as Extra), cast list, and the bonus scenes. Diana Devoe is listed as director in the opening credits, but Yani Z is named on the back of the box. Your guess is as good as mine.
Recommendation This is good rental material, and if you haven't seen the first volume of the series, it could almost count as two for the price of one with the bonus scenes adding value.

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